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Godfrey, Paul (Band) - 1990 Magic Touch
For fans of female fronted AOR, it probably doesn't get better than this! Take your pick of all the 'dollie lolly' albums during the 80's (we're talking Delta, ZZYZX, Drama, Idle Tears, Scandal and all the rest..) and this 'Magic Touch' album would be the equal of any of them.

Gowan - 1990 Lost Brotherhood
A harder rocking affair, 'Lost Brotherhood' was an obvious attempt at yet further rebranding, as Larry's image seemed to be pointing to the hard and hair rock image of the pre-grunge era of the early 90's.

Guardian - 1990 Fire And Love
Some will remember these blokes as being Christian melodic rockers from the late 80's based out of El-Lay. 'Fire And Love' was the band's second album, produced by John and Dino Elefante of the Pakaderm Group.

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Guido Mineo - 1990 In Staccato Heaven
'In Staccato Heaven' is a nice blend of hi-tech AOR and Euro pop, something the Germans made a habit of during the late 80's and early 90's

Gypsy Rose (Canada) - 1990 Prey
No relation to the Swedish outfit, this lot came from Western Ontario, Canada, and were signed to the Simmons Records label, home to Gene Simmons.

Halo - 1990 Halo
I have to say that despite the overly christian messages throughout the album, this is one of my favorite discs during 1990. Mostly all the tracks are high class, catchy, and some of those choruses are so infectious.

Hanson, Bob - 1990 Nuff Said
Here's an obscure Canadian rocker operating in the CCM realm. His name is Bob Hanson, and this album 'Nuff Said' sits nicely in the pocket of other artists such as Paul Janz, Stan Meissner, John Wetton and Arlen Salte.

Harlequinn Angel - 1990 Rock And Roll Heaven
You can thank Edwin (a.k.a aorheart) for bringing this rare American melodic rock outfit to our attention. The five tracks recorded here are superb, and the styles range from rampant hard rock to exquisite ballads.

Harlow - 1990 Harlow
I was blown away by this album when I first heard it. Here was a female lead singer with authorative power in her voice. Forget Lee Aaron, or even Darby Mills for that matter (don't get me wrong I love those two ladies immensely) but Teresa Straley powers in over the top of them like a steam train!

Healey, Jeff (Band) - 1990 Hell To Pay
While this album didn't make as large a mark as the debut, it is one that I enjoyed even more. The emphasis on the blues sound was replaced with more of a rock sensibility, and the band proved that they could pull that off very well.

Heart - 1990 Brigade
Not content with leaving us two pearler albums prior to this one (1985's 'Heart', and 1987's 'Bad Animals', staples in your collection if you are fan of melodic rock), the sister siblings and musical cohorts turn up again early 1990 to release this underrated gem.

Heavens Edge - 1990 Heavens Edge
With the legendary Neil Kernon at the helm, Heavens Edge sometimes manages to escape the glam metal mire by incorporating lush AOR/Melodic rock arrangements into their metallic sound. Other times it's a firm reminder of why band's of this ilk were about to get stomped like a narc at a biker rally by critics, fans and the looming grunge era.

Hinterland - 1990 Kissing The Roof Of Heaven
The Hinterland sound can be found in the fields of fire that was the 80s 'big music' movement. Panoramic pop with windswept Celtic connections typified by U2, Simple Minds, Big Country and Silent Running, peppered with the sophisto-pop delicacies of The Blue Nile and the colorful experimentation of Talk Talk

House Of Lords - 1990 Sahara
'Sahara' was the second album from Los Angeles combo House Of Lords. It was also the third out of the four albums released on Simmons Records.

Hughes, Bryan (Group) - 1990 Break The Rules
The guitar and keyboard interplay on this album are the highpoint, coming across like a mix between Greenway's 'Serious Business' and Aldo Nova's 'Twitch', with the obvious Beau Geste inflection factored in.

Hurricane - 1990 Slave To The Thrill
Hurricane come along like a triple threat of AOR, hard rock and metal. It was an above-average set of hard rock, quite superior to Motley Crue, Kiss and co at the time.

Iron Maiden - 1990 No Prayer For The Dying
Back to basics metal provided by the Irons'..

James, Tommy - 1990 Hi Fi
Tommy must of been listening to John Parr, Richard Marx, Greg Guidry, David Roberts or Go West here instead of the artists who took covers of his classics to the top of the charts a few years prior. This is pure Westcoast/Hi-Tech AOR at it's finest.

Janz, Paul - 1990 Renegade Romantic
Coupled with 'Electricity', this is a disc that belongs in every serious AOR collection and should be tracked down pronto.

Jellyfish - 1990 Bellybutton
More hooks than a tackle box here, this is up there with Cheap Trick's debut and even the Beach Boys best. Not just a 'power pop' classic, it's a rock and roll masterpiece!

Jidhed, Jim - 1990 Jim
Very much a purists AOR album, and along with 2003's masterful 'Full Circle', both of Jim's English speaking solo albums deserve to be right there in among your thousands of CD's.

Jillson - 1990 Deadly Girl
Jillson are kinda like a more commercial version Autograph meeting Y&T down at Fantasy Studios for a good ol' San Francisco Jam!!

Johnson, Eric - 1990 Ah Via Musicom
For me this album is a keeper, and recommended to anymore remotely interested in melodic rock guitar stylings. For me, if I was to be stranded on a Desert Island and I was allowed five albums to take with me, this would be one of them.

Joneses, The - 1990 Hard
When I first listened to this years ago, I made a comparison that this was like hearing Billy Satellite fused with Tangier.

Jordan, Marc - 1990 Cow
Whatever the packaging and political motivations, 'Cow' is a fine album from the waning days of AOR's golden era, but the PC overkill of the album where Jordan claimed 'We only have 10 years to save our Planet' is a bit OTT.. 'Cow' = 'Conserve Our World', is perhaps AOR's very first environmentally aware album?

Judas Priest - 1990 Painkiller
In a few words, if this record is not a part of your collection yet, you should obtain it at once, as it represents a memorial of the hard melodic metal scene that can hardly be repeated.

Julliet - 1990 Julliet
Here's another hair-metal band that released one album before Grunge killed everything in 1991.

Justin Sayne - 1990 Big Tools
It's not very often we get to write about a band who come Idaho and play melodic hard rock. But from Boise Idaho do Justin Sayne originate from, and a great little album they released back in 1990 called 'Big Tools'.

Karat - 1990 ...Im Nachsten Frieden
If 1986's 'Funfte Jahreszeit' album had seen a vast reduction of progressive elements in Karat's AOR blend, then 1990's '...Im Nachsten Frieden' completed the process. What we're dealing with here is a set of crisp, concise pop rocking AOR. Shorter and simpler song structures come to the fore..

Killer Dwarfs - 1990 Dirty Weapons
By the time album four came around, the Dwarfs were in their prime. This is literally 'killer stuff', invoking musical comparisons with Ratt, Great White and Lion.

Krokus - 1990 Stampede
Taking their cue from Judas Priest and AC/DC, Krokus an album that is heavier and better produced than anything since 'Headhunter'. But without Marc Storace leading from the front, the band lost their identity.

Laine, Paul - 1990 Stick It In Your Ear
The debut album 'Stick It In Your Ear' was released in 1990. A massive collection of tunes in the vein of Danger Danger, Bon Jovi and Hardline would result..

Landslide - 1990 Say Hello To The Night
Here's a rare CD, from an Iowa based band called Landslide. Seems there was more to Iowa than potatoes and Lynn Allen huh?

Laos - 1990 We Want It
Described as one of the best female fronted releases of all time. Who am I to argue? Lol!

Legs Diamond - 1990 Town Bad Girl
Despite the group's lack of success, you can always find great music in the Legs Diamond discography - 'Town Bad Girl' is no exception.

Little Caesar - 1990 Little Caesar
If I hadn't heard this band before I'd seen them I probably wouldn't have given Little Caesar a second look. The appearance of the band conjures up thoughts of Motorhead style metal or sleaze rock, rather than the impressive soulful hard rock that emanates from this 1990 release.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1990 Get Lucky
The beginning of the 90's saw Aussies Little River Band return with purpose thanks to their 'Get Lucky' album. It would be their last major label release for some time, as the 90's decline in rock took its toll on many acts, LRB included.

London - 1990 Playa Del Rock
This album still sounds great twenty years later, which is something I can't apply to other albums from the same timeframe. There is some absolute essential listening on this platter.

MacAlpine - 1990 Eyes Of The World
For what it's worth, this is a very underrated album, and should stand alone when perusing Tony's vast catalogue of work.

Magnum - 1990 Goodnight LA
It would be fair to say this album is the least played CD in my collection, but don't write it off completely.

Mastedon - 1990 Lofcaudio
A literal cast of thousands turn out to play on this baby - a class mainstream Christian release, this album remains one of the highlights of Christian melodic rock - right alongside classic outfits such as Petra, White Heart, Allies and AD.

Megadeth - 1990 Rust In Peace
This was the album which finally sealed Megadeth's reputation as a major metal band, delivering on the promise of the 80's in a convincing way. The acclaim for the album was unanimous, with praise showered on it in a manner reserved for heavyweights like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or even Metallica.

Meyers, Bill - 1990 The Color Of Truth
Somewhere between the hi-tech AOR of Mr Mister and Planet 3, mixing in the softer bits of Chicago and Stephen Bishop, is where you'll end up with Bill Meyers.

Nelson - 1990 After The Rain
At the time of release, this album was like a breath of fresh air, combining all the elements of an essential commercial melodic rock release primed for radio and crossover potential. And to a certain degree the band achieved this, with lots of press, articles, MTV clips, and favourable reviews.

Nilsson, Tommy - 1990 Follow The Road
If my memory serves me correctly, this Tommy's third solo album, and I have to say it's much more appealing than his prior 1988 affair 'It!'.

No Sweat - 1990 No Sweat
Here's an Irish band who briefly enjoyed some time in the limelight during 1989/90. Deciding not to follow in the footsteps of fellow Irishmen U2 (thank god), they decided to become the Emerald Isles equivalent of Bon Jovi, though they had to relocate to London to do it.

Norman And Sexton - 1990 Facing Destiny
If bombastic pomp is the order of the day, then Norman And Sexton are the duo for you. Caught somewhere between a Jeff Cannata pomp maelstrom and an Asia stormwind is where this Californian pairing are musically stranded.

Norton, Paul - 1990 Under A Southern Sky
Paul's vocal style has a lot in common with that other Aussie legend James Reyne (Australian Crawl) as well, the music is vaguely similar, whilst retaining a midwest edge a la Henry Lee Summer, John Cougar Mellancamp or even Jimmy Barnes for that matter.

O'Brien, Michael - 1990 Michael O'Brien
This is a near legendary release which has seen it's value/worth increase over the passing years. Michael is a contender for best kept secret in the world of melodic rock, but he is definitely one major AOR talent who can be classed in the same breath as Paul Sabu and Jeff Cannata.

O'Neill, Sharon - 1990 Edge Of Winter
'Edge Of Winter' follows on three years after 'Danced In The Fire', and this time around, combines the West Coast flavours of her 'Foreign Affairs' album (from 1983) with the more mature commercial nature of 'DITF'.
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