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Dreamtide - 2008 Dream And Deliver

ARTIST: Dreamtide
ALBUM: Dream And Deliver
YEAR: 2008


LINEUP: Olaf Senkbeil - vocals * Helge Engelke - guitars * Francis Buchholz - bass * Thorsten Luderwaldt - keyboards * CC Behrens - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Vow * 02 Same Star * 03 Your Beat * 04 Dancing When The Night Falls * 05 Download A Dream * 06 I Don't Wanna Wait * 07 King Of Scum * 08 Tell Me How It Feels * 09 Stronger * 10 To Everybody * 11 Keep From Falling * 12 A Fools Crusade * 13 Help Me * 14 Download A Dream Reprise



The offshoot band of Fair Warning guitarist Helge Engelke is back again for a third installment. 'Dream And Deliver', the new album should satisfy all fans of Fair Warning and Zeno, and provide a slightly different angle from either of those bands to not warrant copycat status. Recently, Helge was slightly miffed by fans and media who wanted to see something closer to the Fair Warning sound. Quite rightly, he suggested that Dreamtide was something different, and the fact that three members of the band (himself , Lderwaldt and Behrens) was not an invitation to recreate something that exists elsewhere. It's a situation that Kip Winger has also bemoaned to the press rather recently. So all comparisons aside, let's undergo an analysis of 'Dream And Deliver'. One notable addition is bass player Francis Buchholz, a backline veteran from the glory days of The Scorpions. My previous review of Dreamtide's debut 'Here Comes The Flood' was superlative, and in the intervening years, I still rate it as a great set of songs. Their second album 'Dreams For The Daring' wasn't too shabby either. The band continue to wrap mystical middle eastern themes into a hard rock setting, and with singer Olaf Senkbeil continuing to impress in his Jorn come David Readman style, this album easily gets my attention.

The Songs
Dreamtide surely don't offer peanuts with their output. Fourteen songs are sure to keep listeners happy in terms of value for money. The songs overall are classy, without being razor sharp. The balance is definitely in favour of hard rocking songs, with three or four ballads to soften up the load. 'The Vow' sets the scene, courtesy of Olaf Senkbeil's soaring vocals and high flying guitar parts from Engelke. The arrangement is kept tight and close, with verses and choruses on the same wavelength. 'Same Star' is a mainly commercial piece, filled with some acoustic parts, funky bass playing from Buchholz and a great Jorn like vocal delivery from Senkbeil. Third up 'Your Beat' has a darker feel, the hard driving (and near regimented) 'beat' is offset by some melodic vocals and a crushing chorus. 'Dancing When The Night Falls' sways in the direction of a rock ballad, a great live track it would make too no doubt. Full of emotive playing from all involved. With a touch of today's contemporary modern rock in place, 'Download A Dream' has an air of hope about it. The song is caught half way between a full on rocker and a ballad, and fuses symphonic elements as well. This song is about the Internet, both in terms of its promise and its pitfalls. I guess for the latter we know what that refers to. Back into the rock arena we go with 'I Don't Wanna Wait'. The guitars and bass gallop off into the sunset, with an orchestral backing holding up the back-end. The interestingly titled 'King Of Scum' bangs on the door with melodic force. The song, according to Helge has a political angle to it, and I'm sure it could be applied to many situations around the world.

The easy on the ear 'Tell Me How It Feels' is a good port of call during the halfway stage of the album. Melodic as ever, the beautiful guitar tone of Engelke takes us back in time, check it out. Again, the guitar tone on 'Stronger' winds us back to the early 70's, this one really does have a hint of retro rock about it, even the keyboards from Luderwaldt have a classic sound to them. Despite it's ageist sound, this one is still relevant. Getting back to the present is 'To Everybody', it has a song structure that doesn't quite appeal to me. There are slight subtle note and chord changes, some might get it - not me. 'Keep From Falling' features a longer than usual acoustic intro, and is very close in style to Fair Warning - with it's jangly electric sound. 'A Fools Crusade' is another political assault, with music to match. Dramatic, intense and determined to get its message across to one and all. 'Help Me' is a big rock ballad, with lovely acoustics leading into an impassioned electric chorus. It's probably overly long at 6 mins 10 sec, but the killer guitar solo from Engelke is worth waiting for. 'Download A Dream (Reprise)' is part two of the 'Download A Dream' piece. This one is far more rockier and energetic than its predecessor. A great way to finish up this tremendous disc.

In Summary
Being a fan of this band, it was easy for me to throw some kinds words toward the band. It's a better presented set of songs than what we've heard before, and that's to be expected, as Helge and his crew have had eight years of practice now. The inclusion of Buchholz to the band has given Helge and Olaf (the principal songwriters) a new set of ears, and a fresh perspective from someone who's been in the business for years. Francis' contribution to the album in terms of the arranging and producing was significant, says Helge. I have no hesitation in suggesting to our readers to give this one a try, and duck in under a pair of high quality headphones to hear its aural quality. Existing Fair Warning and Zeno fans need no introduction.

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#1 | george_the_jack on September 16 2008 21:00:41
After listening 4 samples I am enthusiastic!! Perhaps I'm not the most objective judge because I was always a fan of FAIR WARNING sound! Generally, this has to be a great melodic hard rock release for the lovers of the German sound! This has to be one of the major contenders for the album of the year but I will return after listening the entire album, having a more concluded opinion! Yes
#2 | george_the_jack on September 27 2008 13:54:18
After listening to the whole album carefully, I have to say that it's overall a very good one. The sound is close to the familiar of FAIR WARNING and contains some classy anthems.Though, I prefer the FAIR WARNING legacy and Tommy Heart's throat and attitude.Whatever, 'Dream and Deliver' belongs to my top list of the present year
#3 | gdazegod on September 27 2008 20:20:06
I would just like to remind everyone, Dreamtide is Dreamtide, not Fair Warning.
#4 | george_the_jack on September 27 2008 23:11:52
Yes George you 're right but the comparisons are inevitable.Especially, Engelke's guitar playing and songwriting are extremely characteristic and recognizable.....

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