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Articles Home » 2008 Articles » Brother Firetribe - 2008 Heart Full Of Fire
Brother Firetribe - 2008 Heart Full Of Fire

ARTIST: Brother Firetribe
ALBUM: Heart Full Of Fire
LABEL: Spinefarm Records
YEAR: 2008


LINEUP: Pekka Ansio Heino - lead vocals * Emppu Vuorinen - guitars * Tomppa Nikulainen - keyboards * Jason Flinck - bass, backing vocals * Kalle 'Calu' Torniainen - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Who Will You Run To Now * 02 Wildest Dreams * 03 Runaway * 04 Game They Call Love * 05 Play It From The Heart * 06 Heart Full Of Fire * 07 Heard It On My Radio * 08 Going Out With A Bang * 09 Out Of My Head * 10 Chasing The Angels * 11 I Am Rock * 12 A Miracle



Two years is a long time between drinks, and after all the success of this band's debut 'False Metal', the melodic hard rock community are all set to embrace these Finnish superstars for round two - 'Heart Full Of Fire'. With Pekka Heino also undertaking singing duties with fellow Finns Leverage plus of course Empuu Vuorinen doing his stint with Nightwish, the difficulty was finding time in the working window to write and record material for 'Heart Full Of Fire'. Fans of the band have been waiting patiently for BFT's second album, and it delivers massive doses of melodies. Glorious rich keyboards, heavy slabs of guitars, a solid back-end and vocals that shapeshift throughout the arrangements like a temporal entity given the blessing of those great singers that have gone before. The combination of guitars from Vuorinen and those luscious keyboard textures from Nikulainen are a winning pair you wouldn't count on betting against.

The Songs
The fun ride begins with the impressive 'Who Will You Run To Now'. For those of us who have waited two years in anticipation, this is totally worth the wait. A fast paced track, it's full to the brim with melodies, keyboard effects and a huge vocal harmonies. the guitar/keyboard duelling is very cool!

Building on a lovely keyboard layer/intro, 'Wildest Dreams' cascades upward through several steps to reach a crescendo by the time the bridge and solo is reached.

The staccato intro on 'Runaway' makes way for a sublime melodic track with a winning chorus and solo section. A simplistic arrangement that is made to sound like a million bucks in the hands of the BFT boyz!

'Game They Call Love' is a pumping and strutting sort of tune. A few big keyboard parps punctuate throughout, the track comes to a halt during the mid-section before setting off again to the finish with even weightier guitar riffs.

The change-up moment on the album is 'Play It From The Heart'. A ballad by nature, slower tempo with a leaning toward depth of emotion, though it's still a very powerful track.. big sounding too!

The title track 'Heart Full Of Fire' gets the vote as one of my favourite tracks on the album. It also features Anette Olzon from Nightwish on co lead vocals. The synth work on this track is incredible, the trance like soundscapes created here are so melodic!

Gotta love the parping keys on 'Heard It On My Radio', which does indeed take us back to the 1984 glory days of rock! The smooth pulsing bass of Jason Flinck provides the backbone of this track with synths and guitar fills coming in from all parts of the dial!

'Going Out With A Bang' is another favourite. The keyboards again are delicious, and wrap the track in a total AOR package. Stabbing keys, massive layers of synth and vocal harmonies.. what more could you ask for?

'Out Of My Head' was perhaps the only let-down of the album for me. The intro didn't set the scene that well, but admittedly the song gets better as you make your way through it.

Loverboy and Mike Reno fans will be interested in Reno's 'Chasing The Angels', a track which previously featured on the 'Iron Eagle II' Soundtrack. This is a great racy track, near bombastic in approach. The aircraft to control tower dialogue at the start of the song is a bit of a giveaway as is the chorus.. 'running with the boys run free, burning up the sky.. chasing the angels..'

Probably the band's hardest sounding track on the album is the closer 'I Am Rock'. This one sounds as if it was forged out in the backstreets. The guitars and bass take on a heavier stance, helped by the chanty anthem on the chorus.

In Summary
Well, I am going to keep the summary brief. So early on in 2008 you have some very good investment choices to make. Brother Firetribe without doubt, is an automatic compulsory addition to your music collection if you are regular reader of this site, and/or a fan of melodic hard rock/AOR. That's it - pure and simple. Buy!!

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#1 | gdazegod on April 26 2008 11:12:28
The review of 'HFOF' on the site was pretty close to this one. With one exception. I would never have compared this to Giuffria's 'Silk And Steel' LP. Never in a million years. Funny how different people have different reference points. This is an age old debate on GD. The debut Giuffria LP was good, S&S.. not so good.
#2 | jeffduran on April 26 2008 16:47:39
Always loved 'Chasing The Angels' from IE2. Agree George the Giuffria comparison is jarring to say the least. I added 'Heard It On My Radio' to nights at the radio station I work for. Great to hear some killer AOR on southern cali radio in 2008! music
#3 | dangerzone on May 21 2008 03:56:06
For some reason I can't get into this album no matter how many times I listen to it. Are they over forcing the 80's AOR sound? Very confusing!
#4 | gdazegod on May 21 2008 04:12:50
It all sounds pretty straight forward to me. Not sure they are truly 80's to be honest. Some of the keyboards you hear were never heard back in the 80's. All the modern day synths have capabilities that were never available to keyboardists back then. The huge phasing and trance like keys on the title track being a case in point. IMO, they are combining elements of 80's like cheeze (song structures, lyrics etc) with todays technology.
#5 | dangerzone on May 21 2008 05:55:22
I agree with that. I think it's the blatant titles like 'Heard It On My Radio' and lyrics like 'back in 84' that cause me to think that. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather listen to this than 85 percent of the rubbish out there today. They just strike me as the AOR version of Hammerfall.
#6 | george_the_jack on May 31 2008 16:12:15
Very melodic and solid release! I think is better than their first before two years. Although, is not the best album of the year for me as many people believe, takes fairly a place between the first 5. To be honest, from the first album of this band (False Metal), I was rather scepticist on why these finlands are so widely accepted and considered as top band of our days in melodic hard/AOR. In my opinion they are oriented rather to metal and maybe sometimes to atmospheric metal music (!) than melodic rock. This album is more melodic hard rock(fortunately for me) driven with beautiful keys. 9/10
#7 | KurtmanJP on October 10 2008 08:07:11
Not a single weak track here IMO. Every single song is gem after gem mind-blowing AOR. 10/10. 2008 album of the year for me!
#8 | Jez on October 10 2008 14:19:38
loved the debut, but this just edges it for me overall,a little more consistent material wise imo. The first half is the stronger I think, especially with the three opening tracks, which are pretty faultless melodic rock songs. 'Heart Full Of Fire' is excellent as well and sounds very much like a more commercial Nightwish track (which is not surprising really).'Chasing Angels' is a good version, although I am still undecided if I prefer the Mike Reno version. Slight minus points for 'I Am Rock' and bonus track 'Two Hearts (Beat As One)' as they are the token filler tracks here, but with 10/12 excellent songs on show, that is only a minor niggle.
#9 | roadrunner158 on December 10 2008 15:32:25
One of the best releases this year. The inclusion of a real drummer is a bonus over their debut. 'Wildest Dreams' and 'Chasing The Angels' are the standout cuts IMO (it took me a couple of years to track down Mike Reno's original version of 'CTA' - I thought I was the only one to know this song...).
#10 | jeffrey343 on December 11 2008 22:51:44
I just listened to this and 'False Metal' for the first time this week (on Rhapsody, of course; they must have been added fairly recently). I really like this one a lot - just a great sound in every way. I didn't really seek this one out that hard before because the song here on the jukebox, 'Heart Full Of Fire', didn't really impress me. After hearing the whole album several times, that would be my least favorite track. Not bad, but I like the other ten better (even 'Out Of My Head', which apparently is not George's favorite Wink).

I do wish they'd let songs fade out rather than end abruptly. There are several cases where the song reaches its logical conclusion, and then, just wham, it's over. The sudden end works in some cases, but some of these really could use a fade-out. The trio of 'Heard It On My Radio', 'Going Out With A Bang', and 'Out Of My Head' all end the same way.

I'm not sure why the vocals on this one seem way better on this one compared to 'False Metal'. To me, Heino sounds a lot better on this one.

Also, the links to the other BFT articles both point to Nightwish albums.
#11 | gdazegod on December 11 2008 23:59:59
Fixed the link now. Thanks Jeffrey.. Thumbs Up
#12 | gdazegod on February 22 2014 23:18:43
It's been six years since the last BFT album. Facebook has seen some stirrings on a new album due in 2014. Would be nice yes..
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