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Poco - 1989 Legacy
After years on the circuit, playing a country tinged West Coast type sound, and with more lineup changes than the St Louis Cardinals would care to name over the years, Poco attempt to poke their nose into the melodic rock camp, and guess what? They do real well.

Pretty Boy Floyd - 1989 Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
Forming in 1986, Pretty Boy Floyd were one of the last high profile glam metal acts to emerge from Sunset Strip. Flaunting an extreme glam metal image, PBF's sound was highly derivative, recalling in particular pre-Shout Mtley Cre.

Pulsar - 1989 Gorlitz
While not nearly as Prozac inducing; French group Pulsar are often compared to Pink Floyd due to their dark and spacious style. However, their comeback 1989 album 'Gorlitz' presents a fresh and very modern sound.

Queen - 1989 The Miracle
Although Queen had ceased to be a major draw in the States earlier in the 80's, 'The Miracle' was a resounding success in the UK and Europe, at least five of the tracks were major hits.

Raal - 1989 Alright OK
I would have loved to heard more music from Rafael Villafane. He's 'raal good!'

Raleigh, Kevin - 1989 Delusions Of Grandeur
'Delusions Of Grandeur' would be the only solo album released by ex Michael Stanley Band vocalist Kevin Raleigh.

Regatta - 1989 Regatta
Like many Canadian bands, these guys would be reasonably well known at home, but everywhere else they'd be virtually unknown. A great radio oriented rock trio these guys are, following on in the clean cut footsteps of fellow Canucks Glass Tiger and Bryan Adams.

Rescue - 1989 Rescue
If you like Euro pomp a la 1st Avenue, Emergency (both Dutch and Swiss versions), Talk Of The Town and Javan, then these guys will be right up your alley.

Ringleader - 1989 If Licks Could Kill
With many 80's influences thrown into the ring (excuse the pun), Ringleader by default gravitate towards the heavier end of the spectrum, and comparisons are made to bands of that era. To my ears, they are musically similar to Billy Squier 'Don't Say No' era, though a tad heavier. Big drums, and churning rhythm guitars in particular.

Roadmaster - 1989 Live + 5
With a history that goes way back into time, this album is an epitaph of 7 live favourites plus 5 additional tracks recorded live in a studio in 1989, some years after the band retired.

Rogers, Kenny (Jnr) - 1989 Yes No Maybe
Don't get the impression that this is something more in keeping with what Kenny's dad does.. nothing like it. This is impressive AOR with more than a leaning to hi-tech West Coast styled music. If you want a comparison, pitch Richard Marx singing Planet 3 material.

Roq Royale - 1989 Roq Royale
There a few albums that remain unreleased, but have a sort of 'legend of the underground' status attached to it. Gravedanger and Black Bambi are two bands that spring to mind - add Roq Royale to the list.

Saga - 1989 The Beginners Guide To Throwing Shapes
Considered the forgotten album of the Saga back-catalogue, this one, though a lesser ranked album among their discography, still contains worthy moments of mention.

Schon, Neal - 1989 Late Nite
Schon released this rather cool CD 'Late Nite' during 1989, a CD which has a treasured spot in my collection. I think the combination of Schon and studio hound Bob Marlette on 'Late Nite' is an inspired piece of genius..

Shanahan, Bernie - 1989 Bernie Shanahan
A name that has passed through the ranks of album releases from 1989, we look at New York/New Jersey veteran Bernie Shanahan.

Shark Island - 1989 Law Of The Order
Many of these songs are made to order in 1989, and is (to me at least) another fine example of the quality of melodic rock music released that year.

Shell And The Ocean - 1989 Turn Blue
Germany has a habit of releasing these hi-tech projects more so than most. Add to that the obscure outfit Shell And The Ocean. Interesting name, not sure what the significance is.

Signal - 1989 Loud And Clear
In hindsight, how could this band have not made it? I ask you? All the ingredients were there for a rich cocktail of success. But then again, events conspired to sink this band before they had a chance to flourish.

Silent Rage - 1989 Don't Touch Me There
One of the finest albums to come out of L.A circa 1989. And to think there was next to zero publicity for this album upon it's release. Criminal!

Silent Running - 1989 Deep
Moving onto 1989, and by this stage of precedings, Silent Running had taken on the spirit of bands like The Outfield and INXS. Earlier fans of the band would've turned away after their 1985 debut, as subsequent albums 'Walk On Fire' and 'Deep' are quite some way removed from their original direction moulded in the style of Simple Minds andU2. On the other hand, AORsters and melodic rockers would've welcomed them with open arms.

Skid Row (USA) - 1989 Skid Row
Without doubt, the year of 1989 belonged to New Jersey rockers Skid Row, who released their debut album to massive acclaim.

Slide - 1989 Down So Long
From 1989, here are Scottish band Slide, who sound a bit like FM, and Irishmen No Sweat.

Starship - 1989 Love Among The Cannibals
Perhaps the last great album by San Francisco legends Starship. Up till this point they'd left us a swagger of memorable records from the 80's decade.

Stevens, Grant - 1989 Grant Stevens
It's great that we review rare albums like this, but honestly, I'm not really sure what CBS Germany saw in this album because it's pretty lack lustre.

Stevens, Steve (And The Atomic Playboys) - 1989 Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys
The Atomic Playboys debut was surely an interesting set of tracks which kinda hit the mark for me, and I did it justice during 1989 giving it lots of airtime. Warner Brothers promoted it heavily too, with video and MTV doing its bit to get the sci-fi factor out to viewers, which it did easily.

Stranger - 1989 No Rules
It wasn't until the end of the 80's decade that the band resurfaced with their second release 'No Rules', and if anything.. is much better than their first!

Strangeways - 1989 Walk In The Fire
I can't say it any clearer than this: 'Walk In The Fire' is immense AOR of the finest sort. If there are two albums you need in your CD collection (that is: if you're more than a half serious follower of melodic rock), then it's their 1987 predecessor 'Native Sons' and this one 'Walk In The Fire'.

Syre - 1989 It Aint Pretty Being Easy
During the late 80's, Canadian band were Syre doing their best to ignite audiences all across the maple-leaf divide. From Winnipeg, this five-piece could easily compare to fellow Canucks Helix with their party metal antics, while on the other hand, they dabble in keyboards which adds an Orphan, Wall Of Silence/The Works and Danger Danger like component to their sound.

Tangier - 1989 Four Winds
Having listened to all three albums, I can say that the direction they pursued on 'Four Winds' was a winning combination. The transition from AOR to a melodic hard rock with a blusey twinge was an inspired move..

Tesla - 1989 The Great Radio Controversy
This was the album to put Tesla into the major leagues. The album did very well on the charts, but it was the three singles 'Love Song', 'Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)' and 'Way It Is' which did most of the hard work.

Thomas, B.J - 1989 Midnight Minute
The name B.J Thomas is one that goes back into the formative days of Americana pop. Many AORsters would not be aware of his shift into the AOR world with this 1989 album 'Midnight Minute'.

Thomas, Mike (Band) - 1989 Circular Motion
Former member of San Diego hard rock band Stress. Thomas then formed his own outfit, the Mike Thomas Band. The band appeared to be European based, the resulting album 'Circular Motion' recorded and produced in France.

Thompson, Michael (Band) - 1989 How Long
Well it doesn't get any better than this. An example of classy melodic rock by some of the greats of the L.A session scene, but built around the talent that is Michael Thompson, session guitarist extraordinaire.

Time Gallery - 1989 Time Gallery
Alongside Tommy Denander, I'd suggest that this Swedish band Time Gallery have invested many hours listening to the back collection of Toto. You'd think they were a cover band or something, but no, they are not.

TNT - 1989 Intuition
It's recognised by many hard rock followers that the 1989 calendar year was one out of the bag. Many great albums were released in that period, the list is very strong. In amongst it all was Norway's TNT, with their fabulous 'Intuition' album.

Townshend, Pete - 1989 Iron Man Musical
So here we find the first (?) musical to appear in Glory Daze, so it seems that when a musician has achieved such high levels as Pete Townshend, what do they do? They write a musical based on a children's book..

Trans Am - 1989 Fasten Seatbelts
I suppose when you live in a country that's boasts the likes of The Scorpions, Fair Warning and Bonfire, you are going to be hard pushed to even reach the qualifying stages of the Champions League, but maybe just settle for a UEFA Cup place, when your only opposite is probably in the form of say, Mad Max? Well that seemed the only option for Trans Am, from the city of Bonn; they command an excellent home record but struggle away.

Ultranite - 1989 I Want My Own Planet
Musically, Ultranite compare favourably to bands such as Craaft, Douglas, and Finnish boyos Wild Force. Despite the hybrid Swiss/German sound, Ultranite have a very Scandi appeal about them.

Uriah Heep - 1989 Raging Silence
It took until 1989 for recorded output from this lineup of Uriah Heep, and while it was still in the melodic vein of the Pete Goalby years, it wasn't quite as AOR tinged, more of a regular hard rock album.

Vain - 1989 No Respect
'No Respect' is considered to be a glam metal/sleaze classic.

Valentino - 1989 Valentino [ep]
Valentino were a midwest American band with a sole 5 track EP to their name during 1989. Released on the small Tidal Wave label, this would be the one and only effort from this bunch of romeo wannabes.

Vanadium - 1989 Seventheaven
Without doubt, 'Seventheaven' ranks right up there among the best melodic rock/AOR releases out of Italy. At the time, many people thought otherwise, but in hindsight, you can see why many melodic rockers have heaped praise on this album ever since.

Voodoo X - 1989 The Awakening
After the release of his solo albums 'Drums Along The Mohawk' and 'Jacknifed' during the 1986-1988 period, Jean turned his hand to creating the ultimate melodic rock band. Hence Voodoo X, with the international cast, and an excellent image and sound to go with it.

Vow Wow - 1989 Helter Skelter
'Helter Skelter' did't yield a hit like the 'V' opus did, and fared no better than ok. Very unfortunate, since it's as accurate a statement of late 80's pomp AOR as I've heard. To say it deserved better would be an understatement, as the majority of the album makes a strong impact.

Walk On Fire - 1989 Blind Faith
Walk On Fire strike a balance between AOR on one side, a la Canadians Boulevard and Glass Tiger with a hint of commercial progressive in the vein of Marillion on the other. It was a promising start, a good album, classy songs, but somewhere along the way, the ball was dropped.

Warp Drive - 1989 Gimme Gimme
A band from Wisconsin, and bought under the wing of the Atco/Nalli family. Released in late 1989, this album got some severe praise heaped on it at the time. Even the erstwhile Mr Kelv Hellrazer saw fit to rate this opus the 'essential 100' in the sadly missed Metal Forces magazine.

Warrant - 1989 Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
1989 was to me - a great year for melodic rock. There were many fantastic releases for which my hard earned cash crossed the counter in exchange for. This album wasn't one of them.

Warren, John - 1989 Private Motion
Fans of West Coast, AOR and pop should find a few spare bucks and invest in a few CD's from a chap called John Warren. If you're into late eighties music in the mould of Chris Eaton, Richard Marx and Tim Feehan, then Mr Warren is worth a bit more investigation.

Watchmen - 1989 Generation
With a name like Watchmen, you'd be thinking this lot were as dubious as Church Of Scientology alumni, or some positive mens movement a la Promise Keepers. But no, these guys practice melodic rock, albeit with a slight Christian message. In fact, these Seattle boys just about make it to AOR territory, but pull up just short of the gate.

White Heart - 1989 Freedom
'Freedom', released in 1989 still remains my favourite output from the group. I would still recommend this album to be a great starting point to listen to white drenched songs of melodic supremacy.
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