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Articles Home » Interviews » Kindred - 2002 Interview with Jaason Andrew
Kindred - 2002 Interview with Jaason Andrew

INTERVIEW: Kindred [NZ] (Mar 2002)
Another Kiwi band on the rise.. Rotorua's Kindred!

Kindred Spirit
In The Spotlight - Kindred interview with Jasson Andrew.
Written by: Gdazegod (Mar, 11, 2002)

Mar 2002: For a Western rock band to tour and gig in mainland China is hard enough an assignment even when you're a recognised band. Try doing it when you're an unsigned band, and a band that happens to come all the way from little ol' New Zealand. Late last year that is exactly what Rotorua based outfit Kindred did, and they've got the momento chop-sticks to prove it.

One minute they're playing pubs and gigs in their local Bay Of Plenty area. Next they are on a plane to China, playing to sold out University Ampitheaters and bars. Since returning from China, the band have had time to reflect on their experiences. You get the impression upon speaking with lead singer Jasson Andrew, that it was indeed a severe culture shock. 'Hell yes. For some of us more than others' Jasson says. 'We all got sick at least once. The food was good, nothing like the Chinese you get at our local 'Opies'. Lots of sea-food, lots of veges.'

It's difficult enough trying to comprehend the logistics involved to get a band there and back. And unusual in a sense that a band from New Zealand should be invited up to play there. 'We got an email from a guy in China, quite out of the blue, who had been scouting about Australasia for a band. We were one of twelve bands he initially approached and after interviews and sound off's, we were fortunate enough to make the cut. He found us at our website'

Funnily enough, that is how I chanced upon the band, and for GLORY-DAZE it's a bit of a first. A local New Zealand based website doing a feature on a local New Zealand band. Considering we've focused so heavily on international artists, it's seemed appropriate to put something back into the local scene. Kindred have been together now for nearly four years. The lineup is: Jasson Andrew - vocals; Boss Rangitutia and Bede O'Neill - guitars, John Reihana - bass and Ian Rangitutia on drums.

'In August 98 I ran into an old friend from an earlier band called Wing Itt' explains Jasson. 'After talking, it was obvious we were both burning to gig and write again. But, this time it was gonna be no 'piss fest and rampage' like in earlier years. We were serious about creating a focused band determined to foot the long muso pathway to the prize. We wanted to impact the music world and we knew some guys, who we thought would be just as keen.'

'So, I rang Boss, also from Wing Itt, Chris talked to Bede and Ian, everyone was keen to meet, we all got together in Bede's garage, discussed a plan of attack, came to a mutual decision, we called it Kindred. That was possibly one of the most excellent meetings of our lives. We left that small tin garage on Blomfield Street with fire in our bellies!'

The hard rock scene in New Zealand has been littered with minor local successes over the years. Knightshade from Tauranga, The Bronx from Hamilton, Rose Bayonet and Shihad from Wellington and a myriad of bands from Auckland. So where do these likely lads fit in. 'We've all been in bands all our lives, well for the most part anyhow. All of us have at least ten years experience. That doesn't mean we're old bastards either' chuckles Jasson. 'Some of the bands we've been in have been Wing Itt, Prophesy, Aces High, and Ultimate.'

It appears Kindred's musical climate crosses a timespan of generations. Early seventies rock to contemporary modern metal. It's apparent in the feedback that fans have left on their Guestbook, that the reference points are many. 'Reference points? Never been hit with that one before!' says Jason. 'I think what makes us us, so to speak, is that our backgrounds are so vast. I mean, people ask 'what genre do you put your music?' The best I can do is make up a category. I say 'Diverse Rock' and that's what it is. We get people saying we sound like Ozzy, Creed, Metallica, Sublime.. go figure!'

Some comments the band have received back from NZ Radio include:

ZM -Dallas Gurney - 'Sounds like The Eagles'.
Channel Z's David Riddler - 'A bit middle of the road, quite an 80's rock feel'

'Hows that for diversity?' remarks Jasson. 'No one can say we're copycats. We don't have a regime that we stick to or anything, we don't look at bands and go 'oh, that works, lets do that'. We try to be imaginative and creative and write stuff that sounds good to us. If we like it we do it.'

Kindred have released a number of songs at different stages since 1998, including their album 'Unknown'. Obviously the difference between playing live and preparing for the studio is a completely different ball game, as many bands have found to their peril. It can be a steep learning curve.

'Before you go in the studio, have your shit nailed. Golden rule!' agrees Jasson. 'Unfortunately we don't have the budget or the time to spend thousands of dollars or months in a studio. Studio time is money. Big money. We're unsigned so we have to be prepared, or it comes out of our own pocket. We recorded the whole of 'Unknown' in only six days, and that was at night, after work.'

Since coming together the band have progressed and admittedly is a far more 'together' outfit than at the start. 'Yeah, definitely. The more we play together and practice we find new and different angles to play. We love to mix things up and try new stuff all the time.'

Typically, it's interesting in any band situation to see how the group dynamics work, who brings what to the table, and how the songs are pulled from the creative melting pot. Plus, what each member loves to listen to. 'Boss writes the music for most of our stuff and I write the lyrics. Normally we will sit down together and construct the songs then take it to the rest of the band. Other times we'll all get together jam and a song forms. Either way its all Kindred and we all have our parts to play.'

'Boss loves everything from the Beatles to Marilyn Manson. Me? Anything hard' admits Jasson. 'Bede is into Pantera, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, and Metallica. Ian likes jazzy stuff, reggae, the Eagles, while John is into Thin Lizzy, The Living End and STP.'

As mentioned previously, the recent trip to China provided Kindred with some opportunities not normally available to rock bands. The Experience providing an insight into the psyche of the typical Chinese rock fan. 'They were very appreciative. Awesome people' says Jasson reflecting on events. 'Everywhere we went people were always saying hello, in their own words. Well, we think that's what they were saying! The crowds differed, when we played at universities they had to stay in their seats. Man, I hate those gigs! At bars they were totally 'out there', whistling and handing you beer after beer, bringing flowers and glowing things on stage. Very awesome.'

'I think one particular gig at a University called .. Ahhh won't even try! This one Uni only had a 1000 seat hall, and it was packed' continues Jasson. 'All the seats, the aisles.. and these students were 'amped'. It was fantastic. After the show everyone rushed the stage, the teachers were going wild, the students were wild, and we loved it! We packed up our whole rig into taxi's that night. Small taxi's, like little Mazda Familia's. 8 of them! That wasn't including the front house. That was picked up the next day.'

Kindred have been working with other bands like fellow rockers Tadpole, and are also keen to check out the international talent soon to arrive on these shores, which includes: Silverchair, Creed, Sevendust and Incubus. 'Yeah Tadpole. Last year we did 5 or 6 shows with them around the central North Island. As for the Creed gig, well I'm not sure about the rest of the band but I got my tickets. Bummer about Sevendust, was looking forward to checking them out live.'

2001 was an interesting year for the band, while 2002 is a year of consolidation and a few more surprises? 'We're back to China in a few months for an international festival, so that will be our highlight for 2002.' enthuses Jasson. 'In the interim, we'll be launching 'Unknown' into the retail market, and focusing on the next album.'

In the live stakes, the band will be out there playing wherever a stage is appropriate, to an audience who has 'ears' as Jasson puts it. That obviously means an audience with a bent towards their hard rocking style. It doesn't matter where. Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, even Shanghai or Beijing, or stopovers in-between... It could all unfold like this: Kindred and their album 'Unknown' could be the best kept secret, or better yet, the biggest selling export to China other than New Zealand lamb or dairy products. And who knows, with another trip beckoning to China, those rock fans up there will be 'dining in' on hard rock, rather than feasting out on your average Chinese 'takeaways'.

Sevendust will not be appearing in the 3 part gig featuring Creed and Incubus at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, Saturday March 23. Opening acts will be Auckland bands Savant and Eight.

Kindred would like to thank every one who's been supporting them here in NZ. 'All those who request us on the radio, thanks heaps we hear it, and we get excellent feed back from it. See you all on the road!' - Kindred

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