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Burn (UK) will have their new album 'Ice Age' released in Japan via Marquee/Avalon on Nov 22. The album is then released worldwide on Jan 19th 2018 via Melodicrock Records.

19-11-2017 09:40
I was a bit cranky last week, waiting for various things to happen with the website transition. God it's good to be back. Didn't Gary Glitter sing a song like that? dogrun

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Starting to crank out some reviews now. Woah!

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Articles Home » 2013 Articles » Find Me - 2013 Wings Of Love
Find Me - 2013 Wings Of Love

ALBUM: Wings Of Love
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2013
SPONSOR: Frontiers Portal


LINEUP: Robbie LaBlanc - lead and backing vocals * Daniel Palmquist - rhythm guitars, guitar solo (7) * Jonny Trobro - bass, fretless bass * Daniel Flores - drums, keyboards, keyboard solo (6)

Guests: Christopher Vetter - guitar solos (1b, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11) * David Sivelindt - guitar solos (1a, 4, 9, 12) * Rolf Pilotti - keyboard solo (10)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Road To Nowhere * 02 Another World * 03 Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat * 04 Eternally * 05 Firefight * 06 On The Outside * 07 One Soul * 08 Powerless * 09 Bottom Of My Heart * 10 Unbreakable * 11 Wings Of Love * 12 Your Lips


WEBLINKS: www.facebook.com/daniel.flores.producer

He's a pretty talented singer is Robbie LaBlanc. You'll find him down the melodic rock corridors of power thanks to his involvement with Fury and Blanc Faces (alongside brother Brian), along with backing vocal appearances here and there. In 2013, he hooks up with Swedish drummer and producer Daniel Flores for the quite stellar sounding Find Me project. I've been listening to this for a few weeks now (thanks Frontiers Portal), and it has given me the opportunity to appreciate its qualities over several days. It took a few plays to get into it; Robbie coming across as a powerful but smoother version of Pride Of Lions wonderkind Toby Hitchcock. Both singers are A-grade in my opinion, so all it needed was a bunch of songs and a clutch of good musicians to get the point across. In steps Daniel Flores; previously with Minds Eye and a host of other Swedish bands, who has bought in some musicians who don't seem to have a huge profile (Daniel Palmqvist from Xorigin excluded), but more importantly, the songwriting brings in guys like Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T), Sören Kronqvist (Crash The System) plus Tom and James Martin (Vega). As a result, some of the songs are amazing to the ears of melodic rock fans.

The Songs
I'll just cherry-pick some songs which stand out upon first listen. 'Road To Nowhere' has a video for it, so you can hear it for yourself. A pretty impressive lead-off track don't you think? The synth and guitar intro for 'Another World' is a dead giveaway as to how great this song will be. 'Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat' is probably the album's most commercial song, with a top 40 style chorus to sell its wares. 'Firefight' typifies the Find Me definition of AOR in my opinion. One of the stronger cuts on the album. 'On The Outside' could be a Toby Hitchcock track if one didn't know any better. My favourite song on the album is the jawdropping 'Powerless', true AOR if ever I've heard this year, and compulsory listening! So too 'Bottom Of My Heart', which picks up the pace, and bounds along relentlessly with its increased tempo. Robbie sounds awesome on this one. The songs toward the end of the album don't let up for an instant. It's a strong performance all the way to completion. 'Unbreakable' is a keeper while 'Your Lips' has an incredible structure; the chorus is just adorable. Intense and dramatic, and totally melodic.

In Summary
Without doubt, there is something for every melodic rock lover on 'Wings Of Love'. Ballads, rockers, high-engagement anthems, soaring melodies. Oh yes, I can see this album sitting comfortably in my top 10 toward years end. Find 'Find Me' and get acquainted asap!

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Copying of material without permission is not permitted.

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Tags: Find Me 
#1 | gdazegod on August 23 2013 07:02:56
YouTube Video:
#2 | george_the_jack on August 23 2013 23:05:19
Robbie LaBlanc is indeed a very gifted singer. A beautiful cross between Kelly Hansen, Toby (as you rightly mention) and Jimi Jamison with also a pinch of Philip Bardowell. I hold high expectations for this one. Video and audio samples sound really good to my ears.
#3 | george_the_jack on September 06 2013 01:17:14
Having listened to this several times, it is indeed an excellent record and one of my serious contenders for the album of the year so far. The Toby Hitchcock references are spot on but if compared to ''Mercury's Dawn'', this one features far better songwriting qualities and a vastly superior production IMO.
#4 | jeffrey343 on September 19 2013 16:35:50
This one is going to have to be a grower for me. It is definitely a well-executed album, better than the vast majority of similar projects. The songs are not quite as catchy or immediate as some other albums that have come out (especially the Houston album). Some of them could have been catchier with different arrangements ( like 'Powerless' ). It will be interesting to see where this ends up in a few months after I've played it some more. It is promising, though. I liked the two Blanc Faces albums, but this one is up a notch from them.
#5 | kim_hp on September 22 2013 23:08:11
Listened to a few snippets of this and it does sound good. My only problem is that this is another one of those Frontiers 'project' Cd's that I generally hate. Maybe this one is different?
#6 | jeffrey343 on September 23 2013 05:09:42
Kim - this one does have very good production, and LaBlanc's voice is superb. So that puts it ahead of many of the other Frontiers releases. I like it better than the Toby Hitchcock album that you mentioned in a recent comment. But I do understand what you mean about the Frontiers approach.
#7 | george_the_jack on September 23 2013 11:44:00
Guys this is excellent. In my book it only comes a few tads behind the Houston record in the race of this year's best album. One has to listen to it several times to appreciate its qualities. Not very immdeiate or jaw dropping at first listen I'd say. The singer is world class anyway!
#8 | Eric on September 23 2013 17:27:10
I've had the same gripe about Frontiers for years kim-hp. I tend to approach thier stuff with caution for this very reason. Wasn't MTM the first label to start releasing these 'project/ throw some names in the studio and see where it lands' type discs?
#9 | reyno-roxx on September 24 2013 19:49:47
I think I was the only one who never 'got' Blanc Faces, much to the fury (if you'll pardon the pun) of a certain Belgian AOR Pomp fan at the time.....
#10 | gdazegod on September 25 2013 00:38:33
The same Belgian fan who thinks the latest Arc Angel is th best (in quotes) 'AOR' album of the year! Puhleeze!
#11 | Eric on September 25 2013 01:53:21
Well, I've lived with Arc Angel for almost a month and it ain't sticking with me. The more I play it the less I'm liking it. Is that possible?
#12 | kim_hp on September 25 2013 07:13:26
I went out and ordered this CD. Review to follow... Smile
#13 | kim_hp on September 25 2013 17:08:27
It's all a bit samey sounding as usual with these Frontiers discs, but admittedly the incredible voice of LaBlanc lift the songs up a notch. There's some good stuff on here, definitely. Will wait and see what further listens bring...
#14 | swazi on June 10 2014 22:04:29
Great disc! For me one of the highlights of 2013 and definitely in my top 10 list.
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