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Malice - 1987 License To Kill
One of the most notable of the second division heavy US metal acts of the eighties were LA's Malice, who at the time were tipped to be the next big thing. Obviously this never happened, as it didn't for hundreds of other similar acts.

Mamas Boys - 1987 Growing Up The Hard Way
Depending where you sit, Mama's Boys fifth album 'Growing Up The Hard Way' will either appeal to you or it won't. By 1987 the band had completely changed their sound, opting for a classy style of AOR. Did it work? History will say 'no it didn't', but readers of this site would disagree that it was a complete waste of time and effort.

Mammoth - 1987 Mammoth
In what appears to be a one album band, Mammoth obviously had a sense of humour about their size, while also having much to offer musically.

Marx, Richard - 1987 Richard Marx
Marx became a pop chart idol and consolidated it with 1989's even bigger 'Repeat Offender' follow up, with two more no 1 singles to its name. Marx was sitting comfortably alongside Michael Bolton as champion of America's lite rock stations, a position that remains to this day!

Mason, Dave - 1987 Two Hearts
Remember the band Traffic? A 60's institution, which spawned the solo careers of Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi. Let's not forget the band also contained guitarist Dave Mason, who also found a successful solo career as an artist in his own right. Moving ahead into the 80's, Dave followed the prevailing styles of the decade. His 1987 album 'Two Hearts' was indicative of this, and is a far cry from his earlier work.

McDonald, Brian (Group) - 1987 Desperate Business
Personally I think this is a great album, perhaps lost in the shuffle of 1987's MTV brigade and the overwhelming hype of Lep's 'Hysteria'.

Medlocke, Rick (And Blackfoot) - 1987 Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot
If any hardcore Blackfoot fans had aspirations of a return to the old style of 'Strikes' or 'Marauder', then this must have appalled them, considering members of Mothers Finest, Atlanta's finest (sic) funk band have hooked up with Medlocke this time around. But for fans of AOR and Southern rock it's a perfect combination.

Mindstorm - 1987 Mindstorm
Despite the prog metal connotations, this is far from it. Instead, how about Canadian melodic rock from the mid 80's? Mindstorm the band, are really a duo. So what of Mindstorm? It's an acquired taste, some tracks sound great, some others move me about as much as two-day constipation.

Monro - 1987 Monro
Monro are more North American or Scandanavian sounding than anything coming out of Britain at the time - much to my surprise years later.

Moore, Gary - 1987 Wild Frontier
'Wild Frontier' was a return to Moore's Irish roots, in particular some Celtic influences which came across the album in a very strong way. More so than the other albums that he had released up to that point.

Moore, Vinnie - 1987 Minds Eye
This is the debut instrumental album from six-string 'top gun' Vinnie Moore, who has since gone on to forge a lucrative career as a solo artist and as the lead guitarist for U.F.O.

Moritz - 1987 Shadows Of A Dream [EP]
Moritz were competing in the same space as the likes of Midnight Blue, La Paz and Peroux. All unsigned British acts looking to get the jump on each other.

Motley Crue - 1987 Girls Girls Girls
There's a few decent songs, but the fact this went to number two in the charts showed that despite their ailing status, the Crue could do no wrong commercially.

Mr Mister - 1987 Go On
The third of Mr Mister's catalogue, was this rather underrated set from 1987: 'Go On'. Unfortunately, for the talented quartet, this album went in and out of the American rock music consciousness with the blink of an eye.

Murphy, Michael James - 1987 No Kidnap Today
Murphy on this fourth album, sounds like a cross between Chris Eaton and a combination of Twenty Twenty and fellow Christian AORsters Harvest. If that sounds like your gig, then read on..

New Monkees - 1987 New Monkees
Does anybody remember the TV Show from the 80's revolving around this band? Well they might've been on for a fleeting second or two, and competing in the same teenage airspace as shows such as 21 Jump Street might've been too much for most of those who saw it.

New Regime - 1987 New Regime
Canadian outfit New Regime, on their covershot for this album 'The Race' look more like standard fare 80's heavy metallers. The long hair, serious pouting, and metal garb would have you thinking they come from the Helix or Anvil school of Canadian rock. But no that's not the case.

Night Ranger - 1987 Big Life
Five years on from 'Dawn Patrol', the band recruited David Foster to produce 1987's 'Big Life', an overlooked album despite a couple of choice selections onboard.

Nits, The - 1987 In The Dutch Mountains
The Nits are in a world of their own, stretching and shaping pop music into near progressive forms that at times are both artful and readily accessible.

No Credit Band - 1987 Break My Heart Again [ep]
No Credit Band are a German outfit that I came across in 1993 thanks to their album 'Interrelated'. The four songs provided here on their debut indie EP offers an insight into No Credit's early sound. To be honest, I much prefer this material to what was found on 'Interrelated'.

Noiseworks - 1987 Noiseworks
This album was reasonably big time when it was released down under in 1987. A couple of videos to coincide and it wasn't too long before they became the darlings of Sydney.

Norden Light - 1987 Shadows From The Wilderness
Certainly Norden Light might have been a mere blip on the 80's melodic hard rock landscape, but I think they are worthy of mention here, considering all of their Swedish contemporaries who already reside on this website.

Norum, John - 1987 Total Control
Stepping aside from the Europe spinning money machine, it was clear that guitarist John Norum had a few strings and a few clues to go it alone.

Omega - 1987 Babylon
As promised a while back, here's the next chapter from the iron curtain's top AOR legend, Hungary's Omega. Following on from 1986's AOR ice blast 'A Föld Árnyékos Oldalán', 1987 saw Omega begin work on the 'Babylon' album.

One - 1987 First One
Pomp, pomp and more pomp. Who the heck are this lot? Well, One are a Californian band who basically carry on where pomp wonders Beau Coup left off. Stylistically speaking that is, not so much in the production stakes, as this is an indie after all.

Outfield, The - 1987 Bangin'
Here is the second LP from British rock trio The Outfield.

Palmer, David - 1987 We Know What We Like: The Music Of Genesis
Now for something a little bit different. We've never covered a classical release on these pages; it's not what we do. We're here to rock although sometimes the lines that define our beloved genres from less-than-hip styles can bleed together as with this release from British conductor David Palmer. What could very well have turned out to be boring elevator music is exciting and richly melodic.

Paris, Jeff - 1987 Wired Up
Or 'Wyatt Earp' as they used to say.. Another AOR demi-god well worthy of a GLORY-DAZE hall of famer is LA singer/songwriter Jeff Paris.

Parsons, Alan (Project) - 1987 Gaudi
Though short on songs, it is typical symphonic rock of the era (it was the mid 80's after all!), and on this album, they celebrate the life and times of Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. Born in 1852, this Spanish builder/architect was literally a man ahead of his time.

Petra - 1987 This Means War
80's Christian hard rock would't quite be the same without mention of Petra.

Philip, John - 1987 Wait For The Night
Here's an album which got little attention at the time of release. John Philip is actually one John Philip Kurzweg, who came to fame playing keyboards for Rick Springfield. This is one cranky piece of work with one leg in the camp of Henry Lee Summer, and the other in the hi-tech camp of Michael Morales.

Pretty Maids - 1987 Future World
'Future World' marked the entrance of Danish rockers Pretty Maids into the US market during 1987. Their brand of commercial metal competing in an already crowded marketplace..

Refugee - 1987 Burning From The Inside Out
A prime contender for this page are the near legendary Toronto band Refugee. I've heard so many stories about these guys over the years. Bassist Martyn Jones eluded to in some earlier dialogue with me, Refugee as a band, were 'scary'.. talent wise. He was certain there was nothing these guys couldn't do..

Return - 1987 To The Top
Norwegian band Return are another Scandi outfit that have been strangely missing from the hallowed virtual halls of GDAZE. Until now that is. They've released many albums, but it is with 'To The Top' from 1987 that their career started off.

Roberts, Kane - 1987 Kane Roberts
Kane Roberts' was reissued by the Yesterrock label earlier this year and deservedly so; it's one of 1987's best, no question.

Rock And Hyde - 1987 Under The Volcano
This release although credited to 'Rock and Hyde' is essentially a Payola$ album in disguise.

Rolie, Gregg - 1987 Gringo
For me, any album with Bob Marlette, Dann Huff and Neal Schon onboard is worthy of print, so with that in mind, Rolie's 'Gringo' deserves a mention here.

Royal Court Of China - 1987 Royal Court Of China
Royal Court Of China at the peak of the pop metal era did give rock listeners something different from the norm, I will give them that. Their music was blues and pop based although not something that struck me as all that interesting upon initial listen.

Rush - 1987 Hold Your Fire
A much maligned and perhaps overlooked album in the Rush back catalog is their 1987 release 'Hold Your Fire'.

Saga - 1987 Wildest Dreams
Of all the albums within Saga's vast discography, I feel that their 1987 effort 'Wildest Dreams' is much maligned. For whatever reason, it has become a millstone among fans, who after a solid nine-ten years of superb records, decided to penny pinch the band for making changes.

Savatage - 1987 Hall Of The Mountain King
All in all, this was a notable change for Savatage, and though not their best release, it set them on their way.

Shaw, Tommy - 1987 Ambition
However, with 'Ambition', in steps Terry Thomas, 'the man from Charlie' as luck would have it, to lend his somewhat significant production expertise to this project. And boy it pays off big time! This album is a belter..

Shogun - 1987 31 Days
While not as well produced as Bon Jovi or Europe, Shogun still delivered a potent mix of AOR/melodic rock.

Shy - 1987 Excess All Areas
Any other UK band (apart from perhaps FM, Dare, Strangeways, Magnum) would be hard pressed to play AOR this well. Though Mills vocal style takes a bit of getting used to, he is one of the compelling reasons I like this band so much.

Silent Rage - 1987 Shattered Hearts
Unlike their later efforts which ended up being very tough Californian metal in the vein of Y&T and Lion, 'Shattered Hearts' lies closer in spirit to AOR and melodic rock, one can assume the band being only two years old, still had a lot to learn with locking down their sound and style.

Sisters Of Mercy, The - 1987 Floodland
There have been various Sisters of Mercy line-ups over the years and while a potential fourth album has long been bandied about, it appears 'Floodland' will remain the band's commercial peak and a high watermark for Goth music in general.

Spitfire - 1987 First Attack
Spitfire are considered to be one of the best Greek hard rock bands of the eighties. Many of the pundits put them into the heavy metal category, but really, upon listening to them, they are better classed as a melodic hard rock band.

Stallion - 1987 On The Run
Stallion were an unusual band. Forged from the same furnace as bands around the same location and same era. We're talking Europe, Treat, Dalton, Easy Action. Get my drift? So just why are they unusual? Well unlike those other excellent outfits, these guys border on unbearable.

Starship - 1987 No Protection
You could conceivably say that all three Starship albums ('..Hoopla', this one and 'Love Among The Cannibals') are so far removed from their origins that the band really should have renamed themselves to something neutral, so as to keep the legacy intact.

Statetrooper - 1987 Statetrooper
Statetrooper's sound is decidely British, in much the same way as Praying Mantis are. The double guitar attack of Bushell and Summers trading off on many of the songs, with Glover's keyboards adding the icing.
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