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19-11-2017 09:44
Burn (UK) will have their new album 'Ice Age' released in Japan via Marquee/Avalon on Nov 22. The album is then released worldwide on Jan 19th 2018 via Melodicrock Records.

19-11-2017 09:40
I was a bit cranky last week, waiting for various things to happen with the website transition. God it's good to be back. Didn't Gary Glitter sing a song like that? dogrun

19-11-2017 07:06
Note to all Members. Please review your Message inboxes. Some of these are getting rather large. Thanks.

19-11-2017 03:05
OK, all the YouTube videos are working again. Just use the YT link, and then encase in tags [ youtube] at the start, [/ youtube] at the end. Cool. Thumbs Up

12-11-2017 02:39
Starting to crank out some reviews now. Woah!

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Articles Home » 1983 Articles » Le Roux - 1983 So Fired Up
Le Roux - 1983 So Fired Up

ALBUM: So Fired Up
YEAR: 1983
CD REISSUE: 1985, RCA/BMG (West Germany), ND 90429 * 1999, JAC (USA), JAC-2000 * 2013, Rock Candy Records (UK), CANDY171


LINEUP: Fergie Fredericksen - vocals * Jim Odom - guitars * Tony Haselden - guitars * Leon Medica Jnr - bass * Rod Roddy - piano, keyboards * David Peters - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 So Fired Up * 02 Lifeline * 03 Let Me In * 04 Yours Tonight * 05 Line On Love * 06 Carrie's Gone * 07 Wait One Minute * 08 Turning Point * 09 Don't Take It Away * 10 Look Out

WEBLINKS: www.laleroux.com

This would have to be one of the all time great AOR albums ever. A gradual climb to greatness built up over years of struggle, and a gradual change from their early New Orleans R&B days to full on melodic hard rock. You will find this in virtually every AOR collectors top 10 albums. No question. For this album the band had moved to the RCA label, after the dismal flop of the 1980 release 'Up' on Capitol (reviewed elsewhere on this site). They also released the 'Last Safe Place' album on RCA in 1982 to a lukewarm reception though a couple of tracks did quite well at the lower end of the US charts during that year. However, with a change of personnel for 1983's 'So Fired Up' things definitely got on the improve. Added to the lineup was Dennis 'Fergie' Fredericksen, who came to prominence with pompsters Trillion, and young guitarist Jim Odom. This combination had completely changed Le Roux's sound to a storming aggressive brand of melodic hard rock and the results were spectacular.

The Songs
All of the songs are memorable, and I'm not going to waste space describing them. However, in a nutshell, there are classic moments like 'Turning Point', 'Carries Gone', 'Lifeline'. The quieter moments too like 'Wait One Minute' and 'Let Me In' are spellbinding. Overall it's a consistent AOR experience for the listener.

In Summary
Ironic too that RCA put the band on the rack not long after due to the dismal flop of this album. Either play that New Orleans type sound or ship out. So the latter prevailed, and the band duly broke up, rockers at heart but with no record label willing to take a chance. The band members moved on to other things, Medica and Haselden ventured into song writing, Fredericksen went on to Toto and is still in the industry. Le Roux to their credit after all these years, are still hanging in there, though with a slightly different lineup than of past. Check the website out for latest happenings.

All written content on this website is copyrighted.
Copying of material without permission is not permitted.

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#1 | rostoned on April 07 2008 21:08:47
It's quite curious that such a bunch of faceless and bad looking musos (well except Fergie) got to release not 1 but 2 clips from this album, which by all accounts was a gigantic flop, in the middle of the MTV-good-looking age.

I guess RCA had a lot of $ to spend in those daze...
#2 | gdazegod on April 07 2008 22:43:17
Have now bolted 'Carries Gone' on as a video. Thanks rostoned!
#3 | gdazegod on April 08 2008 23:00:00
YouTube Video:
#4 | gdazegod on April 08 2008 23:00:10
YouTube Video:
#5 | rostoned on May 26 2008 18:34:41
'Carrie's Gone' did chart but fared poorly on the US HOT 100, peaking at a disappointing #81. A big flop for a band who just a year earlier was in the TOP 20 with 'Nobody Said It Was Easy' off their previous platter.
#6 | Jez on June 13 2008 09:03:03
Classic release and their best one, although 'Up' is another goodie. I have the re-release (Millennium Edition) with bonus track 'Back In America' feat The great Terry Brock (Strangeways). 'No filler, just Killer' would be the appropriate well used phrase for this album. Probably Fergie Frederiksens finest hour along with the debut 'Trillion' cd and 'Toto's - 'Isolation'.Not a bad track in sight and a classic of the genre.
#7 | richardb on June 13 2008 09:09:21
A good album but I much prefer 'UP' which I think is much superior. Maybe because I prefer Jeff Pollard's vocals to Fergie's..

Richard B
#8 | rostoned on June 29 2008 19:40:39
After the breakup of Le Roux, Fergie next formed a group called Abandoned Shame, which included long-time friend, bass player Ricky Phillips, who had been with The Babys and would be in Bad English, and drummer Pat Torpey, who would end up with Mr. Big. Before the band could secure a record deal, a videotape of them ended up in the hands of Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro. Toto, which was coming off of the phenomenal commercial success of their album 'Toto IV,' was in need of a lead singer to replace long-time member Bobby Kimball and enlisted Fergie.

Abandoned Shame featured also some very famous musicians like Tim Pierce, guitarist Scott Sheets, and keyboard player John Purdell. And it was Ricky Phillips who gave the video of the band to Jeff Porcaro... I wonder if there's any recording of this super band doing the rounds in the 'demo tapes' collectors market hmm!
#9 | reyno-roxx on July 02 2008 09:07:10
An utterly essential album featuring some absolutely killer songs. I always liked the artwork that graced this album too.
#10 | rostoned on July 02 2008 11:59:19
This has been reissued on CD four times so far: first in Germany by BMG (early 90s), in 200 in USA by JAC with different artwork, altered running work (why?) and a bonus track and lastly in Japan in 2001 by BMG, where it's still in print as a mid price title with fantastic fully remastered sound. In addition to these I see that the band is selling a CD of this title on their official website, it should be a self release (very much like the 2000 one).
#11 | reyno-roxx on July 02 2008 16:23:56
Does anyone have the Le Roux website issued CD version of 'Up'? Is it any better than the awful Zoom Club version?
#12 | rostoned on August 09 2008 13:12:36
S.O.S. (same old situation)...while being artistically their BEST release, this was also their WORST selling album ever in the US. It didn't even make the Billboard 200 album chart while all their other previous releases did! pissed
#13 | rkbluez on August 19 2008 03:28:41
Up was their best CD by far...a lot more powerful and I liked Jeff Pollard's vocals better then Fergie's....but So Fired Up is still a great CD.

Hey Dave...Rock Candy should do 'Up' and do it up right...LOL.
#14 | rostoned on October 12 2008 23:48:48
The bonus track 'Back In America', which is on the US CD rerelease of SFU (Millennium Edition) is NOT from Le Roux but from the band Network which featured two members of LeRoux, guitarist Jim Odom and drummer David Peters, and the great Terry Brock on vocals. The song was originally recorded for the soundtrack to the 1985 movie "European Vacation" with Chevy Chase, and runs over the end credits. It seems that a OST LP was released at the time as well with this song on it.

Actually Terry Brock is now the current singer of Le Roux, from what I can see on their website. He joined them in 2007 and they play A LOT of gigs in the USA.
#15 | jeffduran on October 13 2008 03:10:13
Yep that's always been a mystery to many who might of sought out the other two 'Network' bands to find that song. A great song indeed to round out a stellar album. score 10
#16 | rostoned on October 13 2008 09:23:24
Their entire catalog, including live releases and compilation, is available for sale on CD at their official website. Cool Thumbs Up
#17 | gdazegod on October 18 2011 11:13:44
I hope they have serial numbers. Trying to track down some of these for trainspotter purposes.. lol
#18 | AOR Lee on May 23 2012 19:48:23
I reckon Last Safe Place, sandwiched between the 2 more celebrated 'up' albums, is somewhat overlooked. All 3 are classic
#19 | aoraor on March 19 2013 18:35:00
The recently released Rock Candy version is giving me the occasion to listen repeatedly to this album after many years, since I have been always a fan of this "must have" gem, but the sound of the early cd release was really disappointing; now the dynamics are distinctly better, even if I have to admit that the production choices werent' definitely so great then, there's a lack of clarity and punch of the low frequencies that stops me to put "So Fired Up" in my AOR Best top 10 ever, which is anyway a rank this platter deserves for fantastic songwriting, drama atmosphare, the infinite range of Fergie's vocals and catchy keyboards/guitar interplay. "Carries' gone" "Turning point", "Lifeline" and the immortal ballad "Wait one minute" stands firmly in the gotha of AOR-
#20 | Metal Loaf on June 18 2013 22:38:13
I'd been keen to hear this album (and "Last Safe Place"Wink after buying Rock Candy's reissue of "Up" on the strength of their write-up in Classic Rock Presents AOR, and I wasn't disappointed. The songs on this CD have great melodies supplemented by really good playing and singing. Like Streets, Spys and Balance, Le Roux should've been far bigger than they were.
#21 | gdazegod on June 19 2013 02:06:14
They really hit the jackpot on this one. Pity it's only really appreciated 30 years later!
#22 | diegopomp on January 14 2014 17:19:32
#23 | super80boy on March 16 2014 14:26:34
Fergie Frederiksen really marked his territory on this booming album. A first class mix of AOR and melodic rock melodies and arrangements.
#24 | super80boy on March 16 2014 14:27:14
Fergie Frederiksen really marked his territory on this booming album. A first class mix of AOR and melodic rock melodies and arrangements.
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