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Accept - 1993 Objection Overruled
In retrospect 'Objection Overruled' was easily the best of the three 70's albums and rates alongside 'Blood Of The Nations' as the bands finest work in the last 20 years.

Air Supply - 1993 The Vanishing Race
Air Supply changed labels to Arista, then progressed onto the Giant label, which saw them release a brace of great softer tinged AOR albums, and on this one 'The Vanishing Race' we have a studio lineup to burn.

Andersson, Stefan - 1993 Walk Right On
From Gothenburg, the home of many a Swedish power metal band, Stefan's music is at the other end of the musical scale, playing different styles, kinda West Coast, more Midwest, with a hint of country and folk tossed in.

Anthrax - 1993 Sound Of White Noise
For Anthrax this obviously was supposed to be their aforementioned 'Black' album and it should have been. This masterpiece remains proof of how good they once were, a classic in a barren era for metal.

Barclay James Harvest - 1993 Caught In The Light
'Caught In The Light' is a very keyboard based album, giving the music a light, airy and dare I say 'cosmic' feel to the entire affair much like the Rodney Matthews art that graces the cover.

Big Big Train - 1993 Goodbye To The Age Of Steam
'Goodbye To The Age Of Steam', the third offering from English progsters Big Big Train, is more concerned musically with creating atmospheres rather than being self indulgent. The album's swirling feel and sometimes hauntingly beautiful songs are a nod to many of the prog giants of the 1970s.

Big Picture - 1993 Big Picture
Big Picture were a suburban Chicago based five-piece who's music has often been categorized as 'neo prog', but it has more commonality with North American mid-80s styled FM rock, significantly - Rush.

Billionaire Boys Club - 1993 Something Wicked Comes
A virtual league of nations are the Billionaire Boys Club. With a band title taken from the 1987 movie (surely?), one suspects the title was made in jest. If not, they're rolling in cash and we're none the wiser!

Biloxi - 1993 Let The Games Begin
Biloxi literally came out of left field during 1993 and released this storming album to unsuspecting critics. Based out of L.A, Biloxi was virtually the musical vehicle for the very talented bass player, singer and production whizz Clyde Holly.

Bobbies, The - 1993 Supersongs
For the New York City based The Bobbies, this was their only album, but for power pop fans with a taste for something different, it's a must hear.

Bolton, Michael - 1993 The One Thing
Why on earth would I spend a day revisiting the Bolton of the 70's? A period derided in melodic rock circles. Is this a courageous feat I will now perform or downright silly? You can decide..

Burn (UK) - 1993 So Far So Bad
Here's another great effort from British based band Burn. With an easy name like that you'd think we were talking about a Deep Purple cover band right? Wrong. These guys swing in the same direction of 70's style FM (UK), while you can thrown in a bit of Def Leppard, Little Angels, No Sweat, and Bon Jovi for good measure.

Bush, Kate - 1993 The Red Shoes
While 'The Red Shoes' did respectively well on the charts, many hardcore fans feel it to be Bush's weakest album although I disagree, giving that prize to 1989's somewhat lacking but still wonderful 'The Sensual World'.

Calvin, Misha - 1993 Evolution
Throughout 'Evolution' Misha Calvin has shown himself to be a virtuoso guitarist and song-writer. Being a fan of both heavier and acoustic guitar, I really enjoyed the way Misha combined the two in many of his songs. The inclusion of two top-notch vocalists and a huge production has added to the class of this release.

Cardillo, Vince - 1993 First Step [ep]
If your brand of wimphem includes a corral of Ralph Van Maanen, Kevin Jordan, Jay Miles, Rod McInnes or Chris Irvine, then Vince Cardillo should set your heart racing.

Carstensen, Dee - 1993 Beloved One
If you like the direction which the Burns Sisters took during their 90's folk era, or Canadian Loreena McKennit then you might like this. It combines ambient layers with a folk/pop style, coming off perhaps over-produced at times, but probably a good fit for GDM regulars.

Cast Of Shadows - 1993 Face The Time
Cast Of Shadows played a style that was melodic rock with a hi-tech edge, bordering on pomp rock. For an indie project these guys sounded pretty good. Hard to pin down similarities, but if you've heard the band Alpha, who themselves had Triumph, Zebra and Yes influences, plus some debut era BLVD sounds, then that might give you some idea.

Cast, The - 1993 Heat And Serve
Here's a Canadian band named after their lead vocalist who at the time sounded like a workman-like version of American melodic rockers Biloxi.

Chance, The - 1993 The Chance [EP]
If you enjoyed the three discs from Cincinnati band Mara and the 1991 Magellan debut 'Hour of Restoration' then The Chance should fit easily in your comfort zone.

Chase - 1993 In Pursuit
For comparisons sake, take Idle Cure (debut album), Legend, the late 80's style of Def Leppard and add a dose of other arena bands such as early Bon Jovi and Ratt, and this is what you'll end up with.

Chicago - 1993 Stone Of Sisyphus
This is the album that caused the band Chicago to lose their record deal with Warner Bros/Reprise. It finally gets to see the light of day on official CD during June 2008 thanks to Rhino Records..

Christy, Lauren - 1993 Lauren Christy
Discover the lovely melodic English garden populated by singer/songwriter Lauren Christy.

Coverdale/Page - 1993 Coverdale/Page
What got into these men here is a question that begs answering. This is every bit as good an album as you would expect from two legends of their craft, considering many assumed they were past their primes in 1993.

Cussick, Ian - 1993 Necromancer
One of melodic rock's unsung heroes; Scotland's Ian Cussick has released an impressive array of solo albums but rarely gets a mention in the usual AOR media, something we aim to fix with this review.

Damzel - 1993 Castle Walls
These girls could be described as an amalgam of Heart, Vixen and Haven, but perhaps playing in a division lower than those acts.

Deep Purple - 1993 The Battle Rages On
It's been at least a decade since I listened to this and I fully understand why I had avoided it so long. That legends like Purple could conjure up such slop is unfathomable..This was (and still is) a true embarrassment for all concerned.

Edde Maxx - 1993 Hot Paint
Not a great deal known about our friend Edde, all that I know is he originates from Canada (Montreal I guess, judging from the all the French Canadian names all over the liner notes) and has a reputation as a bit of a 70's Aldo Nova.

Emergency (Switzerland) - 1993 Boys Will Be Boys
Not to be confused with the Dutch band of the same name and same musical persuasion. Nope.. These boys hail from Switerzland, though lead singer Jose Antonio Manzano found fame earlier in his homeland Spain, singing with the likes of Banzai and Zero.

Eyes - 1993 Windows Of The Soul
From what I've read since about 'Windows Of The Soul', the material of this album was recorded before that of the 1990 'Eyes' album, which is interesting to me.

Fortune #2 - 1993 Fortune
This is hard hitting melodic rock, with plenty of references to some our favorites of the genre. However, the closest in my opinion would be the underrated and much missed Artica.

Free, Mark - 1993 Long Way From Love
After 1992's demise with Unruly Child, Mark Free opted to go solo, 'Long Way From Love' was the result, a classic collection of AOR written mainly by Judithe and Robin Randall..

Ghost Poets (The) - 1993 The Ghost Poets
There won't be the usual dissection of songs here, just to say that it is a very good and complete album for those who appreciate good melodic music, bordering on pop, heartland rock, AC format ballads, and a hankering for eighties style rock from which these personnel originate from.

Goble, Graham (Encounter) - 1993 Nautilus
The songs on 'Nautilus' have been given the superlative production 'treatment'. Airy, full of atmosphere, and musical drama. 'Exquisite' is a good choice of word I think, with the whole thing produced in Graham's own studios in Melbourne.

Graydon, Jay - 1993 Airplay For The Planet
There's a cast of thousands on this one. Literally.. All the hot dogs and cats are playing on here, and they've all turned up to support Jay Graydon on this all-star West Coast Airplay project.

Harem Scarem - 1993 Mood Swings
Harem Scarem's second album 'Mood Swings' was one of the few highlights during the 1993 year. In a year where melodic rock tried hard to break through the strangehold of alternative rock, grunge etc, it seemed like a case of pushing shit uphill.

Heat (Germany) - 1993 Heat
It would be safe to say that other acts of the era, such as Laos, Joal and Swedes Treat were good reference points for Heat. I'd also factor in German faves Frontline, even though they didn't appear until the following year. That's because singer Elke Klein could be a female version of Stephan Kaemmerer!

Helix - 1993 It
This album started life off as a Brian Vollmer solo album, and though the credits would indicate this was a band album, the reality was: it wasn't. If you're into that Canadian rural/prairie rock sound, then this should meet your requirement.

Hittman - 1993 Vivas Machina
New York City band Hittman re-emerged in 1993 with a new album 'Vivas Machina', but losing most of the elements which made them popular during the mid to late 80's.

Spotify Deezer

Ice Water Mansion - 1993 Time Out Of Mind
1993 saw the release of their sole album 'Time Out Of Mind', which has been described as Dokken on steroids. True to a point, but there are many other references too.. White Lion being one of those..

Impellitteri - 1993 Victim Of The System (ep)
Here's is the second of Chris Impellitteri's EP's from the early part of his career, following his debut 1987 EP. It's a full-blown blunderbuss of metal, just as we expected it back in 1993.

Iris, Donnie - 1993 Footsoldier In The Moonlight
It took 8 years before perennial steel-belt favourite Donnie Iris would return to the public eye with a full-blown studio album.

It's Alive - 1993 Earthquake Visions
Also in the long list of those which should've hit the big time comes Sweden's Its Alive, whose second album (though first to get a full release) 'Earthquake Visions' always showed great promise and has aged remarkably well.

Joal - 1993 Who's Got The Feeling
An album of two halves; the first half doesn't appeal to me as much as the second. Still, Joal is a fantastic talent, and if you put her in the same basket as Sass Jordan, Joanna Dean or even Alannah Myles then you'll understand where she's coming from.

Just If I - 1993 All One People
Recorded in Vancouver on the Spinner label, this is lower level label material that tries to punch above its weight, and though Mike Reno can sing the pages off the local Phone book, it wouldn't be through this project.

Korea - 1993 Korea
Despite the name, these guys aren't even in the neighbourhood. Try Toronto Canada instead. Cool monicker, but doubt very much whether they'd be a big hit in the land of Hyundai and Samsung playing this style of melodic rock/AOR. For those of you into Aldo Nova styled riffs and vocals, but of a lesser pedigree, then this is about a close a comparison as I can make.

Lee, Kevin (And The Lonesome City Kings) - 1993 Restless
Kevin and his entourage of Lonesome City Kings have more of a commonality with an outfit like Ray Lyell And The Storm or the excellent Henry Lee Summer.

Legs Diamond - 1993 The Wish
So, if you've been reading some of the online commentary from elsewhere on the Net, don't let the negative press get to you. This is pretty good for the majority, but a Deep Purple cloned recording it is not.

Lifeline (Sweden) - 1993 Anyway You Want It (EP)
If you were part of the tape trading circuit during the 90's (prior to all this digital filesharing business), then Swedish band Lifeline may have crossed your path.

Merry N - 1993 Under Pressure
If AOR/pomp bands from the 90's turns your head (a la Dante Fox, Bad Sister and 1st Avenue), then this five-piece should be well worth some investigation.

Michael Learns To Rock - 1993 Colours
The hi-tech pop sounds heard on the debut have been replaced by a mature mid-west style of pop. It's smooth, and very typical of many European acts/artists trying to emulate what I call that 'cornbelt sound'. None do it better than MLTR.
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