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Until Rain - 2009 The Reign Of Dreams

ARTIST: Until Rain
ALBUM: The Reign Of Dreams
LABEL: Steel Gallery Records
YEAR: 2009
SPONSOR: Lefteris Germenlis


LINEUP: Damien Roussos - vocals * Theodore Amaxopoulos - guitars, backing vocals * Orestis Fikos - bass, backing vocals * Lefteris Germenlis - keyboards, backing vocals * Alex Hughes - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Epilogue Pt 1 * 02 Departure * 03 The Reign Of Dreams * 04 Room 1716 * 05 Eerie * 06 Oneiromancy * 07 RK * 08 Adaptability * 09 Epilogue Pt 2



Thessaloniki based prog metallers Until Rain might be a new name to you and I, but they've been around for a few years now. The band lineup has been relatively intact since that time, but they operated under a few different monickers: Delear, Delirium and more recently, the unusually titled Theimeurgia. 2009 saw a year of changes for the band. Firstly, vocalist S.V Silent departed, the band released a demo, then they were signed to Greek label Steel Gallery Records. Wisely, it was a good time to morph to a new name (Until Rain), welcome in new singer Damien Roussos, and deliver their debut album 'The Reign Of Dreams'.

The Songs
It's thinking man's progressive metal, with doses of Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Kamelot, the band have a story to tell, where life's circumstances straddle between the worlds of reality and dreams. Typically, there are loads of time and tempo changes, and after negotiating our way through the spoken word Epilogue Pt 1, we rip right into 'Departure', which mixes up Euro prog metal in the style of Italians Secret Sphere. The drumming is played with typically bullet like precision, the passages shift between regimented verses and rapidfire bursts of tempo. It's clear that some Dream Theater styled progressions are evident this early on the album, which is no bad thing, even the dramatic entrance of 'The Reign Of Dreams' holds session at the court of Petrucci, Myung and company. 'Room 1716' has a fair bit of angst and drama built into it. I think this song is about convicted murderer held in an institution, and his consequent suffering. The bass and drum lines power the intro on 'Eerie', the song juggles different styles in between time changes and various exotic musical Middle Eastern flavours included within. Skipping through the instrumental 'Oneiromancy', we are dropped into the macabre world of 'Rk', which sounds like it should be the soundtrack of a horror movie! 'Adaptability' is less about prog metal, and more about symphonic qualities. The unplugged parts sounded a bit like Kansas, though I think that wasn't intentional. The album ends wih 'Epilogue Pt 2', the lyrics speak of loss, pain, gloom and doom, and who (pray tell) is Rita Kane?

In Summary
The overall feel of the album takes me back to the heady days at the beginning of this decade, when a whole host of prog metal bands made their presence known within that genre. Until Rain give me the impression of (what could be called) an old school prog metal band. It's complex in places, but it never settles long enough to allow the band to find some sort of stylistic consistency. I guess what I mean by that is.. the band currently have no unique identity that allows people to identify them immediately. Maybe that will come in time, and hopefully the full expression of ideas seen here on 'The Reign Of Dreams' will allow Until Rain to find a musical path that they can call their own. I will say though, the vocals need a lot more work. I'm not sure if Damien Roussos was completely comfortable singing this stuff considering the short turnaround between his joining the band and this album being released. Maybe next time he'll have more time to get used to the material. Musicianship wise, it appears to be all there, maybe they should just focus on building melody and layers and leave the dexterity and musical chops in the kit bag at rehearsals, because I feel these guys can do wonders if they take the complexity out of the equation. Let's see what instalment 2 has to offer.

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#1 | george_the_jack on November 21 2009 12:36:43
For me, the best songs are: 'The Reign of Dreams' and the majestic AOR-ish anthem, 'Epilogue pt.2'. The more they improve, the more glorious the future that lies ahead of them! Smile

George, thanks for taking the time!

Thumbs Up

PS:'Theimeurgia' is the Greek word for 'creation' Grin
#2 | george_the_jack on November 21 2009 23:33:05
Alex is definitely an incredible drummer. They're all talented and qualified musicians, despite their 'youth'. As for Lefteris, since I know him, he has a wide range of musical influences and great keyboard - playing skills. I can honestly consider him as one of the most talented keyboardists / qualified pianists of my city's scene.

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