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Airstream - 2015 Kingdom Of Isolation
'Kingdom Of Isolation' is definitely left-of-centre, and Airstream can't be accused of playing or painting music by numbers. Give them a chance, but be prepared for some oddball moments.

Ambush (Sweden) - 2015 Desecrator
I'm thinking with the late releases surge of 2015 in full-swing, our friends Ambush might just get up and pip everybody on the post. This is some of the most commanding heavy metal I've heard all year and then some.

Armored Saint - 2015 Win Hands Down
With 'Win Hands Down', Armored Saint have delivered once more, with a concise and heavy affair which at only nine tracks is a refreshing change

Art Nation - 2015 Revolution
With the end of year lists suddenly about to become active, I feel Art Nation might be one that will slip through the consciousness decisions of many. That would be unfortunate, as 'Revolution' is a storming CD and should be right up there among one of the best Swedish melodic rock efforts of 2015.

Bad Radiator - 2015 Demons
Bad Radiator have been on my radar since their 2012 debut. This is their third album, and these Swedes are an unusual band to try and pigeon-hole. They are all over the musical soundscape, and to me, that's just fine and dandy.

Beauvoir/Free - 2015 American Trash
Jean Beauvoir has now returned with his significant other from the early days of Crown Of Thorns, Mr Micki Free. Throughout this album you may be forced to contemplate 'does it equal the Crown of Thorns destiny those early days fed'. Look, they were really never going to be repeated here, although in the odd moment they do get close.

Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Peter Friestedt - 2015 CWF
Mostly though, 'CWF' is a walk-through Chicago-city and Toto-township, and if this is the location you want to be in, then rest up in central square.

Black Star Riders - 2015 The Killer Instinct
This is a slight improvement over the debut, but having written that I'm almost positive I'll never listen to this again. It's another redundant hard rock album that relies on the Lizzy aspect to guide it.

Black, The - 2015 Sludge
OK, so the name and album title may lead one to think that this album and band are some new Death Metal combo, but no, this here platter is the debut album from The Black who describe their music as Motorhead meeting Cheap Trick!!

Blood Red Saints - 2015 Speedway
For mine, possibly the most hyped album toward the end of 2015 which doesn't stack up one iota. Filed away under 'disappointment'.

Bonfire - 2015 Glorious
Great album title, but it would be presumptious of me to think that the music lived up the name. Not quite..

Buckcherry - 2015 Rock N Roll
Well usually I would wait until the end of year sweep up to applaud the latest Buckcherry release (the name, influenced by Chuck Berry, rather than Halle Berry!), both their last two outings, 'Confessions' and 'All Night Long' appeared in my 2013 and 2010 choices. So why the early surprise? Because regrettably for once I am not totally convinced this will be making an appearance.

Burntfield - 2015 Cold Heat [EP]
Along come a new Finnish band called Burntfield, who offer up a variety of songs on their recent EP 'Cold Heat'. It suggests that at least they have a few options to choose from, direction wise.

C.O.P - 2015 State Of Rock
Fans of Grand Illusion should be salivating over the 2015 project C.O.P, which features three of their band-members. It's high-rolling melodic rock that only the Swedes can deliver.

Cain Rising - 2015 Cain Rising
UK band Cain Rising deliver up a sound that anyone could be forgiven in thinking that their album has sprung from America's heartlands. With its mix of country, folk and rock, this is authentic Americana, perfect for those summer evenings driving with the windows down..

Cain's Offering - 2015 Stormcrow
Though it is a super-group based on the pairing of Finnish legends Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, I'm guessing.. like me, you'll find other influences on show here. If you can also imagine a melding of Brother Firetribe and Amaranthe, then this band have your preferences covered off four ways well and truly.

Care Of Night - 2015 Connected
2015 gets off to a cracking start with this much-anticipated CD finally arriving on the doorstep, following their amazing debut EP two years ago.

Casablanca - 2015 Miskatonic Graffiti
Swedish band Casablanca release 'Miskatonic Graffiti' in 2015. It's an unusual album title, plus the fact that this is a concept album. Read on and discover how the band have dived head first into the world of horror-fiction writer H.P Lovecraft!

Cats In Space - 2015 Too Many Gods
'Too Many Gods' is an essential purchase and any self respecting melodic rock fan would do well to get their hands (I hesitate to say paws) on this pretty sharpish..

Chaos Magic - 2015 Chaos Magic
Timo Tolkki has been involved in many projects over years, and Chaos Magic might be one of his better investments of time and effort. Listening to this, you can see where this is pitched. The motives of Frontiers appear cloudy, you'd be thinking they were cashing in on the goth/fantasy metal genre dominated by the likes of Nightwish and Within Temptation.. and you'd be right.

Charlie - 2015 Elysium
I was surprised as much as anyone to see a new album from Terry Thomas and Charlie. It kinda came from left-field toward the end of 2015

China Sky - 2015 China Sky II
There are some useful songs here, but I wouldn't say they were overly stellar either. I think overall it lacks the production values of the debut album (I mean Bob Marlette was involved.. what more can I say?), and as such, will be compared in a lesser light unfortunately.

Civil War - 2015 Gods And Generals
Civil War have been around since 2013, and their music is blunderbuss approved firepower. The band certainly hit my gee-spot with ease. It's metal, it's bombastic, and it's appealing.

Constancia - 2015 Final Curtain
Much like some other Swedish bands who have made a comeback this year after being off the grid for five years or so, we welcome back Constancia.

Cooper Shea - 2015 Partners In Time
A case of a band catching up with each other nearly forty years later. 'Partners In Time' indeed..

Dakota - 2015 Long Road Home
There's a lot of music to be had on 'Long Road Home', and the Dakota legacy continues. Enjoy it while you can!

Darkology - 2015 Fated To Burn
Musically this band are at the technical end of progressive metal, with a hint of demonic lead vocals. Still, it's one of the better all-out metal albums from a U.S band during 2015.

Def Leppard - 2015 Def Leppard
Leppard said this would be their most diverse album to date and based on the evidence they weren't lying, but as I stated earlier I believe they've successfully deceived everyone. By placing the two most blatant 80's throwbacks as the opening tracks and releasing them as singles they led many to believe the entire album was similar, which it obviously isn't. Some may disagree and claim this is their best work in some time, but it's more a case of clever marketing than reality.

Dendera - 2015 Pillars Of Creation
'Pillars Of Creation' contains some absolute crunching heavy metal, and without appearing like I'm taking a dig (well.. I am actually), I'd rather be listening to this than twenty years of regurgitation from Iron Maiden.

Dimino - 2015 Old Habits Die Hard
Due to Angel's light having faded many decades ago to the general public, I'm thinking that this album is going to have limited appeal. Despite that, old fogies like most of us here will still be ok with that, however the young brigade will have no idea.

Dries, Dennis Churchill - 2015 I
After listening to a whole bunch of AOR projects, it's actually nice to listen to something different for a change. If AOR was considered to be mid-strength beer, then Dennis offers up something different.. like oak tinged Bourbon dressed up super cold! His voice still sounds good, but what of the material?

Earthside - 2015 A Dream In Static
Earthside's music twists and turns all over the show. Yes it's technical instrumental prog metal with guest vocals, lengthy Dream Theater like playing times, while the band photo would have you think these guys work in a IT/website design boutique agency! Not quite hipster looking, but I seriously had to look twice.

Eclipse (Sweden) - 2015 Armageddonize
'Armageddonize' is pretty damned good, and should appear somewhere on my ever-changing top 10 and 20 lists for the year.

Edge Of The Blade - 2015 The Ghosts Of Humans
This is the UK band formed by ex members of Shy (Kelly) and After Hours (Francis). Unusual title, but the music is very deep and dark, not anything like their previous AOR oriented work, and from where I sit, this is great.

Edoff, Martina - 2015 Unity
'Unity' stands as one of the surprise packets of 2015, and should (if the gods are fair) make her a household name among the rank and file of melodic rockers everywhere. A compulsory acquisition for 2015. Get it while it's hot!

Exovex - 2015 Radio Silence
South Carolina's Dale Simmons is the man behind Exovex (pronounced X of X, as in mathematical formula), and he's hauled in some big name players to assist on his 'Radio Silence' EP.

Find Me - 2015 Dark Angel
Even though I've just submittted my top 5 albums of the year so far, I believe that will change significantly from here on in, with this album at the forefront! Immense stuff.

FM (UK) - 2015 Heroes And Villains
If you enjoyed the 'Rockville' albums two years ago, then I am sure you'll eat this up. Even if you found them to be hit or miss, I'm betting you'll find this to be more hit. Again, it's not what they were doing in the 80's, but it's where they are now, and where they are now is a pretty darn good place near the top of the melodic rock scene.

Ghost Ship Octavius - 2015 Ghost Ship Octavius
GSO is one of the better new prog-metal bands to find public opinion in 2015. But it's their Symphony X meets Pagans Mind styled prog metal that's got everyone talking.

Gilmour, David - 2015 Rattle That Lock (Deluxe Edition)
With Pink Floyd now effectively put out to pasture following last years instrumental CD 'The River', what beckons now for the 629 year old singer/guitarist? Maybe there's one or two more efforts in the wings, but after having heard this, I am in no hurry to explore Gilmour's back catalogue.

House Of Lords - 2015 Indestructible
Probably one of Frontiers more consistent bands on their roster, and an album that will sit somewhere in my Top 20 by years end.

Hungry Heart - 2015 Dirty Italian Job
Here is album number three from Mario Percudani's mob HungryHeart. Musically, HungryHeart aren't as poodle like and fluffy as other past projects that Mario has been involved in. till, this has more than average quota of fiery hard rock songs, surprisingly so.

Iconic Eye - 2015 Hidden In Plain Sight
This UK Midlands based band have been creating a bit of a stir amongst some of the GloryDaze community, firstly with the release of a self financed EP and now this fully fledged debut album. This set will certainly have fans of 80's tinged AOR smiling from ear to ear.

Iconic Eye - 2015 Live at the Sun Inn Stafford
The chance to see one of the best up and coming AOR/melodic rock bands to appear this year would be a treat anywhere, but to see them pretty much in your own backyard is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Imperial State Electric - 2015 Honk Machine
I don't usually get overblown by a Scandi band that tries to replicate the 70's power-pop from the US, but Sweden's Imperial State Electric kinda blew me off the map in that regard.

Iron Maiden - 2015 The Book Of Souls
I find this album a revolting display of excess from a band I used to consider the greatest metal band ever. There's a part of me that wants to like what Maiden produce, but it's not possible.

Issa - 2015 Crossfire
It won't get close to my top 10 albums of the year, but there is a lot to like here if you're into this sort of style.

Jono - 2015 Silence
I'm a sucker for this type of material and anyone who uses early Queen as a starting point is alright with me.

Karlsson, Magnus (and Freefall) - 2015 Kingdom Of Rock
If you love this bombastic and operatic style of melodic heavy metal, then 'Kingdom Of Rock' should be on your Christmas shopping list already!

Keeling, Kelly - 2015 Mind Radio
He was the voice behind Mississippi melodic rockers Baton Rouge back in the late 80's. quite like this actually. It holds no real surprises, but the musical pot pourri sounds professional and has moments of seared hard rock, just like a hot BBQ.
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