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Buckeye - 1979 Buckeye

ARTIST: Buckeye
ALBUM: Buckeye
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: 2391 416
YEAR: 1979


LINEUP: Ronn Price - vocals, bass, guitars * Thomas Fowle - guitars, vocals * Gabriel Katona - keyboards, vocals * Beaver Parker - drums, percussion, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wonder Where (Will Your Heart Take You) * 02 Make It Happen * 03 Forever In Love * 04 Where Do You Want To Go * 05 Sinkin' Low * 06 Just The Way * 07 Rainy Day * 08 Poor Cheater * 09 Nobody * 10 That Kind Of Man

With a name like Buckeye, one would assume these guys come from the state of Ohio - where everything is synonomous with the term 'buckeye', as 'hoosier' is with the state of Indiana. Don't think I've ever seen a band called Hoosier though, which leads us over the stateline perhaps? No it doesn't, Buckeye have their soft rock origins in Los Angeles, where a bunch of other bands playing a similar style like Couchois, Gulliver and Sneaker were making inroads as well. Some of Buckeye's members were quite prolific in their day. Price has played with many different bands, as had Katona, who has credits with Rare Earth, Redbone. Price and Katona even appeared togther on the 1981 Fortress album 'Hands In The Till'. Thom Fowle and Price also did some work with Nigel Ohlsson and his album 'Dancin' Shoes' plus Paul Davis' 1977 album 'Singer Of Songs Teller Of Tales'. I don't have any history as to the get-together of these four gentlemen, but they bring together a very tight selection of softer melodic rock tunes that sound reasonable even some 25 years later. Buckeye easily veer between 70's rock and pomp with aplomb.

The Songs
Since this was 1979, Buckeye threaded the needle of many genres that were turning this particular year upside. One caould say this lot were fairly insulated from what was happening in the musical capitals of the world; L.A seemed to be in it's own little bubble of sunshine, and upon hearing the songs here, you can imagine how bright and happy their world must've been. Whether it's the vocal harmony richness of 'Wonder Where (Will Your Heart Take You)' or the synth pop of 'Make It Happen (a commercial Starcastle would be a good description of this song), Buckeye have various styles that would appeal to everyone. 'Forever In Love' features further excellent vocal harmony work as does 'Where Do You Want To Go' which trucks on in a similar style to MPG. Adding fuel to the pomp fire are 'Just The Day' and 'Nobody' which will please fans of all the great pomp bands of the era. More goodies can be found with the feelgood AOR of 'Poor Cheater' while the band finish of with a superb outing entitled 'That Kind Of Man', with plinky synths and a persistent rhythm all the way through.

In Summary
There is a certain irony about Buckeye's existence it would seem. My guess is that they weren't around long enough to make a dent in public awareness. Certainly, judging by the information contained on both Ronn Price and Gabriel Katona's websites, they would have you believe that they weren't members at all! They don't mention any involvement with the band whatsoever, leading me to believe that this was a brief blip for the band members on the 1979 radar - perhaps engineered by some over-zealous Exec at Polydor, or that the band genuinely believed they had a chance, only to be snuffed out by the label around about release time. Maybe one day we'll find out what the story is. These days, Price is involved with the Jingle/Advertising industry in Chicago, Katona is a musician, come producer and engineer operating out of Nashville, TN, while Fowle works in the guitar manufacturing industry, and has had roles working with Gibson Guitars believe it or not. Nothing has been sighted of Parker though. A very good album for its time, and despite the short term tenure of the bands existence, they left behind a pretty good record. Correction - they left behind an excellent album. Recommended to all AORsters of 70's era collectors.

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#1 | gdazegod on January 06 2009 02:37:02
Some recent email correspondence from Buckeye band member Gabriel Katona:


Hi... I'm Gabriel Katona from the former band (brief as it was) Buckeye.

Thank you for your kind words on your site. It is appreciated very much. I would like to set some of the unknown facts to rest.

You mentioned on your site that: 'judging by the information contained on both Ronn Price and Gabriel Katona's websites, they would have you believe that they weren't members at all! They don't mention any involvement with the band whatsoever'.

I'm sure Ron would agree with me when I say that we are all proud of the Buckeye Albums we recorded for Polydor. The band recorded two albums for Polydor. I don't think anyone of us will ever know for sure why the record company decided not to release the second album. The first album was actually released with the single 'Where Will Your Heart Take You'. It charted in the top forty in the U.S. and was doing well. As I recall, some record company executive decided to pull the record, although it was starting to succeed, because Polydor wanted to jump on the bandwagon of other competing labels with harder edged rock. I can't say for sure but I think they wanted us to become a metal band. Obviously, that was not Buckeye.

We recorded a second album that was still in the Buckeye direction but with a bit more edge. We liked all the cuts except for the ridiculous 'Taste Of Your Love'. That was our way to parody ourselves in the eyes of what the record company thought we should be about. The second album was never released and Ron Price went back to Ohio. After Ron's departure, the rest of the band members went on to other ventures. Ron Price has recently moved to Nashville TN and I'm still playing, recording, writing and producing. Thanks again for your interest.

Best Regards,

Gabriel Katona
#2 | gdazegod on January 06 2009 02:39:18
Well then, a second unreleased BUCKEYE album eh? That should be a contender for the 2009 re-release stakes. Hmm, should I introduce Gabriel to AOR/FM Records perhaps? What do you reckon Bruce? hehe..
#3 | DEMONAOR on March 18 2009 09:16:38
Sounds like a great album George.
#4 | meinhartstock on November 12 2009 19:19:23
Had this back in 1979-80. The radio said the group was from Newark, Ohio. I emailed one of the members and they said at the time they were all from Newark but living in Los Angeles when they recorded this LP. I remember the radio station saying that if you sent for the LP for $5 and didn't like it, they would refund your money.

It is really a great LP for its time and I would highly recommend it to anyone that can find it on EBAY.
#5 | gdazegod on November 12 2009 21:52:20
I agree, it's a great LP, but then again, I'm kinda biased toward this style of rock.. Good to see Ronn Price signed on here the other day, this might be a good research story to get to the bottom of.. Let me work on it for us..
#6 | ronnprice on May 22 2010 20:32:10
Hello All,

Ronn here from Buckeye. I thought I had posted a comment some time back but, I don't see it so, let me just say I want to thank you for your kind words.

It's true Buckeye was a short lived project however, The band goes back to 1969. Beaver and I were in a group in high school called "Sticks and Stones". Thom joined us in 1970.

After graduating a friend and I decided to take a road trip to Florida. His car broke down in Atlanta. We fell in love with the city and stayed. Not long after I started playing the circuit there,I was discovered and signed to Bang Records where I released a solo LP "The Magical Musical World Of Ronn Price". I invited Thom and Beaver to join me with another member of "Sticks and Stones" Barry Lederer (Keyboards). That became "The Ronn Price Band".

During those days we were doing our own dates and touring with Paul Davis of "I Go Crazy" fame,and recording with Nigel Olsson and Peabo Bryson.

In the middle of recording my second LP I signed a management agreement with Ed Leffler in L.A. He immediately began shopping a new deal and I along with Thom and Beaver were signed to Polydor. (Barry Passed). I had met Gabriel in Atlanta when he was touring with Richie Furray of Poco . When the band arrived in L.A. in January of 1979, I called Gabe to come in on some sessions. He soon became a member of the band. Eddie thought we should change the name of the band to one word. Well,we're from Ohio. Buckeye was born.

There is a second LP. I'm trying to locate the masters.

I am in discussions with the Universal Music Group(who now owns Buckeye) about re-issuing "Buckeye I" for downloads. Should be soon.

I hope that answers some questions people have asked through the years. We're all still great friends and talk on a regular basis.

Thanks again for the nice review,


Ronn Price
#7 | Eric on May 22 2010 20:41:49
Wow! Thanks for the info Ronn!
#8 | gdazegod on May 23 2010 00:01:28
Second that!
#9 | ronnprice on June 09 2010 02:43:15
Hello All,
I mentioned in my recent comments I've been in discussions with The Universal Music Group regarding the
re-release of Buckeye. It's Done!
Buckeye I will be officially released for downloads on
June 22,2010.
Buckeye II ??? We're talking.
#10 | gdazegod on June 09 2010 03:31:48
Amazing! cheerleader goodjob Ronn~!
#11 | Eric on June 09 2010 12:11:47
Wow! Never the easiest outfit (Universal) to deal with...Thumbs Up
#12 | rostoned on June 15 2010 00:31:50
Here's THE Buckeye minor hit single thanx to Music Mike! Grin

YouTube Video:
#13 | super80boy on June 22 2014 22:05:35
Spewing out a mixed stew of styles, all rooted in that late 70's sound and production. They had one single ('Where Will Your Heart Take You') off this lone outing that charted. You can hear a bit of period Styx influences at points, like in 'Nobody'. 'Make It Happen' is an energy laced synth pop rocker with pomp pretensions. Clever pop arrangements can be found in 'Forever In Love' and 'Sinkin Low'. The keyboard takes center stage during the last part of 'Rainy Day'. Lots of pompous activity and great guitar riffing comes out on 'Poor Cheater'.
#14 | gdazegod on June 25 2014 00:38:40
Have always been very partial (and biased) towards this record. I only wish I had it back in 1979, rather than picking it up nearly two decades later!
#15 | joske on September 18 2015 17:42:55

Ronn Price:
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