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Best Of Decade 2000-2009 - 2010 Eric

ARTICLE: Best Of Decade 2000-2009 (Eric)

Ten years is a long time and like most of us, I've heard more music this past decade than I did the previous three for better or worse. Technology and buying through the internet has made it that much easier, but more difficult separating the wheat from the chaff and there's been plenty of the latter this past decade. Still as they always do, the musical jewels rose to the surface and here are my top ten of the last ten..

The Albums

# 10 - Roland Orzabel- 2001 Tomcats Screaming Outside
Outstanding and exciting first solo album from one half of Tears for Fears. Progressive pop with ethnic tendencies that reveals something new with each listen.

# 9 - Electric Light Orchestra 2001 Zoom
Criminally ignored and yes more Traveling Wilbury's than classic ELO, Lynne is still at the top of his game here with solid songs, pristine production and timeless sound.

# 8 - Brian McDonald Project - 2003 Voyage
One of the best examples of a progressive rock/ AOR crossover I've heard in years.

# 7 The Embassy 2002 Futile Crimes
Beautifully executed Swedish synthpop that pulls influences from Pet Shop Boys, OMD, A-Ha and all the good stuff that made '80s pop so cool.

# 6 The Beatles 2006 Love
Cut and splice mash- up from George Martin and son who turn the familiar into something fresh and utterly original.

# 5 Roger Joesph Manning Jr. 2006 Solid State Warrior
The unbelievably charming first solo album from former Jellyfish star that takes the listener on a magical trip with each listen. Genius.

# 4 Andy Scott's Sweet - 2002 Sweetlife
Ok, not really 'Sweet', but a fantastic album just the same. I seem to remember playing nothing but the disc for a month straight...

# 3 The Feeling 2006 Twelve Stops And Home
Owing their sound to '70s soft rock and more importantly 10cc, no less than five singles were released from the album which never had a shot in the States. Unbelievable considering how good this album is.

# 2 Heavy Metal Kids 2003 Hit The Right Button
Never thought I'd see the return of the Heavy Metal Kids let alone an album of this quality. Real rock by real musicians -they don't make 'em like this anymore!

# 1 Keane 2004 Hopes And Fears
No guitars and it doesn't matter with stellar songwriting sounding like Queen, 10cc and U2 wrapped up in one intoxicating package. Coldplay have nothing on these guys. It's easily the most inspiring and frequently played album from my collection of the last ten years.

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#1 | gdazegod on February 01 2010 14:08:14
I think I need to change the image links Eric. RYM doesn't allow image linking.. fair enough, because we don't either! I'll sort it out within the day.
#2 | Nick C on February 01 2010 19:20:19
Top choice with the Roger Joseph Manning Jr. it's never far away from my player. Also I picked up Zoom by ELO a month or so ago for 99p or something in a charity shop. I wasn't expecting much but it's fantastic.
Although at first I thought he was singing 'Stranger at a Crime Scene' instead of 'Stranger on a Quiet Street' for the first few listens! Serves me right for not reading the sleeve properly I guess.
#3 | jefflynnefan on February 02 2010 01:08:53
I haven't heard The Feeling or Andy Scott's Sweetlife. They must be really good to make your list. ELO's Zoom is definitely one of my faves for the decade along with Dean and Britta's L'Avventura.
#4 | gdazegod on February 02 2010 06:57:04
I got sent a copy of Sweet Life from Jeff Summers (ex Statetrooper) back in 2002. Good chap!
#5 | englandashes on August 17 2015 15:52:47
I really didn't really think i would like the Keane cd, yes heard various singles over the years, but picked this album up last week and its excellent. Seriously, go along to any charity shop and pick it up for a pound, dollar, euro, whatever, it's worth alot more. Anyway, when is Eric ever wrong?

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