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Articles Home » 2009 Articles » Steel Panther - 2009 Feel The Steel
Steel Panther - 2009 Feel The Steel

ARTIST: Steel Panther
ALBUM: Feel The Steel
LABEL: Universal-Republic/Island Records
SERIAL: 2707593
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Michael Starr - vocals * Satchel - guitars * Lexxi Foxx - bass * Stix Zadinia - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Death To All But Metal * 02 Asian Hooker * 03 Community Property * 04 Eyes Of A Panther * 05 Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) * 06 Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' * 07 Party All Day * 08 Turn Out The Lights * 09 Stripper Girl * 10 The Shocker * 11 Girl From Oklahoma * 12 Hell's On Fire



Steel Panther have tipped 2009 upside down with their parody metal album 'Feel The Steel'. You gotta hand it to these guys, they've taken all of the 80's hair metal excess and squeezed it out into the open two decades later for all to see. Whereas Spinal Tap, Weird Al Yankovic etc could be seen as safe parody options, Steel Panther put the X back into sex big time, with nearly all the songs devoted to mankind's favourite pastime! lol! For those who aren't aware of Steel Panther, they were previously known as Metal Skool and before that Danger Kitty, the band having a regular Monday night gig at the Key Club in L.A, plus two stints on the weekend in glam capital Las Vegas! Back in the day, the band were close to acquiring the big cigar, but were probably too far ahead of their time. Waiting for time to catch up, the band are now signed to big-time label Universal Music, and for obvious reasons, the album comes with a parental guidance warning for all the little ankle-biters out there who might accidentally stumble across this lot. Musically, these guys are top-notch musicians. Lead singer Michael Starr is in fact Ralph Saenz, previously with the band Atomic Punks and L.A Guns, guitarist Satchel is better known as Russ Parish, previously with Rob Halford's band Fight, bassist Lexxi Foxx is Travis Haley while drummer Stix Zadinia is Darren Leader.

The Songs
Any band who starts off their album with lyrics such as 'fuck the Goo Goo Dolls, they can suck my balls, they look like the dogs that hang out at the Mall..' deserves kudos for having the 'balls' to write such poetry. Really, the rest of the album reads like 'The Dummies Guide on How To Survive Beyond Puberty' or 'Alpha Male (inter) Course Notes 101'. With song titles such as 'Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' (have a guess as to what that's about), 'Stripper Girl', 'Turn Out The Light's and 'Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)', Steel Panther make 80's dinosaurs Anvil, W.A.S.P and S.A.D.O look positively limp, while recent blow-hards Big Cock are anything 'butt', next to these metal nasty-boys! If you can just accept the fact that 'Feel The Steel' is nothing more than a piss-take on the 80's scene, a comedic romp through the worst of the excessive 80's hair metal, then you shouldn't have a problem. Don't be fooled into thinking that the music is also second hand, because it's not. The guitars are as sharp as claws, the drums pound away like a piston (umm yeah..) and Starr can scream and wail away with the best of them.

In Summary
The album is worth picking up just for the novelty value alone. Just blank out the fact that you'll hear the F word more times than most, the lyrics are suitably cornball, and you really have to read them and listen to them, and laugh along at the same time. Don't take them seriously.. I'm pretty certain that Steel Panther don't take themselves seriously either, but they are sure as hell having a good time at other people's expense. For more laughs, the band ventured across to the UK just recently to play at Donnington Park. I think the Pom's fell in love with them.. If that were true then that would be seriously funny!

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#1 | gdazegod on July 07 2009 03:00:00
YouTube Video:
#2 | Jez on July 07 2009 15:13:31
This is causing many an argument at the moment at the actual real quality of this band as a whole and I must admit that musically, they are top notch and certainly deserve all the applause (albeit totally hyped) that they are garnering at the moment. My opinion, as with quite a few other people, is the 'longevity' of the totally juvenile and obvious 'Comedic' lyrics that are throughout this album, couple that with the complete parody of virtually every Glam/Metal band of the 80's, it is all starting to wash very thin already, even after 6 or 7 spins. It was funny first few times, but isn't anymore. 1 or maybe 2 more albums tops is my opinion, but good on 'em whilst they lasted.
#3 | gdazegod on July 07 2009 16:41:17
Yeah it's all good fun. If this was released back in the mid 80's, Tipper Gore and Rev Jerry Falwell would've had these guys locked away in Prison! Goodness gracious, how social standards have changed in 20 years. What will it be like in another 20?
#4 | gdazegod on July 08 2009 08:54:32
A new genre has been established.. BUTT METAL! secret
#5 | jefflynnefan on July 09 2009 00:22:48
Yep! That was pretty funny! Funny thing about the Goo Goo Dolls line is that the beat to this song sounds like a swipe from the Goo Goo Dolls song called "Slave Girl".
#6 | RobLynott on July 15 2009 10:58:38
Funny video and band. Especially the warning "Explicit Content" at the beginning, when there is in fact NO "Explicit Content". Grin
#7 | jeffrey343 on July 16 2009 17:11:14
Not only are the lyrics hilarious for this song, the music rocks! "Death To All But Metal" and "Community Property" are available on Rhapsody, the latter being more of an acoustic power ballad tune that is quite raunchy in its own right. I'm very impressed with the musicianship on these two tunes. I hope to hear the whole album soon.
#8 | george_the_jack on November 22 2009 12:00:26
As Jez mentions, this band is seriously good musically! Strong production and and a great musicianship result in an enjoyable rock n' roll outcome! Lyrics are really rude but funny at the same time! I admittedly, enjoy the whole thing as George does! ROCK N' ROLL!
#9 | reyno-roxx on January 26 2010 19:37:55
This kinda stuff's a total rip off of the Florida Metal band Shit Death from the early 80s.....Grin

Seriously, musically they ARE indeed first class and all the references to Bon Jovi and Poison et al are spot on, but the lyrics are totally ridiculous and, piss take or not, are utterly juvenile for a bunch of guys by now in or very nearly into their 40s.....
#10 | gdazegod on January 27 2010 00:33:03
I love that bit where the teacher says: 'what was the most important musical genre of the 20th century.. and don't say heavy metal..'
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