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38 Special - 1991 Bone Against Steel
The late 80's wasn't a fertile hunting ground for those in the 38 camp. The turn of the decade saw the release of this album 'Bone Against Steel', the band having left longtime label A&M for new territory with Charisma Records (an Atlantic Records offshoot), though this would be for a short duration only, as history will show.

8084 - 1991 Satisfaction Guaranteed
We're looking at their 1991 set 'Satisfaction Guaranteed'. Only a 7 tracker, it would be their last studio album for some years..

Accelerator - 1991 Welcome To The Show
This band were an interesting blip on the early 70's timeline. From the midwest, Accelerator seemed to have lofty ambitions, but never quite got themselves out of the second division. Their imagery was caked in Angel like stage-dress, though their music was good in places but spoilt by an underwhelming production.

Airkraft - 1991 In The Red
The music is archetypal melodic rock, bordering on AOR. Everything you could expect in this genre of music is here. Comparisons to the likes of Journey and Shooting Star come easy, while the mix of guitars, keyboards and a heavy handed rhythm section is just about right.

Anderson, Kerri - 1991 Labyrinth
From Edmonton, Alberta, singer/songwriter Kerri Anderson released this one-off CD at the tail-end of 1991 to good acclaim.

Bad English - 1991 Backlash
For those that know their melodic rock trivia, reports of ego clashes between Waite and Schon in particular, were deemed to be the reason behind the collapse of the band during 1991. Because the band folded not long after the release of 'Backlash', the album flopped.

Badlands - 1991 Voodoo Highway
1991's 'Voodoo Highway' was an apt description on the road that troubled band Badlands travelled on between 1989 and 1991.

Balin, Trace - 1991 Out Of The Blue
A couple of years back, I became a big fan of Georgia USA native Trace Balin. This Christian artist with the killer voice made a big impression on her 1988 debut album (reviewed here) 'Champions'. Since that album, Trace went on to release 'Here And Now' in 1989 and this one 'Out Of The Blue', all released on the CCM specialist label Word/Dayspring.

Banks, Tony - 1991 Still
Despite the ups and downs on 'Still', it somehow works, and as to why and how is something I can't quite put my finger on. A credit to Banks as an artist I suppose.

BB Steal - 1991 On The Edge
Here's an Australian band that hovered around in the late 80's and early 70's. if you're into Def Leppard, then investigate immediately.

Beckett - 1991 Beckett
I think it would be easy for me to declare this Beckett solo album as one of the best albums of 1991, and that's lined up against some wonderful efforts released in that year.

Big Dish, The - 1991 Satellites
Scotland's The Big Dish like Blue Nile, Love & Money, The Bible, The Beautiful South and China Crisis were part of the UK's 'sophisti-pop' movement that enjoyed an all too short moment in the sun roughly between 1985 and 1992.

Blackeyed Susan - 1991 Electric Rattlebone
Lumped into the glam metal scene by default and by association, this album has more in common with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi (the 90's era) and the Black Crowes, with its overtly bluesy nature.

BLOC - 1991 In The Freezone
A stylish affair from this Californian outfit BLOC. They venture into a funky if at times hi-tech sound, which infuses so many influences from the eighties. A few from that era come along for the nostalgic ride: like Prince, Rick Springfield, Darling Cruel, B52's plus many others that skip my memory.

Bloodgood - 1991 All Stand Together
Unlike other white metal counterparts Stryper or Barren Cross, Bloodgood's sound was slightly more metallic, which garnered them a decent following in the UK. In 1991 the group attempted to move into a more mainstream direction and the result is 'All Stand Together'. While Bloodgood's hardcore followers most likely cringed to the addition of synthesizers and fluttering keys, fans of AOR most likely rejoiced in the process.

Blue - 1991 Blue
The two main guys from this band are well known in Euro rock circles, let alone Swiss circles. Storace is the voice behind Krokus while Vergat has been a mainstay on the Swiss scene for years. Anyone remember his boogie album 'Down To The Bone' from 1981? Well what a surprise then when these two hook up to play a streamlined version of AOR under the banner of Blue.

Bolton, Michael - 1991 Time Love And Tenderness
Michael Bolton, more or less a demi-god on this website, but by 1991 the rock was gone to be replaced by schmaltz. So holding my breath I enter the world of cover versions, lukewarm ballads but also the odd special moment.

Boomers, The - 1991 What We Do
Not happy with it being Ian Thomas solo + hangers on, they became The Boomers, playing a unique style, very different to Ian's own material, with his vocals heading off into Sting territory.

Brady, Paul - 1991 Trick Or Treat
Here's an Irishman following in the tried and true footseps of Robert Hart, Russ Ballard and John Parr. smooth vocal style, immersed in that Los Angeles oriented sound, which is West Coast meets AOR.

Brighton Rock - 1991 Love Machine
This third and final studio installment from Canadian rockers Brighton Rock saw them take a harder direction, dispensing with the frills, and getting back to razor edged hard rock with an attitude.

Buzz Band - 1991 Buzz Band
Formed from the ashes of Offenbach and April Wine, the Buzz Band were around the Quebec during the late 80s and early 70's. A curiosity for many, but worth having a listen nonetheless.

Cher - 1991 Love Hurts
1991 saw then rock diva Cher release her final 'rock oriented' album for the masses, following a pair of excellent albums: 1987's self titled release, plus 1989's 'Heart Of Stone'.

Chicago - 1991 Twenty 1
'Twenty 1' has been lambasted by long time Chicago fans as being their worst album. Personally, I think that's an unfair call, I could go along with the 'most different' Chicago album.. Certainly in West Coast and AOR circles, this album holds a high place, and in that context can be recommended wholly.

Danger Danger - 1991 Screw It
Follow up album to D2's acclaimed 1989 debut.

Dare - 1991 Blood From Stone
Those who fell in love with Dare upon the release of their quite beautiful 'Out Of The Silence' LP, may have quite quickly fallen out of love upon hearing their 1991 follow-up 'Blood From Stone'.

Darlin's Darlin - 1991 Moon
From Japan, Darlin's Darlin are tailor-made for GDM! An excellent brand of melodic rock with nice touches, these boys really know how to turn up the action.

Enuff Znuff - 1991 Strength
'Strength' would introduce an entirely deeper side to the band from it's debut- with lush string arrangements and chorused vocals contrasting perfectly. The result is a disc full of tough, pop songs played by a band committed to the overall impact of every track here. All and all 'Strength' is up with the likes of Jellyfish, Wondermints and Material Issue as one of the essential power pop releases of the last 20 years IMO!

Erika - 1991 In The Arms Of A Stranger
Of course she was better known as the one-time wife of guitar wiz Yngwie Malmsteen, and while her marriage to the Blackmore doppelganger didn't last, at least her music did.

Falcon, Billy - 1991 Pretty Blue World
Singer songwriter Billy Falcon has been skirting around the fringes of the music industry for a number of years. The former Long Island resident is now based in Nashville, and it would seem that his brand of Americana, melodic midwest pop rock is an ideal fit for the home of the Tennessee Titans!

Flies On Fire - 1991 Outside Looking Inside
Described as a cross between the Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes. Someone on this site might like them.. Didn't do much for me unfortunately.

Ford, Lita - 1991 Dangerous Curves
Then along comes 'Dangerous Curves', an album which redeemed her pop metal status, and is without doubt the best thing she ever released.

Foreigner - 1991 Unusual Heat
The release of 'Unusual Heat' heralded a new and uncertain phase in the Foreigner timeline. It was the band's first studio album since 1987's disappointing 'Inside Information', and was also the first to exclude figurehead vocalist Lou Gramm.

Genesis - 1991 We Can't Dance
This is the final Genesis album to feature Phil Collins..

Glass Tiger - 1991 Simple Mission
After the not so successful second 'Diamond Sun' album, Canadian band Glass Tiger returned to the scene in 1970 for the release of their third and final studio album 'Simple Mission'.

GMT - 1991 War Games
A nice little throwback to the past, and worth getting your hands on if you like Grand Prix.

Grant, Amy - 1991 Heart In Motion
So far, 'Heart In Motion' is probably the most successful selling Christian CD of all time. Some feat.

Halligan, Bob (Jnr) - 1991 Window In The Wall
One of melodic rock's prominent songwriters decides to come in from the outside, and literally climbs in through the window in the wall to release a selection of his own songs.

Harem Scarem - 1991 Harem Scarem
These boys stormed onto the scene in 1991, releasing this debut and going out on the road to support Foreigner on their 'Unusual Heat' tour. It was without question then that the rock press sat up and took notice, and gave Harem Scarem the full KKKKK seal of approval.

Hatton, Susie - 1991 Body And Soul
Susie Hatton's one-off album 'Body And Soul' was due in no small part to then boyfriend and Poison singer Bret Michaels.

Heartland - 1991 Heartland
This is an excellent piece of melodic rock, in my humble opinion not too far away from the likes of Dare, Strangeways and FM, as being one of the best UK product to be produced in this genre/style.

Honeymoon Suite - 1991 Monsters Under The Bed
Is it me? Or does this band sound as if they've listened to Giant's 'Last Of The Runaways' over and over again? For me personally, I love how they put more steel under the belt for this record.

Huey Lewis (And The News) - 1991 Hard At Play
'Hard At Play' was released at the start of 1991 and at this stage in his career, perhaps Lewis had decided in his own words 'Hell, I've made enough money, now I wanna have some fun!'. Certainly there's some infectious enthusiasm contained in the grooves of this album.

Ice Tiger - 1991 Love n Crime
Ice Tiger hail from Perth, and released this fantastic hard rockin' album in 1991 to an unsuspecting rock and media audience, though we only saw it a couple of years later.

Irrwisch - 1991 Forbidden Fruits
Swiss melodic rockers Irrwisch have a unique brand of rock which mixes progressive and hi-tech elements to great effect.

Javan - 1991 Somewhere In The Night
Another enjoyable album from a decade ago is this German effort Javan. From the same era and timeframe as bands like Craaft, Roko, Douglas, plus Rescue and Karo from a few years earlier, Javan stand proud among them with this their one-off album.

Jordan, Keven - 1991 No Sign Of Rain
Another Canadian arrives from out of nowhere, and releases a magical AOR album which generated a great deal of interest in the AOR community back in 1991. Very much a soft rock classic, in the vein of Stan Meissner and Marc Jordan, it is extremely infectious and playable over and over again.

K.K Wilde - 1991 Rock n Roll
Los Angeles based outfit who previously went under the hammer as Kid Curry. These boys definitely have a foot in the glam camp, but are quite hard hitting too. Think of bands such as Kiss or even Jag Wire crossed with London and this is what you'll get.

Kite, The - 1991 The Kite
They come off sounding like a more commercial version of World Trade combined with a band like Eight Seconds, with intricate arrangements and tight musicianship to the fore.

Kix - 1991 Hot Wire
Someone mentioned to me a while back, suggesting that this fifth Kix album was the ultimate hard rock party album. Well. I've heard a lot of 'so-called' party albums in my time, and yes, this one is a contender..

Knack, The - 1991 Serious Fun
'Serious Fun' is an album that is surprising for its brashness. The band survived the one-hit wonder tag, though to be honest, nothing quite compared to their 19729 debut. However, this album is rather likeable, because it is a mix of heavy AOR, and power-pop.
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