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8084 - 1999 So Far
This is how I like it. Keyboards and guitars all over the place, melodies soft, melodies heavy, grunt and subtlety, all rolled together into one package.

Allied Forces (USA) - 1999 R.U Wilde
An early 80's New York band based on melodic rock rather than HM. Retrospectively reissued in 1999 as a collection of songs. Includes Danny Vaughan, who was at one point the lead singer..

Angel - 1999 In The Beginning
Despite having reservations at the outset, I have to say some of this album was likeable. Maybe if they hadn't gone in under the Angel monicker, I wouldnt have had heart plapitaations beforehand. Nonetheless, if you like a bit of melodic rock that fuses Led Zeppelin, Kingdom Come and Masters Of The Airwaves, then 'In The Beginning' deserves a listen.

Atello - 1999 The Big Payoff
'The Big Payoff' is steeped in the tradition of 80's U.S hard rock, bringing to mind acts such as Skid Row and Tuff.

Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1999 Eufaula
If a slightly laid back selection of tunes with excellent production appeals, then 'Eufauala' makes for a nice Sunday afternoon listen

Bam Bam Boys - 1999 Bam Bam Boys
Touted as potentially one of Sweden's best hard rock exports, around about the time that swedish colleagues such as Europe, Treat, 220 Volt and Alien were making inroads into the melodic rock scene of the late eighties.

Band Central Station - 1999 our very first interview!
This is the 'In The Spotlight' page. The spotlight falls on Long Island/New York melodic rock outfit Band Central Station. These guys have Boston and Journey running through their veins, and they hail from Glen Cove on Long Island.

Barrett, Drew - 1999 The Strolling Minstrel
An example of modern indie melodic rock is forthcoming with this release form New York resident Drew Barrett. Not exactly AOR in the strictest sense of the word but containing enough melodic elements and remnants of influences from yesteryear.

Black Rose (Sweden) - 1999 Night And Day [Promo]
This demo has a solid metal sound to it, back to quality early 80's metal with solid guitar riff's, punchy bass lines and plenty of variation.

Chapter 23 - 1999 Flying In The Face Of Conventional Wisdom
Fairly late to get a release in it's intended year of 1997, in fact some two years on has it finally seen the light of day. Chapter 23, are a melodic hard rock band based out of Ottawa Canada, who play very much in a progressive style. To give the listener some reference points, I suppose early Saga and Kansas would be ideal for starters.

Danzi, Danny - 1999 Somewhere Lost In Time
A wonderfully gifted musician Mr Danzi has caused a real stir with this release and it's no wonder. Taking his influences from Van Halen, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen but to name a few, Danny has turned out a great example of pumping melodic hard rock that any of the aforementioned acts would be proud of.

Defyance - 1999 Time Lost
This quintet has been through some rough patches along the way to releasing 'Time Lost', but to their credit Defyance have persevered. The final result is a well-balanced album that reminds me of Labyrinth, Crimson Glory, Queensryche and also Fates Warning.

Distance, The - 1999 Live And Learn
Overall, I'd say the album is great melodic rock without delivering any real killer blows. It's moved on since the debut obviously. However, I will say it is sort of disappointing to flick through the tracks looking for that ultimate song and not finding it.

Dream Theater - 1999 Metropolis II: Scenes From A Memory
This is a full-on album: don't listen to this if you want to read a book or chat with friends; if you want background music like latterday Bon Jovi then don't play this. This is a listening album, you need to concentrate on the intensity and the detail.

Drugplan - 1999 Drugplan
Drugplan is a record with a late nineties retro/alternative theme, some razor sharp playing, and some bizarre lyrics to boot. Unfortunately, what you won't get here is fluffy melodic rock or any recognisable form of AOR, despite the history of the personnel involved here..

Dungeon - 1999 Resurrection
What would you expect to find in the suburbs of Sydney Australia? How about a very talented power metal band such as Dungeon?

Emerald Rain - 1999 Age Of Innocence
If any of you miss the style of melodic rock made popular by Canadians Harem Scarem (forget their later stuff or their new incarnation Rubber), then you could do no worse than shift your base camp to fellow Canadian rockers Emerald Rain.

Faith Nation - 1999 Ordinary People
Wow! What can I say? An AORsters and pompsters dream! I did not think a US based band could play this sort of music considering it's 1999 and melodic rock apparently doesn't exist in the vocab of the average American. Well Faith Nation will go some way to proving the populous wrong?

Fandango - 1999 Best Of
This is Fandango, the New York AOR band that Richie Blackmore tore apart so he could have the vocal talents of one Joe Lynn Turner all to himself!

Fantasy - 1999 Beyond The Beyond Plus..
Truly an excellent release and a must have for any fan of English progressive rock..

Grapow, Roland - 1999 Kaleidoscope
Former Helloween guitarist Roalnd Grapow features on this neo-classical spread called 'Kaleidoscope', with an excellent support cast.

Hastatus (Chile) - 1999 Lethal Pride
You don't get too many English speaking rock bands coming out of Chile. Not so with Hastatus. Very professional sounding outfit they are, taking equal parts of Iron Maiden and Queensryche styled metal, and throwing a Dream Theater like prog-blanket over the whole package.

Headstone Epitaph - 1999 Power Games
It is obvious headstone Epitaph take their calling cards from the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and perhaps fellow Germans Helloween. What they do so much better than all of them put together, is to play with total uncompromising power, combined with melodic-ness.

Hobbit - 1999 Two Feet Tall
Some would call their style pomp, some would call it art rock, perhaps symphonic, even progressive. Hobbit prefer to call it fantasy rock.

Ines - 1999 The Flow
'The Flow' is a concept album revolving around the esoteric Flow Theory which is a state of focused consciousness or total involvement resulting in complete personal satisfaction. If this sounds a little too heavy handed, it's really not and the music more than holds up against the narrative. Gone is the IQ -ish sound of the previous two albums in favour of 'Street Fighting Years' era Simple Minds and world music innovator Peter Gabriel.

Innuendo - 1999 Three
Their music is a hybrid of styles, quite varied actually. Their sound has a lot of modern pop influences, and is quite sixties 'trippy' in places, but there is enough here to tickle the interest of your typical AOR'ster and melodic rocker.

Intra - 1999 Intra
Intra are/were a progressive rock outfit from Ohio, a band who tried to take on the Europeans at their own game - with mixed results unfortunately.

Jethro Tull - 1999 Tull Dot Com
For old Tull fans this is a musically superior offering from the fading years of the old Tull. For those new to the Tull sound then be prepared for something inventive and progressive.

Jimi Jamisons Survivor - 1999 Empires
In the 70's when the band Survivor split into two factions, one of them was Jimi Jamison's Survivor. this is their one-off album 'Empires'..

Jungle, The - 1999 Time For Decisions
Previously known as Jungle, these Swiss lads have continued the class shown on their 1998 album, 'For You Tonight', and while this is still nothing out of this world, this time they have virtually ironed out all those weak links, well except for their desire to do cover versions which don't work.

Kick (UK) - 1999 Consider This..
I would like to know where the hell these guys have been hiding because this album is a little corker. Kick was formed from the remnants of British band Freefall, who released a couple of albums in their own right.

Krokus - 1999 Round 13
A Krokus album without Marc Storace is like a cheese sandwich without the cheese.. Right? Well, replacement singer Carl Sentence does his best to kick start the Swiss rockers on a path laden with AC/DC and Deep Purple landmarks.

Legs Diamond - 1999 Uncut Diamond
A walk back in time along Legs Diamond Boulevard will reveal a few hidden treasures. One of these is the 1999 release 'Uncut Diamond', though to be correct, the songs originate from the 1980 timeframe.

Metallica - 1999 S&M
If you were ever looking for a contradiction then this album has all the potential for it. A symphony orchestra and Metallica?

Metropolis - 1999 Metropolis
The material on Metropolis is just a further progression from 'Undertow' and his two other efforts 'Window To Light' and 'Dangerous Games', all wonderful albums in their own right.

Morales, Michael - 1999 That's The Stuff
Another case of 'one man does all', is San Antonio's answer to Aldo Nova.. Michael Morales.

Muse - 1999 Showbiz
Only familiar with the 2006 Muse album 'Black Holes And Revelations' and a few videos and downloads here and there, none of it has inspired me to look or listen any further until I recently came across a web site that listed the Muse debut 'Showbiz' as one of the 'Top 25 Britpop albums'.

Nelson - 1999 Life
What we get with 'Life' is a great mix of that 'After The Rain' era rock, which meets some of the hazy new country tinged material off 'Because They Can'.

Network - 1999 Crashin' Hollywood
Well it's all you could expect from a band peddling a sound which sees comparisons made to Signal, Valentine, and Velocity.

Newman - 1999 One Step Closer
We've reviewed a few of Steve Newman's albums over the years, but it looks like we've forgotten to review 1999's 'One Step Closer', which I believe to be his best ever! How the hell did that happen?

Parsons, Alan - 1999 The Time Machine
1999's 'The Time Machine' is Alan Parsons third solo effort with team-mates Ian Bairnson and Stuart Elliot joining in the futuristic fun and games.

Promise, The - 1999 Human Fire
I think 'Human Fire' is harder edged than the debut, but also richer in sound, and sits comfortably among all the other European album releases from that year. All aspects of their sound has been beefed up, similar to labelmates Ten but with more AOR tendencies and less grandiosity (if there is such a word).

PV (Denmark) - 1999 Create Your Lover [Demo]
Here's a 5 track promo that will appeal to all the power pop afficienados out there. Those who like their pop somewhere in the vicinity of Kyle Vincent, The Sighs, The Knack or a lighter version of Enuff Znuff will go for our budding Scandanavian popster.

Queensr├┐che - 1999 Q2K
The tracks on this album now offer a stronger sound, still fronted by Geoff Tate's leading vocals, and with Kelly Gray involved with the mixing as well as the axe work there is a rougher edge to the music. Queensr├┐che is sounding much more like a mainstream guitar band these days rather than a genre in their own right.

Quiet Riot - 1999 Alive And Well
Only eight new tracks were recorded for this album 'Alive And Well', the rest consisting of an AC/DC cover (Highway To Hell) and six re-recorded QR 80's classics.

Samson - 1999 Past Present And Future [Compilation]
The recent passing of UK guitarist Paul Samson has seen a surge of interest in his material. There's a wealth of it, going back as far as 1978 right up through to current day. Timely then was the 2CD release from Zoom Club Records during 1999 called 'Past Present And Future'. We get a cross-selection of 30 songs.

Samuel Purdey - 1999 Musically Adrift
Top notch British duo delivering West Coast like they were transported out of early 80's Los Angeles!

Sayit - 1999 Sayit
A Swedish feast comes to the party here, with a sound that sees Toto rubbing shoulders with euro flavored West Coast merchants Time Gallery or Michael Learns To Rock.

Sciuto, Michael - 1999 Edge
Though this was also re-released in 1999 by AOR Heaven, it actually has its origins in 1989 when multi-instrumentalist Michael Scuito was living in El-Lay. The nearest comparison I can make would be Michael Morales.

Shotgun Symphony - 1999 Sea Of Desire
A return to form by one of the great hopes of the 70's. Shotgun Symphony were one of the very first signings to the Now And Then label by Ashton, Sims, Mee and co, and considered to be a flagbearer for the new breed of melodic rock.
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