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Articles Home » 2008 Articles » Myland - 2008 Interview with Guido Priori and Paolo Morbini
Myland - 2008 Interview with Guido Priori and Paolo Morbini
DATE: 10 APRIL 2008

Over the past few years, Italy has thrown up the occasional pleasant surprise in the world of melodic hard rock and AOR. Going back a few decades, most of us remember bands like Elektradrive, Oxido and Vanadium - and more recently Dhamm, Eva and Michele Luppi. However, its been the power and prog metal scene where Italy has really performed strongly. Labyrith, Rhapsody, Vision Divine, Secret Sphere and the recent sensations Pathosray have certainly put Italy on the map. Not to say that it's all thundering drums and searing guitars. Milan based Myland have joined the fray in 2008 and have managed to combine all the best from the melodic rock and AOR environments, and bolt it onto a hard rocking near metal backbone. Having been in existence for a few years now, Myland teased us with their debut 'Time Is Over' back in 2005. But nothing was going to prepare me the bombast that would follow with their latest offering: 'No Mans Land'. Recently released by Milan based label Valery Records, the album has given the tried and true AOR labels a big wake-up call!

The band revolves around two principal players: vocalist Guido Priori and drummer Paolo Morbini. Both are well known in the Milan scene and wider afield. Priori had been involved with a Steve Perry Tribute album a few years ago, and is known for his love of all things Journey, while Morbini was a member of fellow Milanese band Eva around the time of their 2000/2001 debut album 'The One/Eva'. However, it is in the here and now of April 2008 that we interview Guido and Paolo, and talk about what is an exceptional recording. I start by complimenting the guys about the album. I am staggered by the sheer quality of 'No Mans Land'. Congratulations on a massive massive effort guys!! Paolo kicks off.. 'Thanks a lot George. Let me start by saying that we enjoy the GD site. Many compliments! We are pleased to do this interview with GD.'

Guido Priori - vocals

I reckon you guys might tip the AOR world up on it's head in 2008. Early days yet, but the reaction so far, from around the usual AOR/hard rock sites is great.. notwithstanding our 100/100 review? 'Yeah, not a bad start for a debut band' says Guido. 'I might say absolutely awesome! We could not imagine a reaction like this from rock sites and melodic rock fans around the world. Your rating of 100/100.. it's unbelievable! We thank everybody for their support, especially you, my friend. I have a friendship with Chicago's Robert Lamm and I sent him a copy of the album. To have Rob love my vocals and music was a dream come true. His music is a quiet religion for me. After receiving his feedback I thought, hey we have done a really a good job!'

Agreed Guido. Erika Conti from Valery Records tells me that you guys are a very important and special band. High words of praise indeed from the label. I guess it was a natural fit for a Milan based band to join a Milan based label? 'Yes, of course it was' says Guido. 'We are all from Milan and surrounding areas. The people at Valery Records are very professional and helpful. It's a great thing for us to be working with them.' I did ask the duo whether they entertained any ideas of going out onto a bigger label. 'No' confirms Paolo. 'How can it be? We must be grateful to Niki who produced the album. He put 100% effort into this, he is also a big rock connoisseur, and overall nice guy. Niki really cares about the artists talent and by the quality of their music, which is very hard to find into bigger label. We've been lucky to start our relationship, we're hoping to continue in the future.'

I mentioned to Guido that there is an absolutely huge sound on 'No Mans Land'. Everybody is playing out of their skins. 'Thanks' he says. 'Myland is a melodic rock project which has involved many friends and excellent players. We have all the same tastes in music and this helped us to reach the right sound, exactly how we wanted it to be. We had fun playing and we are happy with the end-product.'

Tell us about the Swedish influence on the album - with Kee Marcello and Tommy Denander. Kee plays on 'The Wind Of Late September' and Tommy on 'Prisoner Of Love'.. Did they contribute elsewhere on the album? 'Kee Marcello and Tommy Denander are both very talented players and nice people' says Paolo. 'Kee Marcello managed the mastering process in Sweden. They both did an amazing job. They made the album completely worthwhile. We are very glad and proud to have such great artists on our album, as we are all huge fans of both of them.'

Myland released the 'Time Is Over' CD back in 2005, but really, 'No Mans Land' is light years ahead of that. What do you think the biggest changes are Guido? 'Well actually, in this regard I can confirm to you that we are working on re-mixing, rearranging and reproducing the 'Time Is Over' album, following at many requests by people who enjoyed the latest 'No Mans Land' Most of them are Japanese diehard melodic rock fans, so get ready for it. It's going to be a great release.' Wow, that certainly is most interesting.. thanks for sharing that with us.

I'm not sure if you've heard of the bands we referred to in our review, but I guess you may (or may not) have heard of German Journey clones Frontline. I reckon that song 'How Much Love' is an absolute deadringer for them. Were you conscious of trying to get a sound similar to that much loved Journey sound - or something else perhaps? 'Honestly I never heard about Frontline, but I do appreciate very much your kindest words' says Paolo.. 'we are glad you enjoyed that tune. Our goal was to do an album that sounded like Journey meets Survivor meets Toto, but we also did put some of our own ideas and arrangements to sound like Myland in the end. Guido's voice is very similar to Journey's Steve Perry, so you can easily hear a big Journey's influence on our music. Vocals do lead the sound of this band.'

Paolo Morbini - drums

Can you tell us about the band. Are there two versions? A studio band and a live band? How did this come about? Guido clears it up for us.. 'The current line up for live shows is myself behind the mike, Paolo Morbini on drums, Hox Martino and Max Passerini on guitars, Will Medini on keyboards, Clod (Claudio) Corazza on bass. However, all the players on the studio recordings are still involved into Myland's future projects. They are guitarist Marco Andreasi, his bro Steve Andreasi on keyboards and Lia Kant on backing vocals. We all feel like we are living in a rocking crazy family.. haha!'

I asked Paolo if the band have road-tested any of the 'No Mans Land' material out to any recent live audiences. 'No, not for the moment, but we aim to play some live shows very soon hopefully. We are very thrilled and anxious to play in front of people.'

Paolo you are an ex member of Eva, a band previously featured here at GD, but really I think the two bands have a similar sound - though you guys are obviously heavier. What do you think? 'That's an interesting question, glad you mentioned Eva. I was involved with them on their debut album. I feel they sound a little bit more west coast, while we are heavier and have much guitar stuff, but I agree with you.. there is a similar sound with the two bands as we all grew up listening to the same music.'

Guido.. I know you are huge fan of Steve Perry. What do you make of all the fuss over the new singer Arnel Pineda? Have you seen any of the clips from the recent gig in Chile? If so, what do you make of it? 'Oh yes I am a huge fan. Some years ago I produced a Journey tribute album, so I was hoping to get a call from the band, but they didn't.. hehe! Steve Perry is the only Journey's singer I know. Steve is 'the Voice'. Never heard of Arnel Pineda, but I have always thought Kevin Chalfant was the better choice for Journey. Still don't know why they didn't ask him to join the band, although I'm still hoping Steve Perry will come on the road soon, with or without Journey - it doesn't matter. I miss his music and voice. I'm also a huge Jim Peterik's fan too. Our opening track 'Anytime' is a Survivor like tune. Jim is a nice person and a most talented songwriter in the music industry, as we wrote on our credit, he is 'the heart behind the melody'.. hey, wait a minute.. it's a great title for a song, isn't it?'

Do you have distribution outside of Europe being planned? 'Yes we do have a world distribution' says Paolo', 'but the label is working to catch Australia and New Zealand too, so George please spread the word around in your beautiful country! By the way, do you know we are huge All Blacks fans?!' OMG.. No! AB fans? You are welcome to them.. hopeless lot that they are! Perhaps they can all go and play up in Italy?

I asked Guido whether they had any summer gigs lined up for the band in the next few weeks/months. 'As I mentioned before, this summer we will be very busy on reproducing and rearranging 'The Time Is Over' album. Maybe there will be a chance for playing live at the fall of the year hopefully, but nothing is planned yet. Firefest would be great for us. We'll see..'

The platform has now been set for the band. Perhaps a third album in a years time similar to 'No Mans Land'? 'You can count on this' says Guido in agreement. 'We are all huge AOR fans. We wrote this album as our chance to 'show what we can do'. We love playing melodic rock and we do music for fun. No pressure that way. We would not change in the future. So yes, a third album will be similar if not much better than NML, but you surely couldn't give it a mark of 110/110, how will you rate the third album next time? Oh well..I'm kidding.. haha!'

Thanks very much Paolo and Guido. A most excellent album. Well done, congratulations, and hope things work out real well for Myland over the next wee while!! 'Thanks to you George' says Paolo. 'It was nice talking to you. We are glad for your support and friendship, once again many congratulations for your site and we hope that people connect with the album. Please visit our official web site: You rock!

To read the review of Myland's 2008 album 'No Mans Land', see the link below.

Thanks again to Guido Priori and Paolo Morbini for this interview.

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