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7HY - 2016 Stories We Tell
Listening to this set, I hear more of a North American sound filtering through. Full of melody, reasonably paced, with good production, with emphasis on the key elements of vocals, choruses and guitar interplay.. that's the way GDM'ers like their melodic rock. Yes? I thought so.

Adellaide - 2016 Adellaide (ep)
This short EP has got me wanting more from this great new Brazilian band.

Amaranthe - 2016 Maximalism
Amaranthe return with album number four, and fans should be very happy with the result.

Amboaje - 2016 All About Living
Spanish rocker Toni Amboaje has obviously been paying attention to what's been going on in the U.S. for the past decade or so. Not only rock, but he's probably turned on a country radio station or two.

Anthrax - 2016 For All Kings
A jumbled album which is an improvement on 2011's 'Worship Music' but doesn't offer anything new, which as you'd expect is hard to do after 35 years.

Anvil - 2016 Anvil Is Anvil
The Anvil story continues well into 2016, with the release of their latest 'Anvil Is Anvil'.

Armored Saint - 2016 Carpe Noctum (Live)
You can't keep a good band down, and that's the story that Armored Saint create for us in 2016.

Attacker - 2016 Sins Of The World
If you like it loud and proud, go check out Attacker's 'Sins Of The World', out now via Metal On Metal Records.

Bayman, Dion - 2016 Don't Look Down
Dion has been a regular feature at GDM since 2013, and his newest offering 'Don't Look Down' is his best work so far, in my reckoning.

Billy Satellite - 2016 Billy Satellite II
The 1985 unreleased album from Billy Satellite gets a reissue three decades later. Should I be pleased by this decision?

Blackfoot - 2016 Southern Native
Despite this new album from the legendary Florida rockers, this one leaves me stone cold. Sorry to introduce the 2016 version of Blackfoot this way, but quite simply, this is NOT Blackfoot.

Blood Ceremony - 2016 Lord Of Misrule
Since this disc has received high marks in both `Prog' and `Shindig!' magazines I thought it was time I checked out this Toronto based band.

Blueminded - 2016 Seize The Day
Apart from a handful of tracks, 'Seize The Day' plays it too safe overall. A reasonable CD with good musicianship, I give this a 7.

Boneyard Dog - 2016 Bluesbound Train
Boneyard Dog will never be accused of setting new trends nor creating groundbreaking music. It is classic rock and blues after all.

Bowie, David - 2016 Blackstar
With the recent passing of the great man, writing this review has, inevitably taken on a different perspective for me. I don't think I'm overstating his importance, here was man who not only changed music but changed the way we questioned everyday conventions and also, speaking from a personal viewpoint he touched my life at time when as a curious teenager back then was seeking answers and looking for a direction.

Brainstorm - 2016 Scary Creatures
Though we are a few albums behind the times with these guys, their line-up has remained constant, and they are still delivering quality hard edged power metal. When listening to this, I tagged it as cinematic power metal. There's a bit of Avantasia and King Diamond styled imagery, which makes them stand out from their peers.

Change Of Heart - 2016 Last Tiger
After a decade away, Change Of Heart return with 'Last Tiger'. If you like a hybrid of Ten and Saracen, then you should enjoy this.

Cheap Trick - 2016 Bang, Zoom, Crazy.. Hello
These guys have just been voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. And just as they celebrate their big award, the band turn up to the dance with a brand new album to boot.

Civil War - 2016 The Last Full Measure
'The Last Full Measure' presents some intriguing material that power metal fans (notwithstanding military history students) will no doubt enjoy. Draw your swords!

Coda - 2016 Coda
Well 2016 has delivered its first super-group of 2016, and it had to include Paul Sabu. How cool is that? Unfortunately, what isn't cool are the contents of the new self-titled album from Coda. Poor..

Cole, Bryan - 2016 Sands Of Time
One of the better pure melodic hard rock albums of 2016.

Cranston - 2016 Cranston
No doubting this could prove to be one of the surprise packets of 2016. I'm hooked on Cranston.

Cruzh - 2016 Cruzh
Cool name for a band huh? I certainly think so. This Swedish band are one of four very good releases from the Frontiers label during the month of August 2016.

Cry Of Dawn - 2016 Cry Of Dawn
'Cry Of Dawn' despite the intent, is just totally overblown for all the wrong reasons. A disappointment for mine..

Culver Kingz - 2016 This Time
The Culver Kingz are none other than the pairing of West Coast giants of their field: Michael Thompson and Billy Trudel. Signed to Escape Music, don't expect AOR from the glory days. This is pop rock with a hint of west coast and cruisy smooth jazz.

D'Ercole - 2016 No Place Like Home
Like many releases that have come out at this late stage, it will probably be difficult to find favour among the listeners considering it's a traffic jam out there.

Dante Fox - 2016 Breathless
We haven't reviewed a Dante Fox album for ages, so it's good to catch up with these Birmingham melodic rockers in 2016.

Dare - 2016 Sacred Ground
'Sacred Ground' is a stirring release, and I'm very happy to see Dare return to something close to 'Out Of The Silence', which obviously has been far too long in the waiting room department.

Dark Sarah - 2016 The Puzzle
'The Puzzle' is an album that mostly delivers on its promise. Dark Sarah is an outfit which sits between several metal sub-genres. Progressive, Orchestral, Symphonic, and even Cinematic.

Defiants, The - 2016 The Defiants
This album has been getting a lot of love by other reviewers, and it certainly deserves it. It's definitely a fun album that would appeal to a lot larger audience than will ever hear it.

DGM - 2016 The Passage
Though this is their first album in three years, 'The Passage' is just a huge sounding album in every respect, and should put DGM right up there among the better bands in this category, if they aren't there already.

Diamond Head - 2016 Diamond Head
Obviously Diamond Head can never match their material from the glory daze, so if you are interested in listening to this latest effort, do yourself a favour and go back and listen to 'Lightning To The Nations', 'Borrowed Time' and 'Canterbury', if you know what's good for you!

Dockers Guild - 2016 The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past
This is a highly infectious set of tracks, with a cinematic quality to it, and is totally up my street. Of course being a big sci-fan always helps, but obviously not as much as Douglas, nor his character Dr Jack Heisenberg.

Dream Theater - 2016 The Astonishing
Well, there is one hell of a lot of music on this album; over 130 minutes in fact. My first impressions of this album were not great. I felt that there was just too much to take in, but I've persevered with it and boy has it paid off.

Drive She Said - 2016 Pedal To The Metal
It's great to see DSS back in action, and of course, the scene needs great keyboard players, cue Mark Mangold. Give this album a shot, you might just be surprised by it all.

Dynazty - 2016 Titanic Mass
For those of you who prefer their hard rock more toward the metallic side, then Dynazty probably do it better than any other outfit going around.

Eden's Curse - 2016 Cardinal
The bio for 'Cardinal' suggests the band have gone up a notch since then. Is this true? No. They are still a band that is more metal than hard rock.

Enbound - 2016 The Blackened Heart
'The Blackened Heart' does have its merits, but coming at the tail-end of 2016, and after having listened to some goodies well before then, I think the opportunity was missed.

Epic - 2016 Like A Phoenix
If you're a sucker for 80's female fronted hard rock, then Epic should be on your calling card.

Erika - 2016 Deaf Dumb And Blonde
'Deaf, Dumb And Blonde' might not appeal to everyone here, and could invoke differences of opinion as did Lee Aaron's 'Fire And Gasoline' a few months back.

Exumer - 2016 The Raging Tides
Highly recommended for avid and ageing thrash followers like myself, Exumer have certainly gotten the job done here. Nothing fancy or slow, just speed and more speed, which inevitably is all you ask for when listening to thrash.

Face Dancer - 2016 Brand New Faces
The eight songs presented here are quite varied, and will give listeners and FD fans a run for their money that's for sure.

Fates Warning - 2016 Theories Of Flight
I think it goes without saying that Fates Warning may have outdone themselves here, when comparing this to past efforts.

Featherstone - 2016 Northern Rumble
If you like some of the older Swedish bands like Baltimoore and Lions Share then Featherstone should fit the bill. I gave this a listen, and it didn't quite hit any sweet-spots for me, though the album has some moments.

First Signal - 2016 One Step Over The Line
Here is the second installment from Canada's Harry Hess, under the banner First Signal.

Foghat - 2016 Under The Influence
Still hanging in there in 2016 is this version of Foghat, although barely it would seem, considering this latest album was entirely fan-funded through a Pledgemusic Campaign last year.

Frehley, Ace - 2016 Origins Vol 1
A remarkable collection from the Spaceman. He sounds fresh and juvenile on vocals. Powerful drumming and loud guitars. Guest artists shine without outdoing the songs.

From The Fire - 2016 Octopus
Reformed a few years ago, From The Fire now aim up in the classic rock style, rather than the AOR style from their heyday. This album has some moments, but it's not really that hard-hitting to be honest.

Geishas In Vitro - 2016 Geishas In Vitro (ep)
If you're into Queen, Robby Valentine and Valensia, then check these out young Argentinians.

Grand Masquerade, The - 2016 MMXVI
Cool name, cool image too. Sweden's The Grand Masquerade have bought some pomp and circumstance back into the melodic rock scene.
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