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23-01-2018 19:27
R.I.P Dave Holland, drummer, ex Trapeze and Judas Priest. Aged 69.

22-01-2018 21:32
Wonderful recent interview with Gary Numan.

21-01-2018 21:04
Lucky and now skint, judging by the winning bid!!

21-01-2018 20:47
Some lucky Jeff Lynne fan got a real rarity!

21-01-2018 09:43
Yep in Argent, especially as Rod Argent and Jim we’re cousins.

21-01-2018 07:43
Didn't Rodford also play in Argent and Charlie too?

20-01-2018 22:04
Jim Rodford, bass player, The Kinks, Phoenix (I think?), but I remember him with The Zombies, saw live a while back. RIP

17-01-2018 21:50
In response to Cyrille Regis, BBC 2 repeat the Adrian Chiles documentary, Whites v Blacks, How Football Changed A Nation, unbelievable true story, worth watching

17-01-2018 18:44
Review of the rather splendid `Hornal` album is in the works too.

17-01-2018 01:57
Dave and Jeff's best of 2017 wrap-up's just around the corner too.. computer work

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Articles Home » 2012 Articles » Dockers Guild - 2012 The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1 The Age Of Ignorance
Dockers Guild - 2012 The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1 The Age Of Ignorance

ARTIST: Dockers Guild
ALBUM: The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1 The Age Of Ignorance
LABEL: Lion Music
YEAR: 2012


LINEUP: Douglas R Docker - keyboards, lead and backing vocals, spoken word

Guests: Goran Edman, Tony Mills, John Payne, Amanda Somerville - lead and backing vocals * Guthrie Govan, Jeff Watson - guitars * Tony Franklin - bass * Gregg Bissonette, Magnus Jacobson - drums * Donald D Docker - sax, clarinet, spoken word * Additional spoken voices - Silvana Momigliano, Touria Nouri, Andrea Rampa, Davide Ronfetto, Janthana Rodjakkhen

TRACK LISTING: 01 A Matter Of Energy * 02 The Mystic Technocracy * 03 Darwin's Tears * 04 Twilight Of The Gods: Norse Cosmogony Part 1 * 05 Twilight Of The Gods: Norse Cosmogony Part 2 * 06 Twilight Of The Gods: Judeo Christian Cosmogony * 07 Twilight Of The Gods: The Divine Comedy * 08 Legion Of Aliens * 09 Loving The Alien * 10 The Gem Of Love * 11 The Secret Of DNA: Part 1 * 12 The Secret Of DNA: The Purple Orb * 13 The Secret Of DNA: Part 2 * 14 Prophecy * 15 Black Swans



GDAZE has been rabbiting on about the Dockers Guild project for some years now. The brainchild of American keyboardist but Italian based Douglas R Docker, the former Biloxi ivories-man has created one of the most challenging and adventurous albums of 2012, straddling progressive rock and heavy metal styles with ease. An incredible backline of supporting musicians an endorsement of the weighty material on offer which has been some two to three years in the making. Probably the only guy operating in the same territory is Dutchman Arjen Lucassen, who has released a couple of notable space rock operas in the last decade or so with his two bands Areyon and Star One. I've been following this project for a few years now and am glad to see this come to fruition at long last. Douglas provided us with some tantalising demos a few years ago, but 'The Mystic Technocracy Book 1' ups the ante big time, and takes us onward with bigger performances and a massive production/mix, courtesy of Simon Hanhart. The Mystic Technocracy we've heard before in demo format but the real deal is so much better. The guitars are thick and crunchy. It's as if I'm talking about french fries, but of course this is the Italian variety. The lyrics are compelling too. It's not all about aliens and extra-terrestrials. Humans get a look-in too! When Jews, Christians, Arabs and Palestine are mentioned in the same sentence you know this is serious stuff!

The Songs
'A Matter Of Energy' is a short two minute introduction to the CD, a keyboard motif coupled with some bullet like drumming. The song features contributions from Docker's father; Donald Docker, who plays clarinet, saxophone and spoken word parts. Very cool!

It leads into the massive bombast that is 'The Mystic Technocracy', an incredibly heavy and pompous track that appeals greatly. Sung by John Payne, I don't think I've ever heard him sound so heavy! Based on this, he should hook up with a prog metal band. The guitar work from Guthrie Govan is off the planet as is the interplay keyboard work from Douglas. Massive song! The title describes the protagonists of the album: The Technocrats, who are a silicon-based techno-organic life form designed to eliminate all carbon based life-forms in the Universe.

'Darwins Tears' is a longer extended piece, sung by Douglas, he's joined by former Night Ranger six-string ace Jeff Watson. The song a complex multi-dimensional shift from aeons ago through the time of the dinosaurs and their eventual extinction. Ancient myths and long forgotten epochs are resurrected in this 8 minute masterpiece. In a nustshell, it describes the battle between the theories of Creationsim versus Evolution, hence Darwin's name popping up.

'Twilight Of The Gods - Norse Cosmogony Part 1' is preceded by a section that is spoken in Swedish, accompanied by some grand piano lines. It's a little unusual, but the connection of this track ties in with the recital of Viking and Norse myths from ancient times.

There's a cracking synth sequence to the start of 'Twilight Of The Gods - Norse Cosmogony Part 2', a song which features Goran Edman on vocals. Overall this one is a hard driving pomp-laden affair that is as impressive as 'The Mystic Technocracy' heard eariler.

'Twilight Of The Gods - Judeo Christian Cosmogony' is a musical smorgasbord (how appropriate given the Swedish, Norse connection). There are many styles as it weaves around its six minute playing time, Goran Edman adding to the Swedish puzzle. Some lovely keyboard work here I have to say, amid the spoken word overload throughout.

'Twilight Of The Gods - The Divine Comedy' is also sung by Goran Edman, and contains a regimented build-up finishing in an overblown crescendo end piece.

'Legion Of Aliens' is one of the earliest pieces on this project. According to Docker, this one has its roots back in 1990 and again is one of the cornerstones of the album.

'Loving The Alien' is a David Bowie cover, with John Payne at the helm. It was picked for this album as it sailed close to the lyrical storyline.

'The Gem Of Love' features Tony Mills, this track sounding as close to Dream Theater as is physically possible. The synth solo is off the planet (literally), as it spirals down into a descent of hell. Gotta love it!

The course of the album takes a major change with the advent of 'The Secret Of DNA - Part 1'. It's the first section of a three-part suite which focuses on Earth scientists who discover that Human DNA has been interfered with by some external influence.

It's followed by the center-piece of the suite: 'The Secret Of DNA - Purple Orb'. The Scientists move their search underground to Jerusalem, and discover the secret hideaway of The Technocrat, but by this stage, the genetic interference over Millenia is probably too late for Humanity to save itself.

'The Secret Of DNA - Part 2' is the culmination of the two previous pieces, with Humanity coming to the realisation that all might be lost, but not giving up hope that survival is not beyond their reach.

'Prophecy' is a cover song and instrumental, which Docker has picked up from French band The Rockets. A complex piece with a hint of Yes in the mix, but far more intricate and dynamic it must be said. The storyline now evolves to strange visions which the Scientists have encountered under Jerusalem; a mysterious alien race composed of transparent blue diamond.

Amanda Somerville and Goran Edman share the honours on the restrained but melodic 'Black Swans'. Cosmic lyrics abound, based around the creation of a secret order: The Order of the Black Swan, designed to prevent the rise of the Technocrat, save Humanity in the process and discover who or what are the Blue Diamonds?

And so onto Season 2 in a few years time.. How intriguing!

In Summary
In summing up, I have to apologise to everyone in the delay of this review. I've had the CD for some weeks now, and have played the album constantly during that time. I'm a huge fan of cosmic storylines, but more's the point; if we see what is happening around the world at the moment, you can draw some similarities to some of the events that are unfolding. The whole 2012 scenario, the dialogue going on around the globe about Ascension and move to higher densities and dimensions is a highly discussed field in the world that I move in, so 'The Mystic Technocracy' just dropped into my lap as if by chance. If you do Google searches on Archons, the Andromedan Council and other related metaphysical subjects, the subject matter ties in quite nicely. As for the music, well that's another matter altogether. If you enjoy the melding of progressive and melodic rock/AOR styles, then Docker's Guild is a perfect fit. The musical contributors must have wondered what hit them when presented with Docker's ideas, but all have been rich in their praise of the album concepts and how it was delivered. Don't be thinking you can get away with some mindless musical escapade that you can wile away an hour or so while preparing dinner. 'The Mystic Technocracy' will require your utmost attention. For mine, one of the albums of the year.

All written content on this website is copyrighted.
Copying of material without permission is not permitted.

#1 | gdazegod on August 19 2012 14:48:31
YouTube Video:
#2 | Eric on August 19 2012 19:44:04
Fine review George and in complete agreement. As weighty as the concept is, this is a remarkable album and will also be on my top 10 year end list.
#3 | gdazegod on August 20 2012 01:10:32
If there is one thing that slightly disappoints me is the small size of the text/font within the CD booklet. I found it very hard to read, due to the small size print, and the light grey text upon the black background. Made for difficult reading. Other than that.. Thumbs Up
#4 | roadrunner158 on August 21 2012 13:41:22
Other than the waste of time that is 'Norse Cosmogony Part 1' this is an incredible effort.
#5 | gdazegod on August 21 2012 14:10:32
Douglas has stated that 'Norse Cosmogony Part 1' is the track that 'nobody gets'.. When I first heard it, I thought the dialog was Italian, but it's Swedish..
#6 | swazi on September 10 2012 21:28:54
True, that track is very confusing, but otherwise this is the most phantastic music I've heard for a long time. I don't give a 10/10 very easily, but here it is well deserved. A MUST-HAVE!
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