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AC/DC - 1985 Fly On The Wall
This is held in reasonably high esteem by most these days and with good reason considering how well the songs have held up. It might not be as glossy as 'Back In Black,' but instead is more in keeping production wise with 'Powerage'.

Accept - 1985 Kaizoku-Ban (Live, Mini LP)
'Kaizoku-Ban' was recorded during September 1985 in Nagoya, Japan. It's technically a Mini-LP, with four tracks from 'Metal Heart' (released in March 1985) and two tracks from 'Balls To The Wall' released in 1983.

Accept - 1985 Metal Heart
With 'Metal Heart' Udo voiced openly his displeasure at a more mainstream sound, less savage and more melodic. It undermined their progress, as Udo was easily Accept's most recognisable face. Scorpions producer Dieter Dierks was at the helm..

Adam Bomb - 1985 Fatal Attraction
The Heavy Metal Encyclopedia' described it as 'classy North American rock' and it was much sought. The book didn't lie. Adam Bomb were a metal 'supergroup'.

Addiction - 1985 Get Hooked
I don't know a lot about these guys, but as a result of their one-off seven track album 'Get Hooked', Addiction have a rightful place here at GDM.

Air Supply - 1985 Air Supply
I've had this CD in my collection for years, but never really trumpeted its quality. This 1985 album was released after a three year break, following on from 1982's 'Now And Forever' album..

Alaska - 1985 The Pack
Alaska reverted to a radio friendly approach not unlike Rio for 1985's 'The Pack', their second and final album. Some great songs admittedly but not as consistent as those found on their debut 'Heart Of The Storm'.

Alcatrazz - 1985 Disturbing The Peace
Alcatrazz rebounded from the loss of Yngwie J Malmsteen and promptly replaced him with another guitar wizard, Steve Vai, who had been playing with Frank Zappa's band. How Bonnet tempted him to join Alcatrazz is a mystery but he at least helped them record a startling hard rock album.

Aldo Nova - 1985 Twitch
'Twitch' is more in keeping with the debut, and contains more than an ample share of keyboards, guitar power, and chant-a-minute choruses from the vocal section. To be fair though, It is poppier and lighter, perhaps with more commercial appeal contained within it's grooves.

Allies - 1985 Allies
The style prevalent on Sweet Comfort Band's last album 'Perfect Timing' was a natural progression for Randy Thomas to take into Allies, but even so, he improved the quality ten-fold, so much so that this Allies debut album is now a collectors item among the melodic rock fraternity.

Anthrax - 1985 Spreading The Disease
'Spreading The Disease' is the album that propelled Anthrax into metals upper hierarchy and somehow they've managed to stay there, despite their chequered history ever since John Bush took over from Belladonna back in 1992.

April Wine - 1985 Walking Through Fire
This was the end of the line for the band, and their Capitol/Aquarius deal was at an end. As an album, it's ok, but you can tell that the desire wasn't there nor the soul.

Armored Saint - 1985 Delirious Nomad
At the end of the day, the band were pretty happy with how the album turned out, but it didn't result in any overnight success. In fact, if anything, their profile went backwards, or overtaken by some of the bigger names in the business at the time.

Arrows - 1985 The Lines Are Open
Fans of Canadian melodic rock will get a kick out of this band. Combining the crunchiness of early era Honeymoon Suite alongside the hi-tech wizardry of Eight Seconds. The Arrows are able to comfortably straddle that barbed wire fence between melodic rock and new wave flavored hi-tech pop.

Asia - 1985 Astra
It still puzzles me why this album did not embed itself into the hearts and minds of melodic rock fans back in 1985. And also the apparent failure of this album to do well in the charts, following on from their boom albums 'Asia' and 'Alpha' a few years earlier. 'Astra' is technically and sonically brilliant.

Autograph - 1985 Thats The Stuff
Of the three 80's era albums from Autograph, this one is probably the weakest. Despite my opinion, the album still managed to go gold (i.e. over a million copies sold).

Avenger (UK) - 1985 Killer Elite
The undisputed crudeness of the heavy metal scene in the 80's was surely never highlighted more fiercely than by England's Avenger. For better or for worse.

Axtion - 1985 Look Out For The Night
There is enough happening within this album to write an essay. When Axtion get it right the results are profound. When they blow it - it's a rock and roll disgrace. It's with old-fashioned riff based rock where they excel, and even the bad moments should be heard. These guys are out there somewhere and I'm sure they have a story to tell..

Baby Tuckoo - 1985 Force Majeure
This follow up to the superb 1984 debut 'First Born' deserves a review in its own right, due to the staggering might of the material. This was surely one of the best melodic British bands of the decade and 'Force Majeure' followed up the debut with a slightly more polished sound.

Barnes, Jimmy - 1985 For The Working Class Man
This album was a mixture of the material found on 1984's 'Bodyswerve' and 1985's 'Jimmy Barnes', as Geffen furiously tried to break Barnes into the US market.

Bay Rum - 1985 4 x 4
Bay Rum were a California outfit who played right through the 70's and 80's. This is fantastic late 70's rock with a southern rock edge, plus a European hard rock slant, no doubt due to the organ work which lends itself quite nicely to bands like Lucifers Friend and Uriah Heep.

Benatar, Pat - 1985 Seven The Hard Way
'Seven The Hard Way' is the quintessential AOR choice of her career. On this, Pat and hubby Neil are on top of their game here. Pat's voice is stronger than ever and Neil's fret work is clearly amazing. Not to mention the beautiful melodic/stunning keys!

Billy The Kid - 1985 Sworn To Fun
At the time of its release 'Sworn To Fun' flew so low under the radar you have to wonder whether MCA were doing any promotion for it at all.

Black N Blue - 1985 Without Love
The songs do have a more commercial sound than those on the debut, but the band did retain most of the power they had previously demonstrated. To me, this is my favourite of their four albums from the 80's.

Blackbury Accident - 1985 Too Late To Hide
'Too Late To Hide' is all very 80's, surprisingly closer to metal than hard rock, with familiar riffs a la Krokus, Bodine and Frenchies Challenger filling the gaps.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1985 Club Ninja
By 1985, Blue Oyster Cult were fast becoming the equivalent of a pass-through turnstile. For this album 'Club Ninja', the band recruited Tommy Zvonchek (a member of Aldo Nova's touring band) and drummer Jimmy Wilcox to fill the gaps. Also, for the first time in the band's history, they resorted to the use of outside writers. You know something's up when outside writers are bought in.. the writing's on the wall.

Bolton, Michael - 1985 Everybodys Crazy
Despite the quality of 'Michael Bolton' the debut album from 1983, it was a commercial flop. It reached 100 on the Billboard Charts. Undeterred, Bolton forged ahead and went on to record what is regarded by many as the greatest pure AOR album ever.

Bon Jovi - 1985 7800 Fahrenheit
This follow-up to the classic debut offered more of the same, good hard rock with mammoth AOR overtones, but still containing the pop edge.

Buckinghams, The - 1985 A Matter Of Time
By 1985, after years of success, and traversing musical styles throughout the 60's and 70's, The Buckinghams ended up at the foothills of melodic rock.

Cafferty, John (And The Beaver Brown Band) - 1985 Tough All Over
Despite having the reputation as one of Rhode Islands most popular bar bands, The Beaver Brown Band were unable to secure a record deal, the band having plied their trade since the early 70's. In 1983 it all changed when the band supplied the soundtrack to the film 'Eddie And The Cruisers', enjoying chart action with 'On The Dark Side' and 'Tender Years'.

Candy - 1985 Whatever Happened To Fun..
Signed to a big label, and with national tours throughout the U.S with Corey Hart and Rick Springfield, you would've thought that it couldn't get better for this girl crazy quartet of power-poppers. Unfortunately it did.

Carl, Max - 1985 Circle
'Circle' is not an album that will win you over first time. The songs are punchy, energetic and up till that point, quite different to what Max had been involved with previously.

Channel 5 - 1985 The Colour Of The Moment
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but how the heck did the 1980's pass us by without a mention of this great German band? C5 can easily hold their form against the best hi-tech AOR outfits from the era.

Cheap Trick - 1985 Standing On The Edge
'Standing On The Edge' was something of a beacon in the dark as well, returning Cheap Trick to the top 40 album charts after the commercially disasterous (but very good) 'Next Position Please' album.

Clash, The - 1985 Cut The Crap
Needless to say this album was greeted with universal disdain, to the point it was barely considered a legitimate Clash album.

Cock Robin - 1985 Cock Robin
Trying to compete against the rising tide of British new romanticism (a la Duran, Spandau etc) were a few American acts, such as The Motels, Cyndi Lauper, Aimee Mann and Til Tuesday and this lot Cock Robin.

Collins, Phil - 1985 No Jacket Required
Needless to say just about everyone is familiar with the majority of the album, classic rock radio having driven them into the ground since the day of its release, but it doesn't dilute the clinical AOR precision.

Coney Hatch - 1985 Friction
By the time 1985 rolled around, the band who lost their razor edge to the melodic confines of commerciality.

Crystal - 1985 The One For You [EP]
Crystal are a long-serving band from the San Diego area whose history goes back to around 1982/83. For musical comparison, take the best bits of Hybrid Ice, White Sister and Urgent (USA) and wrap it up in a rich melodic package.. and this is what you'll get.. Not only those guys, but there are many reference points throughout. Have fun finding them all!

Dagger - 1985 Not Afraid Of The Night
This album is so soaked in that mid-eighties era US rock. In that, we are talking Lion, Autograph, Ratt, Dokken. The influences hung out to dry for all to see. However, the irony is that they are from Canada, and a rare jewel they are too!

Daltrey, Roger - 1985 Under A Raging Moon
Although much featured here at Glory Daze in the past, it would be a huge disservice to Roger Daltrey if mention was not made of what was his most popular solo album of the 80's and indeed one of the finest of his entire career.

Dareforce - 1985 Makin' Our Own Rules
At this early part of their history, the band had released two EP's. A self titled EP during 1984, plus this one a year later - 'Makin' Our Own Rules'.

Day One - 1985 One Look
Yep, Day One might be very rare, but it's not the all-powering rarity of legend. It's still a good album for collectors of AOR and pomp, and as mentioned in the review, Angel fans might get some value out of this album..

DC Star - 1985 Rockin' In The Classroom
The late 70's scene in Baltimore might have been prominent for the likes of Face Dancer and The Shooz (who would late go on to become Kix), but there's one other band that deserve a mention from this era: DC Star.

DeBarge - 1985 Rhythm Of The Night
Some of you might remember this bunch of brothers (and one sister) who took the U.S billboard charts by storm during 1985. The DeBarge family are probably better remembered as propagators of R&B, smooth soul, funk and dance oriented pop. Their 1985 hit album 'Rhythm Of The Night' just scrapes into GDM..

Delta - 1985 Delta
Delta's style of AOR fits quite nicely into the camp of outfits such as Shanghai, Scandal and Drama. Female fronted, poppy with a hi-tech angle giving it a slightly over-produced feel.

Demon - 1985 British Standard Approved
For prog/pomp fans with a hankering for anything to do with Eloy, Pink Floyd, then this is a no-brainer for you.

Demon - 1985 Heart Of Our Time
'Heart Of Our Time' wasn't a big mover and shaker within the Demon back-catalogue, but there's enough here to interest prog, AOR and pomp listeners.

Destiny (USA) - 1985 Back On The Streets [Mini LP]
A shortlived and obscure mid 80's rocker from Ohio's Destiny, and wow what a little ripsnorter!

Differences - 1985 The Voyage
'The Voyage' is one of the more interesting indie label Dutch prog albums I've come across but frustrated there's very little info about Differences to be found anywhere. There's a strong post 1976 Genesis flavour to this album but also Camel, Supertramp and a touch of Marillion in some of the vocal parts. Although nothing here is groundbreaking it's very pastoral and quite pretty at times with huge synth washes throughout the eight cuts.
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