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Eloy - 1988 Ra
Having started life as a pure prog band, the dawn of the 80's had seen Eloy venture further and further into AOR. Hardcore prog supporters felt betrayed but the AOR legions were only too happy to welcome Eloy into the fold. With a pre release album teaser released in late 1987, the new album 'Ra' hit shelves in early 1988.

Emergency (Holland) - 1988 Martial Law
To these ears at least, Emergency sound like a cross between Swedish melodic rockers Dalton and Dutch pomp favorites 1st Avenue.

Europe - 1988 Out Of This World
Ron Nevison is the man behind the dials here. Bringing his experience To Europe's fourth album after working on such great albums by Survivor, Heart, Chicago and Jefferson Starship - it resulted in an album that is glossy - ballads with backbone, and rockers with oomph!

Farner, Mark - 1988 Just Another Injustice
During the late 80's, Mark Farner changed direction, and released two CCM oriented albums, the first of which was this one: 1988's 'Just Another Injustice'.

Fastway - 1988 On Target
The album itself is very very melodic. Hard rockin' at best, but with class, and lots of keyboards. Eek I hear you say, wishing Fast Eddie would break out some of his traditional Motorhead riffs. Nothing of the sort to be found on this platter, it's melodic rock all the way.

Fate - 1988 Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
Cruisin' For A Bruisin' kept some of the previous lineup, though listening to the material, it wasn't quite as classic as its predecessor 'A Matter Of Attitude'.

Femme Fatale - 1988 Femme Fatale
Along with Vixen, Californian band Femme Fatale were the face of female fronted hair metal during the late 80's.

Fifth Angel - 1988 Fifth Angel
Just whose band was this? Ask Ted Pilot and he'd say 'his', but ultimately ask James Byrd, and there you will find the truth.. Whatever the case, this is quite a slab of melodic metal!

Forcefield II - 1988 The Talisman
'The Talisman' is the second release by the Forcefield project comprising guitarist Ray Fenwick and drummer Cozy Powell.

Ford, Lita - 1988 Lita
'Lita' was the breakout album for ex Runaways string slinger Lita Ford during 1988, and it was her first for new label RCA after a falling out with Polygram/Mercury.

Forsale - 1988 Stranger In Town
Forsale is a Swiss project, much like cheese, it was left to ripen in the shade before being re-released nine years after it was recorded. Steve Lee and Leo Leoni from Gotthard make appearances here..

Frehley, Ace - 1988 Second Sighting
The self titled debut was one of 1987's best albums, with precision like hard rock. However this one, 'Second Sighting' was invariably a lacklustre follow up, with an uneasy mixture of Frehley's hard rock and Tod Howarth's AOR.

Freiheit - 1988 Fantasy
German band Freiheit were heavily influenced by ELO on this their third album from 1988 'Fantasy'..

Friss, Bobby - 1988 Cut Loose
One of the hardest working bands from the southeastern parts of the US are the Bobby Friss Band. This debut album 'Cut Loose' is in fact a compilation of Bobby's best work during a ten year period between 1975-1985.

Gentlemen Without Weapons - 1988 Tranmissions
Totally original in concept and approach, Gentlemen Without Weapons was a musical extension of the environmentalist project Earth Love Fund (ELF). Not quite new-agey, this is a crossover hi-tech prog pop album and a pretty good one at that.

Glass Tiger - 1988 Diamond Sun
1986 and 1987 were very good years for Canadian band Glass Tiger. Regrouping in 1988, the band reconnected with producer Jim Vallance for their second album 'Diamond Sun'.

Goffin, Louise - 1988 This Is The Place
Louise had released a couple of LP's: 'Kid Blue' her debut from 19729 and a self titled effort from 1981. Both of those efforts were pop/rock, in the vein of Pat Benatar and Rachel Sweet. Not bad, but nothing like this superb AOR effort 'This Is The Place'. There are some simply beautiful songs on this album, it's a wonder and a pity that it's not better known among the AOR community.

Goodwyn, Myles - 1988 Myles Goodwyn
This is the first and only solo album from April Wine's Myles Goodwyn.

Greenway - 1988 Serious Business
I've seen this album go for top prices on Ebay. It's had some very good raps from reviewers/writers out there over the years, so upon investigation I set out to see if 'Serious Business' was all that it was cracked up to be. Sadly, no. Not the class act I was expecting to hear, but admittedly, it had some very good moments.

Harvest - 1988 Holy Fire
'Holy Fire' includes a majority of the players that would feature on the MTB - Michael Thompson Band album 'How Long'. Despite the title, there's not much fire bubbling under the hood of this album - so your ears won't get scorched, but I will say it does have quite a nice AOR sound with a few decent tracks to be had.

Head East - 1988 Choice Of Weapons
Head East are right in the heart of the rock here, coming on like a cross between Le Roux (circa 'So Fired Up') and the Bobby Ingram fronted China Sky from the same year.

Healey, Jeff (Band) - 1988 See The Light
Jeff Healey is certainly an interesting story in the annals of rock. Born in Canada and adopted as an infant, he lost sight at the age of one due to a cancer of the eyes. Healey was an avid blues and jazz fan, and this album is heavy on the blues.

Heinz Sight - 1988 A Face In The Crowd
A rare find from 1988, the Illinois based band Heinz Sight, named after lead singer, the late Vince Heinz offer a multitude of styles ranging from AOR to pop. However, don't believe all the terms and descriptions offered by Ebay sellers in regards to this record!

Helloween - 1988 Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II
All Helloween's albums up to this are classics. 'Keeper II' is Helloween's creme de la creme.

Hill, Kim - 1988 Kim Hill
I'm a late starter to the career of CCM goddess Kim Hill. This lady was a prolific musician from the late 80's and well into the 90's, and was a regular feature throughout the Memphis and Nashville scene. I've started back-tracking through Kim's discography, and for obvious reasons, this is the place to start.

Hitchcock, 1988 Russell - Russell Hitchcock
No kidding! You'll be surprised to see who's playing on this album. A veritable who's who of AOR, with some fantastic names to boot. This solo effort from the Air Supply vocal king-pin is definitely one to track down.

Hittman - 1988 Hittman
Hittman have styled their particular brand of HM on bands such as Fifth Angel, Crimson Glory, Vicious Rumors and Helstar, and let us not forget Queensryche either!

Honeymoon Suite - 1988 Racing After Midnight
'Racing After Midnight' compares lukewarm with the two albums prior to this, and the one following - 'Monsters Under The Bed'. Many were looking to Honeymoon Suite to deliver the knock-out punch for their third album following 'The Big Prize', but unfortunately they didn't.

House Of Lords - 1988 House Of Lords
I've read often that this rates as an AOR classic at the top of many peoples lists. I don't see it. I was letdown the first time I heard it many years ago and nothing has changed to alter my opinion.

Howe, Greg - 1988 Greg Howe
One of the more interesting of the shred metal kings is Greg Howe.

Hugh, Grayson - 1988 Blind To Reason
Grayson Hugh, an American singer is steeped in the tradition of soul and R&B. On some of his material, you would be hard-pressed to find a difference between him and Steve Perry (particularly his solo stuff).

Hurry Scuary - 1988 Break It Up
Japanese metallers Hurry Scuary only released the one album, but there are some absolutely monster songs here. Unlike other Japanese bands, HS sing mostly in English, and their sound is quite bombastic, mixing equal parts of Impelliteri, Yngwie Malmsteen, Treat and other European bands of the era.

Illsley, John - 1988 Glass
'Glass' is a nice set of songs with plenty of variety. Here Illsley's music fits into the category of Chris Rea, Gerry Rafferty and Chris DeBurgh and in fact his voice is very similar to DeBurgh's although not quite as powerful.

Iron Maiden - 1988 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
This is an album which still divides many. Some were in favour of the melodic direction while others shunned it. I've never considered this a classic Maiden album despite its strengths. This is a collection of songs, even with the concept connotations, and in all honesty Maiden were already past their best.

Johnson, Eric - 1988 Tones
'Tones ' is a top notch pop/AOR album peppered with quality instrumentals ranging from a Windham Hill style acoustic number to all out rockers..

Jojo - 1988 Jojo
This album was produced by Eddy Offord and it's a pretty smart affair, taking the best bits of Craaft and Balanx and commercialised even more.

Joleen - 1988 Joleen
The album is very rare, but upon hearing it, I came away pretty disappointed unfortunately. There's very little of interest to hardened melodic rockers I'm afraid, and despite the stellar line-up, it looks like they were just paid to play.

Jordan, Sass - 1988 Tell Somebody
Paired with multi-instrumentalist Bill Beaudoin and producer Pierre Bazinet (Boulevard) and along with a cheap budget, 'Tell Somebody' is the result, the album eventually going platinum in Canada, and putting Jordan on the path to a Juno Award the following year.

Joshua - 1988 Intense Defence
This is a fairly monstrous slab of melodic rock. No two ways about it. Dynamic, great production, and all the musicians are playing out of their skins.

Judas Priest - 1988 Ram It Down
In 1986 Priest found themselves caught up in synth mania as that years 'Turbo' appalled fans with its slick use of the instrument accompanied by music that teetered on hard rock. It wasn't what Priest were really about though, and 1988's 'Ram It Down' was an obvious return to a heavier sound.

Kansas - 1988 In The Spirit Of Things
'In The Spirit Of Things' is (for 1988) a modern sounding recording, wih big production and interesting lyrical themes. The album is based loosely on the 12951 flood of the small eastern Kansas town of Neosho Falls.

Karo - 1988 Heavy Birthday
Dan Lucas is an AOR artist this site should be featuring a lot more of. Many of you will be aware of his two albums during the 90's called 'Canada' and 2000'. Despite his love affair with Canada, Dan is actually the pseudonym for German vocalist Lutz Salzwedel, and he first came to prominence with this band Karo, who released a one-off album called 'Heavy Birthday' back in 1988.

Killer Dwarfs - 1988 Big Deal
A good record for its time, but probably well overlooked by those outside of the US and Canada. Well overdue a re-investigation I would suggest.

Kilzer, John - 1988 Memory In The Making
John's music, when given the southern treatment comes off similarly to fellow Memphis resident Jimmy Davis. You could throw a few other names in the hat, such as Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams and Billy Chinnock, just to make things interesting.

King Kobra - 1988 III
King Kobra would go on to record the best of the three real KK albums, a blistering set encompassing metal, hard rock and AOR.

Kingdom Come - 1988 Kingdom Come
Do we all remember the slagging this band got when they released this debut back in 1988? Talk about overkill. Even Robert Plant was known to jump into the debate, giving his opinion on Lenny Wolf's near doppleganger vocal delivery. Do you think Lenny cared? Heck no, he was laughing all the way to the bank!

Kings X - 1988 Out Of The Silent Planet
Back in the day, Kings X were a band I couldn't quite connect to. The Texan power-trio were an unusual band, with a sound all of their own. It wasn't until years later that I had an epiphany with Pinnick, Tabor and Gaskill; and understood what all the fuss was about.

Kix - 1988 Blow My Fuse
It goes without saying that 80's rockers Kix peaked in 1988 with this LP.

Knight, Holly - 1988 Holly Knight
Holly released her first solo effort via Columbia Records, whereby she was able to narrow in on that melodic/pop crossover even more, and pitch her songs onto vinyl/CD the way she wanted them done.

Koo, The - 1988 The Koo
Dopey name for a band right? Just as bad as Coney Hatch or Cirith Ungol! This trio came from the late eighties, It's AOR, it's pop rock, it's a merger of the two.
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