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9.0 - 1990 Too Far Gone
This California based outfit play high-energy riff-based melodic rock, bordering on metal. Stylistically, we're talking a mix of Van Halen and Mr Big. Former Le Mans and Cacophony vocalist Peter Marrino does the Dave Lee Roth thing admirably, while guitarist Craig Small has plainly listened to a few Racer X albums to get the gist of Paul Gilbert's guitar style.

A Geoff Mann Band - 1990 Loud Symbols
Despite releasing a clutch of solo albums and albums with A Geoff Mann Band during the second half of his career, Geoff Mann, it seems, will always be best remembered as the old Twelfth Night frontman.

Aaron Jay - 1990 Inside Out
The main-man behind this mob is the one in the title.. Jay Aaron.. well actually Jay Aaron Podolnick. With a proper surname like that, you'd hardly get a shoe in the A & R door, so it's hardly surprising that Jay cut the title short, no disrespect to his family and all..

AC/DC - 1990 The Razors Edge
This rates for me as one of the weakest AC/DC albums overall, without the spark that usually invigorates their albums.

Alias - 1990 Alias
Alias are the merger of personnel from two of Canada's best melodic rock bands, namely Sheriff and Heart - two parts Sheriff meets three parts Heart.

Angela And The Rude - 1990 Young Souls
Here's a Dutch band that are criminally ignored. While everyone seemed to chase Joal albums out of existence for no good reason, they totally overlooked this excellent female fronted band, who do AOR in the best possible way.

Animator - 1990 Gallery
From the same twin cities that brought the world REO Speedwagon, Head East and Starcastle; Champaign-Urbana, Illinois' Animator existed for a brief period in early 90's and 'Gallery' was their only recorded output.

Anthem - 1990 No Smoke Without Fire
With a catalogue of classic album after classic album, deciding which one to review from this legendary Japanese metal act was no easy task. This was the bands sixth studio album after debuting in 1985 with their raw but amazingly heavy sound, which was perfected on a string of albums which to these ears blow away anything from Loudness from those years onwards.

Aurora - 1990 On The Edge
From Seattle, Aurora should appeal to those of you with a thing for female fronted hair metal. Fans of Vixen, Femme Fatale and Witness should like this bunch.

Bad Company - 1990 Holy Water
1990 was a big year for Bad Company, 'Holy Water' one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Bamboo Industry - 1990 Tortured By Pleasure
Very interesting Berlin based duo of multi-instrumentalist Susa Lie and avant-garde experimenter Ingo Ito. 'Tortured By Pleasure' is a very listenable CD that will find favor with fans of hi-tech AOR.

Bang Gang - 1990 Love Sells
If you wanna check out one of the better glam bands from the era, then Bang Gang should be on your list.

Baton Rouge - 1990 Shake Your Soul
Here's a band from the late 80's and early 90's that came from the same battleground as Blue Tears, but eventually cut their teeth on the proving grounds of the Los Angeles Sunset Strip.

Bentall, Barney (And The Legendary Hearts) - 1990 Lonely Avenue
Canadian Barney Bentall is as much a part of the Canadian musical landscape as all our other Canuck heroes. Bentall's career took flight toward the late 80's, and his reputation as a Canadian version of John Cougar Mellancamp and Tom Petty followed him around like a homeless cat.

Big Talk - 1990 Time Of Dreams
An independent release from this trio which at the time caused a huge stir in their local Swedish melodic rock scene. Why? Namely for the sheer quality of their material, albeit only seven tracks, and the resemblance to many of their heroes such as Journey, Toto, plus fellow Swedes Easy Action.

Billy And The American Suns - 1990 Thunder In The Valley
Very likeable within the given context, but within a framework appreciated by the GDAZE audience, 'Thunder In The Valley' is an album worth giving a shot, as in fact are all of the Billy Chinnock releases from about the mid 80's onward.

Black Sabbath - 1990 Tyr
'Tyr' was another positive album, furthering the melodic metal driven sound captured on previous discs. Amazingly 'Tyr' hit no 24 in the U.S., while in Britain it failed to chart, met with apathy by an ever dwindling audience.

Black, Paris - 1990 Paris Black
This album has a typical Canadian hi-tech style, and if you're into outfits such as Glass Tiger, Garnett Ford, Diamond In The Rough, World On Edge etc, then Paris Black slots in nicely, though the overall quality is dubious.

Blue Tears - 1990 Blue Tears
A band playing in the late eighties style of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Danger Danger. Some essential listening here.

Boulevard - 1990 Into The Street
In my books this is band which is right at the top of the heap of my popularity stakes. They had it all really .. I mean any band that can get away in the AOR scene with a moniker called Boulevard deserves admiration!

Boyd, Nancy - 1990 Stay [6 Track Mini]
She might be known as Nancy Boyd in her stage-name, but this Belgian birdie, like many crossover pop/rock female artists out of Europe, found herself the owner of a rock oriented album at one point in her career!

Boysvoice - 1990 Boysvoice
Boysvoice were a great German band from Munich who reared their heads out of the late great 80's hard rock scene. Similar to countrymen Bonfire and Victory:, with Claus Lessman styled vocals and the chainsaw guitar work paying homage to the likes of Hans Ziller. Throw in there some Dalton ('Injection' era) influences, albeit without the keyboards, and you're in the firing line.

Burning Tree - 1990 Burning Tree
L.A's Burning Tree were tootally retro, spanking musical chops, deep 70's groove/vibe happening, but no one was buying.

Cassidy, David - 1990 David Cassidy
The whole effort of this album operates in the same territory as the Bob Halligan Jnr effort 'Window In The Wall'.

Cheap Trick - 1990 Busted
Despite it's obvious AOR qualities, 'Busted' did not live up to the commercial success achieved by 'Lap Of Luxury'.

Circus of Power - 1990 Vices
Beneath the veneer of late 80's metal, there were a bunch of bands that completely ignored the excess and flash of the MTV era. Outfits such as Spread Eagle, Little Caesar and this lot, Circus Of Power.

Cockney Rejects, The - 1990 Lethal
Some year's back The Cockney Rejects were featured here with their 1982 hard rock classic 'The Wild Ones'. Sensibly the lads reformed in 1990 after renewed interest following some unreleased collections, but anyone hoping for a return to the punk era were left in the lurch, as 'Lethal' again pursued the hard rock and metal direction. This time it was suited to the sensibilities of the late 80's and was even more blatant than 'The Wild Ones.'

Cole, Jude - 1990 A View From Third Street
Produced by David Tyson, 'A View From Third Street' was a mature sound, and the beginnings of Jude Cole's heartland upbringing was starting to show through.

Cotton, Paul - 1990 Changing Horses
What you get here is melodic west coast type light rock, with some killer guitarwork courtesy of our LA session scene maestros Steve Lukather and Mike Landau.

Cry Wolf - 1990 Crunch
Cry Wolf exemplified 80's hair metal to the max. Their 1990 album 'Crunch' suitably backing up that claim..

Damn Yankees - 1990 Damn Yankees
The union of these exceptional musicians, plus the talented but unknown Michael Cartellone resulted in the fantastic debut Damn Yankees album. Released at the beginning of 1990, it would go on to become a successful record during that year, going double-platinum alone in the USA.

Deep Purple - 1990 Slaves And Masters
Deep Rainbow? To the horror of Purple fans worldwide this became a reality in 1989 when Ian Gillan was removed from the lineup and replaced by Blackmore's one time mainman during Rainbow's AOR heyday Joe Lynn Turner.

Dion, Celine - 1990 Unison
She's not the first woman I would've considered putting on this website, but considering that esteemed and now long forgotten fanzine 'Boulevard' reviewed this album back in 1990, why now GD?

Dream Academy - 1990 A Different Kind Of Weather
On this, the group's final record Pink Floyd's David Gilmour again handles production chores offering up a beautiful album of quality art rock that still holds up wonderfully today.

Eight Seconds - 1990 Big Houses
As much as I was smitten by their 'Almacantar' opus four years earlier, it's a bit of a surprise that Eight Seconds can re-produce, or even better that effort with this one 'Big Houses'.

Electric Angels - 1990 Electric Angels
Now reissued by Rock Candy Records, this album is well worth the expense and effort as a reissue, as a lot of the songs have an indelible charm about them, and it's great to hear them in the context of the pre-grunge movement.

Electric Light Orchestra Part II - 1990 E.L.O
For purists who may pass this line-up off as nothing more than a cheap copy, the emphasis on the lush sound displayed on ELO's last studio opus (of the 20th Century at least), 'Balance Of Power' makes this a pleasant experience.

Elixir - 1990 Indifference
From France, Elixir unabashedly influenced by groups like IQ and Pendragon while utilizing every neo-progressive cliche under the sun including some of the cheesiest synthesizer I've ever heard;

Emmett, Rik - 1990 Absolutely
A nice AOR album, with a handful of tracks or rockers and ballads. Triumph lite might be good way to describe it!

Erika - 1990 Cold Winter Night
AORsters will take to Swedish rock vixen Erika with gusto. With a suggestive title, and a 'come hither baby' look, one can't help but think about snuggling up to our Erika on a cold Swedish winter night, but I'll think we'll just have to snuggle up to this CD instead.

Eyes - 1990 Eyes
Cor blimey, has this band got a history or what? Formed around the talented Aldy Damian, Eyes go back as far as 1986, where various musicians had come and gone. if my memory serves me correctly they were orignally called L.A Rocks, with the name Eyes coming later on.

Face Dancer - 1990 Midnite Raid
The pride of the Washington DC/Baltimore area put out this rare indie release.

Fate - 1990 Scratch And Sniff
I don't know. Some parts of this were good, other parts were awful. The album is dominated by Eklundh, and if he didn't rip off Steve Vai at every occasion then this might have sounded half decent, but it ended up sounding more of a parody than anything else.

Feehan, Tim - 1990 Full Contact
Though 1987's achievement was geared towards West Coast listeners, 'Full Contact' took his music to another level - near perfect hi-tech AOR, with a cast of super-players to compliment the sound.

Firehouse - 1990 Firehouse
A big budget, a big sound courtesy of David Prater, and big hair, what else could you want? Well, a couple of songs into the Billboard Top 10 would help, and that's exactly what happened.

Florence 99 - 1990 Florence 99
An Italian band, playing a hi-tech (near Canadian styled) version of poppy AOR.

Flyweil - 1990 Flyweil
Flyweil's only album is a neat little disc with a couple of good tracks. Probably not a compulsory acquistion but worth a listen, particularly 'Keep On Dreaming'.

France - 1990 Lay It On Me (EP)
I think if this San Diego based band had enough dosh in the bank, they could've made an interesting full length album, judging by what is on display here with this 4 track EP.

Friction - 1990 Baby Talk
Their sounds lands them in the same territory as Bon Jovi, debut era Honeymoon Suite and a smattering of Danger Danger. It's hair metal with loads of hair spray and sweat.

Gleason, Michael - 1990 Children Of Choices
Michael Gleason is best known for his 1983 association with the band Kansas, and later on, with Kerry Livgren and his melodic rock project AD. His forte is keyboards, but the guy can sing too. In fact, in the band AD, he sang lead vocals alongside designated pinch singer Warren Ham.