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Articles Home » 2012 Articles » Iron Maiden - 2012 En Vivo! (Live in Chile)
Iron Maiden - 2012 En Vivo! (Live in Chile)

ARTIST: Iron Maiden
ALBUM: En Vivo! (Live in Chile)
SERIAL: 50999 301590 2 0
YEAR: 2012


LINEUP: Bruce Dickinson- vocals * Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Janick Gers - guitars * Steve Harris - bass * Nicko McBrain - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Satellite 15 * 02 The Final Frontier * 03 El Dorado * 04 2 Minutes To Midnight * 05 The Talisman * 06 Coming Home * 07 Dance Of Death * 08 The Trooper * 09 The Wicker Man * 10 Blood Brothers * 11 When The Wild Wind Blows * 12 The Evil That Men Do * 13 Fear Of The Dark * 14 Iron Maiden * 15 The Number Of The Beast * 16 Hallowed Be Thy Name * 17 Running Free



Reviewing live albums isn't all that common here at Glory Daze, especially newer ones like this turgid offering from Iron Maiden. While Maiden's 'Live After Death' is one of the best live metal albums of all time, the band have made a habit in recent years of releasing live albums and DVD's of every tour, most of which are more irrelevant than the last. 'The Final Frontier' is no exception, the band chronicling their world tour with this gig from Chile in 2011. Why the band feels the need to showcase this tour is uncertain because as an audio statement this is utterly pointless. Maybe on DVD the results are more palatable, but anyone who would be caught dead listening to this CD should be exposed in shame (I don't count), especially if any enjoyment is gleaned from it.

The Songs
While Maiden fans are among the most loyal in metal, they are often in denial as to how stagnant and boring the band has become. So immediately the CD begins with overbearing chanting from the masses of Chileans, most of which sounds fake and contrived. I mean who in their right mind would be excited at the prospect of hearing 'Satellite 15'? This leads into two more tracks from the tepid 2010 release, the title track and 'El Dorado'. As always there's nothing to differentiate the live tracks from their studio counterparts and it's just a mind numbing experience. Following the trio of new material the band gets stuck in with the rarely heard '2 Minutes To Midnight', a real rarity. The crowd reacts to this as if they have just won the World Cup. Disc one features mostly songs from the 2000 to present era, with forced 'classics' like 'The Talisman', 'Coming Home', 'Dance Of Death' and 'The Wicker Man'. These songs were never great to start with and hearing them in this (supposed) live setting is even more dull. The remaining track of the disc is 'The Trooper', making its 700th appearance on a Maiden live release. Who still gets excited by this? It truly boggles my mind that Maiden has the gall to dish this rot out to the general public.

Disc two is even more despicable, the nadir of everything wrong with Maiden in the present era. The opening two tracks 'Blood Brothers' and 'When The Wild Wind Blows' are crippling at best, but it's when the band delves into their stale classics that you have to shake your head in disbelief. While the first disc was bad enough, this is unforgivable. Let's just consider these tracks in their precise order: 'The Evil That Men Do', 'Fear Of Tthe Dark', 'Iron Maiden', 'The Number Of The Beast', 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' and 'Running Free'. Do I need to write more? Who wants to hear the umpteenth rendition of these songs on a Maiden live album? Or any album for that matter. Are there people at home trying to discern the differences between the versions of the songs here compared to the previous Maiden live releases (of which there are nine I believe)? I'd like Steve Harris to explain the reasoning for throwing these songs on here. What's worse are the crowd reactions, which are apparently of South American lunatics frothing at the mouth in delirium at the excitement of hearing such worn out slop. If I was standing there and heard the opening chords of 'Number Of The Beast' I'd go into shock from the madness of it all. The only positive is 'Run To The Hills' wasn't included. What possibly is even worse is hearing Dickinson yelling 'scream for me Chile' before every song. Doesn't he want to flee in terror before singing these songs? I don't know why anyone would purchase this to hear these songs unless they are the ultimate Maiden completist. You'd have to be a pretty sick individual to part with money for this.

In Summary
My intentions for reviewing this were simply to rubbish it obviously, but only because it is thoroughly deserved. Iron Maiden has been plundering the market for the best part of the last decade with releases like this and they need to be held responsible accordingly. As a musical entity there is nothing here that anyone will remember in a week's time. As a live band Maiden are simply not exciting when translated to disc. The reason 'Live After Death' was so great is because it was the first proper live recording with Dickinson when the band was at its peak. This is the sound of a tired band with nothing to offer. You've seen and heard it all before and better.

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#1 | gdazegod on April 08 2012 10:47:28
Lol! Is it that bad to award a Zero for this review Alun? I don't think we've ever scored an album that's hit rock bottom! hmm!
#2 | dangerzone on April 08 2012 13:28:32
It's truly pathetic in my opinion George. For these aging punsters to keep recycling these overplayed and beyond stale songs on these pointless live albums is taking the piss somewhat.

Musically it's just pointless. Maiden just play it straight down the line, no spontaniety, no unexpected tangents, just by the book, note for note recordings of their songs. It's so dull I can't believe anyone would listen to it the whole way through.

Just take a look back at their live discography for proof of the endless recycling of the same shit. Live albums in 2002, 2005, 2009 and now 2012, all four with pratically the same tracklisting.

If anything this should be in the minuses.
#3 | fenton on July 14 2012 00:00:55
I don't think maiden will ever wake up and become accountable for the slop they peddle because their fan base is made up of sick fucks, oblivious nerds and virgins. People that are genuinely excited by the prospect of run to the hills live. There's a reason iron maiden was the last concert I went to before deciding live music wasn't for me; I was embarrassed to be assosciated with those freaks.
#4 | reyno-roxx on March 29 2013 20:50:13
Agreed, that 'Live After Death' is superior, although I would've preferred that record to be from one complete show. I always thought the fourth side from Hammersmith completely spoilt the album's continuity and atmosphere.

I thought Maiden got way over the top on the 'Seventh Son' tour. I was underwhelmed with them at Donington in 88, but they were fantastic a couple of years later in 1990 with a more stripped down, back to basics show. Howard Johnson and I were lucky enough to sing back ups on stage with them in Rome. Magical! Thumbs Up
#5 | englandashes on March 29 2013 21:05:25
I noticed that even my local ASDA is stocking another live album by Iron Maiden, being the just released Maiden England 88, from The Seventh Tour, funnily enough, bearing in mind reyno's post.
#6 | reyno-roxx on March 30 2013 15:40:19
I've just picked up that new Maiden release. It's much, much better than 'En Vivo!' They'll never top 'Live After Death' though, unless they release some earlier live material with Paul Di'Anno. Which I'd think would be rather unlikely....
#7 | gdazegod on April 02 2013 01:19:32
Iron Maiden up to about 1990 were fantastic. More recently, err no..
#8 | AOR Lee on April 02 2013 05:59:09
For a band that was once incredible, this is a terrible low point to reach. I have no issue with Dangerzone's rating of 0, he got it right
#9 | dangerzone on August 08 2013 06:19:28
What happened to the views for this article? Somehow it's gone back to scratch along with several others.
#10 | gdazegod on August 08 2013 08:25:50
Yeah sorry about that. The 'article_reads' field got scrambled the other day. I had to resort to a backup to find out what the totals were, and then adjust for the days lost. This was because of a SQL issue with the articles table. The DB has been upgraded by my ISP and there are still some things which don't quite work as they used to; the main one being, the ability to import reviews as txt files. This functionality is no longer supported in my SQL environment.. believe it or not! Shock
#11 | dangerzone on August 08 2013 22:44:46
No worries mate. As long as it continues to piss off irate Maiden fans!
#12 | MUSCLE on November 12 2017 00:27:16
I look to the sky
with a tear in my eye
and I ask god why,
why so many people
have to die
for a war
that's just another lie.
And I wave goodbye
to the fallen souls
floating up on high...
my name is Steve
and these lyrics suck,
but I've got nothing more
up my sleeve
so I think I'm gonna write a song
based on the film
The Bridge Of The River Kwai
(at least it won't take very long
and maybe I'll rope in Janick,
knock out a quick epic
about old King Kong).
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