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Malloy, Mitch - 1992 Mitch Malloy

ARTIST: Malloy, Mitch
ALBUM: Mitch Malloy
SERIAL: 61044-2
YEAR: 1992


LINEUP: Mitch Malloy - lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars * Michael Thompson, Kevin Dukes, Tristan Avakian - guitars * C.J Vanston, Jai Wilding - keyboards * Hugh McDonald - bass * Mickey Curry - drums * Jerry Hey - horns * Jerry Hey, Gary Grant - trumpets * Larry Williams, Daniel Higgins - sax * Michael Fisher - percussion * Backing Vocals - Bekka Bramlett, Devon Meade, Tommy Funderburk, Yvonne Williams, Vinnie James, Carol Rowley - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Anything At All * 02 Mission Of Love * 03 Nobody Wins In This War * 04 Over The Water * 05 Problem Child * 06 Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere * 07 Music Box * 08 Cowboy And The Ballerina * 09 Our Love Will Never Die * 10 Forever * 11 Mirror, Mirror


The greatest contribution that the small North Dakota town Dickinson has ever given the world is the voice and talent of singer Mitch Malloy. Looking somewhat between a male model, lifeguard and a cowboy, our Mitch decided instead to become a singing/songwriting melodic rocker. Lucky for us then, and bad luck for Chippendales.. lol! Not content with furthering his education in the traditional way, Mitch opted for a musicians life in New York. Actually, four years before Malloy signed with the RCA label, he released an albums worth of material, much of which was re-released in 2003 by the defunct Now And Then label, fifteen years after the fact. One assumes that RCA heard the material too and signed him. And what a good acquisition he proved to be. If people had heard the debut Tyketto album 'Don't Come Easy' from the year before, then they would've been wondering how close Mitch's 1992 debut came to being considered the second unofficial Tyketto - such is the alarming similarity.

The Songs
Some of those earlier 1988 demos found their way onto this album, notably 'Forever' and 'Problem Child'. However it was a batch of songs that would lock on to the consciousness of AOR fans during 1992, that would seal the deal for Malloy. The obvious choice for single was the happy-go-lucky jangle of 'Anything At All', which made it into the Billboard Charts, as did the beautiful ballad 'Nobody Wins In This War'. The other stand out track for me was 'Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere', a big sounding semi-ballad with the right mix of melody and edginess. Other goodies include the soaring AOR of 'Our Love Will Never Die' and the pulsing rocker 'Forever'. A couple of tracks didn't quite do it for me though: 'Mission Of Love' complete with brass parps reminded me of the rock being peddled by British rockers Little Angels and FM at the same time. 'Cowboy And The Ballerina' was another track with a bluesy swagger and more brass parps that turned me off big time. Fortunately, the strength of the other songs more than outweighs the not so good tracks.

In Summary
The album raised a few hairs on the backs of people's necks (for girlies it would've raised the heartbeat to danger levels.. lol!), but RCA saw enough to invest in album number two, and to have a say in the direction they wanted Mitch to go. Absolutely bad move.. 1994's 'Ceilings And Walls' proving to be less successful Why they opted to pursue an AC direction with Mitch a la Michael Bolton and Richard Marx remains a mystery to me. However, according to writings on the Internet, Mitch was happy with the result, despite being ordered by the label to change styles. if it were me, I would've told the label to f*** off, but then I probably would've gotten the boot! To complete the role reversal, Mitch unofficially became the third lead singer for Van Halen during 1996, but an ill advised cameo by David Lee Roth with the rest of the band during this timeframe made the situation unpalatable for Malloy, who duly resigned from the band before they could get started. Thankfully, Mitch is still alive to tell the story, and has moved back into the rock scene again, hopefully with more melodic fireworks to come..

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#1 | jeffrey343 on January 01 1970 01:00:00
I just got this from an Amazon reseller for under $4. Pretty darn good! Wish I'd found this 16 years ago. He has a great voice. Some of these songs could have been big hits if either he somehow 'clicked' with the public or if they had been released by other big-name artists (like Bon Jovi or Heart, to name a couple). I happen to like the songs that George dissed, too. Definitely a good find - thanks for the review.
#2 | jeffduran on May 20 2008 10:14:16
A class act! One of the Top 20 best solo AOR discs of all time!
#3 | Eric on May 20 2008 13:28:20
Never knew he was from Dickinson! 'Stranded In the Middle Of Nowhere' indeed!
#4 | gdazegod on May 21 2008 09:00:00
YouTube Video:
#5 | jefflynnefan on May 22 2008 01:16:07
This is a great cd! It took me a few listens but paid off big time. I've always thought that Sir Arthur Payson was a pseudonym for Desmond Child. Crazy idea? Well there certainly isn't much information around for Sir Arthur.
#6 | gdazegod on May 22 2008 01:23:14
Nope, I think that rumor of Arthur Payson and Desmond Child has been put to rest. In all the interviews I've read about MM, he points out that AP and DC are NOT one and the same.
#7 | jefflynnefan on May 22 2008 04:53:38
I'll believe it when I see a picture of Sir Arthur - lol .
#8 | reyno-roxx on May 22 2008 07:56:29
Desmond himself denies that he and Sir Arthur Payson are one and the same, but I very much doubt that Sir Arthur Payson is actually the individual's real name....
#9 | gdazegod on May 22 2008 08:02:34
Sounds rather poncey and silver spoonish don't you think Dave? lol!
#10 | reyno-roxx on May 22 2008 10:54:06
Yup. And I bet he's not a real Sir!
#11 | rostoned on July 30 2008 19:05:44
I've always wondered why after such a devastating debut he recorded that horrendous follow up....ok this was a flop and the label was desperately trying to break him in the market. But the irony is that 'Ceilings...', due to highly mediocre and substandard material, was an even bigger flop! Ah those geniuses at RCA A&R department, are they working at Fat Burger now? hilarious
#12 | rostoned on July 30 2008 19:18:15
To be released this fall by UK label Angel Milk is the unreleased project by Malloy and David Rosenthal called Infinity, recorded around 1986/1987. Reb Beach appears on guitar among others. It will include their early version of three Red Dawn tracks: 'Christine', 'She's On Fire' and 'Liar'.
#13 | gdazegod on July 31 2008 04:27:31
And to think, that Mitch thought both of his albums weren't too shabby. Correct on one count, not so on 'C&W'.

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