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Trigger - 1978 Trigger

ARTIST: Trigger
ALBUM: Trigger
LABEL: Casablanca
YEAR: 1978
CD REISSUE: 2009, Rock Candy Records (uk), CANDY058


LINEUP: Jimmy Duggan - guitars, vocals * Richie House - guitars, vocals * Tom Nigra - bass, vocals * Derek Remington - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Somebody Like You * 02 Gimme Your Love * 03 Baby Don't Cry * 04 Shake It Up * 05 Rockin' Cross The USA * 06 Deadly Weapon * 07 I've Heard That Line Before * 08 Beware Of Strangers * 09 I Think I'm Ready * 10 Don't Stop Your Love * 11 We're Gonna Make It

Trigger were a New Jersey based rock band who bring to mind (ironically enough) two of Casablanca's other recording artists of the era: namely Angel and Kiss. I'm sure that by being signed to said label, the image, sound and success were designed to emulate the glory of the two aforementioned bands. However, that was not to be, and Trigger though not as successful, left behind an imprint of their music in one very hard-to-find album, released as far back as 1978, right in the hey-day of the disco era. Nothing disco about these boys though. Perhaps in a similar mould to Starz and Canadian heroes Teaze, though with a little less sophistication. they were initially described as power-pop, and though I hear some 'pop' tendencies shining through, I would still classify them closer to typical seventies hard rock in the same vein as those two outfits. Particularly if Kiss' Gene Simmons has anything to do with it, as it was he who was rumoured to have 'discovered' this band, though probably all that happened was that Trigger supported the NY lip-smackers on the local New Jersey/New York circuit somewhere along the way.

The Songs
Most of these eleven tracks are hovering around the 3 minute mark, hence so many of them on a vinyl release dating back from 1978. The singer (not sure who, will guess that it is Duggan), has a throaty raspy voice similar to Grand Prix's Robin McAuley, but that is where the similarity ends, as the band take us a journey through seventies hard rock. Most of the songs have catchy, easy identifiable choruses, and the odd guitar solo spot. There is nothing wrong with the opening pair of 'Somebody Like You' and 'Gimme Your Love', while those previously mentioned pop tendencies strike home on 'Baby Don't Cry'. 'Rockin' Cross The USA' certainly shakes it up. Think The Boyzz drinking beer rather than Jack Daniels and this what it sounds like! 'I've Heard That Line Before' contains all the street-smarts of a Starz track, whilst the urgency of 'Beware Of Strangers' is complimented by the hard driving 'I Think I'm Ready'.

In Summary
This album is about as rare as hens teeth. But if you think that's the case, then apparently the band had a second unreleased album that never saw the light of day. Occasionally you will see copies of it coming up for grabs on Ebay. If, like me, you are a purveyor of late seventies hard rock, then this Trigger happy lot should be well on your 'investigation list'.. with a bullet! A favourite among collectors out there, and who knows, this album might see a CD release one day soon. According to correspondence on the Net, House, Nigra, and Remington are still in touch and like many, would like to see their album out on CD. Duggan however, passed away in 2003 while Tom Nigra passed away in early 2011. A good band for their time, and one for the record books. Just for the record.. This band does not come from Cleveland. Thanks to Derek Remington for the confirmation.. Lol!

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#1 | 188 on January 01 1970 01:00:00
I want it. Can't find it. Will you email when it is available on CD?
#2 | 149 on February 28 2006 13:09:28
Hope it will once be available on CD, Chris! But when, oh when ??? Labels ?!Sad
#3 | sabace on March 17 2006 21:39:53
love this album excellent songs and playing!
#4 | octanoid77 on October 03 2006 00:36:14
Download it here!

It's a good vinyl rip!
#5 | glenine Ryan on March 15 2007 14:30:12
This Band ROCKED!....I knew these great guys way back when I was a mere 18!..... Their blend was just MagIic..I Miss you guys!
Email me: Rest in Peace, Jimmy.I always love ya! Glenine
#6 | glenine Ryan on March 16 2007 00:15:27
There first album was 'Trigger Treat'....Recorded in Newburgh,Ny. Very well done also! glenine gregory-ryan
#7 | triggerowner on May 03 2007 17:22:44
Hi, I am so happy I finally got some information on Trigger, one of my favourite albums of 1978. I just downloaded the tracks from their first album Trigger Treat from 1975. Not as rocking as in 78 but you can hear where they are going. Too bad it ended after the single (British invasion???). And Jimmy died :-(

//Peter in Sweden
#8 | gdazegod on May 03 2007 20:29:05
Hi Peter, I think there are a few of us that are after that 'Trigger Treat' album. I am trying to locate it myself - on behalf of others.. wait
#9 | rjs on November 27 2007 23:10:00
i have read on several postings that several people we able to download trigger treat any info would be great, to this day shake it up and deadly weapon 2 kick ass songs i am so glad i didnt throw away my old turntable, i was playing trigger the other nite and my 15 yr old daughter looked at me like i was from another planet, they have no idea how lucky there are with their technology
#10 | calderone on December 09 2007 17:02:03
Hi where can i find the record ?
#11 | TriggerGal on March 12 2008 16:11:17
If you REALLY want Trigger on vinyl ... GOOGLE ...
Trigger +Casablanca, or
Trigger +NBLP 7092

You'll find it - though some folks are charging outrageous prices for it. If you know how to decompress RAR files ... you can find the entire album at: http://rs55.rapid...rigger.rar
#12 | TriggerGal on March 12 2008 16:50:45
FYI ... there is a Trigger thread on: http://starzfanzc...336?page=1
#13 | TriggerGal on March 12 2008 16:57:37
Jimmy Duggan passed away on December 16, 2001. This coming Friday - March 14, 2008 - he would have turned 57. I will be going to the cemetery again. Click here Yes ... that small white rock on the base of the headstone does read 'Trigger'! (I put it there)
#14 | TriggerGal on March 12 2008 17:01:35
Here's the link to the close-up of the photo of the 'Trigger rock': Click here
#15 | reyno-roxx on August 04 2008 15:29:46
My long awaited copy of the Trigger Treat has arrived after picking one up for a very small sum from e-Bay a couple of weeks ago. Nice to have after all these years!
#16 | sabace on August 17 2009 14:09:02
received my copy of CD today from ROCK CANDY! after all those years of wait, and it is SENSATIONAL, great copy from reyno rox take a bow young man!.
I'm off to wake the neighbourhood! .
#17 | reyno-roxx on August 18 2009 18:17:47
It's terrific, isn't it? And there was even room enough for the excellent retrospective piece I asked Steve West of Danger Danger to contribute too! Another AMAZING release from Mr Oliver!
#18 | Jez on August 19 2009 19:56:35
Mine arrived from Rock Candy this morning. Most excellent and great liners Dave. Thumbs Up
#19 | gdazegod on February 04 2011 14:46:37
How the hell did this article get over 3400 page views? helpless
#20 | reyno-roxx on February 04 2011 16:57:47
Possibly have something to do with the fact they have lots of fans in New Jersey and beyond. Casablanca seriously dropped the ball on this group BIG time.
R.I.P. Tom Nigra and Jimmy Duggan.
#21 | super80boy on June 24 2014 03:31:04
Consistent well constructed songs make for a highly entertaining listen. They lacked that one big single, but that didn't stop them from producing this under-valued/under-appreciated gem album. 'Gimme Your Love' is a favorite with that catchy chorus. They funnel some great AOR elements into the less edgy 'Baby Don't Cry' and 'Beware Of Strangers'. A standout hard rock track is 'Deadly Weapon'.
#22 | Nick C on November 18 2015 13:48:08
I used to see this album everywhere in cut out bins in the shops and I never bought it back in the day. I did get it when Rock Candy brought it out but was left wondering what all the fuss was about. But now after a few years of it hovering around the edges of my consciousness / CD collection (RC re-released it 2009 no...that makes 6 years!)I've just really started to get into it. Funny how stuff sneaks up on you.

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