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H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2017 Into The Great Unknown

ARTIST: H.E.A.T (Sweden)
ALBUM: Into The Great Unknown
LABEL: Gain/Sony Music
SERIAL: 885150344415
YEAR: 2017


LINEUP: Erik Grönwall - vocals * Dave Dallone (Sky Davids) - guitars * Jona Tee - keyboards * Jimmy Jay - bass * Crash - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Bastard Of Society * 02 Redefined * 03 Shit City * 04 Time On Our Side * 05 Best Of The Broken * 06 Eye Of The Storm * 07 Blind Leads The Blind * 08 We Rule * 09 Do You Want It? * 10 Into The Great Unknown



Many of our favorite bands from back in the day never made it to album number five. Or they were no longer as relevant as they were after their first couple of albums. So the longevity and continued succcess of H.e.a.t is pretty impressive. They have made it to the top echelon of artists of this genre, and a new album from these guys is a big deal. As was the case with the past two albums, there has been another personnel change, with guitarist Eric Rivers departing and Dave Dallone returning after departing for the prior album. For some reason, he is going by the name Sky Davids on this one. But his return is welcome. The early word was that this album would be somewhat of a departure from their previous work, which was mostly upbeat straight-ahead fun rock. They tried some new stuff on 'Tearing Down The Walls' in 2014, so what might be in store here?

The Songs
Opener 'Bastard Of Society' hits hard right out of the gate, with Dallone throwing down some tough licks and the guys providing huge backing vocals. This is a great way to open the album. They immediately tap the brakes, though, on 'Redefined'. It's pretty much unlike what they've done in the past. It was the second song released, and I have to say that it works a lot better for me now that I've heard it on the album. It's a lot harder than I realized on the first couple of listens. And it's the kind of move that could have backfired in less capable hands. You'd expect a song named 'Shit City' to be a tough affair, and it is. It's in the same vein as 'Inferno' from the last album, so if that song appealed to you, you're gonna like this one too. These guys are showing that they can get fully into the melodic hard rock area. Then they continue the hard / soft pattern with 'Time On Our Side', which really isn't as soft as it initially appears. This was the first song released from the album, and it seemed like a surprising choice at the time. But like 'Redefined', it fits very well. 'Best Of The Broken' starts with a jangly guitar lick that goes on for a few verses, but the song continues to build until the chorus hits you like the runaway train they reference.

They're back to the slower start with 'Eye Of The Storm', but again this is deceptive in that it really picks up as the song goes on. And I'm beginning to see why this is working so well. Grönwall can just flat out sing. This album really gives him a chance to shine, and he takes full advantage of it. Tee also gets a prominent keyboard role throghout, taking more of a lead role in many places. But 'Blind Leads The Blind' reminds us that Dallone can supply plenty of guitar punch. I'm wondering whether the guys were going through some deep stuff as they wrote this album, as lyrically it hasn't really been as happy as you'd expect from a H.e.a.t album. This song seems to capture a feeling many of us have about the direction in which world leaders are taking us. Grönwall gets two showcases to let us hear just how good he is, with the pompy 'We Rule' (not unlike what we've heard before from Queen and Styx) and 'Do You Want It?'. If you liked 'Mannequin Show' from the last album, the latter should please you nicely. The title track closes the album in an epic manner, over seven minutes that are quite simply amazing.

In Summary
Well, with the chances they took and changes they made with this album, it could have gone very wrong. But thankfully it went very right. It definitely sounds like the same band as always, but with a growth and maturity that helps cement their legacy. Grönwall delivers a stunning vocal performance throughout. I may dock them a bit for not including any songs that sound like the great H.E.A.T songs from prior albums, but I'll give most of that back because what they do here really works. If you think these guys have just been recording the same album over and over again like a lot of other artists, this should nicely dispel that notion. They prove again that they deserve to be at the top of the genre.

H.E.A.T - 2017 Eye Of The Storm

H.E.A.T - 2017 Redefined

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#1 | rkbluez on November 20 2017 21:33:05
Great album and excellent production. Frontiers should take note this is how a melodic hard rock album should sound. Major label quality.
#2 | melodiapositiva on December 19 2017 16:29:12
I'm really enjoying this album, and it's rare because I don't like almost anything new. I agree totally with the comment of rkbluez about Frontiers, their albums all sound the same.

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