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Romeo Riot - 2017 Sing It Loud
Gotta say, this is a catchy as a lawn mower and long grass, and it's an album I'll have on repeat play during the Christmas break. Sing it loud indeed!

Rosenfeld, Avi - 2017 Very Heepy, Very Purple VI
Well, if you read the album title, you don't have to be a signwriting expert to know what we're dealing with here.

Satin - 2017 It's About Time
If you enjoyed an album like Bryan Cole's CD from last year, then Satin is templated from the same design. Grab this with GDM's total recommendation.

Scherer Batten - 2017 Battlezone
This duo make for a slightly unusual pairing. One is a classic rock singer, the other is a guitar slinger of the highest calibre, but their combination is inspiring.

Schooltree - 2017 Heterotopia
Thanks to fellow GDM Scribe Eric and his investigative talents, Schooltree would probably have gone unnoticed. 'Heterotopia' is a full-blown 100 minute rock opera.. No throw away 3 minute pop fluff here folks!

Shadowman - 2017 Secrets And Lies
This is an album of two halves. The first half is a very airy and breezy affair. Enjoyable for a summertime's listen out by the pool. The second half toughens up appreciably, it's like the album was recorded in two sessions.

Slaughter, Mark - 2017 Halfway There
Here's another bloke who seems to be severely under-represented at GDM. Much like the recent attention we've given to glam metal king Davy Vain, we now do the same with Mark Slaughter.

Sons Of Apollo - 2017 Psychotic Symphony
At the end of the day, I'm always up for a slab of heavy rock. Yes I might like a lot of the lighter stuff that is featured here at GDM, but eventually, I always gravitate back to the wild and wicked and heavy. Sons of Apollo deliver that in spades for me.

Stanley, Michael - 2017 Stolen Time
There's always enough space in the GDM review schedule to make room for a guy like Michael Stanley. He's still out there making music like he did forty years ago, and there seems to be no signs of stopping.

State Cows - 2017 Stealing The Show [ep]
With two albums under their belt, Swedes State Cows (anagram for West Coast) are back with a new selection of material in 2017.

Stefanie - 2017 Stefanie
It's hard to avoid the Nashville influence on Johnson's vocal delivery, where I'm hearing similarities to Shania Twain and Jennifer Paige, though the musical style is slightly different.

Stormburst - 2017 Raised On Rock
Stormburst are Georg Siegl's best release for ages, and they have a formula that will have GDM listeners and AOR fans all over the globe seeking them out.

Streamline - 2017 Streamline
Streamline might appear to be a modern band, but these guys are all about real old school classic rock. Like from the 70's. Think Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend and other organ-driven bands from that era.

Striker (Canada) - 2017 Striker
It's still early days in 2017, but I can declare that 'Striker' is one of finest heavy metal albums you'll ever hear this year.

Styx - 2017 The Mission
The official comeback is now underway; with 'The Mission' being Styx's first proper studio album since 2003's 'Cyclorama'.

Spotify Deezer

Sweet Mary Jane - 2017 Winter In Paradise
Quality wise, I think Sweet Mary Jane are onto something here. 'Winter In Paradise' is a real surprise, and I have no hesitation giving this one a big thumbs up.

Target - 2017 In Range
Well, this came as a surprise during 2017. The third and 'missing' album from Memphis rockers Target. It was never released at the time (1979), but the songs indicate that Target were well and truly progressing.

Ten - 2017 Gothica
Overall, 'Gothica' is a good album, if a little inoffensive and clean. A bit of dirt and grit would not go amiss.

That Rock Guy - 2017 Nothin' To Lose
This is one album I've been looking forweard to dissecting. He's the Australian Aldo Nova known in the business as 'That Rock Guy'.

The Murder Of My Sweet - 2017 Echoes Of The Aftermath
Mostly theme based, TMOMS has a style based on cinematic and gothic metal, with movie references, intrigue, cloak and dagger, and variations in arrangement. Sort of like dark TV series like Gotham, meeting Agent Carter in some back-handed alley.

The Nights - 2017 The Nights
The Finnish pairing of Sami Hyde and Ilkka Wirtanen combine to form one of the more interesting acts in 2017. Their credits include Reckless Love, The Magnificent and Shy. Read on.

Tokyo Motor Fist - 2017 Tokyo Motor Fist
Tokyo Motor Fist did a great job of capturing the spirit and essence of the late 80's with this collection of songs. Big guitars, catchy songs, lots of melody - there's nothing here not to like.

Tytan - 2017 Justice Served
They may be three decades out of their comfort zone, but I think it's always a good thing to see bands like these still pretending like they are spring chickens. Good on them!

Uncle Sid - 2017 Uncle Sid
Vancouver's Uncle Sid return with a new album, their first since 2004.

Unruly Child - 2017 Can't Go Home
The big thing about 'Can't Go Home' is how understated in delivery this album is. If you can see beyond that, then this should find favour.

Vain - 2017 Rolling With The Punches
If you're glam follower, even in this modern era, Vain still bring a lot of value to the table. Certainly well worth adding this CD to the collection.

Valensia - 2017 Eden And The Second Serpent/The Secret Album
Both albums are perfect examples of an artist who is content to plough his own furrow regardless of trends. In a just world Valensia would be a household name, but his music is at times just too damn quirky for the mainstream.

Van Arx - 2017 Stand Together For Rock And Roll
This lot come from Switzerland, and are re-treading the cause for rock n roll in a glam sort of way.

Venice - 2017 Into The Morning Blue
The latest album from L.A faves Venice is upon us.. 'Into The Morning Blue'..

Viana - 2017 Viana
A lot of this album has some good moments, but I somehow think it's not going to stun fans into thinking this is the next coming for Italian rock. Good, solid stuff but without the hundreds and thousands.

Vincent, Phil - 2017 XX
On this latest 2017 release which celebrates Phil's twentieth official year in the game, some regular personnel return to chip in with contributions. The overall result is a tasty hard rockin' set of tunes that is the culmination of two decades of work.

Walk On Fire - 2017 Mind Over Matter
As with last years Seven album 'Shattered', Escape Music are onto another winner with Walk On Fire.

Walsh, Steve - 2017 Black Butterfly
Well, I feel ambivalent about 'Black Butterfly' after dissecting it. Mostly it's a good listen, but also mostly uneven.

Warrant - 2017 Louder, Harder, Faster
Plenty to appreciate here and something which should please longtime fans of the band and even win them a few new ones with some luck.

Warrior (#2) - 2017 Warrior
This is the one-off project featuring three members of New England and Vinnie Cusano (a.k.a Vinnie Vincent, just prior to his stint with KISS, back in 1982.

Wildness - 2017 Wildness
As for an end of the year surge into the Best of Year List, Wildness have come with a withering late run. They look likely to get across the finish place in a great position. Check them out for top-class Scandi action.


Wolfpakk - 2017 Wolves Reign
This is the fourth outing by German/Swiss duo Wolfpakk, featuring Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney.

World Trade - 2017 Unify
Even though the membership of the band is world class, I still find them an awkward band to listen to. Certainly, 'Unify' leans more to the progressive side of the boundary, with arrangements and musical passages justifying this statement.
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