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Oxido - 1990 Breaking Down The Walls
Often mistaken for being an Italian band, Oxido are in fact a predominantly Swiss outfit. But upon hearing them you'd swear these guys have holiday homes in Sweden and spend most of their time living up there!

Pantera - 1990 Cowboys From Hell
For me 'Cowboys' is far from my favorite Pantera album, but it's impossible to deny its significance as a milestone of 90's metal.

Pavlovs Dog - 1990 Lost In America
Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie and that's especially true with this CD from Pavlov's Dog. Not so much lost in America but trapped in a 80s time-warp; musically this disc has little if any personality.

Petra - 1990 Beyond Belief
'Beyond Belief' not only became the group's most successful but it ranks up with the likes of Idle Cure, White Heart and Allies best IMO. While the lyrical conviction of the band will turn off some, the musicianship here is undeniable and deserving of a mention on Glory-Daze.

Planet 3 - 1990 Music From The Planet
For the most part an overly technical album from a programming perspective, but the mixture of keyboard and drum programming, combined with the great vocals of Clif Magness and that magic guitar of Jay Graydon pushes this album into the stratosphere.

Pretty Maids - 1990 Jump The Gun/Lethal Heroes
This was a much delayed album following a band members injury in a car accident. Pretty Maids finally released this album in 1990 following on from the awesome 'Future World' opus from 1987.

Private Eye (Norway) - 1990 Private Eye
These guys have West Coast style AOR dripping through their veins. Influences and comparisons range from Toto, Marc Jordan, Sweden's Time Gallery and danish duo Sko/Torp.

Purple Heart - 1990 Purple Heart
Purple Heart resemble countrymen China quite closely, plus other Euro bands like Mystery and Dalton, though without the finesse of those three outfits.

Quade - 1990 Heavens Break
Quade were a Maryland band that is probably in need of some long overdue coverage here at GLORY-DAZE. Musically though, it's hooky keyboard dominated rock, in the vein of Honeymoon Suite, Sing Sing, Tradia, Riddler and Up All Night.

Queensr├┐che - 1990 Empire
It's been described as their contribution to the melodic rock scene. That's some call, considering their last two albums were absolute behemoths in the heavy metal genre. Nonetheless, an intriguing and deep album, that will keep you on your toes.

Ratt - 1990 Detonator
The hard rock bubble hadn't quite burst yet and Ratt enlisted Desmond Child to help pen various tracks, with admittedly impressive results.

Raw Silk - 1990 Silk Under The Skin
Raw Silk for what it's worth, fly the flag for Greece in much the same way as Elektradrive did for Italy. It's good quality AOR with an overkill on keyboard/guitar interplay.

Redd Kross - 1990 Third Eye
This is a lesson in killer hooks, as smooth as porcelain. Were they the best in the power pop genre? Well I would love to see a one mile drag race between Redd Kross and Jellyfish, I wonder who would win.

REO Speedwagon - 1990 The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken
It's a pretty weird album title huh? Not the easiest to recite. A new decade, a new lineup, possibly a new sound? Not quite with the latter, but I did enjoy this CD in comparison to the last few 80's albums from this lot.. so that says something.

Riverdogs - 1990 Riverdogs
This is the culmination of two excellent San Diego based musicians, who also happened to be convincing enough for guitar god Vivian Campbell to be interested in joining them for a short term. As it turned out for Viv, it ended up being long-term!

Rock Boulevard - 1990 Rock Boulevard
Here's a band that missed the tail-end of the late great eighties hair-metal parade. An American combo, with a sound that integrates a zillion other hopefuls out there. But what they did have, they did well. Lots of melody, guitar sting, big hooks, a loud vocalist and a tight rhythm section. Other bands similar to these guys included: 9.0 and Jillson.

Roko - 1990 Roko
In my opinion, this rates as one of the best German AOR/melodic rock albums of the era. It's got everything really .. power, melody, songs, and a red hot production courtesy of everybody's favourite Bob Marlette.

Saxon - 1990 Solid Ball Of Rock
'Solid Ball Of Rock' is a true return to form for Saxon, but one that perhaps came too late.

Schmit, Timothy B - 1990 Tell Me The Truth
If you are fan of West Coast rock, then you will be well aware of the bands Poco and The Eagles. And if the name Timothy B Schmit is familiar, then you'll know he was a member of both bands at one point.

Slyce - 1990 Slyce
A bit of digging on the Internet reveals New Jersey native Joseph M (Joe) Pizza as the man behind the voice and name. Pizza, Slyce.. geddit? Along with business partner Ron Mannino, who plays the drums here, 'Slyce' is a tasty affair, and worth dabbling in, even if it is an album of two halves.

Smith, Michael W - 1990 Go West Young Man
'Go West Young Man' was the breakthrough album into the mainstream/secular market for longtime Christian/CCM artist Michael W Smith.

Southern Sons - 1990 Southern Sons
Seeing as we have two of three Southern Sons reviews here, it's best to finish the trilogy by going back to the start with this Aussie band.

Spiced Ice - 1990 Spiced Ice
Certainly Spiced Ice is not a mainstream release, and it seems that as time goes by this album becomes more valuable by the year. Musically, the band combine the efforts of Tradia, Norway and Airkraft, all of whom had a flair for fiery guitars, stacked keyboards and a commercial angle.

Spread Eagle - 1990 Spread Eagle
From the tough neighborhoods of New York come this quartet of hardened individuals, ready to inflict some aural damage on unsuspecting listeners with their brand of streetwise metal.

St Paul - 1990 Down To The Wire
With his first LP released in 1986, his second (this one) released in 1990 - it's hi-tech, fast paced, funky, with loads of keyboards to the max. If you remember Tim Feehan's output during this timeframe, then that's as good a comparison that I can make.

Steelheart - 1990 Steelheart
Coming at you from the same school as Firehouse and '1987' era Whitesnake are Connecticut based quintet Steelheart. Formed in the early eighties, the band did not set the rock world on fire until the turn of the decade, after doing the 'hard yards' for the best part of ten years.

Styx - 1990 Edge Of The Century
For many punters, the resultant 1970 reunion album 'Edge Of The Century' was their best effort since 1978's 'Pieces Of Eight' a distant twelve years past.

SX - 1990 SX
SX were a short-lived band originating out of Phoenix AZ during the late 80's.

System Seven - 1990 Perspectives
Not to be confused with the Steve Hillage fronted techno outfit of the same name, this System Seven hailed from Seattle, Washington and were decidedly neo-progressive in nature.

Talisman - 1990 Talisman
IMHO, this Talisman platter still stands head and shoulders over everything else they've since done.

Tesla - 1990 Five Man Acoustical Jam
The live acoustic performance of Tesla is a raw one, and is quite initimate in a way. Not really a rock album, it's been listed on Wikipedia as 'acoustic rock' and I guess they are correct in that assumption.

Tindrum - 1990 Cool Calm And Collected
In the great tradition of bands such as Stage Dolls, Evenrude and the mighty TNT, follow another Norwegian band. This time it's Tindrum, featuring former TNT drummer Diesel Dahl.

Topaz - 1990 World Of Secrets
Topaz were a melodic rock trio from Chicago who upon first hearing, operate in the same vacuous space as Zebra, Alpha, The Cauze and a few other indie projects from the late 80's/early 90's timeframe.

Toy Matinee - 1990 Toy Matinee
Despite containing two musical leading lights in (the late) Kevin Gilbert and one time Trillion man Patrick Leonard, Toy Matinee goes nowhere.. fast.

Toys Of Joy - 1990 One Of These Days
Like Fate's 'Matter Of Attitude' album, Toys Of Joy are about as close to North American FM radio friendly AOR as you can get. It amazes me that Danish talent like this is better than the real thing..

Trans Am - 1990 Unlimited
The very swift follow up to 'Fasten Seatbelts', given the time between albums and at least on first glance of the cover you could be fooled into thinking this was a live album, but it seems the marketing department and designers got there wires crossed, this is in fact a studio album.

Trixter - 1990 Trixter
The comic-book nature of the album cover-jacket might have been a pre-cursor to understanding what Trixter were all about.

Valentine (#2) - 1990 Valentine
Sensational slice of melodic hard rock from these New York residents. Based around the vocal talent of Hugo Valenti, who it seems has a penchant for all things Journey. As if you thought the Steve Perry similarity wasn't obvious.

Vannelli, Gino - 1990 Inconsolable Man
'Inconsolable Man' has long been considered one of my favorite 'wimpster' type albums. Just think, the album title, the track titles, all sum up an artist who sounds as if he's been put through the emotional clothes-wringer of life! And in a way, Gino has, or up to the point in his life - had..

Venice - 1990 Venice
Listening to this record after a long hiatus is like welcoming back a long lost friend. There are so many highlights onboard, and if anyone likes a harder style of West Coast, say, Brett Walker or a less hairier version of Nelson (lol!), then Venice deserve your TLC.

Vicious Rumors - 1990 Vicious Rumors
Just out on reissue thanks to Rock Candy - is the self titled CD from northern San Francisco metallers Vicious Rumors. Their output during the late 80's through to the early 90's comes recommended.

Victory - 1990 Temples Of Gold
Victory fans consider 'Temples Of Gold' to be their best represented album out of all their discography.

Vixen - 1990 Rev It Up
After the success of the debut album, expectations were high for this one. Alas, as is often the case, things didn't work out as planned, and the album didn't live up to the success of its predecessor.

Ward, Matthew - 1990 Fortress
If you know anything and everything about Christian Rock music, then the name Matthew Ward should be well familiar to you. His solo album from 1990 - 'Fortress', is a beautiful mix of CCM, AOR and melodic rock. First comparisons: think eighties era Kansas alongside a band like Mastedon.

Warrant - 1990 Cherry Pie
Another album that slipped through the GDM cracks. Warrant's second album 'Cherry Pie' is; a genuine hairspray legend.

Wild Force - 1990 Jungle Of Love
The music is as scandi as you can make it, with comparisons to Swedes Bad Habit, Bam Bam Boys and It's Alive..

Wildland - 1990 In This Lifetime
Australian band Wildland weren't that well known back in 1990 when this was released. I'd go so far as to say that the Wildland sound has a decidedly Canadian angle to it, more so than their Aussie brethren.

Winger - 1990 In The Heart Of The Young
It's been ages since I've given this CD a dusting off the shelf. A commercial success back in the day but 23 years later I'm not convinced that this has stood the test of time to be honest.. Read on..

Wittnezz - 1990 Hellraiser
Wittnezz, silly moniker and equally silly album cover from this Swiss band. Unlike all things that you would associate with perfection coming out of that fair country, Wittnezz unfortunately is not one of them.

World War III - 1990 World War III
World War III is the name behind the voice and presence of L.A muso/vocalist Mandy Lion.
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