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Ghost Avenue - 2017 Impact
Norway's Ghost Avenue are totally for fans of old school metal who can't quite get their heads of the mid 80's. Well worth checking out!

Ghost Peppers, The - 2017 The Ghost Peppers
This is a relatively newish band for me. They hail from Missoula Montana, and they've delivered a pretty useful set of songs on this their self released debut.

Goudreau, Barry (And Engine Room) - 2017 Full Steam Ahead
He's a local legend in the city of Boston, and good to see him back with former RTZ bandmates to effectively become the Engine Room. If I'm honest, I'll say 'Full Steam Ahead' didn't really get my boilers on fire.

Great White - 2017 Full Circle
I have to say 'Full Circle' doesn't really float my boat, though to be fair, the band are good at what they do.

Greta Van Fleet - 2017 Black Smoke Rising (EP)
GVF will apparently release three EP's in the near future, this being the first. This could be a band to watch. Get in the queue now..

Greta Van Fleet - 2017 From The Fires
Some of you may remember from 2017, we wrote an article about this young Michigan based band called Greta Van Fleet. It was a little bit out of the ordinary, because the band members we're still at school essentially..


Guidry, Greg - 2017 Heart To Heart
As much as I loved that 1982 debut 'Over The Line' (it did make my Essential List of West Coast releases earlier in the year), I could listen to the material on this album all day and every day.

H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2017 Into The Great Unknown
Well, with the chances they took and changes they made with this album, it could have gone very wrong. But thankfully it went very right.

Hardland - 2017 Hardland
This is a Dutch band making their way into the limelight with their debut album. From 2017, this came to notice on Facebook and YouTube, for non Dutch audiences mostly, and received very little promotion elsewhere.

Helker - 2017 Firesoul
Considered to be Argentina's best heavy metal band, are Buenos Aires based Helker, a band who have been in operation since 1998.

Honeymoon Suite - 2017 Hands Up
Good to see Canadians Honeymoon Suite back with a new offering. 'Hands Up' delivers 7 new tracks, plus 2 live tracks, and is their first album since 2008's 'Clifton Hill'.

Hornal - 2017 The Game Begins With The Lights Out
This album has a certain innocence and a very English charm running through it which makes it all the more attractive. Hornal is a name I will be most definitely following very closely from now on. A lovely album that comes highly recommended.


House Of Lords - 2017 Saint Of The Lost Souls
Overall, 'Saint Of The Lost Souls' presents as a solid outing, but for me personally, I much prefer HoL when they heavy it up, but you won't find that here.

Houston - 2017 Houston III
Simply brilliant summertime music. What more can I say? Could it make it to my year end top-10?


Iconic Eye - 2017 Into The Light
For their second album 'Into The Light', Iconic Eye have made sweeping changes, with founder Greg Dean being the sole remaining member. Also, Iconic Eye have moved to a female vocal-led band, changing their dynamic altogether.

In-Side - 2017 Out-Side
Released at the tail-end of 2017, no doubt we'll be hearing more from this Italian combo. 'Out-Side has a lot of upside, and 2018 could be a break out year for this band.


Inglorious - 2017 Inglorious II
2017 looks like another bumper year lies ahead for Nathan James and Inglorious.

Java - 2017 Change Of Heart
A great shame for its time that Java didn't get over the line, but kudos to Escape Music for getting behind this album release.

Jidhed, Jim - 2017 Push On Through
Jim's Jidhed's career in recent times has reverted back to more solo work, and at the urging of PlanetAOR's Johan Nylen, Jim and producer Daniel Flores teamed up for this latest record 'Push On Through', which is quite a bit different to what we've heard before.

Jono - 2017 Life
Essential listening and along with the new Geishas In Vitro album, 'Life' has brightened up my winter mood no end.

Keldian - 2017 Darkness And Light
This Norwegian band are confirmed favourites of mine. Their past efforts have seen them take up the challenge of super-imposing their love of Sci-Fi and symphonic power metal into a captivating canvas of sound, word and imagery, to great effect.

Keleven - 2017 Nothing Is Forever
One of a handful of new and 'away-from-the-mainstream' bands I took a look at during 2017 were Austrian rockers Keleven.


Kings Of Broadway - 2017 Kings Of Broadway
Here's an interesting new project from Italian band Kings Of Broadway, who cross reference back to fellow Italians: melodic power metal band Secret Sphere.

Kobra And The Lotus - 2017 Prevail I
Overall, I like what KATL have to offer, and along with fellow Canucks Striker prove that there is more to rural Western Canada than meets the eye.

Krokus - 2017 Big Rocks
A Covers album? Just a cursory glance at the tracklist reveals all you need to know about this debacle.

KXM - 2017 Scatterbrain
This trio have played across numerous side-projects, and it should come as no surprise that the key words associated with KXM are: spontaneous, experimental, ad-hoc and different.

Lancer - 2017 Mastery
Lancer are a Swedish band who have clearly announced their arrival on the power metal scene.

Lanzon, Phil - 2017 If You Think I'm Crazy
Obviously with a bit of spare time up his sleeve, Uriah Heep keyboardist Phil Lanzon has delivered one of the best indie albums of 2017. The result being 'If You Think I'm Crazy'.


Last Autumns Dream - 2017 In Disguise
If you have a penchant for picking up cover albums that have a modicum of interesting points, then add 'In Disguise' to your collection.

Last Great Dreamers - 2018 13th Floor Renegades
This album is very likely to feature highly in my end of year list, no problem. All in all a sumptuous package for an old 70's glam rocker such as myself!

Lioncage - 2017 The Second Strike
German trio Lioncage were previously with Escape Music, now their second album 'The Second Strike' will be released by Pride And Joy Music in late March 2017.

Lionheart (UK) - 2017 Second Nature
It's good hearing the band again, and with Lee Small now in the fold, it looks likely that Lionheart are in for the long haul. The material on 'Second Nature' should appeal to all the GDM regulars. What's not to like?

Deezer Last FM

Lionville - 2017 A World Of Fools
Work Of Art and others who capture this sound, will love this one as well. I certainly do..

Liv Sin - 2017 Follow Me
Fusing old school metal, trash and black metal, Swedish band Liv Sin is not all about industralized metal, with modern and melodic elements added too.

Los Colognes - 2017 The Wave
Nashville's Los Colognes deliver a shimmering modern pop sound which owes a lot to artists from the 80's. Think of Dire Straits, Don Henley, Pink Floyd and others who surfed the airwaves back then.


Madam X - 2017 Monstrocity
This is a fun record, and I enjoyed it a lot. The band are in fine form, and judging by the quality of the material here, the V2.0 version of Madam X is here to stay.


Mastercastle - 2017 Wine Of Heaven
Arriving in 2017 with little fanfare, is Mastercastle's new album for Scarlet Records called 'Wine Of Heaven'.

Midnight, The - 2017 Nocturnal [ep]
Truth be told, the stuff on 'Nocturnal' is how I expect Synthwave music to sound. There is a vibe and mood created, which could drop you into the middle of a cinematic extravaganza. The Midnight have got it just right.


Midnite City - 2017 Midnite City
If you're looking for a fun feel-good album full of catchy commercial tunes, it'll be hard to find one that's any better than this. They absolutely nail the sound and spirit of the mid-80's onward..

Mike And The Mechanics - 2017 Let Me Fly
The first album from this English combo in six years. Cool cover, but..

Moritz - 2017 About Time Too
I actually like this band more than a few other British bands that have appeared on the 2015-2017 timeline. 'About Time Too' is surprisingly good, as I wasn't expecting a great deal but I needn't have worried as Moritz are in fine form.


New England - 2017 Live at The Spire, Bull Run
A keen fan, GDM's Malcolm Smith took a quick trip over the transatlantic pond to see his favourite band perform two gigs on the weekend. The things we do..

Newman - 2017 Aerial
If you've listened to Newman as often as I have, you know what to expect. Catchy melodic songs which sit on the cusp of AOR and hard rock.


Night Flight Orchestra - 2017 Amber Galactic
Fans of pomp and symphonic rock should investigate 'Amber Galactic' with immediate urgency.

Nova Rex - 2017 Rockstar Roadshow
This band started life in 1985, and were featured here previously thanks to their 1992 album 'Blow Me Away'. They are back in 2017 with 'Rockstar Roadshow'.

One Desire - 2017 One Desire
This is a band that should appeal to most GDM readers. They are the Finnish AOR quartet One Desire, who previously went by the handle of OD

OnRoxx - 2017 Swedish Brew
With a bit of refinement into the future, OnRoxx could develop into and deliver something special in the years ahead.


Orden Ogan - 2017 Gunmen
This German power metal band have been around for years, but this is my first look at them.

Osukaru - 2017 The Labyrinth
Osukaru have certainly withstood the flames of the fire as generated by this website. But I can safely say this lot are now one of my favourite Swedish bands, and their output is testament to that

Outlaws And Moonshine - 2017 Devil In The Moonshine
Despite the overtly southern rock sound and image, O&M certainly have a melodic side and a hard rock edge, if you strip it down to the bare components.