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Tall Stories - 1991 Tall Stories

ARTIST: Tall Stories
ALBUM: Tall Stories
SERIAL: EK 47145
YEAR: 1991


LINEUP: Steve Augeri - vocals, guitars * Jack Morer - guitars, vocals * Kevin Totoian - bass, vocals * Tom De Faria - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Wild On The Run * 02 Chain Of Love * 03 Crawling Back * 04 Sister Of Mercy * 05 Stay With Me * 06 Somewhere She Waits * 07 World Inside You * 08 Restless One * 09 Never Enough * 10 Close Enough

From the city of the former Twin Towers comes another outfit with a name to match .. New York's Tall Stories. The band came together as a result of the union between Augeri and Morer, who both came from the same school of rock n' roll upbringing. Apparently Augeri was working with the Gold brothers from the band Preview, but once Tall Stories secured decent management he came onboard full time. Epic came aboard in 1990 with the album released a year later. Initially the band wanted Terry Thomas to produce the album, but settled instead for Frank Filipetti because of Terry's rather busy schedule. The music is harder edged melodic rock, with glimpses of Urgent and Diving For Pearls plus a few others (of which you'll see mentioned below) knocking at the door. It's catchy, commercial, and a compulsory addition to the G-DAZE site, because quite simply.. it rocks big time!

The Songs
On 'Tall Stories' we can see Augeri's talent from this earlier period of his career, with vocal inflections of both Steve Perry and Terry Brock coming through, but in his own distinguishable style. Most of these songs are winners.. the opener 'Wild On The Run' gets us under way with a Tyketto styled romp. 'Crawling Back' is a highlight with it's slow build climaxing on the chorus. 'Sister Of Mercy' has that same tempered guitar fury approach as the band Hardline, a la Neal Schon. Mostly though, Jack Morer's guitar has a searing edge to it, on songs such as 'World Inside You' and 'Close Your Eyes'. The obligatory ballads are evident on the candle waving 'Restless One' and 'Stay With Me', which more than resembles Strangeways during their 'Walk In The Fire' era. Another one worth a mention is the brilliant 'Somewhere She Waits', which I'm sure could've found a home on Terry Brock's 'Back To Eden' opus..

In Summary
The band only settled for the one album before fame and fortune moved on elsewhere, leaving this lot cast out in the cold. However, at the time the band and this album did enough to catch the attention of melodic rock fans worldwide, despite the lack of press coverage given it by the label. Augeri however went on to bigger and better things firstly as a replacement for Danny Vaughan with Tyketto (appears on their 'Shine' album) then as the replacement for Steve Perry in Journey. Augeri can be first heard on their 2001 'Arrival' album.

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#1 | george_the_jack on June 04 2008 16:33:32
Nothing exceptional...I was expecting much more from this release.
#2 | reyno-roxx on June 04 2008 16:52:33
I'm telling you though, when this first came out the melodic rock crowd (me included) were all over this like a rash. It was the best thing to come out of the States since Diving For Pearls and akin to Journey unleashing a new record.
I remember having a massive row with a woman in the New York press office of Epic Records because she'd taken exception to some comments I'd made in the 5K 'Kerrang!' review about hoping the label was going to do a better job in promoting this than they did with DFP. She point blank refused to send me a photo or set up an interview for the magazine. I just put the phone down on her and rang the band's management....
Did Epic do a better job at promoting this record than DFP in the finish up.....? LOL
#3 | gdazegod on June 04 2008 17:40:35
I think it's a good album. Slightly different soundwise, and will take a few 'deep' listens to get into it.
#4 | reyno-roxx on June 04 2008 19:12:05
It'll be interesting to find out what approach they took with the second album when it finally gets released. The demo they were touting to European labels back in 1995 were rather in keeping with the times. Sort've downtuned AOR. A bit like the direction DFP took with 'Texas' but actually a tad more melodic.
#5 | Eric on June 05 2008 20:14:29
In agree- a good album and a big car tape back in the day that I played until it wore out.
#6 | richardb on June 06 2008 11:34:54
I like this album a lot. Perhaps less immediate than some other AOR releases around, but a bit of a grower as George rightly states..

Richard B
#7 | rostoned on August 10 2008 18:01:38
Their single 'Wild On The Run' had quite a push from Epic radio promo department and support from USA rock radios considering that it peaked at #22 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart during a 16 week run. It was their only chart action since the track didn't cross over to the Hot 100 and the album didn't chart as well. End of the game.

At the link below you can listen to a Tall Stories demo from (apparently) 1990 called 'Alright', which was not on their debut. Now I wonder if this will be featured on their soon (?) to be released second album.

YouTube Video:
#8 | reyno-roxx on August 10 2008 19:14:50
I wonder if the tracks recorded on the three track demo I got hold of in 1995 when I was working for Megarock in Sweden will feature as well...
#9 | super80boy on January 03 2014 22:59:01
Sturdy melodic hard rock with a bunch of strong songs, the two radio singles 'Wild On The Run' and 'Chain Of Love', also...'Crawling Back', 'World Inside You' and 'Close Your Eyes'. I know these guys opened for Mr. Big at one point. Unfortunately they got caught up in the early 90's Grunge/Seattle explosion and didn't see the promotion they deserved.
#10 | rostoned on March 09 2016 15:03:33
The 'Tall Stories/Diving For Pearls' connection apart from same label and east coast origin, was also due from the fact, not widely known or discussed, that many TS tracks were mixed by DFP producer David Prater, including the second single 'Chain of love'.

If you listen to the record without reading the small credits inside you can easily spot Filipetti's warm mix (like in first single 'Wild on the run' ) on the drums and overall sound vs Prater IMHO and in Mike Portnoy's too awfully triggered drum sound he repeated for all his acts like DFP, Dream Theater, Firehouse..... thumbs down

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