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Articles Home » Interviews » Eva (Italy) - 2001 Interview with Stefano Brusa and Andrea Brusadelli
Eva (Italy) - 2001 Interview with Stefano Brusa and Andrea Brusadelli

INTERVIEW: Eva (Oct 2001)
Meet Italian AORsters Eva.

In The Spotlight - Eva
Interview with - Eva band members
Written by: Wogboy and Gdazegod (Oct 2001)

We're profiling an Italian band this time around, called Eva. The Italian scene is not a particularly strong one for melodic rock bands unfortunately. Only Elektradrive and Oro have struck any sort of success in the past, though again, they were more well known outside of Italy than within. I suspect the same is true this time around with Eva. However, in other rock genres, Italy does well, with bands like Rhapsody, and Labyrinth leading the way in the progressive metal scene, while the general hard rock scene has seen efforts from the likes of Dario Mollo's Voodoo Hill, The Cage, and the Giutini Project. Overall though, it's still a pretty poor representation from a country which has a reputation for being very musical and lyrical. I mean, who's that big guy that sings classical? Luciano something or other?

The makeup of Eva is as follows: Angelo Grassi - vocals; Stefano Brusa - keyboards, synth programming, vocals; Andrea Brusadelli - guitars, vocals; Luca Scansani - bass, and Alex Polifrone - drums.. Soundwise, there are comparisons to bands such as 1st Avenue, while the singer Angelo Grassi has a bit of Peter Strykes, plus you can hear the golden throated Steve Overland (FM) in there too. There's lots of rich glorious keyboards, tight drumming, and of course the obligatory guitar heroics. So all in all, this is pretty rich, and very much in keeping with all things Italian, whether it be cuisine, ferrari's, lamborghini's, football stars, the wages bill at Juventus, or those stunning dark haired women wondering up and down the catwalks of Milan.. So, we put it to the band about the lack of an AOR scene in Italy. Keyboardist Stefano Brusa agrees..

'No, there is no good AOR scene in Italy. It's really impossible for an Italian band to play melodic rock AOR style and sign a contract with an Italian label or a major and even if your songs have Italian lyrics it's really hard, labels are interested in singers but not in melodic rock bands'. Guitarist Andrea Brusadelli concurs.. 'There are some good bands but we can't speak about an AOR scene'. GLORY-DAZE thinks this attitude and opinion pretty much mirrors what has been said in the press by Elio Maugeri and Simone Falovo, the two leading lights in Elektradrive, and that was as far back as 1989! So things haven't really changed a great deal in twelve years.

The band though, have been together a while.. 'Yes, we were playing in different bands, sometimes cover bands, we decided we wanted to play our music' admits Stef, 'It was easy to work in this band, we are friends and even if every one of us works on other musical projects this band is always one of the most important things for us'.

Last year though, the band put a shorter version of 'The One' out as an indie, and GLORY-DAZE reviewed it along with some other sites at the time. But AOR Heaven has since stepped up to the plate.. Stef updates.. 'Yes, we are really happy for this official release, it was hard work to complete the CD with new songs but we hope they will contribute to the success of 'The One''. Andrea chimes in.. 'It was great to get the final release, we have to thank all the people who gave us support with great reviews'. So, we asked Stef how Georg (Siegl) got involved. We assume there would have been a lot of interest from the dedicated melodic rock labels too? 'Yes, there was a lot of interest from a few labels. Georg got our self-produced CD from Paolo Cossali (an Italian friend who has a CD shop), then Georg contacted us and we understood he could be the right man to work with our project'. What would you have done if the album hadn't been picked up by a label? 'Well, I think it would have been the same' continued Stef. 'We always go on to write and record our music, we are musicians and we love it, that's our life'.

Being musicians in an Italian band obviously will bring to mind many different influences, and being Italian of course they are likely to be as varied as many other aspects of their lifestyle. But one thing remains true, and that is the foundation and cornerstone of many of the best AOR bands who look to the tried and true recipe of success with Journey and Boston.. But what about 1st Avenue whom we mentioned before. Ever heard of them? 'I never listened to 1st Avenue' confesses Stef..'but I read on the web very good things about them. I like all the 70s/80s AOR scene and great bands such as Journey, Toto, Foreigner and many many others, great musicians and producers such as David Foster, Jay Graydon, Richard Marx, Babyface. I also like the classic Motown production and in general the 90s pop music and R and B production'. Vocalist Angelo Grassi jumps onboard.. 'I don't know the group 1st Avenue, but now I am very curious. I appreciated the Canadian scene (Rush, Triumph, Saga) very much and I like Journey and Boston. But it's better that I stop here because the names that you mention would be too much, and I'm also a collector. I've got beyond 600 CD's from AOR to acid jazz, funky and pop'. Obviously varied as you've both explained, but this is clearly an AOR album. Why that type of direction? Stef explains: 'I think because we simply love this music. When we started this project we didn't say: 'this is the band and now which kind of music will we go to play?' We said 'this is the band, let's go to play', as you can see it's really natural'.

'we have to thank all the people who gave us support with great reviews' -
guitarist Andrea Brusadelli

Now that the full album is out on AOR Heaven, perhaps it might be an opportunity to get out and see Eva live in action. Stef, will be the band be hitting the road at some stage? 'I think it depends on the sales of the CD. We like the idea to play live and we have a very cool show with not only the songs on the album but many other songs too. I hope AOR Heaven and Point Music help us to play live'. Apart from the songs on 'The One', what other songs would you be doing live? Would it be strictly AOR, or a mix of your influences? 'I think the style is the same as the CD' agrees Stef.. 'anyway we don't ask if they are AOR or not, we only ask if they are good enough or not'.

Surely there must be life outside of Eva for the five of you. It's not just a side-project? 'No, Eva is not a side-project, we believe in this project and we hope to bring this band as high as we can' proclaims Stef optimistically. 'We hope Eva will be a long-term project. We dream one day it could be our work, right now it's only a dream, anyway we want to write many other pages of this band, we hope we will be lucky'.

So if it's not your only work, what else are you involved in? 'Yes, I told you we have other projects but they are not AOR projects and now they are not so important as Eva. If you are a musician, a session man and you live with music you have to be really elastic (today a cover band, tomorrow a studio session, you can give lessons of your instruments). I like to play Hammond in a rock-blues cover band. I'm going to finalise my first instrumental CD (it's a kind of new age/soundtrack), Andrea is also working on a guitar solo album, Angelo works with a cover band. Everyday you can be involved in a new project, sometimes it's only work sometimes it's even fun'.

Already we have seen many artists in the AOR and melodic rock field dedicate their music to the tragedy that was September 11. This event touched the lives of everyone around the world, and we're sure that in a very patriotic and deeply religious country as Italy, the thoughts from that day are a constant reminder to one and all. We asked Stef whether Eva might want to take up that musical challenge.. 'In Italy we live the US tragedy as the beginning of a new war but till now there is not a musical response to this terrorist act. I think it's a good thing many musicians want to be in sympathy with all the US people and maybe one day we will write a song because we will never forget about it but now we can only say a prayer for the dead'.

So, on a lighter note, and talking about fast, dead and rich, we could probably bundle all this up with reference to the Italian football league (a.k.a Serie A), which at times is very fast, can be deadly to one's health either watching or playing, and is definitely rich, for the players that is! .. 'Ah ah.. the best club is MILAN!' Stef boasts proudly. Andrea on the other hand admits 'I'm a great fan of F.C. INTER Football Club, the best club in Milan!'. While Angelo steers right out of the debate, and onto the front grid at Monza.. 'I am not a football fan, but I like very much the motor sports, from the Formula 1 (Ferrari) to Superbike, Cart and Nascar too'.

There you have it. Five into one sort of doesn't fit really. But when you hear the album 'The One' it all becomes plainly obvious just how good Eva are. The next best thing since Roberto Baggio or Paolo Rossi, instead we're swapping football boots for drumsticks and guitar picks..

Eva's website is:

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