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Envy - 1987 Ain't It A Sin
Here's a female fronted outift revolving around the sister duo of Rhonni and Gina Stile. The overall impression is an edgier version of Heart, but without the glossy production.

Esquire - 1987 Esquire
An interesting musical venture for fans of Yes reared its head in the mid 80's. A venture of difference I would suggest. Nikki Squire, then wife of Yes bassist Chris Squire came out from behind the shadows of spouse and motherhood duties to front her own band Esquire - cut from the same cloth as Yes.

Farrenheit - 1987 Farrenheit
Essentially, this is the duo of Charlie Farren and David Hull (marketed as David 'Heit'.. what the ?) Regardless, this is a collection of fantastic, often beautiful and sometimes witty radio rock songs.

Faster Pussycat - 1987 Faster Pussycat
Formed in 1986, Faster Pussycat were unfortunate to strike two bands either side of them that were making huge strides in El-Lay. Those two being Guns N Roses and Poison. Well, what a surprise then to find that this band and this LP rocks OK, despite their reputation drug taking abilities and egos.

Feehan, Tim - 1987 Feehan, Tim
Originating from the backwops of Alberta Canada, comes an AOR demi-god Tim Feehan. His music is pitched primarily at the West Coast/AOR crossover market. A playground where the likes of Planet 3, Richard Marx and Chicago hang out.

Fire - 1987 4 Track Demo
Bit of an epitaph this one. A great band, 'tis a pity they never kicked on because they certainly had the goods when their flame was flickering brightly. They were the LA based quintet Fire.

Fleetwood Mac - 1987 Tango In The Night
1987 was a sort of comeback album for 70's hit machine Fleetwood Mac. 'Tango In The Night' was a 5 year departure from 1982's 'Mirage'..

Folsom, Scott - 1987 Simple Talk
Musically, it's relatively lightweight AOR, with Scott's semi-raspy vocals moving in the same ground as Glen Burtnick and Bryan Adams, though the production from Phil Chapman and Jon Carin gives it a hi-tech feel.

Foreigner - 1987 Inside Information
When reviewing the career and discography of the band Foreigner, their 1987 album 'Inside Information' is an album that appears to have been criminally ignored by all and sundry.

Frehley, Ace - 1987 Frehleys Comet
Easily the pinnacle of Ace Frehely's post Kiss career, not counting his 1978 solo album, this rewarding melodic rock endeavour was the result of Ace aligning himself with an exceptional crew of fellow musicians who helped push Ace to a higher level.

Frozen Ghost - 1987 Frozen Ghost
The production has really been done to the 'max' on this effort. You gotta hear the booming drums throughout these songs, but the thing which really stands out are the enormity of the hooks and each song's chorus is so memorable.

FSB - 1987 I Love You Up To Here
'I Love You Up To Here' maintained Bulgarian band FSB's success on the AOR front, and rightly so. Crammed with blueprint prog AOR crossover this album comes highly recommended.

Gemini - 1987 Geminism
Gemini are an ABBA influenced duo from Sweden, comprised of brother and sister Anders and Karin Glenmark.

Glasgow - 1987 Zero-Four-One
Musically the band were similar to Mammoth and Export, and though classy in its own right, perhaps on a level just below. The boys get some keyboard assistance from the well-travelled Don Airey.. so that must have been some minor coup..

Gowan - 1987 Great Dirty World
Probably not one of Gowan's better albums. There are some good tracks, some not so good tracks..

Gramm, Lou - 1987 Ready Or Not
All in all, if you are a Foreigner fan, 'Ready Or Not' is just as essential IMO to have in your collection as '4' or any of their classic AOR albums from the 70's.

Green, Glen Allen - 1987 Down The Avenue
Glen Allen Green followed up his 1985 debut 'A Living Fire' with this one. I quite enjoyed the bombastic nature of that debut, but second time around, Glen decides to become Nashville's very own Aldo Nova, with mixed results.


Grim Reaper - 1987 Rock You To Hell
One of the greatest mysteries during the 80's hair metal era was the apparent success of UK indie metallers Grim Reaper in the USA. 'Rock You To Hell' is their third and last installment, and by 1987, the band's sound had migrated to L.A hair metal, with big production and melodic ideals a la Lion and early Great White etc.

Hagar, Sammy - 1987 I Never Said Goodbye
One year after debuting with Van Halen and '5150', Hagar concluded his solo contract for Geffen with one final album. Aided by Eddie Van Halen on bass, Hagar pounded out a mixed effort that ranged from Van Halen caliber hard rock to brutally anonymous filler.

Hayes, Michael (Badstreet Band) - 1987 Off The Streets
As stated earlier this album is largely derided for its artwork, but for the more discerning out there you'll find some real musical worth if you overlook these aspects.

Haywire - 1987 Don't Just Stand There
This 1987 album was my first excursion with Canadian AORsters Haywire. The band, as written about elsewhere, infused loads of contemporary styles into their sound. Honeymoon Suite, Loverboy, The Arrows and Orphan..

Heart - 1987 Bad Animals
What was the strategy to follow up the 1985 blockbuster album by Heart? 'Bad Animals' was the resulting output, but judging by the slickness and polish, they've gone even deeper into melodic territory - blunting their razor sharp delivery for thick layers of keyboards..

Helix - 1987 Wild In The Streets
One look at the cover will tell you Helix have gone back to the streets to discover some RnR credibility. The music is metallic and cranky, anthemic, with a ton of shout-outs and chants. If you liked 'No Rest For The Wicked' or 'Walkin' The Razors Edge' then you'll lose nothing here.

Hill, Dan - 1987 Dan Hill
There isn't really more you could hope to hear in a 1987 release and Dan Hill made an impressive contribution to the scene here.

Hollywood Bears - 1987 Bear Yourself (EP)
An interesting AOR band with little history, other than this 4-track affair from 1987.

Hybrid Ice - 1987 No Rules
Like the bands Dakota and Synch, these guys Hybrid Ice are one of Pennsylvania's best kept secrets. However, it wasn't until the inclusion of the vocally gifted Chris Alburger that things started looking up for the band. His Dennis De Young/Jon Anderson styled voice helped move the band into melodic rock/AOR territory.

Icehouse - 1987 Man Of Colours
One of my favourite Australian albums from the 80's was this 1987 effort from Iva Davies and his band Icehouse, called 'Man Of Colours'.

Illustrator - 1987 Illustrator
Soft rock/AOR christian outfit, with a combination of players who seem to like keyboards a lot, and they all have the surname Gaub!!

Imperials, The - 1987 This Years Model
A band that takes its origins back to 12964 - believe it or not. Anyone with a trainspotting ability to pick the bones out of the CCM industry will have heard of The Imperials. However, by 1987, The Imperials threw off their gospel garb, replaced it with jeans, leather jackets and hair gel, and joined the hi-tech rock/pop world of the late 80's CCM movement.

In Vitro - 1987 In Vitro
If there are any of you that appreciate the female fronted hi tech pop/AOR thing, then In Vitro might be your cup of tea, but it isn't mine.

IQ - 1987 Nomzamo
Now in my melodic progressive rock mindset, 'Nomzamo' is a fine record and as good as anything IQ has put out including their previous two Nicholls fronted classics 'Tales From The Lush Attic' and 'The Wake'.

James, Melvin - 1987 The Passenger
'The Passenger', was released in 1987, and would prove to be James' only solo release up to this point. When listening to this, you can't help admire the sound, which really sounds as if it is a better fit around the new wave/power pop era from the 1979/1981 era.

Janz, Paul - 1987 Electricity
It wasn't until Janz ventured out on his own with the album 'High Strung' in 1985 that the rock world sat up and took notice, with several good singles coming off that album. His standing was further enhanced by the release of the 'Electricity' album released two years later..

Jato - 1987 Jato
For all those readers who enjoy hi-tech AOR, something that the Canadian bands excelled at, then JATO are a compulsory acquisition. The music an awesome amalgam of hi-tech AOR in the vein of fellow era rockers Honeymoon Suite, Eight Seconds, Silent Running and Boulevard.

Jethro Tull - 1987 Crest Of A Knave
Jethro Tull's 'Crest Of A Knave' is infamous for winning a Grammy award in the category of 'Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance' against the likes of Metallica and Janes Addiction which left a lot of people scratching their heads, angry or doubling over with laughter depending on your personality type.

Jitters, The - 1987 The Jitters
If you take a dab of Huey Lewis & The News, Hall & Oates, perhaps a dose of Doug & The Slugs or even Henry Lee Summer in places, then you've got The Jitters down pat.

Joe Bruce And 2nd Avenue - 1987 Joe Bruce And 2nd Avenue
Looking at the album title, you'd be thinking we were dealing with one guy: a chap called Joe Bruce. But no, as facts would have it, we are dealing with two guys. Joe Esposito and Bruce Sudano. Trainspotters will know that these two guys were part of a vocal group/trio called Brooklyn Dreams.

Jordan, Marc - 1987 Talking Through Pictures
An alumni of the AOR intelligentsia is Canadian Marc Jordan.

Keel - 1987 Keel
When talking about the 80's output of Keel, do not forget this album in the overall scheme of things.

Kimmel, Tom - 1987 5 To 1
Another prime contender for all webpages dedicated to AOR and melodic rock. Tom Kimmel, all the way from Nashville is playing a style which is a dead ringer for that other fine talent Van Stephenson.

Kirka - 1987 The Spell
Kirill Babitzin is the name and the man behind Finnish rocker Kirka. By the mid 80's, had gravitated to a mild form of hard rock (anyone else would say AOR.. lol). It started out with his 1986 album 'R.O.C.K' and culminated with this excellent set 'The Spell' which appeared a year later on the small Flamingo label.

Kiss - 1987 Crazy Nights
Kiss are often dismissed as just another metal/hard rock band, but in truth there's plenty of AOR and melodic rock to enjoy from 1978 onwards, including this album..

Knight, Tuesday - 1987 Tuesday Knight
A mere munchkin on the timeline when this was released, Tuesday Knight was only 18. This is a hybrid of hi-tech, dance-oriented AOR, with the very able Bob Marlette featuring throughout.

Level 42 - 1987 Running In The Family
1987 was the year in which British jazz fison/ funk/pop outfit Level 42 crossed everyone's path into commercial pop, thanks to 'Running In The Family'.

Lion - 1987 Dangerous Attraction
In review, I can safely say that Lion are one of my favourite bands from the quagmire of Los Angeles based bands during the eighties. They had a magic blend of pure power melodic rock, with forceful vocals, stunning guitar work, and a world class rhythm section.

Lions And Ghosts - 1987 Velvet Kiss, Lick Of The Lime
There are more than enough likeable moments here. If you liked bands like Til Tuesday, The Replacements, Hotel Hunger and Gene Loves Jezebel, then Lions And Ghosts should be given a listen.

Litterer - 1987 Rock This City
Litterer - a band made up of family members plus one hanger-on (Estlund). From Iowa, these guys are just as notoriously legendary as that other well-known outfit from the region - Lynn Allen. This band have been compared to debut album era Danger Danger, but probably lack the intensity and superlative musicianship that D2 displayed.

Loverboy - 1987 Wildside
Looking at it 26 years after the fact, this album seems to be designed more for the AOR fan than for those who liked their poppier material. The changing musical landscape also had a huge effect, as the careers of other legends like Foreigner, Survivor and Journey were not what they were just a few years earlier. But this is my favourite of their albums, sounding as good to me now as it did in 1987.

MacAlpine, Tony - 1987 Maximum Security
In my opinion, Tony MacAlpine has been one of the most influential metal guitarists of the last 20 years, and still continues to astound with his style and speed.

Machine, The - 1987 The Machine [EP]
Seattle based band The Machine may have released one solitary EP back in 1987, but they are by no means a flash-in-the-pan outfit who came and went in a hurry. Formed back in 1975, the band still operate to this day.
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