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Affair (Germany) - 1998 Face To Face
If you are a lover of German bands such as Roko and Axxis, then Affair are right up your alley.

Agent - 1998 Evidence
Canadian AOR band Agent were resurrected in 1996 after a ten-year hiatus, when they combined with multi-instrumentalist Troy Reid, to reissue 'Agent' that year, then release a brand new CD in 1998 called 'Evidence'.

Bad Habit - 1998 Adult Orientation
There's the standard mix of ballads and melodic rockers, and yes, there might be a little bit of samey-ness in places, but as a 1998 release, it still sounds good decades later.

Belladonna - 1998 Spells Of Fear
An impressive outing with nary a poor track on offer. Belladonna proved himself to be Anthrax's equal with this albums consistency, and it's something Anthrax's own 1998, the poorly conceived, stylistically cofused 'Volume 8' couldn't do, retain a constant sound throughout.

Big Bad Wolf - 1998 Big Bad Wolf
Formed from the ashes of San Francisco rockers Le Mans along with Starship's Craig Chaquico, Big Bad Wolf were probably ten years too late to make any real impact on the hard rock scene.

Black Knight (Holland) - 1998 Tales From The Darkside
From Holland, Black Knight originate from the early eighties when heavy metal was at it's peak. Although this album was released in 1998 it could easily have come from that golden era when the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Queensryche ruled the land.

Blue Thunder - 1998 Blue Thunder
A rare one this, but pretty good it is.. nonetheless. From the land of apple strudel comes Blue Thunder. No, we're not talking about some hi-tech piece of military gadgetry, but a five piece Austrian melodic rock band with a habit of kicking ass along with ample amounts of melody.

Brewer, Kyf - 1998 Salvador Deli
I think Kyf Brewer is someone who's all too often overlooked. Yeah, sure, a lot of people know the first Company of Wolves CD, but to be fair, the man's solo outings have never had the recognition they deserve.

Bush, Stan (and Barrage) - 1998 Heaven
'Heaven' was one of the first albums to be released by Italian label Frontiers back in 1998, and Bush continued to be a mainstay for them over the next few years.

Cowsills, The - 1998 Global
In the early 70's the thought of putting The Cowsills out on the road as an oldies band came to fruition with a series of successful dates in Los Angeles and Canada paving the way for 'Global', their first recording in 28 years.

Dare - 1998 Calm Before The Storm
Darren Wharton went to ground for a few years, keeping his head low as the grunge scene flew overhead, returning seven years later refreshed, recharged and de-electrified, as Dare emulate British contemporaries Iona and Irish favorites Clannad in a celtic flavored melodic style.

David - 1998 Presence
A varied contrast is presented to us with this self-released effort by one-time MPG guitarist David Mikeal.

Departure - 1998 Departure
As for Departure, who are another New Jersey product, this is incredible stuff. A great singer and guitarist, with stunning bombastic keyboards all over the show. Theres a rich mix of Journey, Tour De Force, and Prophet all wrapped up in one package.

Dunnery, Francis - 1998 Lets Go Do What Happens
The one-time Robert Plant guitarist usually receives accolades for his previous album 'Tall Blonde Helicopter' though this one tends to get short-shrift. In my opinion it's a solid set of progressive pop with echoes of Peter Gabriel not only in Dunnery's vocals but stylistically as well.

Erika - 1998 Ripe
After a trio of AOR like albums during the early 90's, it was a surprise to see her change direction for her next two CD's released toward the latter end of the 90's decade. Now going down the punk-pop path instead, she sounds good in this genre truth be told, with both her 'Planet X' and 'Ripe' CD's tailor-made for the Japanese market.

Five Fifteen - 1998 Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camembert
With this oddly titled release being the band's sixth studio album, those acquainted with the Scandinavian rock scene will no doubt be familiar with all things Five Fifteen, and pay undying devotion to this wonderful record.

Frank, Kimberly - 1998 Kimberly Frank
After releasing her debut album '1000 Miles' back in 1994, Kimberly returns four years later and moves into the gunsights of female acts such as Belinda Carlisle, Trace Balin, Rachel Rachel and the like.

Garbo Talks - 1998 Garbo Talks
Here's a New York project with every man and his dog turning up with a food bowl to play. Showcasing the vocal talent of singer Jon Gorman, plus contributions from a list of who's who. These include previous or current members of Kiss, Balance, Saraya, Danger Danger, Foreigner, and Steeplechase.

Guild Of Ages - 1998 One
This is Caught In The Act (or C.I.T.A as they became known as) Part II. Rebadged as the newly named Guild Of Ages, this album 'One' is a highly impressive slice of melodic metal.

Harlan Cage - 1998 Double Medication Tuesday
We follow the fortunes (excuse the pun) of the collaboration of Messrs Greene and Craig. Here we have Part 2 of the Harlan Cage story, with DMT being the follow-up to their self titled debut released two years earlier.

Helloise - 1998 Polarity
Originally released in 1986 and then re-released in 1998 by Pseudonym Records, 'Polarity' is the second album by Dutch melodic rockers Helloise.

Iron Maiden - 1998 Virtual XI
It's not all football on this 1998 set from Maiden, but considering the album title and artwork, you'd be hard pressefd to think otherwise. This is part-two of the Blaze Bayley era of the band, and it's not as bad as Kerrrang idio-journos would have you think!

Johnson, Eric - 1998 Seven Worlds
Though this CD came in 1998, it actually has it's roots during the years of 1976 and 1978, long before 'Tones' was released in 1988.

Josette - 1998 Josette
She's a Pennsylvania native (Scranton), and had the backing of Jerry Hludzik from Dakota. This is pretty decent hard rock, in an 80's style, even if the release is ten years overdue.

Judge Parker - 1998 Judge Parker
You can't pigeonhole Judge Parker as just a Southern Rock band, just because they come from Arkansas. They are a mixed bag, a bit of Country, Blues and Southern all thrown together into one big melting pot.

Jungle - 1998 For You Tonight
Anyone remember the Empire record label? A pre-cursor to MTM days, yes, no? Well even if this was released way after that the short sunshine spell, this would had definitely been the type of album that would had easily found a place on that roster. Swiss band Jungle are an impressive combination of westcoast, AOR and a more than generous amount of rock and yes even pop music.

Kansas - 1998 Always Never The Same
This album was slightly out of left field for Kansas. 'Always Never The Same' was a covers album but recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra in attendance. It's a mix of older classics plus a handful of new/unreleased songs.

Line Up In Paris - 1998 Line Up In Paris
We've reviewed a few bands from out in the Prairies of Canada, here's another one to add to the list - Line Up In Paris.

Marillion - 1998 Radiation
>This is without question Marillion's weakest offering to date. It shows many different aspects of the band and I find some of it too challenging by far. That aside, it's worth investigating for 'These Chains' and 'Born to Run'. If nothing else, at least this is proof that Marillion are a band capable of suprising even their most die-hard fans.

Mystic Healer - 1998 Mystic Healer
All of these songs were written or co-written by Mangold, and it's great to see them represented on one record as a body of work.

Night Ranger - 1998 Seven
In some ways, this sounds not as much like a Night Ranger album but rather 'an album by a band comprised of members of Night Ranger'. It is definitely a different beast from any of their previous material.

No Name - 1998 The Other Side
For prog fans, a worthwhile band to check out, probably less so for AORsters looking for more in the way of hard rocking energy.

Outfield, The - 1998 It Ain't Over
With this effort, we have a collection of songs recorded between 1993 and 1998, and it was a return to the fore for Messrs Lewis and co, who were persuaded to get something happening again, after receiving interest from fans across the Internet as well as radio.

Pardini, Lou - 1998 Look The Other Way
If you like Bobby Caldwell, Soleil Moon, Richard Page or even the stuff from his previous band Koinonia, then you should investigate Lou Pardini's 'Look The Other Way' with absolute assurance from GDM.

Pink Cream 69 - 1998 Electrified
With their sixth album 'Electrified', PC69 have returned to their melodic roots, and what a welcome return it is. Combining elements of their debut and third release 'Games People Play', this multinational act has created a superb slice of heavy melodic rock.

Player - 1998 Best Of
Although all of Players albums are now available on CD, this fifteen track compilation was the first time many of their songs were heard on the format.

Public Domain - 1998 Radio Nights
I recall when this album was first released. I went out and bought it, but wasn't wholly impressed. Having offloaded the CD many years ago, I gave 'Radio Nights' another shot, and was rudely reminded that selling the album on Ebay might not have been a good idea.

Regulators, The - 1998 Bar And Grill
Listening to these guys, it's not hard to imagine that they sound 'displaced', living in L.A where they probably should set up shop in Macon, Georgia or Jacksonville Florida, given their hard rockin' southern stance.

Restless - 1998 Alone In The Dark
Restless/Freelance are safely confined to the history books, and it's good that we mention them here as a footnote upon the late 80's L.A metal/hard rock scene, where they were a contender among many other fine acts.

Sacred Season - 1998 No Mans Land
There are some reasonable moments on 'No Mans Land' but not enough to save it. By and large, 1998 was a crap year, and Sacred Season simply reinforced what many already knew.

Snakecharmer - 1998 Backyard Boogaloo
An excellent line-up on this one, featuring a who's who of Swedish rock. I'm not really sure you could label this a classic as what MTM Music have done. And besides, 'Backyard Boogaloo' is only six years old, so is hardly the obscurity, nor the rare-to-find gem that punters are truly after.

Something Wicked - 1998 Something Wicked
This quintet have been together for almost ten years, were voted Best Independent Hard Rock/Metal cd for 2000 at and have opened for Dokken, Ratt, Metal Church and a host of others.

Soundbite - 1998 Tearing Away [Demo]
Soundbite play in a similar style to US indie band Innuendo. There is an eclectic mix of rhythm guitar style like the long forgotten US band Novo Combo or Dire Straits even.

Spacehog - 1998 The Chinese Album
This is not a comfortable album to like, it can be difficult, although if you want to test yourself, be open to a musical monologue that will thrill you, stretch your understanding, then it can be a very rewarding listen.

Spencer And Bullock - 1998 Games Of The Heart
For this album 'Games Of The Heart', the sound is a mix of big sounding acoustic pieces and guitar driven rock. An unusual hybrid, quite lush and pastoral in parts, with splashes of electrics laced throughout.

Stun Leer - 1998 Once
Stun Leer's music is at the heavier end of the spectrum, with massive walls of guitars from Michael McCabe, ginormous drumwork from guest drummer Anthony Resta and lovely keyboard touches from guest keyboardist Paul Cervone. There's no let-up throughout, and it's full frontal in your face hard melodic rock.

Sunshine Jive - 1998 Sunshine Jive
From Boston, these guys were previously known as In The Pink. They had a couple of demo tapes out in the AOR Underground during 1970-1992, and were in fact for a short time, signed to CBS. Unabashed hard rockin' AOR is where these guys are at, with a passing hint at Journey.

Tamas - 1998 Blue Syndicate
Coming to us all the way from Hungary, via Japan is guitar wizard Tamas Szekeres. This is a mixture of guitar instrumentals plus vocal tracks, which combines all the best bits of Joe Satriani and to a lesser degree Tony MacAlpine.

Toto - 1998 XX 1977-1997
This particular collection released in 1998 was an ensemble of tracks which never managed to make it onto prior album releases.

Under Fire - 1998 Under Fire
In the main Under Fire have a strong driving melodic attack, like a North American version of Swedish wonders Treat combined with that Alcatrazz pomp sound circa 'Disturbing The Peace'. The latter is obvious really considering where Jimmy Waldo fits in.
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