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Stage Dolls - 1986 Commandos
Here with their second album, which comes in a number of sleeves, my vinyl and CD differ, and we find that these guys rarely build up a sweat to be full-on Scandi rock, like Bad Habit and Alien.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1986 Inside Moves
'Inside Moves' would prove to be the final straw for the Michael Stanley Band (MSB) during their ten plus years as a performing act.

Stephenson, Van - 1986 Suspicious Heart
No mention of Van Stephenson on a site like GDAZE would be like bread without butter. The man is synonymous with the melodic rock/AOR genre, and as such, has acquired a cult status for someone who only released a handful of albums.

Stone Fury - 1986 Let Them Talk
The raucous guitar driven events of Stone Fury's debut 'Burns Like A Star' is lost through all the sheen and synthesized structure on their second album 'Let Them Talk'. A disappointment all round.

Survivor - 1986 When Seconds Count
Two years later the band are back with near on a carbon-copy of 'Vital Signs'. I say carbon-copy but 'When Seconds Count' is probably one rung or two down from that prior album, but I have to admit, despite its flaws (the overly clever and pampering lyrics for one, Sullivan's thin-sounding guitar work being the other), I still find a lot of charm with this record..

Synch - 1986 Get The Feelin'
It's easy to understand to why this album is highly sought after by AOR collectors and Dakota fans, because despite the fact it's an independent release the band display major label qualities.

T.T Quick - 1986 Metal Of Honor
Their 1986 debut proper has since gone on to attain cult status in the U.S. and the band seemed destined, like so many others, for the big time.

Tandy And Morgan - 1986 Earthrise
Former Electric Light Orchestra alumni Richard Tandy and David Morgan join forces for this long overlooked melodic rock/concept album.

Tangerine Dream - 1986 Underwater Sunlight
'Underwater Sunlight' was recorded within 3 months. Eventually released in July 1986, the album remains a popular draw within the TD back catalogue.

Tarot - 1986 Spell Of Iron
Despite being a Finnish metal institution for more than two decades it's possible many fans remain unaware of Tarot's existence, this the first time I had crossed paths with the band myself. This is as you would expect very much an album of its time, very melodic Euro metal, similar to many other such acts dissected here in the past, only with a touch more melody and individuality.

Taylor, B.E (Group) - 1986 Our World
Billy's vocal style around about the era of his two MCA albums 'Love Won The Fight' and 'Innermission' and this Epic release 'Our World' was an amazing cross of Steve Perry and Michael Bolton! A truly excellent voice, and complimented by a well rehearsed team of guys who came from the well known seventies outfit Crack The Sky.

Ten Ten - 1986 Walk On
This is a band hailing from Richmond Virginia caught somewhere between the new romantic style plus commercial AOR.

Tepper, Robert - 1986 No Easy Way Out
As far as I'm concerned, this site wouldn't be complete without a mention of Robert Tepper who earns the right to reverential 'AOR demi-god' status courtesy of this album.

Tesla - 1986 Mechanical Resonance
Great name ain't it? I've been a fan of the Serbian master inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla long before these Sacramento natives turned up on our doorsteps in 1986/87.

Thinkman - 1986 The Formula
Thinkman is the project of the marvellously talented Rupert Hine, plus additional guests.. Check it out..

Thompson, Chris - 1986 The High Cost Of Living
He's better known as the voice from the Manfred Mann Earth Band, but during the 80's Chris Thompson released a couple of hi-tech AOR albums well suited to the audience of GDM.

Til Tuesday - 1986 Welcome Home
Til Tuesday should be familiar to all mid 80's trainspotters who ever sat near a television set and watched MTV, or listened to their favourite local radio station.

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TKO - 1986 Below The Belt
Released on Roadrunner Records, history would show this album didn't fare quite as well as the previous one, but that's not to say it's inferior.

Tokyo Science - 1986 Tokyo Science (ep)
Tokyo Science were a Californian band who dabbled in a hi-tech/AOR sound, who released this one-off EP back in 1986.

Toto - 1986 Fahrenheit
After the aural bombast that was 1984's quite brilliant 'Isolation', this 1986 follow up might seem a little tame by comparison.

Treat - 1986 The Pleasure Principle
'The Pleasure Principle' - an excellent album in its own right, it was however overshadowed by the massive Swedish success that was 'The Final Countdown', which would dominate world charts from late 1986 into 1987. 'The Pleasure Principle' never stood a chance really, both albums released during the early summer of 1986.

Triumph - 1986 The Sport Of Kings
Sonically, 'The Sport Of Kings' is a great sounding album, though lacks a bit of the fire and brimstone heard on earlier albums.

Twelfth Night - 1986 Twelfth Night
As much as I love the early albums of Twelfth Night, they were never the most marketable band of their ilk. Overall the album is repetitive and wholly unoriginal..

Ultraviolet, The - 1986 Another Victim
Imagine The Cult, Simple Minds and Billy Idol in an AOR mindset and you've nailed some of The Ultraviolet sound. While I've never been bowled over by any of the above; The Ultraviolet make the most of their influences ..

Van Halen - 1986 5150
When Van Halen picked up Sammy Hagar to replace David Lee Roth in 1985, some felt the decision was a poor one. Many felt Hagar was a journeyman rocker without Roth's flash or charisma and things would fall flat. Hagar was in fact an inspired choice, his past with Montrose and as a solo artist was beyond reproach..

Vinnie Vincent Invasion - 1986 Vinnie Vincent Invasion
During the 80's MTV era, the Vinnie Vincent Invasion were about as excessive as things could get in the hard rock scene!

Virginia Wolf - 1986 Virginia Wolf
Modelling their style on the likes of US heroes Foreigner and Bad Company, Virginia Wolf's strengths lay in well developed songwriting capabilities - mainly through Nick Bold and Chris Ousey.

W.A.S.P - 1986 Inside The Electric Circus
'Inside The Electric Circus' is the third album from U.S shock rockers W.A.S.P.

Warminister - 1986 Out Of The Ashes
From Ohio, Warminister delivered a highly collectible EP back in 1986 that showcased their HM ability.

Waysted - 1986 Save Your Prayers
This is a hell of an album and a melodic rock milestone that, like many others, didn't get the recognition it deserved. Should be in any serious melodic rock's collection.

Wheeler, Bob - 1986 Bob Wheeler
Wheeler quite clearly comes from the school of Bon Jovi clones. Since it's 1986 we're talking about I'll let Bob off the hook. There is also a hint of Surgin's style of AOR, itself modelled on Bon Jovi. So now you have a good idea as to where Mr Wheeler is leading us with this long-lost effort.

White Sister - 1986 Fashion By Passion
I'm sure I speak for many AORsters, when declaring this band a certainty to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

White Tiger - 1986 White Tiger
Some familar faces here - playing an eighties mainstream brand of rock. Not particularly inventive or innovative, but no worse than their peers of that same era.

White Wolf - 1986 Endangered Species
For this album, White Wolf ventured off to Holland to record it, with Shell Schellikens (Golden Earring) as producer. White Wolf were caught half-way between metal and melodic rock, too light for metal and possibly a shade heavy for melodic rock. You can't win can you? Despite that, the band released a polished album in 1986.

Wild Blue - 1986 No More Jinx
Wild Blue were originally from Chicago, and were previously known as Jinx (hence the title for this album.. geddit?). As history would have it, there appeared to be a lot of hi-jinx with this version of the band..

Wilde, Danny - 1986 The Boyfriend
This album might be tagged as a Danny Wilde solo album, but really, the tandem of Wilde and guitarist Phil Solem might have you thinking that it's nothing more than The Rembrandts with a bit of window dressing over it. Not so.

Zappacosta - 1986 A To Z
Alfie cemented a deal with EMI Canada for the release of his second solo album 'A To Z. I myself find it a good compendium to his other albums.

Zebra - 1986 3.V
Zebra were formed in 1975, but had to wait eight years to be signed to Atlantic Records. After a well received debut and, by the band's own admission, a rushed second effort, this third album is their masterpiece.

Zeno - 1986 Zeno
Zeno had secured a huge deal with EMI, one of the biggest ever at the time.. an advance reputed to be 2 million pounds! The album, is a mixture of Boston's melodic power and Queen's symphonic tapestries.

ZZYZX - 1986 Runnin'
ZZYZX were an indie based outfit from California that caused a bit of a stir with their 1986 mini-album called 'Runnin'. Historically, this band has captured a lot of attention since that time, developing a cult following akin to that legendary Alpha Centauri album from 1977.
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