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Articles Home » 1985 Articles » Waysted - 1985 The Good, The Bad, The Waysted
Waysted - 1985 The Good, The Bad, The Waysted

ARTIST: Waysted
ALBUM: The Good, The Bad, The Waysted
LABEL: Music For Nations
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: 2008, Krescendo, KRECD10


LINEUP: Pete Way - bass * Fin - vocals * Paul Chapman - guitars * Jimmy Dilella - keyboards, guitars * Jerry Shirley - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hang 'Em High * 02 Hi Ho My Baby * 03 Heaven Tonight * 04 Manuel * 05 Dead On Your Legs * 06 Rolling Out The Dice * 07 Land That's Lost The Love * 08 Crazy 'Bout The Stuff * 09 Around And Around


OK, a quick history to how we got Waysted. Pete Way, left UFO, gave Fast Eddie Clarke a promise to team up under the Fastway flag, left rather sharpish to help Ozzy Osbourne on tour, came back and formed Waysted. Quite a good revision note if such a subject ever came up in an exam. A more detailed recording history shows that Chrysalis Records was pretty quick in signing up Waysted, which isn't that surprising due to the UFO connection, but just after one release they were very quick to shift them. Of course this was their debut album called 'Vices', did you spot the rather demonic Wolverhampton Wanderers emblem on that front cover? However like so many times, the independent Music For Nations jumped in and soon released a mini LP, this had quite a steamy cover? Obviously the poor girl caught her jumper on a nearby thorn bush and it started to unravel, in a repeat of that classic Hector House episode, silly old Hector! I did have this album, but returned it to WHSmith? Why? Well my only recollection was that it was possibly warped; remember those days when this was a potential hazard to buying vinyl. Pete Way was up there with Ritchie Blackmore in terms of staff turnover, for the release of this album from 1985, the likes of Ronnie Kayfield, Frank Noon and his old UFO chum, Paul Raymond, all of which featured on the debut, was already long gone. In come his old sparring partner from UFO, Paul Chapman, and they were reduce down to a three piece, shown rather well on the quite excellent front cover portrait, although the back cover explains that they were ably assisted by Jerry Shirley on drums (was he also a member of Fastway at one point, bet that pleased Fast Eddie) and Jimmy 'Tristan' Dilella on guitars and keyboards.

The Songs
'Hang Em High' sounds like a drunken night out, finding yourself in a middle of a meadow looking up starring into the night sky trying to locate UFO's. As an opening statement, UFO never sounded this mean; it seems Pete Way was trying to mix the classic rock brashness of Britain with an element of US flair. Fin (once of Flying Squad, see articles 1978) the Scotsman's sounds expert, like he has ruffled the hair of a non-Scotsman, someone like Rod Stewart, trying to irate the Englishman. Generally Fin ('was the fin on your back part of the deal...(shark))' puts in a pretty good display, classic rock voice and could had really achieved more than just the odd television programme sing-along. 'Hi Ho My Baby' follows the same direction, but interesting the sumptuous moment is the introduction of keyboards, so was it Pete Way who wanted keyboards influencing the UFO sound? While listening back to 'Vices', it was an album that really didn't hold too many surprises, or provide any clues that Waysted could write a song like 'Heaven Tonight'. Revisited on 'Save Your Prayers', released in 1986 with a youthful Danny Vaughn on vocals. While with Danny it was a credible version, to me the original is the best, granted there isn't a yawning gap between the two, say in terms of say comparing the two Whitesnake versions of 'Fool For Your Lovin'. This is a classic rock song, so many plus points, really a great AOR in every sense, melodic, memorable, heartfelt, emotive, just a downright moving composition. Could it get any better? well maybe, but I'll provide the evidence later. In the meantime this melodic tranquillity continues with 'Manuel' which is a rocky driving piece, although the odd tubular bells moment is played from a tubular exhaust system which is good news. Heavy foundation applied to all aspects, it's a quality tune.

Few resounding features on 'Dead On Your Legs', in fact just bad sounding features. Think the worst UFO or maybe the worst from UK Thunder, Kerrang would use the word 'swagger' obviously not wishing to offend Mr Way, or risk being beaten up, I would call it 'slacking'. The title being constantly mentioned every couple of seconds and so the chances of this being any good, is the chances of cricketer Stuart Broad owning up to letting rip in a crowded lift, awful and downright unpleasant. 'Rolling Out The Dice' has an intro to a song which would have paid for a number of feathered beds for the UFO staff, this brings some rock heritage and we find ourselves in a much improved placing. Nice solo that even Mr Schenker would get all agitated and excited about at the same time. Of course it misses the magical pen or pencil of Phil Mogg in terms of lyrics, but they obviously don't waste their time thumbing through a thesaurus, it's straight from the heart, not really requiring any improvements by carrying out proof reading. Now, tucked away on side 2, is probably one of those classic tracks that has been lost and waysted! away in either your own collection or due to the fact you have been avoiding this album, or just not aware. The song is called 'Land That's Lost The Love'; this is for all of you who only believe in UFO, just go out onto a pilgrimage to Waysted. This is the Holy Grail that Harrison Ford has been searching for and would be enough to get him out of retirement. This is the 90 minutes Wayne Rooney wants to play for, this is the replacement that Australia cricket are looking for to step into Shane Warne's rather larger shorts not that he wears that size now. The refrain of 'Beware the reaper' is perfect, go on play it again, groups spend a lifetime trying to write a song like this, and fail. The majesty and performance just seems to continue rising, Def Leppard seem to pepper 'Crazy Bout The Stuff' but Waysted manage to add more steel, especially Fin (you see Sheffield was not the only steel producing town, Scotland can add Motherwell to the steel industry legacy). Again its straight and narrow rock, but add a couple of side swipes even a touch of doom, before exploding to leave burning rock and roll ashes. This would be a fine finish, but unfortunately they feel the need recognise the 'stuff', being rock n roll with 'Around And Around', being a Chuck Berry tune. Well, any good? Depends what era you were born in, to fully understand this, I'm not a 50's child so it's lost on me, tell you what, let's call it a misdemeanour.

In Summary
Waysted would have a full review of its line-up, yet again, out would go Fin, in would come the American duo of Danny and drummer, Johnny DiTeodoro (better known as Johnny Dee hence the Britny Foxx drummer.. 'Girlschool, my baby broke all the rules' excellent!).., a new contract with EMI and a new album 'Save Your Prayers', which actually grazed the US Top 200 (released with differing covers, a subject already discussed here) but to me anyway an album I was pretty much underwhelmed with if memory serves me correctly. Although I would imagine it has become a favourite of many melodic rock fans, especially those supporting Tyketto. Generally this album was like playing Monopoly, it had its equivalent moments of Old Kent Road and Whitechapel but at the same time it had its purple range of Mayfair and Park Lane, being the likes of 'Heaven Tonight', 'Manuel' and 'Land That's Lost The Love'. But obviously the new Waysted, didn't get in enough rent receipts for Pete Way to continue and again he started looked for new investment opportunities by sliding back to UFO, before finally leaving again. What I didn't realise that over the years Pete Way kept putting Waysted together a number of times, plus the return of Fin, to issue another couple of albums which I have not purchased, so it may be the case that I am still a silly old Hector.

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