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1st Avenue - 1994 Daily Battle
'Daily Battle' would prove to be a much underrated and under-appreciated album during 1994. There are some terrific songs on offer, though I will admit that pompness has made way for more of a hard rock edge on some songs, but not all.

Aces High - 1994 Ten N Out
When I first heard this album I was totally overcome by it's class. There's AOR, there's hard rock elements, and power emphasised in both the musicianship and vocals. A total class package, and I gotta say it's knocking on the door of being in my top 10 albums of the decade.

Antics - 1994 We're Just Bad Boys
Primarily a blues rock band, they do have a smattering of keyboards, and mix their styles between guitar driven high energy blues rock, and AOR. I quite enjoyed this album, recognising it as a culmination of all those years of experience. On one hand the Stevie Ray Vaughan influences are evident, while on some other tracks midwest luminaries Head East, Shooting Star and Florida's Bobby Friss rear their head.

Arena, Tina - 1994 Don't Ask
Tina Arena's 'Don't Ask' album from 1994 became the biggest selling album in Australia during 1995.

Arthur, Neil - 1994 Suitcase
Former Blancmange member Neil Arthur released this one-off CD back in 1994. It's synth-pop from the 90's with influences from the 80's..

Asia - 1994 Aria
'Aria' is, next to 1985's 'Astra', their most hardest rocking album of all their discography.

Atlantic - 1994 Power
An English band that released a fantastic one-off AOR album during the grunge era. If you read opinion elsewhere on the Internet, it would seem that this album is an absolute AOR masterpiece. Yes, it's good, and very well produced as well, but not quite in the stellar league..

Barely Legal - 1994 Dirtier Than You
Here's a short-lived Canadian outfit from Vancouver that released a pretty handy 6-track CD back in 1994.

Billy Pilgrim - 1994 Billy Pilgrim
If you liked the folk/rock interwoven style made popular by bands such as Stealin' Horses or Shaking Family, then Billy Pilgrim will appeal to your musical senses, though in all honesty, the duo dip into far more traditional folky styles than those two aforementioned bands ever did.

Blackhawk - 1994 Blackhawk
A country album on a rock site? Well, with two-thirds of this trio being well-known names in the rock world, I feel comfortable giving this group some words on this site. Henry Paul and Van Stephenson didn't sound too much like they did a decade or more before, but they proved that they could make the transition to a different style of music and find success doing so.

Blind Fish (featuring David Hallyday) - 1994 2000 BBF
Blind Fish are a Los Angeles based project from French singer/songwriter David Hallyday. Of course most people would know David from his hi-tech pop/AOR oriented albums released during the eighties, namely 'Rock n Heart' and 'True Cool', not withstanding he is the son of legendary French crooner/icon Johnny Hallyday.

Boston - 1994 Walk On
So here we are in 1994, 18 years down the road and the fourth Boston album 'Walk On' is before us, sans Delp. Luckily one of the replacement vocalists is Fran Cosmo, who provided stunning vocals to the 1984 Orion The Hunter album, regarded by some as the missing Boston record.

Boston - 1994 Walk On Interview with Tom Scholz
'A record is finished either because I don't want to touch it, because I don't want to screw up anything that I like, or else it's as good as I can do, and I'm so burnt on it I don't have anything left. 'In the case of 'Walk On' it was very much the fact that I didn't want to touch it. I was really happy with it'. This is how Boston maestro Tom Scholz, the consummate perfectionist, described Boston's fourth album to me during a rare interview shortly after the record was released.

Covenant, The - 1994 Spectres At The Feast
What I do hear is a musically competent outfit and had they bothered to tour beyond a handful of dates a year should have been competing with the likes of Pallas and Pendragon while roping in AOR crowds with their catchy hooks and arena rock approach.

Dream Theater - 1994 Awake
As probably the best offering by a legendary band, this album is a must-have.

Duke Jupiter - 1994 And The Band Played On [Twenty Years Of]
Much like Le Roux, Duke Jupiter's career seems to have taken place in two halves - nondescript yet pleasant late 70's material and stunning early to mid 80's AOR efforts.

Empire (Australia) - 1994 Empire
Thankfully the music is great heavy rock. AOR it ain't, but class rock it sure is. Musically they come across in a similar vein to that fine LA band Eyes, with some other US and European influences thrown in for good measure.

Foreigner - 1994 Mr Moonlight
Some bands weren't unduly affected by the musical climate of 1994, add Foreigner to this list, who sounded professional and continued to churn out great melodic rock regardless of what was going on around them.

Frontline - 1994 The State Of Rock
Just when you thought that bands like Boston, Strangeways and Journey had faded into the sunset, along come these German upstarts Frontline, and reinvent the book of AOR and melodic rock, with a wonderful debut album.

Frontrunner - 1994 Up-N-Cummin'
These guys are straight out of the late 80's hair scene, with Warrant, Bon Jovi and Extreme as closest comparisons.

Gotthard - 1994 Dial Hard
The early 90's was a great period for this band, and they released many albums and EP's during this time. 'Dial Hard' would have to be one of their best though..

Hughes, Glenn - 1994 From Now On..
1994's 'From Now On' was the real turning point of Hughes' comeback. With Europe's Michaeli, Haughland and Leven in tow, Hughes delivered his classiest AOR effort to date.

Intuition - 1994 Turn It On
From Baltimore Maryland, Intuition made a brave attempt to bolster the melodic rock ranks during 1994, even though they were probably a few years late..

Jackyl - 1994 Push Comes To Shove
Jackyl's music is a combination of AC/DC styled riffs and hooks which promised much.

Jester (Canada) - 1994 It's Time
Jester combine the perfect tri-merger of Rush, Saga and Dream Theater in one very compact package, with musicianship and flair to boot.

Jordan, Keven - 1994 Keven Jordan
Listening to this years later, this holds up well for me. Put it this way, if these songs were in lesser hands, they would've died a horrible death!

Jungle - 1994 Nuts
This five piece from Switzerland, were mixing many styles at this point, some worked, some didn't but still worthy of your attention.

Killers (Paul Dianno) - 1994 Menace To Society
This follow up 'Menace To Society' surfaced two years later and was surprising to say the least. Di'anno tweaked the sound to Pantera standards, they were of course the major act of the day, and set about writing songs attacking the US, where he supposedly was incarcerated. I'm not sure if Di'anno was taking the piss with some of these songs, but the results are often hiliarious.

Know Illusion - 1994 Back On The Streets
Here's another indie melodic rock band from the USA, who hold the middle ground for 70's bands, grouped among contemporaries such as Spiced Ice, Touris, Intuition and Justin Sayne.

Loudshine - 1994 Loudshine
Canadian band from Toronto, female fronted too, with the impressive Nina Zzo up front. Loudshine have been compared to Saraya and Sahara (the Liz Vandall version), and were formed the same year as this album was released.

Lucifers Friend - 1994 Sumogrip
'Sumogrip' then is a pretty amazing recording all things considered, because it's a real kick up the backside slab of melodic rock. Very similar in history to Uriah Heep's 'Abominog' album from 1982, and the change in direction and ensuing fortunes which followed.

Magness, Clif - 1994 Solo
The inevitable comparison to Planet 3 is obvious, with the style and approach being a logical extension four years on. In fact, there's not much difference, so for fans of Planet 3 there's only one rule .. get this album regardless.

Malloy, Mitch - 1994 Ceilings And Walls
I'd call it a case of record label and management interference. After Malloy's sensational big -label debut 1992, 'Ceilings And Walls' is a case of soft pop-rock and ballads, a complete turnaround from two year before.

Marathon (Holland) - 1994 The First Run
With a sound similar to Saga, fellow Dutchmen First Avenue and Germans 2 Hot4U, Marathon toggle the fence between progressive rock and melodic hard rock. You can be guaranteed that there a ton of keyboards and great vocals.

Martinez, Rosco - 1994 Rosco Martinez
The album is a blend of numerous styles. Rock, R&B, funk, jazz, hi-tech AOR - the latter style being compared to Canadian Tim Feehan. It's all rolled together like one big musical tortilla. Rosco has been compared to a latin/spanish version of Michael Bolton.

Mattador - 1994 Save Us From Ourselves
You don't see too many rock bands coming out of Puerto Rico do you? Well here's one. And we're not talking about Calypso music or some other form of Carribean reggae. It's spectacular progressive melodic rock all the way.

Megadeth - 1994 Youthanasia
Listening to this straight through for the first time in years I still feel the same as I did in 1994. I won't deny Mustaine's ear for a keen melody back then, but this whole set is a woefully misguided melodic heavy metal album, which often has more in common with basic hard rock.

Motley Crue - 1994 Motley Crue
The self-titled album was two years in coming and hideously over budget, but it turned out to be Motley's heaviest album since 'Shout At The Devil' as well as one of the best of the whole sorry 70's hard rock scene.

Page, Martin - 1994 In The House Of Stone And Light
'In The House Of Stone and Light', judging from the album title, appears to have feet in two camps - the old and the new. The former touching on styles from past musical eras, the latter reflecting on modern styles, a la Sting's solo material.

Pasquale, Joe - 1994 Ricochet
This musician of French origins seems to have all the connections in the right places. And they all seem to be based in Los Angeles. People may remember his great introduction in 1991 courtesy of his album 'Prey'. Seemingly coming from nowhere, Joe Pasquale landed with a big name ticket (MCA) and a few terrific songs to boot.

Passion Street - 1994 Million Miles Away
Passion Street epitomised British AOR during the mid 70's grunge years, carrying on an 80's tradition of Brit bands wanting to sound American..

Perry, Steve - 1994 For The Love Of Strange Medicine
After a long hiatus, which saw Michael Bolton usurp his crown as the 'King Of The Ex Rockstar Crooners', Steve Perry found himself back in the drivers seat for 1994 'For The Love Of Strange Medicine'.

Pink Floyd - 1994 The Division Bell
The fourteenth and last Pink Floyd album has sold over twelve million copies since its release in March 1994.

Reckless (Sweden) -1994 Reckless
Reckless were a Swedish band, and were previously known as Line Up. They came out around the turn of the 70's decade whereby they had released an album called 'Lucky One'. They became Reckless in 1993, and as a consequence, heavied up their sound considerably when new boys Robert Monegrim and Stefan Orhamn joined. If you can imagine an amalgam of Swedes 220 Volt ('Eye To Eye' era), Spellbound, Treat, Dalton, and Germans Jaded Heart and Bonfire then you'll have some idea as to what's being achieved here.

Roadmaster - 1994 One For The Road: Live! [Video]
Long and loud and lots of chrome captured live at the Vogue Theatre on August 26, 1993.

Robertson Brothers - 1994 Symmetry
The music is great melodic AOR and calls upon influences such as fellow Australians Rick Price and Southern Sons, and US melodic band Venice.

Royal Jelly - 1994 Royal Jelly
With the recent article on Kentucky band Buster Brown published the other day, we continue to follow the career of vocalist Johnny Edwards, culminating in this mid 90's affair: Royal Jelly.

Sanne - 1994 Language Of Your Heart
If you can imagine Bonnie Raitt or a smoother Sass Jordan singing over the top of radio friendly midwest AOR then you get the general gist of the sound.

Siam - 1994 The Language Of Menace
Life immediately after Shy for Tony Mills was trying to become a Geoff Tate soundalike. Despite the obvious references to Queensryche, this is bloody good actually

Silent Majority - 1994 Power
This really could be the best undiscovered hi-tech band that you've never heard of. Trust me!
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