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Articles Home » 2010 Articles » Bad City - 2010 Welcome To The Wasteland
Bad City - 2010 Welcome To The Wasteland

ARTIST: Bad City
ALBUM: Welcome To The Wasteland
LABEL: Atlantic Records
SERIAL: 525467-2
YEAR: 2010


LINEUP: Josh Caddy - vocals * Tom Schleiter - lead guitar * Max Perenchio - lead guitar * Jake Serek - bass * Kevin Kane - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Showdown In Central Park * 02 Take Me For A Ride * 03 Do You Believe In Rock N Roll * 04 Wildlife * 05 Fire In The Pouring Rain * 06 Call Pall Stanley * 07 Heatwave * 08 Look Out! * 09 Touch * 10 Straight To The Grave


WEBLINKS: www.myspace.com/badcitymusic

Bad City were the group that clutched defeat out of the jaws of victory. These guys had a pack of cards stuffed with kings, queens, aces the whole lot, no low numbers nor jokers. Already fast tracked as the new face or maybe the alternative version of AOR, plus gaining the approval of Paul Stanley (this will become obvious why later on). So what went wrong? Well over the course I will cover the highs and then come to an abrupt halt as I sum up at the end, and delve deeper in how and why it all went sour. Before that a small bit of history. It all started with a group called Powerspace, who released an album in 2007, called 'The Kicks Of Passion', which my daughter has in her collection, although I wasn't aware of the connection, and yes it's a fairly good album. What was lacking was what Josh Caddy brought to the show, he appeared in a group called Thee Armada, in the same breath it lacked the song writing of the guys from Powerspace, but together they meshed and produced the best material in the form of this album.

The Songs
Have you ever seen Black Veil Brides? , they have a great image (yes if I was twelve) but if they had songs like 'Showdown In Central Park', they would be headlining the Monsters of Rock, rather than playing in a tent. Here Bad City comes across as the older brother to H.E.A.T, whose main occupation in life is to bully those younger Swedes.

'Take Me For A Ride' shows that Bad City took considerable notice of the lessons taught by the likes of Def Leppard and Danger Danger. They pour these two influences into a musical cement mixer and out seeps pure melodic rock of the highest calibre, even the guitar has a swish of Uncle Tom Scholz, while he locks himself away in his cabin, no way does this just warrant to be plagued as an AOR genetically modified substitute. If Tom had produced musical sons this is what they would have sounded like.

'Do You Believe In Rock n Roll' (note no question mark) is a strange change of events, back to the black finger nail era of Queen, and what you think Foxy Shazam should actually sound like by the reviews rather than what they actually do. This is 70's Glam perfection from the big three of Sweet, Slade, and T'Rex then add a dash of vintage Wig Wam, even those Swedes, Casablanca. It makes me pour another glass of wine, which I know I will regret in the morning.

'Wildlife'.. this is Skid Row, Johnny Crash and Wildside with the right amount of melody, and Bad City incorporates the level of heaviness to the correct degree. Ever watched the TV series, Bottom? when Eddie constantly smashes Richie's head in the fridge door, this is like that being repeated to music. These guys come across like Kiss in 15 years' time, when Kiss are made up of all new members, hiding behind the makeup, with the both balding Uncle Paul and Uncle Gene just sitting as senior executives on the Board, pulling the strings, like how Mortimer and Randolph Duke carried on in the 80's film Trading Places.

'Fire In The Pouring Rain' sees the pacemaker being dropped as the lap times start to drop off, but the result is a powerful melodic rock ballad, but still hi-energy, like a spinner, still achieving 80mph balls. Anytime the use of 'rain' in the title of a song means mixing it with 'fire' has got to be good. This is the area that has best been replicated by the likes of Neonfly more recently.

Well ever heard the Black Spiders tune 'Kiss Tried To Kill Me'?, well Bad City also use that subject matter with 'Call Paul Stanley', very clever, this is quite powerpop in execution, more Redd Kross than Jellyfish, could have been as successful to Wayne World's homage to Alice Cooper was, it's that good, and a fresh way to incorporate Mr Stanley.

'Heatwave' is the best of sleeze, yes the beeze neeze, lifting from 'Dancing With Myself' by Generation X, another glam fest with a heavy dose of powerpop, not the traditional Cheap Trick, because these guys would had certainly destroyed Rick Nielsen's five neck guitar if let loose on it. This feeds into 'Look Out', the harmonies spell out a Paramore connection, while the stance is Halestorm, with the time set at 30 Seconds to Mars, which creeps into dirty Skid Row and Love/Hate. It does get pretty ruthless, even Buckcherry don't get this shirty.

After that set of tantrums, they calm down a shade, 'Touch' which is full of melodic energy, climbing mountains without the need for grappling hooks, slice of Boston guitars of all things, but this is where the comparison ends, not AOR, but more if Tom Scholz had started out with job at the local convenience store rather than at Kodak, this is how he would had turned out to be like.

'Straight To The Grave' is a fine finish, like a happier Harem Scarem, good powerful stuff, high octane with an addictive smell, like Guns N Roses without Axel.

In Summary
This album is like a group of teenagers drinking shandy, pushing to all extremes and still having enough energy to stay up all night. Trouble is, the group imploded even before they had a chance to cure the hangover and long before making a major impact. They certainly had their chances, tours with a couple of rock heavyweights. At this point I was going to be a smart arse and discuss how a record company might've acted if this band were in the process of selling millions of albums, and then bailed out any crime carried out by any of the members of the band that they had invested in. Including paying all the legal costs, to ensure they continued to see their bank balance exploding. Well that sort of thing used to happen, but fortunately nowadays that is not the case. Initially Josh Caddy was replaced on the tour supporting Kiss, due to a very serious conflict with the band members (he was replaced by the ex-Powerspace vocalist Alec Cyganowski). However reports filtered through of Josh Caddy being arrested for sexual misconduct. In fact he was found guilty and convicted and jailed for 7 years. Actually if you access illinoiscourts.gov, you can see details of an appeal and of the case, and it is far from pleasant reading. Quite shocking really. Inevitably the band didn't last long afterwards, and split at the end of 2011. Rather than finishing this article on the equivalent of watching the final moments of Game Of Thrones, series five, I think it was young Jeffrey343 who posed the question about what albums would be in your ten for the first half of the decade. Well I would still find a place for this album.

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Tags: Bad City 
#1 | GSpar77491 on July 12 2015 05:48:30
What a great album. Hooks and melodies all over the place with tons of swagger and attitude. My favorite CD of that year!
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