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Dimino - 2015 Old Habits Die Hard

ARTIST: Dimino
ALBUM: Old Habits Die Hard
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2015Frontiers Portal


LINEUP: Frank DiMino - lead vocals * Justin Avery - organ, background vocals * John Miceli - drums * Oz Fox, Paul Crook, Jeff Labansky, Pat Thrall, Punky Meadows, Jeff Duncan, Eddie Ojeda, Dylan DiMino, Rickey Medlocke - guitars * Danny Miranda, Paul Crook - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Never Again * 02 Rockin' In The City * 03 I Can't Stop Loving You * 04 The Rain's About To Fall * 05 Even Now * 06 Tears Will Fall * 07 Mad As Hell * 08 Sweet Sensation * 09 Tonight's The Night * 10 The Quest * 11 Stones By The River



Anyone with a half a brain within the melodic rock industry needs no introduction to this bloke. The front-man for 70's icons Angel, has recaptured some sort of latent energy and rediscovered some form, years after the white-winged heyday was a money spinner for Casablanca Records. Believe it or not, this is Frank's first piece of music away from Angel, and it's been many years since they were in business. It's a brave step for Frontiers to invest in Frank, and I'm glad they did, though as we can all appreciate, this is not the second coming of Angel. As the title says, 'old habits die hard', and when you're well into your sixties (Frank is now 64), rock music is pretty hard to remove out of the system.

The Songs
Looking through the personnel list, there's a few familiar names here. Oz Fox (Stryper), Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Ricky Medlocke (Blackfoot), Pat Thrall (Pat Travers band), Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint), Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult) and Frank's old band-mate Lionel (Punky) Meadows from Angel are a few notables. Even Barry Brandt help out with the songwriting. Musically, this is cased in a late 70's box, especially with all that organ work. Vocally, Frank is hitting the high notes pretty damn well, I read somewhere on another review site that he sounded like Biff Byford from Saxon. I don't hear that so much, but from what I can tell, the vocals aren't as prominent in the mix as I would've hoped. The songs that do it for me are 'Rockin' In The City', 'The Rain's About To Fall', the chugging 'Mad As Hell', the bluesy good-time rocker 'Tonight's The Night' and the fiery 'The Quest'. A couple of slower songs also appeal, two of which are 'Even Now' a power ballad, and the closer 'Stones By The River'.

In Summary
Due to Angel's light having faded many decades ago to the general public, I'm thinking that this album is going to have limited appeal. Despite that, old fogies like most of us here will still be OK with that, however the young brigade will have no idea. These days, Frank has his own music enterprise business going, including vocal training and Angel merchandising. Now all that is remaining to complete the 2015 year is a full debut album from Mr Meadows. Wouldn't that be a treat!

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#1 | gdazegod on July 21 2015 04:35:10
Dimino - 2015 Rockin' In The City
#2 | Explorer on July 21 2015 12:51:48
I made reference to Frank sounding like Biff in the Shoutbox a few weeks back, and still hold to that. It`s a decent effort by Mr Dimino, but like yourself it`s the Punky Meadows album that I`m waiting for.
#3 | gdazegod on July 21 2015 12:56:28
I recall that Malcolm, but I also picked it up on another German review site.. so it stuck in my head as I was writing it this afternoon.
#4 | reyno-roxx on July 21 2015 18:08:21
It's Frank's first solo foray, but he has recorded material away from Angel since he first left the band in 1981, having worked with Giorgio Moroder on the Flashdance and Metropolis soundtracks, worked with Paul Raymond on his first Paul Raymond Peoject album and also sang on a Cheap Trick tribute album.
#5 | gdazegod on July 21 2015 23:37:23
I remember him participating on Paul Raymond's project, I think that was from 1989. This was mentioned in a Metal Forces review at the time, if I recall..
#6 | rostoned on July 24 2015 09:24:59
Reyno you mean Frank is part of Cycle V in the track 'Blood from a stone' off the Metropolis OST? I dont have it so dunno if he is credited or what there, I listened and can't recognize him.
#7 | reyno-roxx on July 24 2015 18:42:05
He worked on material with Moroder on the movie soundtrack, which isn't necessarily on the released album, if you see what I mean. He certainly doesn't sing lead on the track that made the album.
#8 | KelvHellrazer on July 25 2015 12:51:49
Frank is great
#9 | reyno-roxx on July 25 2015 18:40:37
Cannot argue with that Kelv!
#10 | rostoned on August 01 2015 19:47:37
correct spelling (aka how he was born...) is Di Mino, DiMino or Dimino??? LOL

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