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Loggins, Kenny - 1985 Vox Humana
This album went gold upon release and featured a few minor hits, paling by comparison to the success Loggins would have a year later with his contributions to the 'Top Gun' soundtrack, 'Danger Zone' and 'Playing With The Boys'. It once and for all cemented Loggins position as a soundtrack king, but tended to obscure albums like 'Vox Humana' which is a reasonable product of its time, with some more than acceptable additions to the AOR library.

Loudness - 1985 Thunder In The East
Loudness signed to Atlantic offshoot Atco in the US, and promptly set about altering their rampant style. Typically they were persuaded to became more commercial to achieve similar success Stateside, but 'Thunder In The East' was hardly a compromise.

Loverboy - 1985 Lovin' Every Minute Of It
Loverboy were riding high from the multi platinum success of 1983's 'Keep It Up' coming into this album, their heavily synthesized form of heavy AOR finding arena sized favour through their native Canada and the USA. Loverboy adopted a slightly heavier sound for 'Lovin', with more gusto coming from Dean's guitar. Still the keyboards were as dominating as ever..

Lynx (Sweden) - 1985 Caught In The Trap
Sweden's Lynx come at you in the same vein as early Europe, Dalton and Norden Light - the latter two in particular where the emphasis is placed on layers of synth and organ.

M80 - 1985 Maniacs Revenge
After M80's introductory E.P. Don Costa left the music industry, leaving Buzz to relocate M80 from L.A. to London, where he acquired ex Samson bassist Chris Aylmer. The resulting album was full blown hard rock with searing excursions into metal territory.

Magnum - 1985 On A Storytellers Night
By the time 1985 rolled around, Magnum were on the brink of something special - history will show that the album 'On A Storytellers Night' proved to be that special catalyst..

Malice - 1985 In The Beginning
Los Angeles based five-piece who developed the knack of being America's answer to UK metal legends Judas Priest.

Marillion - 1985 Misplaced Childhood
Yes, while they are ten individual songs, many of which contain identifiable parts, to me this is an album of one long song, a real suite of music.

Men At Work - 1985 Two Hearts
Truth be told, I never cared for Men At Work when they first hit the scene and grew more and more tired of them as the 80's wore on. but in 1985 they released an album for more suited to my tastes - 'Two Hearts'. The streamlining of Men At Work was a wise choice musically. The core sound is still here, but leaning more towards sophisticated pop and less goofball reggae.

Merrill, Alan - 1985 Alan Merrill
This is the solo album from former Arrows (UK) and Runner alumni Alan Merrill.

Miles, John - 1985 Transition
John Miles is one of the best melodic rock exports out of Newcastle area of UK. John's vocals are in the same zone as Graeme Bonnet, but musically 'Transition' is mostly razor sharp AOR with a few smooth laid back moments too.

Molly Hatchet - 1985 Double Trouble Live
The performances on this 2LP set were lifted from shows in Dallas and Jacksonville, and if I was a time traveller going back to the 80's, I would've loved to have been in the front-row of a Molly gig.

Moore, Gary - 1985 Run For Cover
Coming into 'Run For Cover' he was riding the success of 1983's 'Victims Of The Future', his solo career providing him with more stability than his former projects.

Motley Crue - 1985 Theater Of Pain
Clearly 'Theatre Of Pain' was classic Crue's poorest album, with none of the traits that made them an 80's legend. There has hardly been a bigger reversal in attitude and heaviness in the space of an album, all in the wrong direction.

Mox Nix - 1985 Mox Nix
Mox Nix the band took their queue from the influential bands of the era, and you hear it in their music. Particularly Y & T, Riot, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. It is a hugely impressive slab of metal.

Mr Mister - 1985 Welcome To The Real World
It's hard to believe this band struck huge success during the mid-eighties with this album 'Welcome To The Real World'. A bunch of 'real world' musicians indeed, collaborating together under the banner of Mr Mister.

Myrick, Gary - 1985 Stand For Love
Gary Myrick is a Texas boy raised on the blues from way back when. And as the old saying goes, 'you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the boy'. That statement definitely holds true for Mr Myrick.

Nantucket - 1985 V
Overall this is a very strong, bordering on classic AOR record. Perhaps not quite up to the celestial level of Shooting Star's 'Silent Scream', but pretty close on several tracks.

Nasty Savage - 1985 Nasty Savage
When stacked up next to similar era albums by W.A.S.P., Keel, Icon or Racer X, 'Nasty Savage' sounds like an amateurish relic.

New Keys - 1985 Acts Of Love
New Keys is the power pop band/project of ex Grin member Tom Loffgren, brother of Nils..

Night Ranger - 1985 7 Wishes
While '7 Wishes' contains several weak cuts, it's miles ahead of most bands in the period, the class in both musicianship and songwriting all too obvious to dismiss.

Nomo - 1985 The Great Unknown
Just one album from this trio but the big name here is David Batteau; a singer/songwriter who has continually popped up on album credits as long as I can remember.

O Banion, John - 1985 White Light
Judging by the indifferent poses on the album cover John O'Banion appears to be heartily sick of his role as an undercover lover. Fortunately the same lacklustre approach isn't reflected in his vocal performance.

Orphan - 1985 Salute
When compared to 'Lonely At Night', 'Salute' is just shaded, the debut coming across as a more consistent album instead. The majority of the songs on 'Salute' have a closer resemblance to Americans Urgent, the level of zing and urgency (excuse the pun) comparable to 'Cast The First Stone' or 'Think Out Loud'.

Outfield, The - 1985 Play Deep
The Outfield's debut 'Play Deep' would hit the streets in November 1985, and within a year their name would be synonymous with AOR/radio rock all across the world thansk to their huge hit 'Your Love'.

Pack, David - 1985 Anywhere You Go
After Ambrosia had run its course, David Pack returned to the scene in a solo capacity, releasing this brilliant West Coast/AOR crossover album 'Anywhere You Go'.

Pantera - 1985 I Am The Night
In the past we've featured a couple of Pantera's albums from the 80's here on Glory Daze, but it would be a huge disservice to 'I Am the Night' (and 'Metal Magic') if it were to be overlooked.

Phantom, Rocker And Slick - 1985 Phantom, Rocker And Slick
A cool name for a band, with all the surnames coming together; the band-name rolling off the tongue like a smooth drop of Scottish Malt. Not so sure about the music though..

Producers, The - 1985 Run For Your Life
Very much an underrated band, probably classed in the same bracket as The Tubes, The Cars (both circa their early eighties style) and other quirky AOR acts of that era.

Prophet - 1985 Prophet
The quality is there, in all it's richness, and grandiose pomposity, and is a swirling mixture of eighties era Journey, and seventies era Kansas.

Q5 - 1985 Steel The Light
Another band from the booming metal scene of Seattle during the early eighties. Started in 1983 by guitar maestro Floyd Rose (inventor of the guitar tremolo system - which all guitarists should know of), he hooked up with ex T.K.O members to start Q5.

Quarterflash - 1985 Back Into Blue
Quarterflash shot to prominence in 1981 with their smash hit 'Harden My Heart' taken from the best selling debut album. Hailing from Portland Oregon, their sound is an amalgam of artists like Kim Carnes, Pat Benatar and the AOR tinged moments of Fleetwood Mac. This is their third album 'Back Into Blue'.

Rail - 1985 Three
The third album by Pacific Northwest band Rail was a return to the band's legacy, and was released on their own label Dynasty.

Ratt - 1985 Invasion Of Your Privacy
The third of the Ratt triumvirate is this one 'Invasion Of Your Privacy', released in July 1985 and going double platinum by the end of the year.

Raven - 1985 Stay Hard
The final result was an album despised by original fans and greeted positively by those previously unfamiliar with Raven. It did achieve some level of success US wise, even landing them on MTV.

Red 7 - 1985 Red 7
Fantastic progressive hi-tech from San Francisco; Red 7 recorded two albums of hook-laden synth driven rock that were largely ignored by record buyers ..

Refugee - 1985 Affairs In Babylon
Twas a pity that the general public didn't see the band in the same light. To also hear stories of Refugee playing live in downtown Toronto bars/clubs in their heyday, to an audience of 40 or less is downright criminal. However, they left behind a legacy of two excellent albums.

Reynold - 1985 Black And Blue
Very rare Minnesota AOR, adding to a legacy started by the likes of Chameleon, Fairchild, Jesse Brady and Patriot.

Riff (Argentina) - 1985 Riff VII
A cult album not widely available even in their native Argentina, and a personal favorite as well, 'Riff VII' is a strong metallic-flavoured hard rock release.

Rio - 1985 Borderland
Our duo of Jon Neill (real name Willoughby) and Steve Rodford look like a pair of space cadets on the back cover, with jump suits and test track Air Nikes being tested out in the desert. The music thankfully is not as dry or as rarified as the desert air, but is North American styled FM radio rock, sounding anything but British.

Roberts, Paul - 1985 City Without Walls
This is the 1985 solo album from Sniff 'N' The Tears leader Paul Roberts.

Rogue Male - 1985 First Visit
What to make of this lot then? Absolutely pummeling soundwise, Rogue Male were destined for greatness by the UK press but to nobody's surprise never caught on, despite two unbridled albums of mayhem and relevant social comment.

Rolie, Gregg - 1985 Gregg Rolie
When I first bought this album for a quarter four years ago I had no idea it existed, let alone its pedigree in AOR history. That it has no place in the genres pantheon is a huge disservice to the projects quality, as the man cut a first rate slice of all star AOR.

Rough Cutt - 1985 Rough Cutt
Another of the L.A hair metal/hard rock brigade.. Rough Cutt..

Rush - 1985 Power Windows
Out of all the Rush discography, 'Power Windows' is the album that I have played the least. For me this is a catch up opportunity with 'Power Windows', and I could chastise myself endlessly for putting this album on the backburner. The material here is even more synth driven, Lifeson's guitars are more about fills and sunbursts, rather than stinging leads and solos. It wouldn't be the first hard rock album to keep guitar solos to a minimum.

Rushing Wind - 1985 Rushing Wind
This is an Oregon based band with a one-off 1985 album that has been pursued heavily in the Blog World. It's an interesting combination, but suffice to say it's all very reminiscent of mid 80's CCM/AOR.

Sabu - 1985 Heartbreak
Paul Sabu's 'Heartbreak' gets a rehearing and re-release 21 years after the event. My how time flies.

Saga - 1985 Behaviour
The word in 1985 was that the record label wanted 'the big one' and Saga responded with the much discussed and maligned 'Behaviour' album. Was all the criticism warranted?

Santana - 1985 Beyond Appearances
Without doubt, one of Santana's more unusual albums, but if you're an AOR guy, then this is definitely worth a listen.

Saxon - 1985 Innocence Is No Excuse
Saxon were at the crossroads in 1985, half way between their traditional metal sound mixed with equal amounts of hard rock and AOR. They had compromised their British sound with 84's 'Crusader' by using REO Speedwagon producer Kevin Beamish to try and crack the US market with a smoother, more melodic approach. This sickened their fan base who saw it as a sellout.
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