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Jungle - 1998 For You Tonight

ARTIST: Jungle
ALBUM: For You Tonight
LABEL: Blue Martin
SERIAL: 330180-2
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Stoney - vocals * Rico Fischer - guitars * Felice Durante - keyboards * Tommy Ritter - guitars * Didi Buhler - bass * Goran Filic - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 To Be Heard * 02 Your Song * 03 Save A Smile * 04 Why * 05 For You Tonight * 06 Remember * 07 Ever Since * 08 When Pride Has Gone * 09 Wild Years * 10 Remember (Light Version) * 11 Your Song (Road Jam)

Anyone remember the Empire record label? A pre-cursor to MTM days, yes, no? Well even if this was released way after that the short sunshine spell, this would had definitely been the type of album that would had easily found a place on that roster. Yes those were the times when you would order a CD, maybe the likes of Clif Magness, Lance or those Canadians Shayle, having to pay through the nose, only to wait an age because when you were told to wait 28 days for delivery, they meant it. So what do we have here? Well, I believe this is their second album after 1994's 'Nuts', again released on Blue Martin Records, a Swiss subsidiary of K-Tel Records no less! But with the absence of anything concrete on the web, I am relatively unsure. But I do have a firm belief that this is an impressive combination of westcoast, AOR and a more than generous amount of rock and yes even pop music.

The Songs
The overall impression I perceive is that this would be the result if Michael Learns To Rock had grown up, started requesting to be referred to as Mick, instead of plain Michael, having just got back from University with a large debt round his neck (I can think of more enjoyable ways of getting into debt). I think also of Clouseau, but at the same time that is not an ideal fit, if I am to be perfectly honest. 'To Be Heard' is controlled melodic bliss, and seems to have that feeling the singer Seal submits, not in terms of vocals more the tempo and the feel. This song wraps you up into a comfort blanket of AOR and westcoast. The pull is the stunning chorus, which creeps up on you. Stoney's voice here shows resemblance to the great Geir Ronning, whatever happened to him? A cover version so early in proceedings could already signal the death nail, but they provide an updated funky feel to Elton John's 'Your Song', anyway it's a hard song to ruin. Whereas 'Save A Smile' could grace any Mark Spiro album and the piano does its best not to melt into a Hornsby reference, but I can't deny it. With 'Why', this has the touch of vocal delivery from the guy in the band Train. It does have a slight darkness to the atmosphere in the verse before bursting into an expressive chorus and one of the songs I whole heartily recommend. Those songs that have a significance difference between verse and chorus have always appealed to me.

The title track is the first time you notice a drop in melodic velocity; this could easily be translated to maybe a Whitesnake song, but also a boy band! It is a delightful ballad with a favourable chorus and that all important stepped verse, before an Eric Clapton styled guitar solo, which requires respect but not unbridled enthusiasm. Yes it may follow the accepted Westcoast blueprint and nothing totally original but most groups even struggle with a remotely memorable chorus. This is intelligent stuff, maybe a direction a certain Mikael Erlandsson could have pursued if he chose the route of a solo career rather than Last Autumn's Dream, not that I'm complaining with his choice. 'Ever Since' is the best exponent of this, there is nothing to dilute here, as this is strong concentrated AOR, like a House Of Shakira without all those African influences. Much more original is the simply hypnotic 'Remember', yes this is class, you have layer after layer of intense melodic courage feeding into the wheel to provide a smooth ride. Is there such a thing as sultry AOR? It's the kind of stuff The Feeling would be working on constantly. They have the ability to place the listener on a 'simmer' setting with the 'When Pride Has Gone', graciously hooking into the flow of this. Streaming ballad sweetness to the user, ok it may go on a bit too long to push towards flicking on the warning signs of over-indulgence, but it's still quality.

In Summary
Copies of this album and 'Nuts' started to appear on Amazon recently which seems as confusing as the history of the group. As I earlier hinted I don't know much about this group, except the link to Switzerland. The two albums I have reviewed have a stable line up and I only can assume that vocalist Jurg Stein choose to be known as Stoney, unless we are in fact talking about two different guys? Here in 1998 they had dispensed trying to look like Diving For Pearls, black wear plus fashioned hair, while they have gone with a more sharp suited wear, and Stoney looks like he was going through his Michael Hutchence stage. So really, any more information would be appreciated.

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#1 | swazi on June 07 2014 22:48:42
I bought this CD back in October 2006. The S/N is BLM 330180-2.
As I cannot remember at all what it sounds like I must give it another spin tomorrow.
#2 | swazi on June 09 2014 22:45:15
Yes, this is a very likeable album. The review is very much to the point. Kudos!
#3 | englandashes on June 09 2014 22:54:11
Cheers Swazi, well you were a lot quicker picking up this album than I was, it has only been in the last couple of years, due to one of those over eager sales pitches on ebay, but for once, it was probably more realistic.
#4 | englandashes on August 30 2014 09:56:26
There seems a third album has surfaced, called Time for decisions, i have ordered a copy, again pretty reasonable price on Amazon, I'll let you know, Swazi, any idea on this one?

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