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Articles Home » 2007 Articles » Loverboy - 2007 Just Getting Started
Loverboy - 2007 Just Getting Started

ARTIST: Loverboy
ALBUM: Just Getting Started
LABEL: RockStar Ent
SERIAL: 8 27912 06692 0
YEAR: 2007


LINEUP: Mike Reno - vocals * Paul Dean - guitars * Doug Johnson - keyboards * Spider Sinnaeve - bass * Matt Frenette - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Just Getting Started * 02 Fade To Black 03 One Of Them Days * 04 Back For More * 05 Lost With You * 06 I Would Die For You * 07 The Real Thing * 08 The One That Got Away * 09 As Good As It Gets * 10 Stranded



2007 sees the return of former Canadian AOR heroes Loverboy. It's been an absence of a decade since their last studio album 'Loverboy 6', and six years since their last album (the 2001 live set 'Live, Loud And Loose'). The band are reclaiming their mojo despite their best years seemingly being behind them. It seemed inevitable that Loverboy would join in on the lucrative classic rock circuit as many of their peers are doing. Also, the deal that their management struck in terms of distribution through the Wal-Mart chain of stores suggests a similar commercial arrangement struck by REO Speedwagon earlier in the year. Even though they might claim a comeback along the lines of 'we're in it for the music', one can quickly deduce that making money has a lot more to do with it. The CD title is a bit contrary. 'Just Getting Started' meaning exactly what? Hopefully they are not thinking o a major-league comeback.. surely not? No doubt that the assembled songs here have toughness inbuilt into them, in the same vein of material we've heard in recent times by the likes of Harem Scarem for instance. What you won't get is that racy keyboard trademark sound that permeated during their 80's heyday. 'Just Getting Started' has a leaden-footed vibe, with a production job that leans a little too close to many modern rock albums produced within the last five years or so. And that to me, is a huge problem.

The Songs
After a promising start with the title track 'Just Getting Started', a contender for kick-ass lead-off track for the year, the album doesn't quite live up to the first four minutes of the album. The first single 'The One That Got Away' is typical commercial radio-fare - and though it might be relevant in 2007 it would've sunk without trace back in 1983. The Harem Scarem-isms appear regularly throughout, whether it's the rock balladry of 'Fade To Black', 'I Would Die For You' and 'Back For More', the album veers too close to a sound that was popular around 1998-2001, when a whole bunc of modern rock outfits swamped the airwaves with their angst ridden sugar-bullet tunes. 'Lost With You' is a harder edged track that blasts through with spice, the chorus is typical Loverboy though - bonus points for that one! 'The Rea Thing' is a good excitable tune, melody based with big choruses. The last track 'Stranded' which features Def Leppard's Phil Collen isn't a memorable tune unfortunately. The nu-breed flavour and modern rock guitar lines from Paul Dean left me as per the songtitle..

In Summary
Musically the band are sounding sonically great. Mike Reno has not lost anything with his vocals, and the rest of the band are arguably some of Canada's finest musicians. But the material to be fair, leaves a lot to be desired, and one wonders whether the were challenged musically to play out of their skins on this album. It doesn't sound like it. I had high hopes after listening to the absolutely bristling opener 'Just Getting Started', but it appears they never truly got out of the blocks. After giving this the full listen, I can walk away and say 'great start, gradual decline through the mid-period and faded away toward the end'. Wal-Mart customers will need a very good reason to step out and spend their Christmas savings on this album.. unfortunately.

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#1 | jeffrey343 on January 01 1970 01:00:00
I bought this as soon as it came out, but I've held off on adding my two cents so as to see how much I wanted to listen to it a few months after the fact. My overall verdict - it is pretty good, and hardly an embarrassment. But when I need a Loverboy fix, it won't be the one I grab. I'll agree with Mr. Duran about legendary bands sticking to their legendary sound. Loverboy was always about Reno's great vocals and the interplay between Doug Johnson's keys and Paul Dean's guitar licks, with cool bass lines from Scott Smith. Reno still sounds great here, but Dean sounds too much like every other guitar player, and keys are not at all a focal point.

I do think that if Loverboy had continued releasing new CDs every couple of years or so, the sound of this one would not have been as much of a shock. Their sound did evolve from their debut to 'Wildside'. 'VI' was a big shock in 1997 and didn't do anything for me. This is a big improvement over that one. But when bands don't continue releasing new material on a regular basis, their sound gets more and more set in peoples' minds.

I just got the new Whitesnake CD, and it is very true to their late 80s form. The new Night Ranger CD, however, just doesn't do it for me. This Loverboy CD is in the middle of those two. Not bad at all, but just doesn't sound quite as good as the older stuff.
#2 | jefflynnefan on November 28 2007 18:49:33
Interesting review. I had high hopes for this cd as well.
#3 | Benthecat on December 14 2007 05:20:59
Sorry, I love the new Loverboy CD! No fillers and great mix of mid temp and ballads. (I enjoy a nice balld)
#4 | gdazegod on December 14 2007 05:30:26
Sorry to you BTC. I hear it differently. To each his own I guess.
#5 | jaycee16 on December 28 2007 01:36:13
jaycee 16 on December 27 2007 gdazegod can't be listening to the same cd. This stuff is excellent. A ton of reviews on other web sites will back me up.
#6 | gdazegod on December 28 2007 04:05:34
I don't buy into the hype. Despite the amount of sheep we have in New Zealand, I'm not one of them.
#7 | gdazegod on December 28 2007 04:06:22
Oh btw, jaycee16, I can point out just as many bad reviews of this album as there might be good ones. So the argument is balanced.
#8 | Eric on December 28 2007 06:31:32
I bought this a week ago but 'Get Lucky' its not and should I compare this to Loverboy's classic period? No, time marches on. Reno is a bit heavier pound for pound and Dean's riffs just don't move me the same way and probably never will. After all I am not 22 years old anymore.....

Jaycee16, great that other reviews back up your love for the band but I still think Streetheart were the shit, real deal, whatever. Coverboy/ Loverboy did good back in the day, but in the waning days of 2007 it's like- 'Good but what else have ya got'???

Those websites that disagree can e mail me respectievly and how dare you!
#9 | gdazegod on December 28 2007 06:37:04
To my ears, 'Meanwhile Back In Paris' was the greatest album Loverboy never released!
#10 | Eric on December 28 2007 06:48:09
Exactly. Loverboy at least on the first two albums was just an extension of Streetheart at their best and how can you get any better than that?!

Saskatchewan rocks!Thumbs Up
#11 | anbraban on December 28 2007 21:57:14
just listening to the loverboy album and i have to say i actually love most of the tracks on the album. at 1st i listened, it didnt do alot for mei have to admit but i read a review in a mag and decided to give it another listen and all of a sudden, it hit me like a brick. i would say it is worth the few quid of anyones hard earned. just percevere if it dont bite you straight off.clap
#12 | swazi on January 02 2008 16:42:50
Tastes differ ... I think it is one the greatest AOR releases in 2007. I love it.
#13 | jeffduran on January 05 2008 17:15:15
Absolute rubbish. Just as Loverboy play 'the hits' when they do live shows-I wish these legendary bands would adopt that same approach when making a record. They should know its only going to be bought by fans and to venture into 'new ground' is pathetic. Why not give us the racy keyboard trademark sound? I don't know if its true with Loverboy but I dislike the smug attitude some of these legendary bands adopt when reflecting on they're 80's heyday. Like Swazi says tastes differ and this one makes me want to vomit. As always great review! Angry
#14 | reyno-roxx on July 20 2008 22:55:42
It's ok, but was there really a need to get a younger writing team involved in creating the songs? That's what gives it that modern edge. It's certainly a whole lot better than the awful 'VI', but I wonder how it would've sounded without the involvement of outside influences?
#15 | reyno-roxx on November 09 2013 20:45:23
Funnily enough, regarding that last comment having got rid of my original copy of 'VI' way back because I just didn't like it at all I picked up a sealed copy the other day for a penny (!) and on re-spinning surprised myself into actually really enjoying it. Time has clearly been kind to that record! clap
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