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Journey - 2008 Revelation

ARTIST: Journey
ALBUM: Revelation
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2008


LINEUP: Arnel Pineda - vocals * Neal Schon - lead guitars * Jonathan Cain - keyboards, rhythm guitars * Ross Valory - bass * Deen Castronovo - drums, backing vocals


CD1: 01 Never Walk Away * 02 Like A Sunshower * 03 Change For The Better * 04 Wildest Dream * 05 Faith In The Heartland * 06 After All These Years * 07 Where Did I Lose Your Love * 08 What I Needed (Was You) * 09 What It Takes To Win * 10 Turn Down The World Tonight * 11 Revelation (The Journey)

CD2: 01 Only The Young * 02 Dont Stop Believin' * 03 Wheel In The Sky * 04 Faithfully * 05 Any Way You Want It * 06 Who's Crying Now * 07 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) * 08 Lights * 09 Open Arms * 10 Be Good To Yourself * 11 Stone In Love


This article is a bit different. We are gonna let members cast their own thoughts on this album, rather than the GDAZE staff. As the Editor, I could take artistic license and cast my thoughts on this album, but I have decided in the better interest of politics, opinion and persuasion, to keep my thoughts to myself on this one. Many months prior to this release, there was so much debate on this album, their new lead singer, and the outing of their previous short term replacement Jeff Scott Soto. Already, I have seen the views of some of members on this site, have read and digested the thoughts of others elsewhere on the Internet, and quite frankly, its all a bit over the top.

The Songs
As most of you know, there are two versions of 'Revelation' out in the market place. The US version is a Walmart Store release only - containing three discs (new studio album, a CD with re-released songs, plus a live DVD from a performance in Las Vegas back in March 2008. The European release on the Frontiers label is a two disc set only (minus the live DVS) and for a point of difference, they offer a separate bonus track on the new studio album. I'll leave it up to you guys what you like and don't like about 'Revelation'. I'm not buying into any of the discussion.

In Summary
A new Journey album seems to invoke more interest than most. 'Revelation' seems to have topped all expectation in terms of the ongoing debate about the former lead singer who has been given the title of 'He Who Shall Not Be Named', and the new boy on the block - Filipino vocalist Arnel Pineda. For those that gave up on Journey and feel disenfranchised by it all - well, that's your view, and good on you for having one (a view that is!). For those that continue to carry the faith, just give the music the attention, not all the other nonsense that has plagued this band and this album.

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#1 | jeffrey343 on January 01 1970 01:00:00
I've never been the biggest Journey fan in the world - they've always been very hit or miss with me. Some absolutely incredible songs, some that do very little for me, over their long history. I somehow got all caught up in the hype of this new release, and I picked it up at Wal-Mart one evening. I gotta say that I am enjoying this CD more than any of their other releases. This coming from a guy who was welcomed to the world of AOR with 'Escape' and further drawn in with 'Frontiers'.

2008 has been a great year so far (at least to me), and there have been a bunch of great songs. But as of now, I have to put 'What It Takes To Win' at the top, with 'Where Did I Lose Your Love' right behind it. I'm a huge fan of 'anthem' songs (my ring tone is 'Eye Of The Tiger'), and I think WITTW will live on as my favorite of many great anthem songs for years to come. 'Never Walk Away' is also great - quite a few of the 'ay-eee-ay-eee-ays' in there. The ballads 'After All These Years' and 'Turn Down The World Tonight' are also superb, on par to any ballads I've heard from Journey. This comment may sound weird, but those two remind me of The Storm, which of course reminded me of Journey. All the other songs are very enjoyable - there is nothing I'm inclined to skip, although I may occasionally bypass the last instrumental tune.

As great as this CD is, it is not without its flaws. One that has been mentioned is the sound. I call it the 'Frontiers' sound (the label, not the '83 Journey CD) because I've heard a similar sound on other Frontiers releases. It becomes less pronounced as I make it through the CD, but it always hits me whenever 'Never Walk Away' starts. I really don't hear this type of sound on most CDs. It sounds like maybe all the bits didn't fully settle and you just need to shake the CD to mix them all up. Also, some of the songs drag on with extended endings after they have reached their logical conclusion ('Where Did I Lose Your Love' being one of them).

When I played this for my wife, she had no idea that it wasn't Steve Perry's voice she was hearing. Her musical taste is more narrow than mine, so she is more inclined to like a CD just because it is a certain familiar artist. She really likes it, and she also really enjoys the second greatest hits CD.

About that second CD - it is very faithful to the original songs. I don't think most people could tell the difference. Well, 'Who's Crying Now' is changed up slightly, but the rest are very very similar to what you've heard for years.

Like George said, just give the music a chance. I think the songs speak for themselves - very well.
#2 | dangerzone on June 12 2008 07:37:14
Heads and tails better than 'Arrival' and 'Generations'. Some good old fashioned AOR on offer and I must admit I've listened to this more times already than those two albums combined. Nothing experimental on this one, just straight down the line melodic rock.
#3 | gdazegod on June 12 2008 12:08:14
Interesting to read the merits of a Walmart deal, someone suggesting that a double CD (let alone the DVD) would've made good sense selling through the WM chain, as it guarantees a better sale with the Mom and Pop consumers going through the checkout. Combined with a strategic pricing policy, wide advertising reach throughout the country... it's easy to see why AC/DC are considering such a deal with Walmart too.
#4 | aoraor on June 13 2008 10:27:19
I have to admit that my hopes were very close to nil after arrival and generations disappointing results ( I agree with dzone, who listen more than once to'em ?!). The fact that another album, another singer were announced left me more disillusioned, but...but what we have is a very good not so-so clone Perry voice (more similar to Steve in the ballads anyway) and a bunch of songs overall better than the previous and on the same level of the few good things on Trial by Fire. What I really cannot stand anymore in nowadays Aor production is the compressed, low trebles and less spacious sound: Is It a Question of Money or What ?! boh.... Best of the bunch: never walk away, when did I lose, sunshower and..I have to listen again some others..
#5 | gdazegod on June 13 2008 11:44:36
Thanks to JeffDuran, the 3 disc Walmart set arrived in the mail today. Will be sitting down Friday night watching the live DVD performance. Check your Paypal Jeff.. Thumbs Up
#6 | Nick C on June 15 2008 00:18:59
I have to hold my hands up and say apart from Never Walk Away I haven't heard this Walmart copy is on it's way.
BUT I have to agree with aoraor in regards to the compressed and narrow sound. The afforementioned track is on this months Classic Rock magazine sampler, as it isn't the first track I noticed it's constricted sound immediately in comparison to the songs that came before and after. Maybe it is a question of money but I can't believe bands on the disc like the Stone Gods or even Uriah Heep have access to more sophisticated studios/producers than Journey. Maybe the fact that it is self released is an indicator.
#7 | jeffduran on July 27 2008 00:19:58
'Turn Down The World Tonight' is absolute stunning AOR and a Journey classic!
#8 | Jez on October 10 2008 14:23:08
All the doubters will be eating humble pie after hearing this and how well Arnel Pineda has fitted in. A superb vocal performance all round and one he and the band should be very very proud of. The same can also be said of the songs featured, as this is definitely the most consistent Journey album material wise in a long long time. The rockers are there in the shape of 'Never Walk Away', 'Wildest Dream' and the excellent 'Change For The Better' as well as the customery huge Journey ballads, especially 'After All These Years' which is one of the bands best ever. I can't find one track on here that I don't like, although 'Faith In The Heartland' wasn't my favourite from 'Generations' and still isn't to be honest. The Euro bonus track 'Let It Take You Back' is a good mid paced track and is a nice addition, although the US version with the Excellent DVD is a great value package as well. The Re-recorded versions are pretty damn good as well and add an extra mark or 2 to the whole package.
#9 | roadrunner158 on December 10 2008 15:49:19
I was dissapointed when they dropped Jeff Scott Soto, who is one of my favourite singers and songwriters. I was hoping that with Jeff's input, Journey would be able to get a fresh start. When I heard that they wanted to continue with the singer from a cover band, I had little hope for this CD. Well, I was obviously completely wrong - and I'm glad I was! This CD is probably the most consistent Journey has ever released. Every base is covered in great style, from rockers to mid-tempo songs to ballads ("Turn Down The World Tonight", what a song). Arnel Pineda has an incredible voice, I hope they keep him a little bit longer :-) The re-recorded songs are a great addition - the quality of these songs is undeniable, but the originals sound a bit dated, so it's great to hear these songs recorded with today's technology.
#10 | gdazegod on April 12 2010 15:47:43
Well, it's been nearly two years, and all the hubbaloo has settled down. I think Arnel has settled into the band quite well, the extended touring the band did during 2008 and 2009 was certainly a professional induction for the new singer. I've since read comments from all over the Net on 'Revelation' including RYM, Amazon, Heavy Harmonies plus countless blogs. Most of it is rubbish and ill-informed, but there you go, the old adage 'opinions are like arseholes - everybody's got one' duly applies. In retrospect, I'd probably give this an 8.5/10 for the original tunes, an 8/10 for the covers CD. Still pretty good all round. Can't wait for the next instalment! Thumbs Up
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