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Refugee - 1987 Burning From The Inside Out

ARTIST: Refugee
ALBUM: Burning From The Inside Out
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: 833 084-1 (vinyl), 833 084-2 Y-1 (CD)
YEAR: 1987
CD REISSUE: 2008, Polydor, 8330842 * 2008, Yesterrock


LINEUP: Myles Hunter - vocals * Rob Kennedy - guitars * Howard Helm - keyboards * Martyn Jones - bass * Brian Doerner - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Survival In The Western World * 02 The Beauty Of Pain * 03 Love Survives * 04 Lay Me Down * 05 Burning From The Inside Out * 06 Power * 07 American Dream * 08 Keep The Lion In The Cage * 09 Violence

A prime contender for this page are the near legendary Toronto band Refugee. I've heard so many stories about these guys over the years. They have achieved near cult status long after their demise, but in their heyday they were virtually ignored. I mean, playing to audiences of 30-50 people in Toronto clubs for instance. What an insult. I'm sure 100% of people that come to this site and read these pages will have gladly donated body parts to have seen them live and in the flesh (no pun intended).

The Songs
Anyway, enough ranting. They started life as the band Michael Fury, before changing their handle to Refugee. Following on from their superb 'Affairs In Babylon' (yes I can still hear echoes of 'Dream On Anastasia' rattling around in my head as I write this), this album could be considered a theme for the subject of love and the fragility of human relationships. You get this impression when you listen to magic moments like 'Love Survives', 'Lay Me Down', the title track 'Burning From The Inside Out' and the magnificent anthemic 'Power'. All of the songs are listenable, and I for one have put this album on over and over again.

In Summary
Musically, the band are tight, the drum mix balanced superbly, Kennedy's guitar work is subtly understated, while Helm's keyboards act more as embellishment for the songs, rather than his over the top moments when he was with pomp wonders Zon. As bassist Martyn Jones eluded to in some earlier dialogue with me, Refugee as a band, were 'scary'.. talent wise. He was certain there was nothing these guys couldn't do. If you can track down a copy of this on CD, good luck to ya. It did get an initial release at the time, but was limited, and is now a rare and much sought after item.

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#1 | aoraor on November 19 2008 11:04:30
What an album! Pure AOR heaven...From the start to the end not a single note is wasted..Choruses, hooks, bridges, passion and talent..Surely in my Top 10 ever alongside with Escape, White Sister, Isolation, Russ Ballard, Dare Out.., Survivor Vital Signs, Foreigner 4, Pieces of Eight and Asia...Rostoned keep ready to deliver!
#2 | dangerzone on November 19 2008 14:11:53
Looks like Jim Peterik on keyboards in the video there!keyboards
#3 | rostoned on November 19 2008 16:07:20
At long last it is officially reissued on CD in Germany in late 2008 (some 20 years after its initial release!) on the NL Distribution label (ex MTM), in a limited edition run of 1000 copies.

A lousy bootleg/pirate edition, which I suspect was made in Las Vegas and NOT in Italy as stated on the label, was sold on ebay during the last few years.
#4 | roadrunner158 on January 08 2009 17:06:28
I sold my vinyl copy a couple of years ago - what a mistake. I'm so glad it's released on CD after all. Great songs, great musicianship and great production (for the mid-80s).
#5 | rkbluez on March 09 2012 21:49:11
One of my favorite albums from back then and believe it or not at one time there where copies of the original CD in the cutout bins for $1.99 band new along with Jeff Paris 'Wired'...those were the days when record stores ruled and you could just go in and buy what you wanted and listen to it that day.
#6 | Emda on March 04 2018 13:06:28
RK.....are you kidding?
Original CDs for $1.99 in the cut bins, how many did you buy?
#7 | gdazegod on March 04 2018 20:34:43
I used to correspond with Martyn Jones back in the early days of Heart of the Rock. I even sent him a copy of my CD of this album, as even he didn't have a copy of it! Shock
#8 | melodiapositiva on March 05 2018 16:26:48
I like this even more than the debut ,What a production,it sounds amazing 30 years after !
#9 | Emda on March 05 2018 16:49:05
MP.....both albums are great IMO I only wish the label Chrysalis Records would do the debut AIB justice and give it a reissue from the original master tape. If that will ever happen is a pure guess ?pissed
#10 | Emda on March 05 2018 17:03:26
George, when I look back this 2nd Refugee album was one of the most sought after and expensive CDs in the AOR genre. I will never tell anyone how much I have paid for it Angry
#11 | jeffrey343 on March 06 2018 22:10:56
OK, question time... I have only a digital version of this, so no liner notes, and no lyrics. 'Love Survives' - quintessential AOR to be sure. But something about the lyrics always bothered me. I never could find them anywhere on line the times I checked - surprising in this day and age. Guess the song is that obscure... Anyway, thanks to this thread, I tried again, and there is a YouTube posting from 2014 that includes the lyrics. I always thought it was "Any love survives" etc. in the chorus. These lyrics have it as "Annie, love survives" etc. Can someone confirm? This, of course, points to the issues of using a woman's name in lyrics, especially one that sounds like such a common word. I really don't see how I could have ever assumed "Annie" instead of "Any"...
#12 | gdazegod on March 06 2018 22:18:43
Jeff, definitely not Annie. You will find with many lyrics sites, they stuff up the songs and lyrics, especially by contributors out of Asia, where their love of karaoke and their poor English combines for many an amusing translation. I remember seeing some translations for the debut White Sister album, I've never laughed so hard in my life! yuss
#13 | Emda on March 07 2018 17:07:24
It's definitely Annie, I've just read the inner sleeve of my used vinyl record I bought a couple of month ago in a bargain bin (a favorite place to be for me ☺)
#14 | gdazegod on March 07 2018 19:50:48
That just doesn't sound right.. hmm! But reading the lyrics that Emda sent through, it appears to be the case. Annie, getcha gun! guns
#15 | jeffrey343 on March 07 2018 21:50:39
It's not how I would have written it... The rest of the lyrics are quite good, so "Any love's forever" and "Any love survives" just never rang true to my ears. He does have "Annie" later in the song. I would have written it maybe like this: "Through the thunder, through the lightning, Through the storms around us, Love survives, From the inside, burning outside, our love is forever, Love survives, Always love survives". Makes more sense to me...

As for the whole album... Seeing how I didn't get it until 2009, it's a relative newcomer to me for an album that's now 30 years old. It's pretty good, I think. The only song that really grabbed me was "Love Survives", and the mis-heard lyrics bothered me, as they seemed to make no sense as I mentioned. I'm not a real fan of Hunter's voice either. It's OK, but it just doesn't click with me. I would like to hear "Affairs In Babylon" if it ever makes it to the digital realm.
#16 | bpdp3 on March 07 2018 23:44:24
Not that emda needs verification, but the thread made me check the inner sleeve and indeed the name Annie appears throughout. I would've gone with 'any' as well, to broaden the appeal. Let's hope he did it to score points with a cute girlfriend at the time!

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