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Attraction 65 - 2003 Attraction 65

Gregg Fulkerson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
Robert Streets - vocals, acoustic guitar
Paul Zegelien - guitars, vocals
Mike Spears - bass, vocals
Ludo Baccherini - drums, percussion, vocals

Funnily enough, there's a certain attraction with Attraction 65, and so it proved with Swedish label Atenzia landing a big fish last year with this Tennessee based band. The fact that this album just so happens to contain the melodic rock song of the year so far, with the absolute sensational 'In Another Life' adds to the attraction. What the hell gives??? Read on.. Retro hair-metal freaks will see a couple of familiar names onboard with Attraction 65. Yesiree, ex Blue Tears members Gregg Fulkerson and Mike Spears return in 2003 sounding and looking nothing like their flossy 1990 days of olde. Despite the fact that their current dress sense gives retro flavoured modern rock a bad name, and the album cover looks like a Kindergarten rendition for next years edition of your local phone book, Attraction 65 have something going for them, and you can bet your bottom Euro it's got something to do with Gregg Fulkerson. Let's not beat around the bush here folks. In any other year this could've been a Gregg Fulkerson solo album. I mean.. he wrote/co-wrote all of the songs, he produced and mixed the whole thing, and sang all the way through. Well sort of! OK, lets present some facts to you. Firstly. This ain't Blue Tears Part Two, despite what you might read elsewhere. How can it be? Only two out of the original four members are present, and we're 13 years down the track playing a different style of music. So, don't expect to hear 2003 versions of 'Rockin' With The Radio' or 'Crush' OK? We've moved on to a better place. Secondly, there's no suffocating production as we got with David Cole (who is now long gone thank goodness). Gregg as mentioned, does the honors, and it's a full, rich production. Thirdly, the music alternates between powerful melodic belters a la Creed or Nickleback, and acoustic efforts which land between Nelson and a plethora of pretenders. The music is as 'modern' as Kristianna Loken's plastic looking hairstyle on 'T3' the movie, though I'm sure the band keep a couple of retro hair-dryers in the back closet just in case a fit of 80's styled Bon Jovi/Def Leppard induced madness befalls them!

The Songs
Now the songs: opener 'Believe' is a great modern cruncher, overamped vocals, and guitars set to fry. Well, the aforementioned 'In Another Life' is a killer. Readers need to immediately find a soundbyte or two of this tune. I rate it as the best potential single for 2003. Radio Stations.. take note, get this track on the air now!!! It's very Creed like, nice acoustic verses building up to a maxed out chorus of epic proportions. Track 4 'Train' is pretty special too, though the passive and slow acoustic build of the verses belies the thunder to spew forth on the chorus! good stuff. Probably the heaviest track on offer is 'Rise Above', with the backbeat doing double time underpinning the aggressive guitars from Fulkerson and Zegelien. Check out 'Call My Name' which sees an interesting fusion of modern Bon Jovi rhythms with U2 vocalisms. Sound strange? It ain't actually, it sounds fantastic to be honest! So too is the dreamy Springsteen-esque intro to 'Storm In My Heart', which culminates in a surging brand of melodic rock, giant riffs and vocals with commanding presence. You'll be swaying with lighters in the air upon listening to 'Swept Away', a dramatic sweeping piece befitting the name, excuse the pun. The closer 'Eden' swings back to U2 similarities, but if you imagine their music run through multiple harmonizers to develop more melody, then Attraction 65 have got it nailed.

In Summary
Somehow, Attraction 65 manage to find the balance between 80's styled hard rock and todays contemporary excuse for modern rock. Perhaps it's the guitar sound, Gregg's voice or a combination of the players alongside him. Whatever the case, this is one worthy album that may just get in stuck in your CD player for a few weeks to come. Kudos as always to Magnus and Stefan at Atenzia. I wonder if those two pick Lotto results as well? And oh yeah, 'In Another Life'.. to repeat, is one monster track!

Track Time: 50.29

Track Listing:
01 Believe
02 Roll On
03 In Another Life
04 Train
05 Stand
06 Rise Above
07 Strong
08 Call My Name
09 Storm In My Heart
10 Swept Away
11 Eden

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#1 | george_the_jack on May 15 2009 19:24:59
'In another life' is a gorgeous prophetic song for Gregg's destiny.The recently passed away gifted melodic rocker would never imagine that this song would become his eulogy. You can download the ARFM's tribute to him from I got my own copy via post thanks to his close friend Pam Andrews.Thanx Pam!
Had the chance to attend a great Blue Tears' concert in Athens' Firefest(2005) and today I feel extremely lucky for that! R.I.P. Gregg

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