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Articles Home » 1982 Articles » Day, Arlan - 1982 I Surrender
Day, Arlan - 1982 I Surrender

ARTIST: Day, Arlan
ALBUM: I Surrender
LABEL: Pasha
YEAR: 1982


LINEUP: Arlan Day - piano, vocals * Art Wood - drums * Jeffry Rich - guitars * Gabriel Katona - synthesizer * Richard Bennett - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Just Enough Of A Good Thing * 02 Ohh I Needed That * 03 Pictures In Motion * 04 Night Flight * 05 All Change * 06 I Surrender * 07 Inside You * 08 Counting On You * 09 All Roads Lead Me To You * 10 No End

This is Alan Green from Manchester. Sounds like the Sports Report on a Saturday evening on the radio. Well this Alan Green isn't the 'that's shocking' radio football commentator, but the guy who went under the pseudonym of Arlan Day to release his only album in 1982. Although having a minor hit in America, (number 71 I think?) with the title track, this album seems to have gone largely unnoticed. Sure I am bound to be proved wrong, but under closer inspection the clues are there. Let's start with the record label, Pasha. Without doing any research, to me this means Quiet Riot, Kick Axe, which ties in with producer Spencer Proffer, add in a track written by Uncle Bob Halligan, whose solo album in 1991 we are all aware of (covered by George see 1991 articles) plus being a Judas Priest and Icon collaborator. We also find Randy Bishop, who released an album on the Aura label in 1985, called 'Underdog'. But outside the world of AOR, only one other sleuth on the internet seems to have taken an interest. They actually see Mr Day as a pop artist, and incidentally provided further background, being that under his real name, the said Mr Green, he became the manager and co-writer for Davy Jones of The Monkees. He also had involvement in Shakespearean history and the controversy of whether old Bill really wrote his work or someone else.. I turned off at this point; nevertheless this amateur Sherlock Holmes is clear in classing Arlan Day as a bit of a pop singer. While I can agree with this accusation to some regard I still think this album displays more than the odd moment of AOR along with its cousin Westcoast, which could warrant a re-appraisal of the pop description. Now bear in mind how many albums here at GDM Towers have pressed you into buying due to maybe 4 or 5 songs having a AOR pedigree, I'm only going to add to your predicament and put the case forward for this album.

The Songs
Over the course of the album there are many frilly Westcoast moments, with Christopher Cross being an obvious reference point. Take for instance 'Just Enough Of A Good Thing' or the title track itself. The heat these pair give off, you know the nights are getting warmer it won't be long before summer comes (guesses on a postcard to where I pinched that from?). Both of course are boarding on pop music, and the saxophone screech backs up my view, and many time Arlan trips over Mr Cross and Nigel Olsson, so step carefully Arlan. However, if I mention Robbie Patton, your interest peaks, because on the first of three AOR blasters that form the basis of side one, Arlan is treading very close to Robbie and the guy I wrote about growing up. When you play these tracks starting with 'Ooh I Needed That', each one in turn seems to become my favourite track, this one brings into play classic AOR, springy keyboards, which are excellent btw and we also add into the bowl, one Kevin Raleigh, during his MSB days rather than his one and only solo album. 'Pictures In Motion' is an enjoyable lightweight tune, but still clever in its construction, like hand-crafted AOR, rarely whispers (Arlan never one for screaming) that he is or was a fine songwriter. The keyboard ripples at the end, seem to flush out the sound of 'Radio Ga Ga'. The first trio of AOR, ends with 'Night Flight', and could I be as too bold to mention Balance, OK it may not have the cut and thrust but not far off, maybe if we settle on Aviator. At that point, has Arlan shot his bolt, well not quite because 'All Change' falls into Supertramp and traces of the soft passages of ELO.

More AOR can be located on side two, with 'Inside You', it applies a fine rock chorus while the verses have the feel of Frankie Valli, 'Grease', which itself is still a great track, but ultimately another AOR stormer. Actually a late footnote is that this track was actually written by Jeff Wayne, and appears on Justin Hayward's 1980 album of the same name, and after checking it out, I prefer the more harder version that Arlan performs. Maybe not a case of all good things come to an end, but rather it changes direction. The acoustically ballad of 'Counting On You' where he counts 1 to 10 numerous times, which sounds strange but results in some great wimpy stuff, that Leo Sayer wouldn't have minded showing up with on Top Of The Pops, or Radio One DJ, Simon Bates would get all teary about. Up pops the Halligan tune, and shines like a halogen light bulb, waves of keyboards form into another AOR pathway, but this time it never really puts the frighteners on Journey, Toto etc., but keeps close to the pop camp, somewhere near The Tarney/Spencer Band. Vocal wise Arlan sometimes selects quite a high pitch tone, maybe not as high as Jon Anderson, but it is still quite pleasant and he writes songs to the benefit of his range.

In Summary
I only found this album in the last 12 months in a record shop in London along with John Townley, King Harry and Ronnie Mislap (all featured here) for a quid each; I mean where the hell do people store this stuff? This could have been a stepping stone, no make that a blast off, to a fully-fledged AOR career, but it wasn't to be, especially wearing a pullover like he does on the cover. Looking back just as Arlan questioned Shakespeare, could this actually been an album created by another AOR superstar but issued under a fictional character name by the record company, of course it isn't but you do wonder what could have happened after one album, granted maybe only signed to a subsidiary of a major label could then just seemingly disappear, definitely in terms of musical output, I wonder?

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#1 | gdazegod on March 02 2015 21:03:01
Arlan Day - I Surrender
YouTube Video:
#2 | gdazegod on March 02 2015 21:04:04
Arlan sounds like Air Supply's Russell Hitchcock in some parts.
#3 | rostoned on March 02 2017 13:22:52
Englandashes I wonder where you got the line up credits since the US LP doesn't say anything bout musicians nor comes with any inner sleeve, I checked many copies and all are like dat, sleeveless. Maybe it was from a YT comment/note? If so I hope it is correct, in any case I just ordered the japanese LP edition with OBI and lyrics/fold out inner sleeve, let's see if there's confirmation at least there..

According to Discogs and some net search, this was issued only in US and Japan. Is this correct or also a UK or German issue was granted at the time? I spotted a british vinyl single of 'I surrender' tho'.... hmm!
#4 | englandashes on March 02 2017 23:44:33
Hi Rostoned, thank you for the interest, we'll just checked my vinyl and it has no details, however checking back on my article I certainly provided this information. I regret I have no idea where I got it from, obviously from the internet, but where, sorry can't the life of me remember. However Arlan, well Allan, seems to be alive and well at ...., sorry I can't be more helpful, my only thought was from a website called melodic....something, one man band site that had lots of great reviews.
#5 | englandashes on March 02 2017 23:45:57
My copy is the US version.
#6 | englandashes on March 03 2017 09:32:44 site states the same line up, so looks like it mentions it on the Japanese version, let us know when you receive it, thanks
#7 | rostoned on March 04 2017 09:18:47
Yes Englandashes, here's the link you mentioned. There could be more musicians involved, as the article after the last name says 'etc'. Once my jap copy arrives will update here.Thumbs Up .

Also please note the B side of US or UK single 'I Surrender' is a non LP track called 'The Only Woman', cowritten with Tom Snow!

#8 | rostoned on March 08 2017 15:29:39
Hello englandashes and all, I checked the Japanese copy of this LP and yes that musicians line-up listed above and lifted from the net is correct. No other one is listed as involved, only one minor correction: Jeffry (spelled like this, not Jeffery) Rich is the bass guy, not a guitarist.
#9 | gdazegod on March 09 2017 09:47:06
Corrections made. Can you double check Rostoned? Thanks.
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