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10cc - 1995 Mirror Mirror
10cc were as innovative as they were catchy, exploring the potential of pop beyond the superficial and turning their effervescent song craft into pure musical art. Fast forward to 1995 and 'Mirror Mirror' hit the CD bins with what appeared to be very little if any promotion and a whole lot of public apathy.

9-1-1 - 1995 9-1-1
9-1-1 were a Canadian project which landed during the middle of the 1990's. Yes, there are lots of keyboards, but in the vein of bands like Prophet, Tradia and Faith Nation.

AC/DC - 1995 Ballbreaker
This was the first album from the band since 1970's 'The Razor's Edge'. Not the bands best as a whole, but still well up there. All the same it was a good comeback from the band and totally at odds with the miserable mid 70's.

Anthrax - 1995 Stomp 442
'Stomp 442' therefore sounded like an entirely different band, with little traces to the past. It was produced by industrial guru's The Butcher Brothers, who gave it such an atmosphere. There was no thrash whatsoever, Anthrax now taking the Metallica and Megadeth route.

Artica - 1995 As It Should Be
One of the 'finds' of 1995 were this five piece Californian band called Artica. These guys had all the hallmarks of an archetypal melodic rock band, with a sound somewhere between Journey and Survivor. No kidding. Now, I've seen people rave on about new artists/acts who sound like a cross between the two aforementioned bands, and from where I sat, they sounded nothing of the sort, until Artica turned up that is.

Autodrive - 1995 Autodrive
Here's the excellent AOR band Autodrive, a Florida outfit who released this goodie back in 1995. If you liked the band Biloxi, you'll love these guys.

Ayreon - 1995 The Final Experiment
Lately I have been watching a US/Canadian TV series called 'Travelers'. The story concerns the downfall of humanity, and how it affects the future. This debut Ayreon album is the audio equivalent of such a theme.

Bacon, Max - 1995 Higher You Climb
This album is Max Bacon's debut solo album, even though he's been in the biz for years. Better known for his stints with Nightwing, the supergroup GTR, plus working on the Phenomena project and alongside Mike Oldfield, Bacon has a unique vocal talent, combining melodic power and passion.

Brazen Abbot - 1995 Live And Learn
Here's the first installment from guitar god Nikolo Kotsev since his breakaway from the Swedish band Baltimoore.

Burnpool, The - 1995 The Burnpool
Not exactly drowning but then not exactly searching for an AOR lifeguard were Californian band The Burnpool. A sometimes complex sound befits this band. From Simi Valley, they are a mixed bag, but quite classy all around!

Dangerous Age - 1995 Troubled Times
Here is a British band, with lighter leanings towards melodic rock rather than the perceived full-on bludgeon that their title might suggest.

David - 1995 Journey To Poexula
David (the band) take a leaf out of the book written by Eric Martin and Mr Big, and though the sound might on occasion veer too close, there is enough variation to avoid the 'copy-cat' tag.

Dean, Donald - 1995 Nightshift
Donald Dean has been around the L.A music scene for many years, but hasn't populated the market with his musical material except for this one album 'Nightshift'. The CD, released in 1995 was in fact an accumulation of songs which go back as far as 1983!

Dream Theater - 1995 A Change Of Seasons
An essential thing to have in your collection if you're interested in Dream Theater. Well, to be honest, I'd probably say that about some 70% of their unofficially released bootlegs and whatnot, but I'm a bit of a completionist, so suit yourself. One thing's for sure: it's a great listen.

Everon - 1995 Flood
Everon, from Germany, are on the fringe boundary between progressive rock and technical melodic rock. As boundary riders they can be compared to the likes of Rush, Enchant, or World Trade even.

Falcon - 1995 Mystery
These German highflyers had an interesting sound - quite heavy handed, with dabbles into old school hard rock in the vein of Rainbow, Lucifers Friend and Uriah Heep, but when they dress it up, then a whole raft of bands come into consideration.

Firehouse - 1995 3
I remember buying this on a CD buying excursion in Sydney back in 1996, and remarked how different it was from the first two albums from this band. Sure thing: 'Firehouse' and 'Hold Your Fire' were both awesome melodic rock albums, this one ain't so bad either, but released three years after HYF, 1995 was a completely different environment than the hair metal heyday.

Flyte - 1995 Flyte
Canada's Flyte is a retrospective release on the Long Island label. The band are a musical expression of ideas between the two mainstays of the band, Paul Taskas and Nick Monaco.

Frontline - 1995 Two Faced (Acoustics)
'Two Faced' comes from Germany's Frontline, it is their second CD. No live audiences on this one, just a set of superbly recorded songs in the studio with lush acoustic guitars setting the aural imagery.

Goble, Graham - 1995 Stop
The style is pretty much the same as the predecessor album 'Nautilus', well crafted melodic rock with strong hi-tech influences and a hint of accoustic guitar coming through as well.

Grieco, Richard - 1995 Waiting For The Sky To Fall
Who remembers actor Richard Grieco? No? Yes? You'd have to wind the clock back nearly 30 years to tickle the memory bank. After bumping into GDM hero Mark Spiro and roping in his sister's hubby John Dunmore, Grieco assembled a decent set of players for his debut album.

GTS - 1995 Tracks From The Dust Shelf
GTS; fashioned out of 80's AOR bands which weren't really that successful to be honest, but trying to make a go of it anyway.

Guess Who, The - 1995 Lonely One
Of course the critics of the day slammed this album and in 1995 a new Guess Who release was the last thing the music press expected or needed, especially one that harkened back to the glory days of the overblown 1980's. Oh well, one man's junk is another man's treasure and 'Lonely One' is certainly that - a treasure.

Hunter Greer - 1995 Tales From Stoney's Bar And Grill
I managed to find this gem lying around in a bargain bin. What a find. Typically Canadian, with traditional AOR influences mixed in with the contemporary 1990's style. The result: something different but something very compelling too.

Icon - 1995 An Even More Perfect Union
Graced with two near perfect examples of American hair metal/rock, Icon came out with a hidden gem in 1987, that didn't reach the masses until 8 years later.

Iona - 1995 Journey Into The Morn
Here are one of the UK's best kept secrets. Iona, a band which could comfortably sit in numerous musical categories, a band who are hard to describe at face value, but a band who are indelibly melodic and essential listening for those with a penchant for high class musicianship.

Iron Maiden - 1995 The X Factor
This was the first Maiden album to feature former Wolfsbane singer Blaze Bayley. Not one of Maiden's best efforts, 1995 was a virtual black hole for metal acts and most of the mainstream media of the day sacked them unmercifully..

Jamilya - 1995 Over The Edge
I would have to say that Jamilya are the most mis-represented band I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Not that they are bad or anything. On the contrary. However, when one describes this outfit as being a cross between Survivor and Night Ranger (as the guys at Dream Disc did), understandably my interest was tweaked, enough to make an investment. Only to discover to my horror that they sound nothing of the sort!!

Kansas - 1995 Freaks Of Nature
'Freaks Of Nature' is one of my favorite Kansas releases and I think one of their strongest. A move away from the more direct radio-friendly sound of the '80s and the return of violin is more than welcome..

Konkurent (Bulgaria) - 1995 Something Wet
Yes, admirable that a band from a melodic rock outpost such as Bulgaria can mix it with the big boys. In many ways, this is a pretty good effort all things considered, Konkurent trying to emulate a band like China for instance, but without the finesse.

L.A Cowboys - 1995 Endless Summer
There are some gorgeous West Coast oriented tunes on this L.A Cowboys platter. Even more commercial than Planet 3, but more AOR than Chicago's 70's material for instance. If you think along the lines of those two, plus Airplay, Maxus etc, then we're in the same 'hood.

La Fase - 1995 La Fase
La Fase were an unheralded Spanish band who really should've featured more prominently in the hallowed halls of GLORY-DAZE. They play a fantastic brand of keyboard laced AOR, with too many comparisons to other bands to bear thinking about - that is a compliment believe me.

Light, The - 1995 On A New Horizon
The Light fuse traditional old school prog such as Yes, Kansas, E.L.P and Genesis with more commercial strains of the genre (Asia, Morningstar).

Lionels Dad - 1995 Lionels Dad
The music that Mark has created has a modern feel, but has ample West Coast traits. Not unlike Toto, Third Matinee, or the brilliant Christian artist Michael Gleason. His voice gives us reminders of brother Joseph mixing in Clif Magness.

Mara - 1995 Mara
Originally a cassette demo only, titled 'Breaking The Silence', the CD version has a couple of extra tracks, but again the shortness is nothing to complain about when they are of this quality.

Marillion - 1995 Afraid Of Sunlight
After the epic darkness of the 'Brave' concept album and tour of '294, it wasn't really possible to predict which direction the next Marillion album would take. 'Afraid of Sunlight' came out of left field in the summer of '295 to a mixed response.

Midnight Blue - 1995 Take The Money And Run
Featured as far back as 1988/829, Midnight Blue were at the forefront of the next wave of UK AOR, the likes of which included Peroux, Torino, and After Hours.

Montazh - 1995 Reach
Montazh were a West Michigan melodic hard rock band based out of Grand Rapids, who poked their heads out onto the mid 90's hard rock scene. An independent release, 'Reach' is staggeringly good for its quality, a hard rock slab with a major label sound.

Motorhead - 1995 Sacrifice
1995's 'Sacrifice' is their best of the 90's. Whatever had inspired Lemmy must have been lethal, because the raw, muddy wall of noise here hasn't dated one bit in the last 20 years. It was great then and still is now, if somewhat forgotten.

Mozart - 1995 Eve
Derivative as hell, Mozart will never get big marks for originality, but like Valensia and Robby Valentine these California wannabe's trumped the pomp rock gap in the post - Freddie Mercury era.

Nelson - 1995 Because They Can
It took the best part of five years to see the release of the second Nelson album. 'Because They Can' was not the original scheduled second release (technically 'Imaginator' was), but due to 'politics' (for want of a better word) it saw the light of day first. This effort straddles the melodic rock and new country fence, and for what it's worth, I love it.

Newman, Troy - 1995 It's Like This
This is the second release from Aussie pop/West Coast singer/songwiter Troy Newman. Troy first captured our attention on the excellent debut from 1991 called 'Gypsy Moon'. That album came out of nowhere and had big backing behind it. As the story goes, Troy was plucked from virtual obscurity in his homeland Australia, and shipped off to LA to work in with some seasoned LA session kings, primarily with Waddy Wachtel.

Night Ranger - 1995 Feeding Off The Mojo
Those who got this in 1995 expecting a return to the 80's might not have believed their ears upon the initial listen. Fortunately, the sound, while different, is one that should have appealed to those who were missing rock the way we used to know it.

October Project - 1995 Falling Farther In
Based on the success of their first album, the follow-up 'Falling Farther In' astonishingly enters the Billboard charts at number ten but is at as good? I think so and while there's a bit more pop, the arrangements are still very progressive.

Pavlovs Dog 2000 - 1995 End Of The World
More than a few of you will remember Pavlov's Dog and their two CBS albums 'Pampered Menial' and 'At The Sound Of The Bell'. Which brings us to this 1995 disc put together by original member Mike Safron as Pavlov's Dog 2000.

Pierce, Tim - 1995 Guitarland
What is presented is something quite unique, melodic and that word used before which I think is appropriate - exquisite. This is a CD for all guitar-heads to wrap their chops around, and to appreciate the style, tone and arrangement-nous of a studio guitar genius.

Promise, The - 1995 The Promise
Aberdeen Scotland; the home to many an oil/gas resources worker camped out in the North Sea. It was also the home for AOR band The Promise.

R.A.W - 1995 First
R.A.W is the 90's incarnation of Swedish melodic rock gods Dalton..

Roper, Ray - 1995 I'm A Fighter
I can say catgorically this one is a little beauty! A beautiful slice of AOR comparable to those other Canadian rockers Stan Meissner and the brothers Worrall. It has similar moments of infectious and hooky wonderment, and you won't be lost on humming some of these tunes.

Safire - 1995 Safire
Their 6-track EP was a great effort, and well produced it was too. To my way of thinking, the band probably took their queue from Roxus, but the output on the Safire EP veered more toward keyboard influences, though the guitar is still very prominent in the mix.