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Scorpions, The - 1985 World Wide Live
1985 was a great year for live recordings, with this one and ,b>Iron Maiden's 'Live After Death' topping my list.

Secret Steps - 1985 Confidential
With very much an AOR cover, private label, song titles like 'Separate Ways' and 'Not Tonight' all the hallmarks of a great AOR find.. well sorry to disappoint. What we have here is an album that has more in common with Duran Duran than Danger Danger. The back cover shots show us the culprits have spent more time over their haircuts and hair colouring than providing AOR melodies.

Shadow Page Band - 1985 Hanging By A Thread
This group are genuine great songwriters and provided their own take on melodic rock and are well equipped to stand alongside with the other forgotten trailblazers rather than a step behind.

Sharx - 1985 On The Rock
For those of you into pure AOR, then this band will be right up your (shark infested) alley. Some real goodies on offer here. Believe it or not, they are the first (and possibly the last) AOR band to originate from Bermuda - of all places! Pina Colada please!

Shaw, Tommy - 1985 What If
For this album, it certainly leans more toward the 'Girls With Guns' sound, considering the players on the album are essentially the same. There are a bunch of tracks that work well, and some that don't.

Shooting Star - 1985 Silent Scream
The Ron Nevison production job moves this album right alongside Survivor (a la 'Vital Signs' and 'When Seconds Count'), and as far as I'm concerned .. awesome!!

Shy - 1985 Brave The Storm
Here is another album that formed part of my formative AOR years. The quite amazing 'Brave The Storm' album courtesy of British AORsters Shy.

Sly Fox - 1985 Let's Go All The Way
Some of you might remember the 1986 hit single from this duo called 'Let's Go All The Way'. Styled in a similar vein to Prince, and other black dance acts of the era (Cameo etc), Sly Fox were pigeon-holed in the dance-pop come new wave category, but their sharp hi-tech approach also drew interest from those with melodic preferences too.

Smile (USA) - 1985 Smile
Formed in the late 70s by vocalist Scott Waller and guitarist Tommy Girvin; Smile lasted ten years and was a mainstay on the notorious L.A. club circuit. Signed to MCA's sub-label Curb, the record went nowhere fast but remains a quintessential melodic to the core party rock album.

Snowblind - 1985 Snowblind
The music of Snowblind is typical 80's melodic rock fare bringing to mind Saracen, Grand Prix and Nightwing.

Sojourn - 1985 Looking For More
Perhaps the finest (only?) AOR import to come out of Utah in the 1980's was Sojourn.

Spellbound - 1985 Rockin' Reckless
If you like your Swedish melodic rock with a bit of party fun in amongst all the swagger and bravado, then Spellbound are your boys. They come across as clones of the superb band Dalton, fellow Swedes as well!

Springfield, Rick - 1985 Tao
Looking back through the myriad albums during the 80's, one that has a consistent reputation throughout is Rick Springfield's 'Tao' album from 1985. If you have a look through 'Best Of' lists during the decade, and read trusted AOR publications from that era, 'Tao' is right up there.

Starship - 1985 Knee Deep In The Hoopla
In 1985, during the era of synth-pop and MTV, Starship embraced it all as if it were born to it.

Steffanie - 1985 Hideaway
Taped for me many moons ago, I'd always admired this album by Japanese American Steffanie, who comes across as a metal/pop vixen a la Lita Ford and Lee Aaron.

Sting - 1985 Dream Of The Blue Turtles
The Police never officially broke up, but bass wielding front-man Sting was always larger than life and I'm sure attempting to hold him back from a solo career was like trying to herd cats - impossible. His solo debut 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' released a year after Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland went their separate ways and was a big-seller on both sides of the ocean; including four hit singles in the U.S. and a superstar was born.

Strangeways - 1985 Strangeways
'Strangeways' the album is still a favorite among many today. As we all know, the strength of this album would be eclipsed by the next pair 'Native Sons' and 'Walk In The Fire' - both of these taking on a pristine quality.

Stratus - 1985 Throwing Shapes
The Stratus sound tried very hard to be American, and succeeds in part, but you can't help but feel that this is as British as Rover or the Union Jack!

Streets - 1985 Crimes In Mind
It's this one 'Crimes In Mind' their second I prefer best. The songs on here are more dynamic and compare similarly to material released around the same time by Foreigner and Airrace.

Stryper - 1985 Soldiers Under Command
If you can bear with the (to some ears) girlish vocals and Christian-oriented lyrics, there's a lot to discover and enjoy in Stryper, a band on par with the best of 80's LA metal.

Surgin - 1985 When Midnight Comes
For musical reference points take a couple of swigs of Adrenalin, a dram of Airkraft, and mix it all together with healthy doses of liquid Bon Jovi, and this is what you'll get.

Swanee - 1985 Bushido
As Jimmy Barnes' older brother, John 'Swanee' Swan blazed his own trail during the 70's and 80's. 'Bushido' was overlooked during 1985 for the most part, but if there'd been any justice Swan would have been as big as his brother commercially.

Taff, Russ - 1985 Medals
One of the greatest vocalists in CCM history. This and his 1983 album are the places to find him at his best.

Tangier - 1985 Tangier
Besides its unpolished production, Tangier's 1985 independent debut will please mid 80's melodic rock fans with quality songs and a very unique singer and overall sound. I would call it a real diamond in the rough..

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Tarzen - 1985 Tarzen
Produced by the renowned Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin), this is a dynamic chunk of melodic hard rock, a cross betweenDef Leppard, the Kiss of 'Animalize' and some Van Halen hints.

Thought, The - 1985 The Thought
Here is a Dutch band with several releases to their credit. It would seem that these guys were definitely in the new wave camp!

Time Bandits - 1985 Fiction
Famous for their global hit 'Im Only Shooting Love', dutchmen Time Bandits were one of a handful of dance/pop oriented acts from the 80's era.

Tobruk - 1985 Wild On The Run
One very awesome album from this Brummie (Birmingham to you Guvnor!) six piece. Following hot on the heels of Bon Jovi's magnificent debut the year before, producer Lance Quinn stepped right up and delivered the goods second time around, you'd swear this was B'J's second album.

Townshend, Simon - 1985 Simon Townshend
Living in the shadow of his brother Pete Townshend is something that was always going to be a reality for Simon Townshend, but regardless he has manufactured a decent career. This album moves in a high-tech AOR direction, with some new wave overtones.

Tradewind - 1985 Tradewind
Trade Wind's sound falls very much in the Saga/Starcastle school of pomp with a definite 80's edge.

Tubes, The - 1985 Love Bomb
Without doubt, 'Love Bomb' is an album of two halves. A handful of excellent commercial tracks coupled with short musical interludes that are strange but interesting.

Turner, Joe Lynn - 1985 Rescue You
Joe went solo when Rainbow hit the wall, and this first effort is an unsung closet AOR classic that diehard fans swear by.

Twenty Twenty - 1985 Twenty Twenty
Twenty Twenty play christian pomp of the first order of magnitude. There are keyboards all over the show on this album, and with a healthy dose of Whiteheart support too.

UFO - 1985 Misdemeanor
Recorded after a period of uncertainty in the UFO camp, 'Misdemeanor' must have been like a breath of fresh air for Mogg and the boys. Released to good media and critical acclaim, the record put paid to rumours that UFO had shot their bolt.

Uriah Heep - 1985 Equator
'Equator' was the third and last of the Pete Goalby era fronted Uriah Heep years, and effectively ended the second phase of Heep's career. It shared much in common with the heavily AOR tinged 'Abominog' and 'Head First' albums of 82 and 83, with the synthesizers more glaring than ever.

Utopia - 1985 POV
By 1985 Utopia were back to their very best AOR form, but sadly they had never recovered commercially from 1980's ill advised Beatles parody 'Deface The Music'. Utopia did however deliver a triumphant AOR disc under very trying circumstances.

Van Zant - 1985 Van Zant
With this self titled effort on a new label Geffen, we see a complete move into the pure ranks of AOR, and they bust the door down with both feet this time, to release a lovely melodic rock album, lauded by critics and fans alike.

Vandenberg - 1985 Alibi
'Alibi' was the final of the three albums by Vandenberg. At a drop, I would say this release is the patchiest of the three. There are some good ideas expressed here, but the production is not the best. Either that, or the CD mastering is crap.

Various Artists - 1985 American Flyers [Soundtrack]
Seemingly eradicated from the history of time is this soundtrack from an equally forgotten cycling film starring a then fledgling Kevin Costner. With two significant names like Lee Ritenour and Greg Mathieson at the helm and the year being 1985, this lives up to the billing as a melodic rock gem.

Various Artists - 1985 Fire In Harmony
At the height of the NWOBPR or the New Wave of British Progressive Rock movement there were two stellar compilations pressed to vinyl that represented the cream of the crop of what was happening in the UK. One of these was 'Fire In Harmony', released in 1985.

Various Artists - 1985 Rocky IV Soundtrack
The soundtrack was a blockbuster, selling over four million copies, proving the 80's publics greater taste!

Venom - 1985 Possessed
By 1985 it was fair to say Venom had been overtaken, rapidly, by younger and even heavier acts like Metallica and Slayer, who took Venom's inventive style further than Venom ever could. As a result 'Possessed' fared poorly, as the band began to splinter.

Virgin Steele - 1985 Noble Savage
The sound was divided between pure and pomp metal with slices of commercial hard rock. It resulted in a critical smash, but like past albums failed to shift copies.

VXN - 1985 VXN
The mid 80's Toronto scene generated this wonderful female fronted outfit called VXN. Their 1985 debut is a much revered album featuring the mega-tastic vocals of Sherrie Marginean.

W.A.S.P - 1985 The Last Command
Charting at number 47 and going gold, this was easily the commercial peak for W.A.S.P. after just two albums. 'The Last Command,' still a regular on my playlists all these years later.

Warrior - 1985 Fighting For The Earth
Warrior caused a bit of a popular storm back in 1985 thanks to the release of their debut phenomenon 'Fighting For The Earth'. Taking a heavier stance and image, the band appeared to model themselves on the likes of Judas Priest and Savatage, taking a post-apocalyptic view of the world, both in terms of their stage presence, image, music and lyrics.

Waysted - 1985 The Good, The Bad, The Waysted
Generally this album was like playing Monopoly, it had its equivalent moments of Old Kent Road and Whitechapel but at the same time it had its purple range of Mayfair and Park Lane, being the likes of 'Heaven Tonight', 'Manuel' and 'Land That's Lost The Love'.

White Lion - 1985 Fight To Survive
Here's an album that's been on my case for ages. It wasn't until recently that I decided to go out and buy the Grand Slamm CD version of this album that I decided it needed to be on GDM. So here it is.

Widow - 1985 Rock It
For this reviewer it's the type of mediocre paint-by-numbers AOR I've heard a zillion times before and certainly don't need to hear again.

Xeron - 1985 Does Anybody Hear
This 6-track mini album has been around the wants-lists of many punters for years. Xeron, another in a long line of Los Angeles based bands had been in existence in differing guises since the late seventies. They have a tight professional sound, which fits squarely into the harder reaches of AOR.
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