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Articles Home » Interviews » Faith, Ruby (And The Waiting World) - 2000 Interview
Faith, Ruby (And The Waiting World) - 2000 Interview
Ruby Faith And The Waiting World
Interview with: Ruby Faith
Written By: Gdazegod
Date: 29 July 2000.

The spotlight this time falls on a New York trio, with a penchant for belting out eighties style melodic rock as if it's never been away. They are Ruby Faith And The Waiting World. The trio had been together many years, but as always the case, the power of the Internet has made their presence better known to melodic rock fans years after their breakup. However, renewed interest in their material from the likes of MP3.COM, our friends over at Stutter'zine (Gabor, you rock man!), as well as Georg Siegl over at AOR Heaven, has seen a compilation album released (reviewed elsewhere on this site) called 'Best Of', showcasing some of their higher quality produced material. In their heyday, the lineup was primarily:

Ruby Faith - vocals; Tom Da Prato - guitars; Jay Ahl - keyboards

To get some perspective of where things are at in the Ruby Faith camp, Editor Gdazegod manages to catch up with the lady herself, Ruby Faith..

Thanks for taking the time out for a brief chat Ruby. For some reason or another I always end up interviewing New York artists. It must be something in the water eh?. Anyway, you guys were based in Brooklyn, but you're not officially together as a band at the moment. Is that correct?
Well, I guess it's true. We're not really rehearsing as a band at the moment but we are writing some new material. I think eventually we'll get back in the studio and record again. But everything is a bit up in the air right now. As far as us being from New York, well, New York is known for three things - the best bagels, the best pizza and the best rock n' roll.

I take it the MP3 phenomenon affected you in such a way so as to test the waters with your own past material. Whats been the response so far with your MP3.COM website?
The whole MP3.COM experience has been phenomenal. Tom, our guitarist, first posted a few of our songs on the site back in December of '99 and almost immediately things started to happen. We got reviewed on Holland's Strutter'zine site and MP3.COM made us a featured artist in the same week. After that we began selling CDs like mad. At one point, our song 'Cry Alone' topped the MP3.COM Classic Rock charts for three straight weeks. It was all pretty amazing.

You would think that a band who officially broke up in 1993 wouldn't be interested in promoting themselves years after the event. Why this change of heart after seven years?
Well, that was Tom's doing really. He told me he really didn't expect this all to happen. But I'm glad he did it though. It's been a fun ride. In a way, its like getting retribution for all the blood, sweat and tears we shed trying to make it during our eleven years of being together. Not that we're bitter about it. Those days were great and special and real. We all became friends for life. Tom, Jay and I are still really close and see each other socially all the time.

Having experienced first hand the pitfalls and heartaches of signing with labels, artists these days (with a bit of luck and help) can do it all themselves now. Ever had any thoughts about doing just that?
Well certainly the rules have changed. Artists can do amazing things if they are willing to put in the time to promote themselves. Back in '93, our break-up was due in large part to us being frustrated by our constant rejection by the big labels. They all would come to our gigs and tell us they loved the band but that all they were signing at the moment were Nirvana clones. If we had the outlet of the Internet everything might have been different. Today, you can get an international fan base on your own. I often think that if the Internet was around ten years ago, who knows what could have happened.

Lets take a look at the album you currently have out called 'Best Of'. Essentially a compilation. How much stuff was there to choose from in putting this lot together?
We've done so much recording. I've never really counted but I'd say we have demos of 60-70 songs. Unfortunately, most are recorded on a cheap four-track. We had about 25-30 songs whose quality was good enough to be considered for this collection. It's a shame really - some of our best songs were never recorded properly. Tom, Jay and I have discussed going back and re-recording some of the four-track stuff in a more professional way. Overall, I'm really proud how good the CD turned out. I think it's a pretty good representation of what we were about. We liked to rock hard but we had a softer, more melodic side too. By the way, thanks for the great review George.

All of the material off the album is older stuff. The new songs you are writing together will it be reminiscent of that 80's era, or will it be more modern day 'contemporary'?
Definitely old school. We grew up on AOR and Melodic Rock. The new tunes we're writing would definitely be classified as 80's style.

Having Georg Siegl and AOR Heaven onboard to assist with the promotion and distribution of ''Best Of' particularly in Europe certainly helps? How did that come about?
We sent Georg our MP3.COM CD back in January of this year and he signed us a few weeks later. Georg has been a godsend. If it weren't for him I don't think much would have happened from our success on MP3.COM. He's treated us really fairly and he's been a big believer in our music. We owe him a lot.

With all this diverse music about at the moment, whats popular on the Ruby Faith playlists at the moment?
I've always been partial to female artists. I especially loved the whole Lilith Fair tour. Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow are amazing. I'm also a big fan of the Goo Goo Dolls and I have Bon Jovi's latest which is great.

I know melodic rock isn't flavour of the month in the States, but some of the old dinosaurs are still around and as popular as ever. Does it give you encouragement to want to continue to play in that older style, the styles you were all bought up on without having to compromise and sell out?
Absolutely, honestly I don't think I'd want to write and play music if I had to force my style to go with the trends. Nothing against the new stuff but I've had a love affair with Melodic Rock from early on. Heart, Journey, Benatar - I started singing because of those artists. Its great to see some of these acts have a huge fan base still - Journey for instance. I saw them last summer with their new vocalist and the place was rocking. I'm psyched for the new album.

Everybody's doing 9 to 5 I take it. So does that mean Ruby Faith And The Waiting World is gonna sit and watch what happens first with this album, and the interest it generates?
Actually, we're pretty satisfied with the success of the CD already. We've sold more CDs then we ever imagined we would, especially considering the material is between seven and fifteen years old. At this point, we're just taking it day by day. Writing new material and seeing where it takes us. It's been great and lots of fun. Our newfound success has legitimized all the past work we've put into the band. It's given us a warm feeling really. It definitely makes us want to pick up where we left off.

Where to from here then?
We'll keep writing and maybe start recording some demos in the fall. If all goes well, who knows maybe a new CD for 2001? By the way, the band and I just wanted to say thanks for all the support ''Heart of the Rock'' has given us. Your website is one of the best of its kind and it's an honor to be interviewed by you. Keep on rockin!

Well, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions team! Lets see what happens with the 'Best Of' album, and hope that we may we see some positive results eventuate for you.
Cheers George..

Check out Ruby Faith And The Waiting World over at MP3.COM
Go to AOR Heaven to buy the CD.

All written content on this website is copyrighted.
Copying of material without permission is not permitted.

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