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Articles Home » Interviews » Nobodys Fool - 2001 Interview with Steve Mercer
Nobodys Fool - 2001 Interview with Steve Mercer
INTERVIEW: Nobodys Fool (Oct 2001)
We get to know a little bit more about these Aussie rockers!

In The Spotlight - Nobodys Fool
Interview with - Steve Mercer
Written by: Gdazegod (October, 2001)

Steaming in from Sydney are this quartet of hard rockers called Nobodys Fool. Comprising of Milosz Wozniak on vocals, B.K on guitars, Willy on bass and keyboards, and Steve Mercer on drums. They are a well travelled lot, and have come together from all parts of the world, and within Australia, as you will soon read. To throw some light on the situation, drummer Steve Mercer provides all the missing bits with Editor Gdazegod in attendance..

Hi guys. Welcome to GLORY-DAZE. Lovely to see some hard rockin' Aussie's out on the prowl again. I suppose for starters, could you give our readers an idea as to who Nobody's Fool are, with a brief historical overview?
Thanks George. Nobody's Fool are a four piece melodic, hard rock band from Sydney. BK (guitar) and Willy (bass) used to play in a band called Love 'n' Rebellion, which broke up some four years ago now. Willy decided to take a break from music, and about the same time a mutual friend introduced me to BK. We started writing together with the idea of perhaps selling some of the songs (they were in the commercial/pop vein), but it didn't really work out as hoped. Then Willy came back on the scene. We wrote a few songs more in the style we like and thought 'hey, let's put a band together!'. So we put an advert in the local music paper for a vocalist and Milosz turned up. That was less than twelve months ago, so we've done quite well really, given the short span we've all been together.

I notice on the bio, that you've all played in different parts of the world. So, who's played where, and with whom?
I've played in London bands, most notably Peroux and Empire State. Peroux, an AOR band, released a four-track vinyl EP back in the 80's, and funnily enough I've just had an e-mail from a fan of NF in Melbourne who'd actually heard of them and said that we had fans down there! It's a small world! Willy has played in mainly cover bands in Indonesia, where his uncle is a huge pop star; Milosz has played in Adelaide (where his family settled after emigrating from Poland) with Riot Act, and also in Sydney with Crimson Flow and Taurus Run; BK has played in numerous Sydney bands, including Sweet Extacy. In fact, we're a very multicultural band - BK is Italian born of French parents and educated in England!

Wow.. Peroux! Yes I remember them, and also for that demo that appeared on everyone's want list back in the late eighties. Just digressing slightly for a bit, what recollection do you have of playing for them back then, as they seemed to be raved about at the time?
I find it incredible that people in these parts had even heard of Peroux!!! My memories are of a lot of hard work and wasted time!!! We were very young and it all went to our heads - the great reviews, the press coverage, going to rock clubs and hanging with big names etc. It's a pity things didn't work out, because I believe the music still stands up today.

The album 'II' which we've just reviewed is obviously your second effort. However, what was the reasoning for redoing four of your earlier songs again?
I suppose we wanted to release a full length CD for a number of reasons. We believe our songs display a nice variety and the full length version gives a better overall picture of the band. We also re-recorded some of the original tracks to improve the quality having learnt a few tricks in the six months between releases!

Did you have any other material lined up to potentially make it onto the CD?
Well, yes and no! Between us, we have plenty of original material, but given the deadlines we gave ourselves to release the CD, we didn't actually have time to work on any other songs as a band. But it's something we've been able to do since the release - we've had more time to spend on writing, and we're also getting to know the best way to work with each other. We do play a couple of covers live but decided against putting them on the CD.

Of those songs then, I really enjoyed the rockier efforts 'Living In Another World', 'Party' and 'Born To The Sun' for instance. Do you think your focus will be on harder rocking songs in future?
Yes, definitely! The feedback we've had from gigs is that the CD isn't necessarily a true reflection of our live performance - we have a harder edge - so we intend to address that fact. It's also the way our writing is heading and the sort of stuff we love to play. I suppose it comes from spending more time writing and playing together.

You all seem to bring a range of different approaches to your music. Who's into listening to what then?
Between us, we listen to and are influenced by huge variety of bands. Amongst others, Willy's into Living Color, Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC/DC, Duran Duran; BK is currently into Van Halen and Ozzy Osborne; Milosz is listening to Steelheart and Hardline; as well as some of the afore mentioned, I'm a huge fan of British rockers Thunder (who unfortunately no longer exist), Thin Lizzy, Reef. I'm currently listening to Judas Priest in a big way.

Does this melting pot bring all sorts of ideas to the collective table when it comes to writing the songs?
I don't know about ideas - it certainly brings a lot of headaches!!! We're four strong minded guys who all want to have our say! We've actually found the best way to write is in two's - any combination - and once the basis for a song is there the band brings it to fruition quite quickly.

Your guitarist BK has done all the production on the album. He seems to be a very talented individual?
Don't tell him that, it'll go to his head! But seriously, we're very fortunate that he has the facilities and the expertise to record and produce our material G- it also saves us a fortune!!! I should also add that, apart from our playing, we all bring other things to the band - Milosz does all the artwork; Willy all the keyboards and a great percentage of the grooves; and I, ahem, most of the admin, which is no small matter either! Between us we can do just about everything which works really well and makes for a tight unit.

I mentioned in the review that your sound is perhaps more European or North American based, rather than typically Aussie. What do you guys reckon?
Yes, once again, most definitely. Basically, that's the sort of stuff we're all into. Unfortunately, it makes it a struggle to get recognition here. We're getting really good feedback from overseas though - especially, as you mention, in Europe and America. On the American site '' we are rated at #2 in terms of 'best male vocal' and 'best production'. We've just been reviewed in the Dutch AOR magazine 'Strutter', which has resulted in our first international sale of 'II', and several other European rock magazines have also requested the CD.

I've sorta lost touch with the Sydney scene at present. Where's it at now in terms of who's who on the local front? (apart from yourselves that is!)
Unfortunately, there isn't a great rock scene at present! Not many venues cater for our style any more. Grunge/alternative stuff is more the thing with us being branded too 80's. We've done a few gigs with bands called Zero Child and Zip Gun, and Satellite Reign are getting some press.

How does a band like Nobody's Fool go about marketing itself locally in Sydney or Australia in general?
With great difficulty! As mentioned, it's hard to get gigs and airplay with our style, and without airplay it's hard to get agents interested!!! We're having a lot more success overseas thanks to the internet. There's obviously a huge market for our brand of music, it's just that we're in the wrong country!

Nobodys Fool: B.K - guitars, Milosz - vocals, Willy - bass, kybds, Steve - drums

The band will be undertaking a series of national dates across Australia. What will that entail?
Our first aim is to play a few dates on the North Coast where we have some contacts. We hope to secure some support slots with local bands who have an established following. We're also looking at Melbourne, where the CD is starting to sell, but that will be more difficult. It will be a case of contacting agents etc, and we all know how difficult that can be!

Is there a particular rivalry among states with fans and bands? Typically it seems to be very competitive between VIC, NSW, and QLD. I wonder if this makes it harder trying to win an audience away from Sydney.
Not that we're aware of. Certainly there is a rivalry between the states in relation to most things, but I don't think that spills over into music.

Lets point out into the future for a moment. What would be the next likely goal for Nobody's Fool in the next 12 months?
As mentioned, we're currently writing new material which, by the way, we think you'll really enjoy, given one of your earlier questions. We hope to have another 4 or 5 track demo ready by the end of the year and aim to market this more aggressively overseas, in conjunction with the current release. We'd love to get more coverage in this country, but it's finding the right person not only to believe in us but also to have the right connections.

So, on a different note, I understand you're out in the south eastern reaches of Sydney so then, who among you are Dragons supporters, Bulldogs or Rabbitohs supporters?? (ha ha)
We hardly ever talk about sport, believe it or not. I'm a real sports fanatic though. Being English, I was brought up with football (or soccer as they call it here). Can I give a plug to my team, Brighton and Hove Albion? As for League, I actually follow the Brisbane Broncos - being an outsider when I arrived (in 1992), I thought I'd follow the other outsiders! As it happens, my folks now live in Queensland. But I digress.... Willy follows St. George. Milosz follows the West Coast Eagles in Aussie Rules (goodness knows why!), and BK prefers to play rather than participate in sports.

And perhaps to finish up a lighter note, if given a choice, what would it be? VB (VIC), Tooheys (NSW) or Castlemaine (QLD) ?? (ha ha!!, or what about Steinlager NZ?)
Actually, we're not really a bunch of hardened drinkers at all! Er, perhaps you'd better not print that and destroy the rock 'n' roll myth!!! I'd probably go for a VB (or Jim Beam); Willy's a tee-totaller; Milosz prefers Makers Mark and BK, well, perhaps I'd better not mention what he likes to drink!!!

Thanks guys, and all the very best for the coming months!
Many thanks, George. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

Check the band out, as well as the latest info over at:

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